Best Way to Apply Fenty Foundation: How to Do a Flawless Base With Fenty Beauty?

Best Way to Apply Fenty Foundation
Discover the best way to apply fenty foundation from our beauty expert .Ist Prep the skin Apply makeup with the Fenty brush Apply foundation to make it look natural

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know Rihanna and hasn’t heard about her makeup brand. Revolutionary would be the perfect way to describe the brand, as it was the first one to unpack 50 different shades of foundation. With Fenty, you get shades from the lightest to the deepest. And that’s why we used the word “revolutionary” with Fenty. Other aspects are associated with Fenty, but some are pretty common compared to the other foundations.

First, Rihana was the face and creator of Fenty Beauty, and they tended to include all the things that we really want in a foundation. For example, they have a foundation for both oily and dry skin and a powder foundation for those with super oily skin. And if you want minimal coverage, then you have the skin tint. There were many products to discuss, but what is the best way to apply Fenty foundation?

To apply the Fenty foundation, first, consider the foundation you selected. For example, if you want to go with the Pro Flt’r soft matte foundation, you can start with a lightweight moisturizer and then apply the matte primer. And lastly, use a brush to paint the foundation. And then, use a sponge to dab the whole thing. And as for the Fenty Hydrating foundation, we suggest going with a heavy moisturizer as you might have dehydrated skin. And then, use a hydrating primer on top of it.

And use a brush to spread the foundation on the face. This way, you’ll get good coverage, and the foundation will melt into your skin. There are some expert recommendations on how to apply the Fenty foundation, but in this article, we’ll add our own touch on the best way to spread the Fenty foundation. To ensure you get the best results from the foundation, we suggest you try out the foundation in more than one way. This way, you’ll understand how the foundation works for you.

With the Fenty foundation, there are some facts that need to be acknowledged first. This way, you’ll clearly understand how the foundation feels on your skin. You can also add on different products to mattify the foundation or make it more luminous. But that is for another episode. There is no best way with Fenty foundation, but there are some ways that the foundation will look prettier even on regular days.

The types of Fenty foundation

Fenty offers foundations of different sorts, and, most importantly, their foundations offer different finishes with different outcomes and also for different skin types. The company first came up with its Pro Flt’r soft matte foundation, and then they developed the hydrating and powder versions of the foundation. They also had a skin tint that offers skin-like coverage for those who don’t like too much foundation. So when you shop on the Fenty Beauty website, you get a variety of finishes and types. So there’s nothing more that you can ask for. The types of foundations that Fenty offers are:

1. Pro Flt’r soft matte long-wear foundation

This foundation is the 2019 Allure Readers’ Choice Award winner and has climate-adaptive technology. This means that the foundation will adapt to any type of weather and will be resistant to humidity, sweat, and shine. Making a matte foundation sweat-proof and humidity-proof might be one of the challenges when we are talking about a matte foundation. And the key points of these foundations are that they are buildable and feel light as air.

Pro fltr soft matte long wear foundation

2. Pro Flt’r soft matte powder foundation

Fenty Beauty did break the Internet when they bought back the trend of powder foundations. These will also come in 50 shades and give you a light, airbrushed face that is non-cakey. If you ask us, this is the best way a foundation should feel, and Fenty does their job very well. Another thing about the Pro Flt’r soft matte powder foundation is that it will not clog the pores and will not sit on fine lines. And people with mature skin can quickly adopt these sorts of products.

Pro fltr soft matte powder foundation

3. Pro Flt’r hydrating long-wear foundation

You’re mistaken if you think Fenty put all of its efforts into the ugly skin gals. The Fenty Longwear hydrating foundation offers a natural finish, and it looks buttery smooth and will not feel heavy on the skin. These foundations are for every skin type and are perfect for regular wear. This will be perfect. If you don’t want your foundation to, this will be perfect. They give a dewy finish, but it doesn’t feel oily. And most importantly, they are also climate-adaptive and sweat and heat-resistant. Well, you only need one pump of the pro-Flt’r hydrating foundation to do your whole face.


4. Fenty Eaze Drop Blurring skin tint

We are not bragging when we say that Fenty also brought out the A game when they started their skin toning line. The skin tint comes in 25 shades and offers high coverage and an easy-to-apply foundation. The skin tint is blurring, and they have this Quickblurr complex which is supposed to melt into the skin like nothing. The textures of the skin will also be dammed when the skin tint is applied. If a foundation feels too heavy, these products are perfect alternatives.


The best way to apply Fenty foundation: Expert Recommendation

All of these foundations provide varying levels of coverage and are available in a variety of finishes. For example, the Pro Flt’r matte foundation is ideal for oily skin. And the hydrating version provides almost the same coverage but is more hydrated. These are for those with dry skin. Did we mention that the Fenty foundations are sweat and humidity resistant? No, we did not.

The Eaze drop comes next. Fenty also entered the tinted moisturizer market, creating the correct tints with light coverage yet enough to appreciate the natural skin. Finally, let’s discuss powder foundation. Despite their diverse application methods, all of these foundations have a powdered finish, and however, they are ideal for people with extremely oily skin.

Step 1: prep the skin

You should begin utilizing various toners and moisturizers. Then go to the foundation. If you have dry skin and want to use a matte foundation, make sure to apply moisturizer first. The specialist utilized Mario Badescu rose water before, after, for dehydrated skin, and during the application, and this will not set the foundation in a fine line. If your skin is susceptible, you can dilute the moisturizing foundation with oil. This will make the application stand out. This will not sway the foundation too much one way or the other. If you intend to use a powder foundation, use silicone or matte primer. The Fenty Pro filt’r matte primer will be ideal.

