How to Apply Liquid Eye Shadow Like a Pro – Experts Tips

How to Apply Liquid Eye Shadow Like a Pro
You may have heard about liquid eyeliner before , but did you know there was an easier way to apply it? Read on to discover the best method for applying liquid eyeliner.

To beautify our eyes, there’s no alternative to eyeshadows, but not all people like powdered eyeshadow as this is not comfortable to use due to so many reasons. And they mainly use liquid eyeshadow as applying liquid works better and can last for a long period. And to some people, liquid eyeshadow is mostly cruelty-free and works better compared to powder shadows.

But, it is true that many people still use powdered eyeshadow, and many people don’t know how to apply liquid shadows perfectly. If you’re looking for the perfect ways to apply liquid eyeshadow easily, then this piece of article might be helpful for you. Here I’m going to show you how to apply liquid eyeshadow step by step, and after seeing which, you’ll be able to use liquid shadows at your home, even being a newbie in this field.

What is liquid eyeshadow?

Liquid eyeshadow means the liquid forms of eye makeup though it works exactly like powdered eyeshadows. But these two powdered and liquid serve the same purpose- pretty up our eye appearances. Usually, liquid eyeshadow is kept in a tube, and there will be squeeze tubes or things like that. Like powder shadows, this form of eyeshadows is also available in different colors, so you’ll have different options if you want to use liquid shadows.

If you’re used to applying powdered eyeshadow, then after using the liquid eyeshadow once, you’ll get the point- it can work so easily. For that reason, eye makeup artists suggest using liquid eyeshadow as you like- you may use this shadow barely or atop the powdered shadow. Due to this flexibility, many people like applying liquid eyeshadow, and there are so many other reasons why people want to use liquid eyeshadow, barring the powdered one.

Ordinarily, liquid eyeshadow is resistant to smudge and crease, so without migrating or fading; this eyeshadow can last for long hours that the powdered eyeshadow cannot. Easily gliding on is an important feature of liquid eyeshadow, so surely you’ll feel comfortable using liquid eyeshadow. Your skin tone is not a matter here; whatever your skin tone may be, there are so many liquid eyeshadows that suit all skin tones.

How to apply liquid eye shadow, perfectly?

How to Apply Liquid Eye Shadow

Like powdered eyeshadow, you have to apply this on the skin surrounding your eyes, and the application of this shadow is easier. If you use liquid eye shadow for the first time, then it may take some more time. But following some recommended steps may make your liquid eyeshadow application process so easy; now, I am going to show you those steps one by one

  1. Apply primer before anything else
  2. Start applying the liquid eyeshadow
  3. Start with small amount & then fill
  4. Finishing

Detailed instructions are given below on how to apply liquid eye shadow perfectly.

1. Apply primer before anything else

Most people who use liquid eyeshadow want long-lasting eyeshadow, and primer is suitable for meeting that criterion. For that reason, usually, almost all liquid eyeshadow packs contain primer, and you should check this issue before buying one for you.

If your liquid eyeshadow doesn’t contain any primer, then choose your favorite primer and apply it to your eyelids. This is the first step of applying liquid eyeshadow, and surely it will be surprisingly helpful for lasting the shadow for a longer period.

2. Start applying the liquid eyeshadow

If primer applying on your eyelids is completed, then you may start to apply the liquid eyeshadow. The best way to apply liquid eyeshadow is to use a foot applicator or any synthetic brush. Some makeup artists allow squeezing liquid shadows with fingertips, but you should not follow the way if you’re not well familiar with liquid eyeshadow.

If you’re new, then you must use any foot applicator or synthetic brush for applying shadows. If your liquid eyeshadow is in a squeeze tube, then you have to use a synthetic brush; take a few drops of shadow on the brush and apply that to your eyelids with the brush.

3. Start with a small amount & then fill

Liquid shadows are not like powder shadows, you have to apply the drops onto your eyelid crease first, and then you may fill the whole of your eyelid; sweeping strokes might be helpful for you in this regard. But that doesn’t mean you only apply eyeshadow drops once; rather, you may do it as many times as it requires.

You just need to dip the foot applicator in the tube and apply as much eyeshadow to your eyelids. Some makeup artists suggest spreading thin layers on both of your eyelids that will create a subtle color wash there.

4. Finishing

If you like a saturated look, then you should apply another color (liquid eyeshadow). When you see that your eyeshadow suits well with your face makeup, then you may consider your eyeshadow application is finished, and after that, you may apply mascara and eyeliner; that’s all.

How to use more than one liquid eyeshadow at a time?

Use More Than One Liquid Eyeshadow at a Time

It’s well known that applying just one shadow at a time is hassle-free, but that will provide you with a beautiful but common look. But, when you add more than one color, then it will seem unique, and that’s why girls around the world like applying more than one eyeshadow at a time.

Now I am going to show you how you can apply two or even more liquid eyeshadows on your eyelid at a time and ensure a uniquely amazing look.

