How to Remove Eye Makeup with lash Extensions | A Proper Guide

How to Remove Eye Makeup with lash Extensions
Want to know how to remove makeup with lash extensions? Read on to learn more about this amazing new trend!

People mostly wear eyelash extensions to make their eyelashes more curled and noticeable. Having curled eyelashes makes your eyes pop out more and you do not have to wear heavy makeup to bring attention to your face. This eyelash extension trend has been going around for so long. But applying eye makeup over eyelash extensions might be difficult.

So how do you remove eye makeup with eyelash extensions? It might be difficult to get around the curls of the eyelash extensions but there are very simple steps you can do to remove the makeup. So let’s see how to remove eye makeup without damaging the lash extensions.

Lash Extension

Lash extension

Lash extension is the enhancement of your lash and attaching natural hair fibers to your natural lashes to give your lash a fuller and more dramatic appearance. These eyelash extensions are customizable and give natural lashes look. It has become more popular because of young beauty enthusiasts. If you are looking for a dramatic eyelash every day without wasting eternity, lash extension is your only solution.

To have a lash extension, your natural lashes need a primer that will help the extensions attach to your natural lashes. Extensions will be glued to your natural lashes using tweezers. Mapping out is an essential part to determine the size of extensions. Isolating the natural lashes and swiping the extension on the natural lashes.

There are various types of extensions customers can choose from. They can choose from tint to curl pattern eyelash extensions. By taking proper care you can make your lash extension last for six to eight weeks. After eight weeks your extension will naturally fall out and you will need to go to your lash stylist to fill out the missing pieces.

11 Ways to Remove Eye Makeup with Lash Extension

You can safely and easily remove your eye makeup while wearing eyelash extensions without ruining them. By following these simple steps you can wipe out your eye makeup while keeping the integrity of your extension.

A. Eye Shadow

Eye shadow can change your facial features without any surgery. You can have a soft glow by using light colors or go for a bold look by using dark colors. Removing eye shadow can be annoying. You can remove your eye shadow easily by following these easy steps.

Eye shadow

1. Makeup Remover

Pour a little amount of makeup remover on a washcloth or cotton pad. Washcloth is the better option as it does not leave behind any lint trapped inside your eyelashes. When you are trying it remove it, you may tug your eyelash which will result in the breakage of your extensions. You should avoid using oil-based removers because they weaken the eyelash and cause them to shed.

2. Place the Washcloth

Next, you need to place the washcloth over your eyelid and let them sit for a minute. This will help you to remove your eye makeup easily. Avoid rubbing or swiping the washcloth.

After letting the remover sit over your eye makeup for some time, you can wipe out the eye makeup. This process will help you to get rid of the majority of your makeup.

3. Comb the Lashes

To remove mascara from your eyelash you need to dip your lash comb in your remover and gently comb your extension. This process will coat the extension and remove mascara. Makeup remover will dissolve any makeup and will be easier to comb out of lashes. Pat dry your eyelash extensions.

4. Remove Excess oil

Take a clean spoolie brush and comb the lashes by making sure they do not tangle. Avoid tugging your lash to remove eye makeup because it can cause lash glue to loosen up. You need to gently comb your lash and remove excess makeup.

B. Mascara

When you have a lash extension, your eyelash will have natural volume, you do not have to put mascara to have fuller eyelashes. It depends on you if you want to apply mascara or not. You can remove your mascara by following these easy steps.


5. Clean Eye Area

Make sure you already remove your eye shadow from your eyelid. Use a lint-free Q-tip or cotton swab or fingers to massage your eye makeup away. Fold the cotton pad in half and softly go over your lower lash line to remove lower lash mascara. Avoid touching your eyelash extensions. Remember tugging or pulling can make your extension fall out.

6. Cotton Swab

If you want to remove eyeliner from your lash line, you can dip a cotton swab in Micellar water.  Gently rubbing your lash line will do the work. To remove eyeliner completely you need to swipe the cotton swap two to three times. Avoid pulling your lash extension in the process.

7. Rinsing Eyelashes

When you have removed all the eye makeup, you can wash your eyelash with soap and water. Rinsing your eyelash will get rid of extra oil or eye makeup products and give your lash extension a healthy volume.

