What Can I Use Instead of Setting Spray for Makeup?

What Can I Use Instead of Setting Spray for Makeup
If you are wondering what can i use instead of setting spray for makeup, you can use a finishing spray, rose water, aloe water, powder.

The magic of setting sprays is widely known and used by many after a makeup session. Most people think that setting sprays are just a hoax, that the brands are just selling their names, but for other people, setting sprays are a lifesaver. These sprays don’t let the makeup move; they will mostly melt the makeup right into your face, so it is a flawless base. Makeup sprays are a number one priority when setting up the whole face. But does it work? Is it possible to avoid using makeup setting spray?

Nothing is a must when it comes to makeup, and the same can be said for setting sprays. Instead of a setting spray, you can use:

  • Finishing spray
  • Rose water
  • Aloe water
  • Setting powder
  • Regular water mist
  • Baby powder
  • And other items

A setting spray will ensure your makeup does not turn into a cakey finish. It does not let the powders, foundation, and concealers align or separate. As for the ingredients, setting sprays mostly have oil and glycerine in them. But when you use a DIY setting spray, there are some perks and quirks of the setting spray that you’ll not get. In this article, we’ll go over the various alternatives to setting sprays and help you choose the best one for your makeup routine.

How Does a Setting Spray Work?

If you’re not familiar with the concept of setting spray, then think of hair spray. You put all the pins and hair bands on the hair to give it a look. A bit of hair spray on top of it will not let the hair move. And the setting spray works the same way. For a setting spray, instead of fixing the unruly hair, this will fix the patchiness and cakiness of the face. It will hold on to the makeup with all its might. Setting sprays are ideal for settling down makeup and are a lifesaver on a hot and humid day.

The Need for Alternative Options for Setting Spray

Well, it’s not an absolute rule that you have to use a setting spray for your makeup. Makeup is fun in the way that you’re just going to focus on the face and not the product. Anything can be substituted for something else. A lipstick as a blush, a bronzer as an eyeshadow. The same thing can be said for setting sprays.

There are various reasons why someone may need alternative options for setting spray. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Unavailability: Setting spray might not be easily accessible in certain locations, or it could be unavailable on the store shelves.
  • Cost: Setting spray’s cost can be prohibitive for some individuals, leading them to seek more affordable options or alternatives that fit within their budget constraints.
  • Allergies or sensitive skin: Some people may have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to the active ingredients in setting spray, and thus would need to find an alternative.
  • Personal preference: Certain individuals might not appreciate the sensation of setting spray on their skin or may opt for a more natural & organic substitute.
  • Experimenting: Some people may want to try different options to find what works best for them and their specific needs.

Powder as a Substitute for Setting Sprays

When it comes to setting your makeup, the setting powder is the next best thing. Those with oily skin are in love with setting powder, which can make the skin look dry. But even with a setting powder, you can still find different ones with different finishes. For example, there are some that have a natural finish. These powders will take away the shine from the face but will not make it so harsh that you can’t move the face.

They also contain hydrating materials such as oils and gels. And there are also the matte ones, which give perfect dry skin when you want the face to look snatched for hours. Matte-setting powders are a saint for those with oily skin.

You don’t really have to put a huge amount of powder on, but with touch-ups in between, the powders are a great alternative to setting sprays. Some popular products to look for include:

  • Translucent powders can suit most skin types and provide a matte finish without altering your makeup’s color.
  • Finishing powders are designed for a final touch and provide a soft-focus effect to blur fine lines and imperfections.
  • Pressed powders offer a convenient on-the-go application, typically providing more coverage and shine reduction.

DIY Methods to Create Your Own Setting Sprays

Now it’s time to see some incredible DIY ways to answer the question: What can I use instead of setting spray for makeup? Here we are including a list of home-made alternatives to setting spray:

1. Setting Spray With Witch Hazel

Setting Spray With Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is perfect as a sanitizing and soothing product for the skin. They are anti-microbial, and they are perfect for those with oily skin and acne issues. With this kind of setting spray, you can go two ways, a hydrating one and an ultra-hydrating one.

For hydration spray with hazel:

You’ll need

  • Rose water
  • Witch hazel
  • Water

Mix all of these ingredients together in a clean spray bottle & viola!

For an ultra-hydrating witch hazel mixture:

You’ll need

  • Olive oil or any sort of facial oil
  • Witch hazel
  • Water

Mix all of these products together and shake them well in a spray bottle.

2. Rose Water-Setting Spray

You don’t need too many ingredients for this kind of setting spray. Just the rose water and water should work fine. But you can definitely add other ingredients to make it more potent.

