What Is a Classic Manicure?

What Is a Classic Manicure
While there are many types of manicures out there, nothing beats the classic! Discover how classic manicure protects your nails!

Nails might not be the most noticeable part of the body, but a nail that is nicely shaped is sure to be eye catchy.  That is why manicures and pedicures have become very popular in the present time. People are beautifying their nails through nail art and designs and manicures and pedicures are also part of those nail beautification. A manicure refers to shaping and painting your nails, at the same time making them noticeable, and the most well-known manicure is called the classic manicure!

So, what is a classic manicure? A classic manicure involves shaping or trimming your nails, applying nail polish, and then sealing the nails. It also adds nail care such as caring for the cuticles, filling off the nails, and ensuring healthy nails. If you see your nails getting weaker or you want to create a good impression, you may choose a classic manicure. A classic manicure can be considered the most professional and ideal manicure.

What Does a Classic Manicure Do?

What does a classic manicure do

A classic manicure refers to the traditional way of manicuring that involves shaping your nails, applying nail polish, and finally sealing them with a top coat. Besides nail color, it also adds nail care to your nails. For a classic manicure, cut, shape, and trim the nails, and then polish the nails with your desired color.

A classic manicure also helps to care for the cuticles and fill off the nails. This is considered one of the conventional and standard manicures that can be removed by yourself at home.  A semi-permanent gel nail polish is applied that got hardens so quickly under the UV or LED lamp. Besides beautifying nails, a classic manicure also focuses on nail shaping, buffing, and cuticle care that adds additional benefits to your nails. In modern times, a classic manicure became a necessity rather than a luxury, especially for people who care about their appearance. There are varieties of colors to choose from for your nails.

Why You Need to Get a Classic Manicure?

Besides changing your nail looks, a classic manicure will help you to make your nails strengthened. You may need a classic manicure for so many reasons-

Why you need to get a classic manicure
  • A classic manicure may help you to become more confident than ever.
  • If you find your nails getting weaker, a classic manicure can help you to strengthen your nails.
  • For creating an excellent first impression, a classic manicure may help you to be a familiar and popular face among people.
  • A classic manicure helps to treat breakage. As a result, it will make your skin and cuticle look healthier and fresh.
  • If you want your nails and fingers to be polished and soft, you can go for a classic manicure.
  • If your nails have already got broken and damaged, a classic manicure can help you to treat your damaged or broken nails.

Tools You’ll Need to Do a Classic Manicure

For a classic manicure, you’ll need some of the tools. You may buy them separately or get all the tools in a gel kit online. The significant tools needed for classic nails are-

  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Cuticle oil
  • Nail buff
  • Gel nail polish
  • Cotton balls
  • Manicure sticks
  • Nail polish remover

3 Steps to Follow in a Classic Manicure

Following the steps properly is very significant for a classic manicure. There are some steps to follow for getting a perfect classic manicure.

Steps to follow in a classic manicure

Step 1: Shape Your Nails

For a classic manicure, you need to shape your nails at the very beginning. Take a nail file and shape your nails according to your need and desire. Shaping your nails will create a smooth surface that will help you to better nail polish application.

Step 2: Polish Your Nails

After you’re done shaping your nails, choose a shade or color that matches your skin tone. Choosing a neutral color will give you an effective result because you need to add other colors further on top of it. Dry up your nails properly before going to the next step. When you’re finished polishing your nails, your nails will get a flawless appearance.

Step 3: Seal Your Nails

Sealing your nails is the final step in any manicure. A top coat is needed in this step. It will protect your nail polish and nail color from chipping. Applying a top coat at night may bring you more effective results compared to other times. People who haven’t enough time may apply a second layer of nail polish and then seal it with a top coat. If you want a different look for summer, holiday, or any other program, you may apply for a top coat and switch the color of your nails.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Classic Manicure

There are always some good and bad sides to a treatment or manicure. The benefits and drawbacks of a classic manicure are as follows-