8. Applying Moisturizer

You need to apply oil-free or eye cream to moisturize your eye area. If you are using oil-based products to wash your whole face, just avoid the eye area while washing. Moisturizer will keep your skin smooth and healthy and get rid of dry patches. Before going to bed you can use a spoolie brush to brush through your extensions. You can also go over the top and curl your extensions upward.

C. Eyeliner

If you have a lash extension you may not need eyeliner to draw your eyes. But if you love eyeliner and use it regularly, you can remove your eyeliner by following these easy steps.


9. Dipping Q-tips

Dip your Q-tip in makeup remover to remove your eyeliner. Makeup remover will break the eye makeup and it’ll be easier to wipe away.

10. Wiping Eyeliner

Stretch your eyes using two fingers and use another hand to wipe away eyeliner by going back and forth. Continue this process 4 to 5 times to remove your eyeliner completely. Put your Q-tip away from the lashes while removing eyeliner.

11. Careful of Extensions

You need to be careful when you are wiping areas near your extensions. You need to wipe the Q-tip 1mm away from the extension so that it does not fall off. Avoid rubbing your eyes aggressively.

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8 Ways to Remove Makeup with Lash Extension

You can remove your full face makeup without ruining your eyelash extensions.

  1. First, you need to clean your eye area with a cotton swab.
  2. If you want to take a bath, you can wear goggles so that your extensions can stay dry. Instead of washing your face in the bath, you should wash your face in the sink.
  3. You should choose an oil-free make remover or wipe to clean your face. If you are using a wipe, it will give you more control to wipe your makeup.
  4. Fold the cotton pad in half and softly go over your lower lash line to remove makeup. Avoid touching your eyelash extensions.
  5. Wash your lash gently with a soft brush and an oil-free lash cleanser. It will help to remove bacteria and debris from your lashes, and you can use baby shampoo if you do not have a lash cleanser.
  6. Scrub your face with an oil-free makeup cleanser, it will unclog the pores and get rid of any dirt on your face.
  7. Rinse the cleanser using a facial sponge. Pat your face with a clean towel.
  8. You should apply an eyelash sealant to protect your extensions. This sealant will make sure your extensions stay in place.

Why Removing Eye Makeup with Lash Extensions is Important?

At the end of the day, it is important to remove any makeup that you have on your face. This will especially be the case for eye makeup. If left too long on the skin around the eyes, it might cause irritation that will disturb your eyes. The skin is more delicate here so it is very important to clean the eye makeup to ensure nothing happens.

The eyelash extensions will last up to 6 weeks so it will be on there for a long time. To allow the eyelash extension to last as long as possible, it is important to maintain it. The makeup might get on the lash and because it will clump up if left on for too long. After a long day you might be too tired to take off your eye makeup but be sure to do so!


1. Is Micellar water safe from lash extensions?

Of course, it is safe to use Micellar water to remove eye makeup. If you avoid mixing it with water, it will keep your lashes safe.

2. Does makeup remover dissolve lash glue?

You can take simple liquid makeup remover on a cotton pad and apply it over your eyelash to dissolve the lash glue.

3. What happens if you rub your eyes with eyelash extensions?

Rubbing your eyes with eyelash extensions can cause lashes to twist out of place. So avoid rubbing your eyes whenever you have eyelash extensions.

4. How often should you wash lash extensions?

You should clean your eyelash extensions daily if you have oily eyelids or you wear a lot of eye makeup. Otherwise, you can wash your lashes twice or thrice times a week.

    Final Words

    Always remove your makeup when you come home. Never sleep with makeup overnight, as it can clog your pores and cause breakouts. It is riskier to leave makeup on after coming home when you have a lash extension. You need to be extra careful to keep your face clean. Eyelash extensions can fall out if you pull or rub your eyelids.

    If you have an oily eyelid you need to take extra steps to protect your eyelash extensions. You can apply mascara on your extension but it is better if you avoid using it. If you put enough layers of mascara, it can clump together which will be hard to clean. We should these 11 ways to remove your eye makeup to keep your lash extension clean.

    Key Points

    • These 11 simple ways you can remove your eye makeup without ruining your lash extension.
    • By following these 8 ways you can remove full face makeup that will keep your eyelash protected.
    • Avoid rubbing your eyes when you have lash extensions on, as it can cause the lashes to fall out.
    • You should always use an oil-free cleanser or makeup remover to keep the lashes stay in place.

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