You’ll need

  • Rose water
  • Water
  • Vitamin E (optional)

Mix all of these products together and shake them well to spray on the face. It is highly recommended to mix rose water and water in equal parts.

3. Glycerine Setting Spray

Glycerine Setting Spray

Well, for setting spray, the main key product would be glycerine. As such, you can add your own glycerine to water, mix it all up, and shake well to make a setting spray. You can also add rose water instead of regular water here.

You’ll need

  • Glycerine
  • Water of roses

Take 4 tsp of water and add two tsp of glycerine to it. Shake the bottle well and spray it directly over the makeup.

4. Aloe Vera And Lavender Oil Setting Spray

Aloe Vera And Lavender Oil Setting Spray

For this sort of setting spray, you can use lavender oil. But we recommend not using the scented one if you have sensitive skin. Store-bought aloe gel will work just fine. If you’re allergic to essential oils, then do not use lavender oil; instead, go for regular facial oil. Moreover, the aloe vera will be soothing & moisturizing for irritated skin.

You’ll need

  • Water
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Lavender oil

Combine two tablespoons (tbsp) of aloe vera gel with 112 teaspoons of water. Mix in 3 to 4 drops of lavender oil and shake it well.

To have your skin hydrated with regular regular use, mist is simply enough. Rose water and aloe vera mixture will melt the makeup on your skin, and you don’t have to worry about it being cakey. And for a matte finish, set the face with powder. And lastly, if you just want a bit of hydration, then we recommend using a bit of water on the face as a light mist.

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What Is The Best Alternative To Setting Spray?

What Is The Best Alternative To Setting Spray

Finishing sprays. These are the more regulated versions of the setting sprays, and they are the ones that should only be used when you are done with setting your whole face. So what is a finishing spray? The finishing sprays are made up of almost the same ingredients as the setting sprays. But they contain alcohol, unlike the finishing sprays. Just think about the protective layer over any object. That’ll make the thing last a long time, and that is a finishing spray for you.

Most finishing sprays contain polymeric alcohols, which are sweat and humidity-resistant, and it helps to create a thin layer over the makeup to make it last longer. Polyvinylpyrrolidone, or PVP, is the main theme of the finishing spray, and it will also prolong the stay of makeup.

Think about the long-lasting setting spray, and that is the finishing spray for you. If you want a difference between the setting and finishing spray, then look at the ingredients. Most of the finishing sprays will contain alcohol denat. (Denatured Alcohol) or PVP as their key ingredients.

So we must say that if you don’t have a setting spray, just use a finishing spray for makeup.

Making DIY Setting Spray At Home

Making Diy Setting Spray At Home

It doesn’t sound like a bad idea to just make your own homemade setting spray. But will it work like a regular setting spray? Well, it is hard to say. Different people want different outcomes from a setting spray, but the central theme of the spray is that it’ll melt the makeup onto the skin, which is something that most of the ingredients we mention here will be able to do. And for a long-lasting effect,

So why not make your own setting spray? There are a few reasons why someone would want to make their own versions of setting sprays, and here they are:

  • DIY setting sprays are inexpensive because they are mostly made from household items.
  • By making your own spray, you get to control what you put on that spray. All-natural ingredients are perfect for those with sensitive skin.
  • In an emergency, when you run out of setting spray, the DIY setting sprays will come to your rescue. They might not work as a stove, but they certainly do the job.
  • These setting sprays are easy to make, and they don’t need too much of the products, with 3 to four ingredients per bottle of spray.


  1. Can I use hair spray instead of setting spray?

You shouldn’t use hair spray instead of setting spray, as hair spray contains a higher concentration of harsh ingredients like alcohol that can really irritate the skin.

  1. What is the DIY setting spray made of 2 ingredients?

The two ingredients, setting spray, would be made up of rose water and water.

  1. What to use instead of setting powder?

You can use a loose powder or a baby powder instead of a setting powder, and a setting mist will also work just fine.

  1. How to set your makeup without a setting spray or powder?

To set the face without using spray or any powder, you can use glycerine with water in a spray bottle.

  1. Can I use water as a setting spray?

Final Thoughts

Now that we have gone so far with setting sprays and all their alternatives, let us ask again: what can you use instead of setting spray for makeup? You don’t need a setting spray; instead, you can go with a mist or powder for a regular day of makeup. You can even incorporate them into your outdoor makeup & skincare routine. But with some setting spray, you can get a different finish, and they even have that shimmer to them, which you won’t find in any DIY process. So setting sprays can be alternated, but they work for the face.

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