How to Lighten Upper Lip Skin :18 Mind Blowing Tips

How to Lighten Upper Lip Skin
If your goal is lighten upper lip skin.Then discover our methods for achieving your desired look.

Here are some natural items like fruits or other things that have the attributes to lighten upper lip skin. If you use any of these items regularly, then it is guaranteed that you’ll get healthy and rosy lips that will flourish your natural beauty.

Tips for lightening upper lip skin

You can lighten the skin on your upper lips in several ways.

  1. Using Lemon and Sugar Together
  2. Turmeric with Milk
  3. Hydrate Lips as often as You can
  4. SPF Protection
  5. Cucumber Extract
  6. Always Maintain A Healthy Diet Chart
  7. Carrot juice
  8. Aloe Vera, Almond oil & Mustard Oil
  9. Rose water with Honey

Below you can find details information that will help you achieve a lightening effect on your upper lips skin!

1. Using lemon

You know melanin significantly impacts darkening the upper lip, and to lighten the upper lips, you have to inhibit the level of melanin. Several studies show that citrus fruit peel is excellent for inhibiting melanin. So, gently rub juicy parts of lemon on your upper lips regularly before going to sleep, it will lighten your upper lip skin fast.

Just rub the juicy parts gently for minutes and rinse your lips when you wake up in the morning. Try this for only a month. Then, surely you’ll be able to remove the dark upper lip. But, keep in mind that you have to do this rubbing as gently as possible and do it regularly before bedtime.

2. Using lemon and sugar together

Compared to using only lemon, it is more effective to use lemon with sugar as these can act fast. To use lemon with sugar, take a lemon wedge first and then mix sugar in its juicy part. After that, rub it on your dark lips for 5-10 minutes before going to bed.

And, the next morning, wash your lips with fresh water. To get a better result, you may try using lukewarm water for washing your lips.

It will surely enhance the rosy appearance of your lips in a very short time, but make sure you have used this stuff on a regular basis.

How to lighten dark skin on the upper lip naturally within weeks

3. Turmeric with milk

Using turmeric is a great way to lighten skin above the upper lip and has potential anti-melanin properties. A 2010 study bears testimony to this fact.

You should not use bare turmeric on your lip skin; instead, mix one tablespoon of milk with a tiny piece of turmeric. You may take the turmeric size according to what you can place on your fingertips properly. And, then mingle the turmeric piece with milk by hand or in a cup or small bowl. Although many of us use turmeric powder to make the mingling procedure easier, you may also do so.

Now rub the item (turmeric with milk) on your lips at night, and go to bed without washing your lips. But when you wake up the next morning, you have to wash your lips before doing anything. After washing your lips, you may use any moisturizer if you like. To remove dark upper lip, you’ll find this item superbly effective within a few weeks.

4. lime

Like lemon, this one is another excellent melanin inhibitor and can safely lessen the dark look of lips. The process of this citrus fruit is similar to using lemon- you have to rub at night and rinse your lips in the morning.

To use lime, take a small amount of lime juice- 2 tablespoons is enough. And after that, mix the lime juice with honey and glycerin. Just one tablespoon of glycerin and honey is enough. That means there will be four tablespoons of stuff- two tablespoons lime juice, one tablespoon glycerin, and one tablespoon honey.

 After mixing these things properly, slowly apply the item to your lip’s skin every night. Don’t forget to wash your lips where you applied the stuff the previous night.

5. Strawberry paste

It’s for those who repeatedly search for how to lighten upper lip skin fast. Thanks to salicylic acid, you may consider strawberries paste skin lightening cream for the upper lip. The Strawberry paste making procedure is not so hard. You may make it in just 2 minutes.

 Firstly, take 5 to 6 medium size strawberries and 2 or 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Secondly, crush strawberries using any tool and mix them with baking soda. That’s all.

Apply the strawberry paste on your lips every night before sleeping and rinse off every morning. You’ll find this highly effective just after a few days to make upper lip discoloration lighter.

6. Cucumber extract

Cucumber is known for hydrating skin and prettying up the skin complexion. In addition, it contains several valuable minerals, such as silica, magnesium, potassium, etc., which are beneficial for human skin.

 It’s easy to use as you don’t have to make cucumber extract daily. Rather you may collect the juice of one full cucumber and keep it in the refrigerator, and use it for a whole week.

