Why Are My Eyelashes Straight-Reasons and Solutions

Why Are My Eyelashes Straight
Your eyelashes may be straight for a variety of reasons, such as: growth of follicles, genetics, ethnicity, monolids, etc.

Thick, long, and curled lashes are something that everyone craves. So many celebrities were thought to have perfectly curled lashes, making them the epitome of beauty. And still, people run after the curled lashes. Well-curled and long lashes have been a trendy trend since ancient Egypt, as Cleopatra, the last ruling queen of Egypt, had the most flattering eyes.

So, most people look for answers to why they don’t have straight lashes. And in this article, we’ll go through why you have straight lashes and how you can curl them or change them a bit more flattering. Natural lashes are the most important part of the eyes as the eyes need to get just enough light. Apart from all the biological facts, curled lashes are a trend. So why are my eyelashes straight?

There are multiple factors why your eyelashes are straight. And the first would be the straight eyelid growth. People who have double eyelids always tend to have curly lashes. And if you don’t have a plunged or double eyelid, there’s a chance that you don’t have straight lashes. The growth of straight eyelids can be associated with three different factors: genetics, monolids, and ethnicity.

For straight eyelashes, there are certain things that you can do, and for example, using lash curlers or lash perms is also a solution. Eyelashes are made up of strands of keratin, the same products that make hair and nails. The lashes have tiny muscles around them, which can make them move. The lashes also contain an oil gland that will help them lashes grow and stay soft.

The lashes will shed, and they also grow quickly. But the lashes will take time to grow if you pull the lashes. And the shape and color of the lashes also change with age. For example, you can have very curly lashes, and then they will be more on the straight side with age.

Why are curly lashes a trend?

Why Are Curly Lashes A Trend

It is apparent that every female counterpart is supposed to have long and flattering lashes. And you can see that in cartoons and anime. All the female leads, from Minnie Mouse to Daisy Duck, have very long lashes, which makes their faces different from their significant others. There has been a beauty stigma around female eyelashes for years. And the best one we could find is how it was portrayed that the best part of the eyes is first the color and then the long and flattering lashes. From Picasso to Thomas Hood, every one of the greatest artists has mentioned some lead women, with the most emphasis on their lashes.

The flutter of the lashes was always compared with the leaves, and everything surrounding it was full of femininity. Another thing to consider is that healthy eyelashes signify overall good health, as several diseases tend to strike the lashes first. And, with Hollywood emphasizing women’s personas and characters, they put so much emphasis on the lashes and their natural ability to remain aloof. So all of it created the long, black, and fluttering lashes.

Accepting straight lashes

Some women have issues with straight lashes. The main reason so many women are struggling with the facts is very much related to the current social and beauty standards. These are not flaws you must accept but relatively perfectly normal and genetically determined conditions. Accepting lashes that have grown straight is nothing to be afraid of. As long as you have healthy lashes, that’s all that matters. And still, some makeup products like a curler or mascara will do the perfect job of curling the lashes for you.

What is the natural shape of eyelashes?

What Is The Natural Shape Of Eyelashes

The shape of the eyelashes matters to the overall appearance of the face, which is why so many people are splurging thousands of dollars on the lashes. Should we change the natural shape of the eyelashes, or should we just keep them as is? The first of all changes is that the eyelash shape will not change the integrity of the lashes. Instead, you’ll have a more elevated appearance.

An essential fact where the shape of the eyelashes is determined is through the form of the eyes. And this is why the eyes choose the person’s ethnicity.

  1. People with almond-shaped eyes usually have curled lashes.
  2. People with round eyes have straight lashes.
  3. People with hooded eyelids have shorter lashes
  4. People with open lids have longer lashes.

And there are also several factors while the shake of the natural eyelashes changes eventually. Age and diseases are two of them. With time, the sizes vary to cope.

Why are my lashes straight?

There are multiple reasons why the lashes are straight, and the grounds are also very typical. But still, there are some excellent reasons why some of you might have a very straight lash. An average person has almost 90 to 150 eyelashes in their eyes, but with age and time, they start to change. And it has everything to do with ethnicity and genetics. Here we include a few reasons to clarify why my eyelashes are straight.

  1. Growth of follicles
  2. Genetics
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Monolids

Growth of follicles

Growth Of Follicles

If the hair follicles in the lash line have been damaged for health reasons or other reasons, the lashes tend to grow in different directions. Even when the oil gland or the sebaceous gland is not functioning properly or secreting the necessary oil, chances are that the oil gland is damaged and unable to lubricate the hair follicles, so the hair will grow straight. The lashes tend to become dry and brittle; thus, you have very straight lashes.


Straight and curled lashes are mostly the primary kinds of lashes that have been around, and genes are possibly the key reason why the lashes are straight. As for the genes for curly lashes, they are often dominated by the ones for straight lashes. And if both of your parents tend to have straight lashes, chances are that you’ll also have straight lashes. However, when one of the parents has curly lashes, there’s a high chance of you having a curled lash line. Genetics is the key to you not having curly lashes.