  1. Apply the all-over color first
  2. Use the crease color
  3. Blending
  4. Use highlight color

1. Apply the all-over color first

Like an ordinary eyeshadow applying process, apply the primer first, and it will make your eyelids prepared to use eyeshadow. And this process is the same whether you use liquid eyeshadow or powdered eyeshadow.

2. Use the crease color

Now you have to add the dimension, and to do that, dab a liquid eyeshadow that is slightly darkish. You have to dab it on your eye’s outer corner and along the lash line (bottom). Now, with a view to blending flawlessly with the base, you should brush for a while.

Alternatively, at the same time, you may use cease color onto both eyelids and the dotting all over color; that will not be problematic. The best way is to apply the crease color on your eye’s outer corner skin and all-over color on your eye’s inner corner skin and on the middle part.

3. Blending

When you apply two different colors on the inner & outer corners of your eye skin, then blending is necessary. And for this purpose, you may use any synthetic brush, and you should do it as early as possible. The reason is that if you can blend two colors when the eyeshadows are wet, then they will blend seamlessly, and that’s the ultimate goal of blending.

4. Use highlight color

Use highlight color. Below your bottom brew line (outer edge), you should swipe highlight color, and to do that, a lighter liquid shadow works better. And after that, you also have to use the brush to blend flawlessly. If you like a bold look that does not sparkle so gorgeously, you should create a matte color layer at the bottom of a glittery thin layer.

Applying liquid eyeshadow as accent colors

Usually, most liquid eyeshadows provide a highly pigmented look, and that will ultimately create stronger makeup. But, these days, many girls want to ensure a more subtle look, and that’s not possible in the case of applying liquid eyeshadow ordinarily. Applying liquid eyeshadow as an accent color is good for those girls. Take a look at the following steps to know how you can do this; I have mentioned some easy steps there.

To use the liquid eyeshadow as an accent color, you should use it just like your eyeliner. To do that, just dip your eyeliner brush into the liquid eyeshadow tube and apply the eyeshadow to your lash line; that’s all. Some makeup artists suggest using the liquid shadows on both the lash lines- top and bottom, but you may apply the shadow on both or on only the top lash line. After applying the shadow on lash lines, wait for a while to dry; that’s all.

Another thing you may do in this regard is to apply the highlight color. You know, liquid shadows are good picks for ensuring a shimmery look, and that seems amazing to many of us. If you apply such a highlight color when you have full eye makeup, then it will ensure a bit of a shimmery look.

To highlight the color, you just need to apply a highlight color matching the overall eye makeup when your eye makeup is okay. You may do that with any brush, foot applicator, or even with your finger if you’re an expert at applying eyeshadow.

Some tips and tricks for applying liquid eyeshadow flawlessly

Tips and Tricks for Applying Liquid Eyeshadow

If you’re familiar with liquid eyeshadow, then how you feel comfortable applying eyeshadow is up to you. But, if you’re not so familiar, then you should follow some tips that will make your liquid formula application process super easy. And at the same time, these will provide you with perfect eye makeup.

  1. Apply mascara & eyeliner later
  2. Shake the tube
  3. Blend as soon as possible
  4. Shimmer applying

1. Apply mascara & eyeliner later

As the eye shadow is liquid and thus wet, you should apply the eye shadow first. And after applying the liquid shadows, ideally, you may apply mascara & eyeliner, whatever you like.

2. Shake the tube

Like other liquid stuff, liquid shadows may be runny if you don’t use them regularly. For that reason, you should shake at least 4 to 5 times the tube of liquid shadow. If you see that the shadow is not in a perfectly wet condition, then you may think of applying a few drops of water and then shaking; certainly, it will work.

3. Blend as soon as possible

It is well known that liquid formulas become dry when we keep those on any surface for some time. That’s exactly applicable to liquid eyeshadows, so if you want to blend two or more eyeshadows, then you should do that as soon as possible when they are wet. Don’t wait for a layer of eyeshadow to become dry because, in that case, you’ll not be able to adjust two layers.

4. Shimmer applying

Choosing the right liquid shadows is important for you, but that’s not all. For a finished look, you may think of applying shimmery shade, which will be superbly helpful for ensuring a glam look, and it has a good number of advantages too.

How to pop and brighten eye by applying powdered shadows with liquid shadows?

Pop And Brighten Eye By Applying Powdered Shadows With Liquid Shadows

You use liquid shadows that doesn’t mean that you have to exclude powdered shadows mandatorily. If you have any favorite color of powdered eyeshadow, then you may use it, and with that, you can blend the liquid shadows. At this stage, I will show you how you can blend these two types of eyeshadows well to get your desired look.

  1. Pop your shadow
  2. To bring a brightening effect
  3. How to apply for ensuring smoky eye effect

1. Pop your shadow

Just applying eyeshadow ordinarily will not be enough for popping the eyeshadow color, so you should use a contrasting color. You know contrasting color is a great option to pop your eyes. So, on the skin of your brow bone, apply a perfect contrasting color that will surely pop your shadow.