 But you should keep the extract on your lip skin for comparatively a bit more time- 30 minutes at least. Then clean your lip with fresh water, and continue the process for a month or more.

7. Carrot juice

Carrot juice

Some studies show that carrot juice is excellent for protecting skin from UV (ultraviolet) damage, thanks to its beta carotene. That is why it is enough to act against what causes dark upper lip. Due to vitamin A, and beta carotene, Carrot juice is highly effective for lightening upper lip skin.

 To make carrot juice, you have to blend fresh carrots first with a blender and collect the juice in a cup. Then, just collect three or four tablespoons of juice and apply it to your lip skin.

 Keep the juice on your lips for up to 20 minutes each day, and then wash with fresh water. After using it for just a week, you’ll start to get the benefit of this juice, but continue using it for a month.

8. Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is great for your lip skin in so many ways as it can fight sunburn and the aging effect. As an anti-melanin property, it is also great stuff. We suggest it for removing the dark upper lip.

The applying procedure for Aloe Vera is very simple .You have to rub it on your lip skin. Even you may use ready-made Aloe Vera gel. This is also similarly effective for lip skin.

 You should rub this item on your lips for a while, and after a few minutes, it will be dried. When it is dried, you should wash your lips skin then; it’s just a matter of one hour or more. Besides lightening your upper lip skin, it will provide you with some extra benefits relating to skin appearance.

Aloe vera

9. Almond oil

It has great use in improving skin tone and most importantly it helps towards reversing sun damage. For this reason, it is the answer to questions like- how can I lighten upper lip, or how can I remove dark upper lip? Many girls use this oil for treating dry skin as it is good for that. Any good quality ready-made almond oil is perfect for using on lip skin.

 Using almond oil on your lips is very simple as you don’t have to make the oil at home. Just take two or three drops of oil on any of your hands. And with your fingertips, rub this oil on your lip skin. It will lighten upper lip skin gradually but will not take so much time.

10. Mustard oil

It is good for lip skin as it can cure skin allergies and rashes. So, by using it, you’ll be able to remove dark upper lip within a few weeks.

 Using mustard oil on lip skin is hassle free as you may use ready-made oil available in your local super shop. And you may apply this oil to your lips at any time of the day as you like. Three or four drops of oil at a time is enough, and you have to massage the oil for up to five minutes. That’s all. Use this oil once a day and continue for a whole month; you’ll get the benefit.

11. Pomegranate

Using pomegranate is one of the great ways to lighten upper lip skin as it has so many useful properties. You know UV ray exposure can increase the melanin level in your skin, resulting in getting dark. To prevent sun damage, pomegranate is surprisingly effective, and it is helpful for detoxifying skin.

 But, applying pomegranate involves a bit complex procedure as you have to mingle pomegranate seeds with rose water and dairy cream. Just one tablespoon of each item is enough for using it on your lip skin once.

 The Pomegranate applying procedure is less time consuming as you have to keep this item on your lip skin for just 3 minutes, not more than that. After keeping this item for only 3 minutes, you may wash your lip skin and wipe your lip with a fresh towel.

12. Rose water with honey

Rose water with honey

If your headache is “how to lighten upper lip skin fast,” you may apply this method. You know rose water is great for leveling up your skin complexion, and honey is also suitable for our skin.

 In this method, you must mix 2 to 3 drops of rose water with 6 to 8 drops of honey in a small bowl. And then massage the mixed item on your lips for 5 minutes, more or less.

 This method is different from all the other methods shown here in the sense that you have to use this item three or four times a day. However, you may apply rose water with honey at any time- day or night; it’s up to you.

Consider some health tips to lighten skin above upper lip

Only using some natural items will improve your lip complexion, it’s true, but at the same time, you should consider other health issues. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to retain your lip’s improved rosy look for many days.

consider some health tips to lighten skin above upper lip
  1. Change your Lifestyle
  2. May Consider Medical Treatments
  3. Hydrate Lips as often as you can
  4. SPF Protection
  5. Always Maintain A Healthy Diet Chart
  6. No Irregularities, No Complexities

1. Change your lifestyle

You must change your lifestyle if you are addicted to coffee and nicotine. These two are highly harmful to the overall appearance of your lip skin. Remember, excessive intake of tea is also bad in this regard, not similarly bad like coffee and nicotine.