Ethnicity and genetics are mostly related. If the ethnic group you belong to has a straight lash trait, then most likely, you’ll have a straight lash as well. Straight lashes are popular among people of Asian, Eastern European, and Spanish descent. The main reason why these people have straight lashes is because of the presence of monolids. With such kids, the lashes tend to grow downwards instead of up. And these people also tend to have fewer eyelashes compared to


When the eyes don’t have a crease, those are known as monolids or epicanthic folds. Most people, like most Asians, have monolids. This is a very common factor and has nothing to do with health or anything else. The upper eyelids tend to cover the upper parts of the eyes, which will also cover the inner parts. This way, the lashes will grow straight. People with Down syndrome can also face these sorts of eyelids. Monolids tend to cover the base of the eyes, making the lashes appear shorter.

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Why is only one of my lashes straight?

Why Is Only One Of My Lashes Straight

There are several reasons why only one of the lashes is straight, and it has more to do with the follicles than genetics. If the lash follicles are misaligned, then there’s a high chance that the hair will grow in different directions. And thus, you have a straight line. And this is very normal. Just use a good mascara to tame the lashes.

There’s another chance of the lashes being straight. If the hair follicles are damaged or weakened, then there’s a high chance that they’ll grow straight. Age is a key factor in affecting the lashes and how they affect curliness. Though a single lash is not something to worry about.

Why are my lashes straight all of a sudden?

This is something that people often notice. You might grow up with very flattering, long, curled lashes. And one day, you’ll notice a change in the shape and density. Well, there are some explanations for why the lashes are turning straight from being curly.



If you have permed the lashes to be curly and there’s been time passed, then the perming will revert. Like hair, your natural lashes will start to grow, and you’ll see them grow as they are. This is also known as the growth cycle of the lashes.

Every lash has a growth and shedding period. The lashes will fall out every day. For a day, you can lose up to five lashes. So as they fall, the natural lashes will grow as they are. And thus, your curly lashes will grow straight.

Can you change straight lashes to curly naturally?

Can You Change Straight Lashes To Curly Naturally

Yes, you can. Indeed, there have been some proven methods that help you to curl straight lashes naturally. Here they are:

1. Lash serum

If you want to grow the lashes, then the best way to do so will be by using a lash serum regularly. These are full of keratin-boosting treatments, so include them with your night-time skin care. They are applied on the lash line, and also keep them overnight.

2. Oils

Some oils will lengthen the lashes naturally. For example, castor oil. They are known for participating in hair growth. Use castor oil with a cue tip at night before going to sleep. Start from the lash line and go up to the lashes. These are effective in both lash lines and will show results in a few weeks. They also produce thicker lashes.

3. Lash curler

Well, this might not be a regular thing, but this is a temporary solution. Before you apply the lashes, curl them at least two or three times. Grasp the lashes completely and curl them. This will give a more youthful look, and even the straightest lashes will look curled and defined.

4. Lash primer

If you want your mascara to last long, then there’s another way. And that is by using a lash primer before you use mascara. You can use a curler and apply a clear lash primer to lift the lashes. For that reason, Vaseline will also work instead of a primer. Saturate your lashes entirely with the primer or Vaseline, then apply the mascara for curled lashes.


1. Why are my eyelashes straight down?

When you have hooded eyes, there’s a chance that your lashes will be straight and down. With hooded eyes, there’s no crease on the eyes.

2. Are my straight eyelashes attractive?

Yes. Straight eyelashes are attractive as long as they are healthy. The whole beauty stigma around curly lashes is just coming up, and every lash shape and color is equally appealing.

3. Why do my lashes grow in different directions?

When you have a misalignment in the lash follicles, then there’s a chance that your lashes will grow in different directions. For this, you can also have one straight lash.

4. Why are my lashes short and straight?

This can be because of your genetics or ethnicity. People with monolids will also face these kinds of lashes.

Final Thoughts

Curling the lashes is an excellent way to deal with straight lashes. There are several ways to do so. You can go natural or just go for extended treatments to do so. There are a few things to remember when curling the lashes permanently. Most of the curled lashes tend to get weakened as there is pressure on them, and the growth might be stunted. But if you follow the natural ways of curling the lashes, you might get better results, which will be perfect for all the other aspects, like aging. The lashes will stay the same for some time, then.

Key Points

  1. Curly lashes are frequently found in those who have double eyelids. And if you don’t have a plunging or double eyelid, you cannot have straight lashes.
  2. Straight and curled lashes are the most common types of lashes, and heredity may be the primary justification for why the lashes are straight.
  3. If the hair follicles in the lash line are compromised for disease or other reasons, the lashes tend to develop in opposite directions.
  4. Straight lashes are popular among Asian, Eastern European, and Spanish individuals.

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