  • The application of a classic manicure is so easy; it doesn’t need any UV or LED lamp or setting powders. This is applied with a normal brush just like we do at home.
  • Though the drying may take a bit more time, a classic manicure is a faster manicure than other typical manicures.
  • A classic manicure doesn’t require harmful chemicals. Rather, a classic manicure only needs fewer very familiar chemicals which you can find in almost all stores.
  • There is less chance of damaging your nails in a classic manicure. Because a classic manicure uses ingredients and products that are very safe to use.
  • In some cases, you may find it cheaper when the salons will let you bring your polish and products.
  • A classic manicure helps to ensure the health of your nails. It helps to keep your health clean, healthy, and shaped.
  • A classic manicure will change the appearance of your nails by giving you a professional look.


  • The most significant cons of a classic manicure are; it is not long-lasting. As it is only a normal polish that is applied to your nails, it is not going to give you the same finish as gels or acrylics. The acrylic nails last for one or two months while the classic manicure lasts for only one week.
  • A classic manicure is not that stable. So, it easily gets damaged.
  • You may face chipping, peeling, or other problems and it may hurt your nails further.
  • While other nails add length to your nails, a Classic manicure may decrease the chance of adding length to your nails.
  • In a classic manicure, a polish is normally applied to the nails. So, it requires regular maintenance to make your polish long-lasting.

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How Long Does a Classic Manicure Last?

How long does a classic manicure last

A classic manicure lasts a very short time; it may last from five days to a maximum of one week. Even with a lot of care and maintenance, classic manicures won’t last long. This is one of the biggest downsides of a classic manicure.

For people who want to change their nails frequently for different occasions, this can be good news. Because long-lasting is something for them that they are trying to avoid. It only requires a simple nail polish remover and a new appointment to get an entirely new look.

A classic manicure generally lasts one week. Many people desire a long-lasting classic manicure which is almost impossible. But, there are some ways you can make your nails a bit long-lasting than one week. For this, you need to be very gentle with your nails. You need to decrease the use of nails as tools and use the pads of your nails instead. Exposure to harsh chemicals is another big reason for cracking and discoloration of your nails. So, you must stay away from cleaning solutions or hot water. Wearing gloves while washing dishes or baths is recommended to make a classic manicure last longer.


1. How long does a classic manicure take?

A classic manicure is very relaxing and significant for the health of your nails. A classic manicure takes very less time as only a gel nail polish is applied in this process. Usually, it takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

2. What is the difference between gel and classic manicures?

The basic difference between gel and classic manicure is, the nails dry up naturally in a classic manicure while gel nail polish requires curing under the lamp.

3. Which type of manicure is healthiest?

There are so many healthy manicures available. Of them, a basic manicure is the healthiest that too with the right polishes. Using an organic polish that contains vitamins can help you get a healthy manicure.

4. What is the most luxurious manicure?

Azature White Diamond Polish is the most luxurious manicure that contains 98 karats of crushed diamonds with some other precious metals.

5. What is the best manicure for the least damage?

Shellac manicure is very easy to remove and therefore it causes the least damage to our nails. So, it can be considered a healthy and less damaging manicure for nails.

Final Thoughts

A classic manicure refers to a regular nail polish application that includes shaping your nails, applying nail polish, and sealing with a top coat. This manicure helps to change the appearance of a person. People who desire polished and soft nails can go for a classic manicure. Some necessary tools such as base coat, top coat, nail polish remover, cuticle oil, etc. are needed for doing a classic manicure. A classic manicure only requires three easy steps that take very less time. One of the significant drawbacks of a classic manicure is, it lasts only one week or less than that. Other than that, a classic manicure can be considered an ideal manicure.

Key Points

  • A classic manicure is the most conventional and standard manicure that fills off the nails and takes care of the cuticles.
  • You may need a classic manicure if your nails are damaged or you want healthier nails.
  • A classic manicure involves shaping and polishing your nails and then sealing those with a top coat.
  • A classic manicure does not require harmful chemicals which makes it healthy for nails. On the other hand, the drawbacks include the longevity of a classic manicure that is only one week.
  • A classic manicure is very standard and it works very well for creating a professional look.

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