2. May consider medical treatments

If you have any internal health issues affecting your lip skin color, you may consider medical treatments. Sometimes skin bleaches and chemical peels might be perfectly helpful, other methods are a bit ineffective, but it’s rare. But, before using any topical cream, be cautious; consult with any dermatologist first.

3. Hydrate lips as often as you can

Lock your lips in moisture as it will help you to lighten skin above upper lip. Vitamin E oil or something like that will be surprisingly helpful for you in this regard. That’s why beauty conscious girls carry lip balm all the time with them.

4. SPF protection

If you stay under the direct hit of the sun every day for a mentionable period, then SPF Protection is a must for you. Lip skin is delicate, and that’s why UV exposure & pigmentation have a huge negative effect on it. For this reason, you may use lip balms that are for a sunblock that will be perfect for you.

5. Always maintain a healthy diet chart

Natural stuff will not act perfectly if you have anemia or don’t maintain a balanced diet. So, keeps fruits and vegetables that have necessary nutrient properties in your diet chart. Also, keep in mind that your internal body condition will always affect your external appearance.

6. No irregularities, no complexities

Maintain a regular balanced diet, and consider all the other relevant health issues. If you apply any natural stuff on your lip skin, do it regularly, just like completing an academic course.

If you regularly maintain health issues, your internal body structure will be sound. And then, you’ll face no complexity regarding external complexions like lip skin color or something like that. If you apply natural items regularly, you’ll not have to search for how can I remove dark upper lip?


1.Is it possible to remove dark upper lip in 3 or 4 days?

It’s not possible at all to bring significant change in upper lip skin colour in just 3 or 4 days. You must use any natural item for a mentionable period like 4 to 5 weeks, at least.

2.What causes dark upper lip, and How can I remove dark upper lip?

Due to some medical conditions like hyperpigmentation, dehydration, allergic reaction or so your leaf may be darkened. Even sometimes, habits like smoking, excessive intake of caffeine, etc may also cause evil. You may remove dark upper lip by medical treatment like taking drugs and using chemicals, or you may use some useful natural items at your home.

3.What is best for lightening lip skin- natural item or chemical use?

Actually, considering all the relevant perspectives, it can be said that natural stuff is good for lightning as these are safe, less costly, and improve the lip appearance naturally.

4.How to lighten dark skin on upper lip naturally for a good many years?

If you use perfectly any relevant natural items and maintain a healthy diet without any intervals, then you will be able to retain your improved and rosy lip appearance for a good many years.

5.How do you get rid of a female mustache shadow?

Usually, it may be the result of different internal complexities like hormonal imbalance, and in that case, medical treatment is the only solution. But at the same time, you must apply sunscreen before you go out, and avoiding waxing the place is a must.

6.How to whiten upper lip in a very short time?

If you want to whiten your upper lip skin, then you have to use a turmeric mask, liquorice powder tomato, or something like that. Using something like these items is simple- you have to keep this type of stuff for 20 to 30 minutes on your upper lip skin and wash it off afterward.

7.Is direct sunlight harmful for upper lip skin?

Direct sunlight for a short period every day is not harmful at all, but if you have to stay hours after hours, that’s harmful to your skin.

8.Is there any restriction to use natural items for lightening upper lip skin?

All the things mentioned here are natural and are safe for your body, externally and internally, so there is no restriction; anyone may use this, no matter what their age or body condition is.

9.What’s the best skin lightening cream for upper lip?

Depending on your skin condition, it has to be decided- what skin lightening cream for upper lip is best for you. But, remember you should not use any cream or chemical without consultation with your physicians; otherwise, it may be harmful to your upper lip color.

10.How many days after getting lightened, I have to use natural items again?

After removing dark from your upper lip skin, if you maintain a balanced diet and consider all the health issues, then the color will be permanent if everything is okay.

Wrapping Up

Don’t search repeatedly for questions like how to lighten upper lip skin fast or for ways to remove dark upper lip. All the things that we mentioned here are natural, safe, and enough to lighten skin above the upper lip. Don’t take a decision hastily to use chemical items and lighten your lip in an unreasonably short time. Use natural items, and acquire the best lip color, which will also have permanence.

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