Prep the skin

Step 2: Apply makeup with the Fenty brush and sponge

At least two tools must be present when applying the pro filt’r soft matte foundation. If you apply the foundation by using a damp beauty blender on top of the skin after applying it with a brush, it will blend in better.

Apply makeup with the fenty brush and sponge

Step 3: Apply foundation to make it natural

When you are finished with the beginners, let’s move on to the actual professional guidance. The forehead and outside edge of the face shouldn’t be covered with foundation, and the foundation will appear natural in this manner. You may, of course, increase it if you so desire. Additionally, avoid overdoing it and instead concentrate on the areas of skin that require covering.

Apply foundation to make it natural

Step 4: Conceal Areas

When applying powder foundation, the cream items are used first. The cream on top will not move this way. Simply apply the Fenty matte concealer or another concealer of your choice. Also, if you want to conduct color correction, do it first. And then, just as with liquid foundation, apply the foundation on a regular basis. Just be careful not to go over the concealer, or the entire thing will seem heavy. Well, this part is only for powder foundation. With liquid foundations, you can do the step later on.

Conceal areas

Step 5: Finishing the Face

Apply some loose powder to the T zone of your face after you have finished applying the foundation to your face. This will leave the skin feeling nourished but not greasy. Even if it isn’t necessary, set the face with a dab of setting spray to ensure that the foundation doesn’t shift or budge. The same may be said for the Fenty foundation. With a setting spray over the top, the foundation will last forever. Fenty powder foundation is also available in a variety of shades. So you can quickly discover your ideal shade.

This process of applying the foundation was recommended by an expert who worked with Fenty Beauty from the very beginning. But we still have to mention that the best way you can apply a foundation will depend entirely on you.

Finishing the face

The best way to apply Fenty foundation-our recommendations

Here we’ll be adding some points to help you get the best foundation application. Being experts, we might have some tricks that will be helpful. But let us add that we’ll be going for the second skin look here. Instead of piling the foundation, we recommend starting from scratch.

A glowing canvas for the foundation

If you want the face to be glowy and hydrated, do not think about the foundation first but rather concentrate on the skin prep. Most people do not follow the skin prep routine, and eventually, their foundation starts to look cakey. Here we’ll be enclosing a way that you’ll be able to get a flawless base.

  1. Start by exfoliating your skin first. You can go for chemical or physical exfoliators, but do not jump to retinol at first. Start with alpha or beta hydroxy and then go for the other steps.
  2. A hydrating cleanser would be the next step. Do not go with regular cleansers that will make the skin dry; go with something that will remove dirt and oil but still feel fresh.
  3. Next up, we have the toners. If you’re using an exfoliator, then go for a hydrating and glowy toner in this case.
  4. And a gripping serum would work fine if you’re going with a matte primer. Well, this step is optional.
  5. Next is the moisturizer part. If you have oily skin, go with gel or a light lotion. And if you have dry skin, a thick moisturizer is the key.
  6. Sunscreen If you want a glowy and safe environment for your skin, never skip this part. It makes a huge difference in how the skin looks.

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A primer


Most people think that primers are overrated, but we believe that they do the job when you are out there for the whole day. Depending on what kind of skin you have, go with the glow or a matte primer and keep the primer on for at least two minutes before jumping to the foundation.

Start from the center

Start from the center

If the center of your face is clean, then the whole face feels clean. And this is also the case with foundations. And that’s why you need to start with the center of the face and then go all the way. This way, the cheeks will be evenly blended out, and you will not emphasize the forehead and nose. That way, the foundation will look more natural.

Buffer instead of dragging

Buffer instead of dragging

No matter what blender you use to apply and melt the foundation, buff it instead of dragging it. This way, there will be no streak marks, and the foundation will soak into the skin.

Use a damp face

Use a damp face

If you want the foundation to look natural, use a damp beauty blender or a mist on top of the skin. This way, you’ll have good control over your whole face.


1. How to apply Fenty skin tint?

To apply the Fenty skin tint, you can start by prepping the skin. Then use your fingers to melt the product into the skin.

2. What is the Fenty Beauty foundation for oily skin?

The Fenty Pro Flt’r soft matte powder foundation and the soft matte liquid foundation are perfect for oily skin.

3. Why does my Fenty foundation look cakey?

If you haven’t prepped the skin well and also haven’t set the skin at the end, the Fenty foundation might look cakey. Using moisturizers and using a minimal amount of foundation will do the work.

4. Why is my Fenty foundation patchy?

The Fenty foundation might look patchy if you haven’t put enough effort into blending and prepping the skin.

Final Thoughts

The Fenty foundation has nothing less than a high-end and luxury experience, and they tend to serve people of all colors. And that is why they have made headlines in the beauty industry. The company indeed came up with all the new products for every brand, but they give you many steps while applying their makeup. For example, you can start with skincare with Fenty skin cleansing balm and then go with the fat water toner, followed by the moisturizer and sunscreen hybrid cream. And then go for their pro-Flt’r primer in matte or hydrating version, and lastly, go with the primer.

Key Points

  1. If you wish to use the Pro Flt’r soft matte foundation, use a lightweight moisturizer first, followed by the matte primer.
  2. We recommend using a thick moisturizer with a Fenty Hydrating foundation if you have dry skin.
  3. For oily skin, the Pro Flt’r matte foundation is appropriate. The hydrating variant has about the same coverage but is more hydrated.
  4. Fenty created all of the new items for each product. However, they need a lot of steps while applying their makeup. For example, you may begin with the Fenty skin cleaning balm skincare and your way up to the fat water toner, moisturizer-sunscreen hybrid cream.

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