2. To bring a brightening effect

Applying a liquid eyeshadow, it is easy to brighten your eyes. You just need to apply a light shade to the inner corner of both your eyes. Peach or white lighter shade works better in this regard, so you may use any of those.

3. How to apply to ensure a smoky eye effect

Liquid eyeshadow is a great option for those who search for the question- of how to do smokey eye shadow or questions like that. Getting a smokey eye look is superbly possible with only a simple step. For that, you only have to use liquid formulas as eyeliner.

Just choose the right eyeshadow, take a brush, and apply liquid formulas on the lash lines of both your eyes with that brush. That will surely be more than enough for a smokey eye or smudge look.

Apply liquid eye shadow: real life story

From the beginning of my first job, almost 2 years before now, I was used to powder shadows, because I thought that it was easy to apply. But one thing was problematic, that is- it didn’t not last very long when I used powdered eyeshadow, and besides that, the eyeshadow look didn’t seem unique to me.
And, I talked about this issue with some of my friends who had expertise in this field, but they suggested that I avoid the powder shadows and use the liquid shadows.
But at first I didn’t believe them and continued what I was doing, but one day I had no powdered eyeshadow with me as I was in one of my friends’ houses. And that friend of mine, who also suggested liquid eyeshadow earlier, told me to use liquid shadows just for one day as I didn’t have powdered eyeshadow then.
On her request, I started applying the liquid eyeshadow and the friend told me what to do. When the eyeshadow applying was over then I stood in front of a window and I was pleased to see my look. When I went out with that look, almost all of my colleagues praised my look and from that day I decided to use liquid eyeshadow instead of the powder shadows. And from that day I started using the liquid eyeshadow, but at the beginning I used one color.
After some days my friend who suggested the liquid eyeshadow told me that I should use more than one color at the same time for getting an unique and amazing look. Then I tried it one day, and it seems to me that her version is right, and till now I use two colors at a time.
That means by using a brush, I apply different colors of eyeshadow on the inner & outer corner of my eye. It seems to me the best because it can ensure an uncommon look which cannot be ensured by using only one color eyeshadow. And as I am not new in applying eyeshadow, applying cruelty free eye makeup in only a matter of a few minutes to me, so I maintain it all the time when I go out for any event or feasts.

Margarita Sebring


1. What can I do to make the liquid eyeshadow last a long period?

Actually, this issue is dependent on using primer and almost all the liquid eyeshadow packages include primer. If your liquid shadows package doesn’t contain it then use a primer at first and then apply the eyeshadow, surely it will last for a longer period.

2. What should I use for applying the liquid eyeshadow on my eyelids perfectly?

 If you’re not familiar with applying liquid eyeshadow every day then you should use a foot applicator, or any synthetic brush. But, if you apply liquid eyeshadow for a good many days then you may use any of those two, or you may use your finger for applying.

3. What can I do to retain the wet mode of the eyeshadow for a good many days?

It is ordinary that the liquid eyeshadow will dry after a certain period, and there’s almost nothing to do to prevent this condition as it’s a natural process. But, you may do one thing before applying- use a few drops of water and shake for a while to make it wet and then apply.

4. How to do smokey eye shadow if I use liquid shadows?

Using liquid eyeshadow you may ensure the smokey look, that’s not related to the nature of eyeshadow. To ensure the smokey look you have to use the liquid eyeshadow like eyeliner, and that will be enough for ensuring the smokey look.

5. Is it possible to perfectly brighten my eye skin by using liquid eyeshadow?

Of course, what you can do with powdered eyeshadow, that will be possible to do with liquid eyeshadow though the nature of them is different. Just use a lighter shade like peach or white on the inner corner, that’ll be enough for ensuring the brighten look.

6. What ‘s the best time for blending two or more liquid eyeshadows?

If you use two or more liquid eyeshadows then you should blend those as soon as possible. The reason is that if you blend more than one eyeshadow when they are wet, you’ll be able to blend those flawlessly.

The reason is that the layer of eyeshadow can work better compared to powdered shadows, in some cases. And due to its easy gliding feature, many people like using liquid eyeshadow.

8. What’s the perfect application process of liquid eyeshadow?

After applying the primer on both your eyelids, you should apply a few drops onto your eyelid crease, and then you may fill the rest area of your both eyelids. A sweeping stroke might be surprisingly helpful in this regard, as it can work well.

9. What’s the outcome of adding more than one color at a time?

People ordinarily use more than one color at a time for ensuring a bolder look. And it’s true that you’ll not be able to get a unique look, if you don’t use more than one color.

10. What do I have to do to pop my eyeshadow with liquid formulas?

You’re using what type of eyeshadow- powdered or liquid that doesn’t matter. To pop your eyes with liquid formulas you just have to use a contrasting color, that’s enough.

Final words

Your skin tone or other things is not an issue in using liquid eyeshadow; if you can choose the right liquid formulas for you, that will be more than enough to ensure a pretty eye look.With liquid shadows, surely you’ll be able to ensure the look that you want, and the shadow will be long-lasting as well.


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