Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Feel Crunchy?

Why do my eyelash extensions feel crunchy

Who doesn’t love to be glammed up with a natural and refreshed look without giving it minimal effort! Eyelash extensions have gained immense popularity for serving the exact result with glamourous transformation. They have completely changed the game by not only giving your face a natural pop but also, they help to create a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Eyelash extension can make your eyes bigger and brighter making you feel bold and confident.

But why do my eyelash extensions feel crunchy? I can’t even imagine having a beautiful luscious eyelash extension that will feel crunchy, hard, and uncomfortable after wearing it for a while. Unfortunately, with eyelash extensions, you can have this lousy experience of having crunchy eyelashes. There can be several underlying reasons why your eyelash extension has become crunchy, and in this article, I am going to explain all the possible reasons why your eyelash extension can feel crunchy and what can you do to fix and maintain that.

Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Feel Crunchy?

Crunchy eyelashes can make you feel irritated since they sit on your eyelids and constantly poke your skin. There are several reasons why your eyelash might feel crunchy and I am going to cover all of them here so that you can save your eyelashes from similar situations later:

1. Low-Quality eyelash Material

Lash extensions are made of different types of materials such as natural hair, mink hair, silk fiber, acrylic, and PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate). If you want to have a comfortable and lightweight extension throughout the whole eyelash extension journey, you can go for real mink or silk fiber extensions. But you need to be very careful while taking care of them.

On the other hand, PBT is very versatile since it is a thermoplastic product and can be shaped in different textures, sizes, lengths, and diameters. So, you can choose any shape for your eyelash extensions. But for having a lightweight and soft lash extension, your PBT should be made of high quality which can be pretty expensive. Low-quality PBT will be hard and crunchy. Even If you don’t understand at a glance, it will become like that after several washes.

2. Blepharitis

If you develop a condition called blepharitis, your eyelash extension can become crunchy. Blepharitis is an inflammation of your eyelids that can be caused by bacteria buildup, allergies with adhesive or extension, lack of hygiene, bad quality lashes, dirty lashes, etc. If you have Blepharitis, your eyelids will be red, crusty, swollen, and itchy. It can also make your eyelash extension fall off. You should see an optometrist if you see similar signs in your eyes.

3. Excessive Glue

To attach eyelash extensions to your eyelids, the extensions need to be dipped in glue. If your technician is not an expert, the process can be much more complicated since it needs a lot of practice to glue the right amount with every single set of extensions to secure them perfectly. If the glue is poor quality or applied too much with the eyelash, the eyelash will become crunchy and lumpy.

4. Chemical Cleanser

 If you clean your eyelash extensions with a cleanser that has harsh chemicals in them, your eyelashes will be more like to become crunchy after a while. Chemicals or harsh ingredients like sulfates and alcohol can make your eyelashes dry very fast. To keep your eyelash from dryness and crunch, you should always use a gentle cleanser that is made specifically for eyelash extensions.

5. Poor Hygiene

If you do not maintain a hygienic lifestyle, it will not take much time before your eyelash extensions will be full of buildups like dirt, dead skin cells, oil, makeup residue, etc. They can easily develop different conditions in your eyes or eyelids. All these buildups on your eyelashes gradually make them hard and crunchy. So, change your lifestyle, and maintain good hygiene to keep yourself and your lashes clean, nice, and healthy.

Are Crunchy Extensions Normal?

Are crunchy extensions normal
Are crunchy extensions normal

No! crunchy extensions are not normal. Your eyelash extensions should be soft, lightweight, and healthy looking which will resonate with your actual eyelashes but in a better form. Whenever you are experiencing crunchy eyelashes, there is something wrong with that eyelash or eyelash application.

You might have chosen the wrong eyelash material, the wrong shape for your eyes, low-quality glue, and improper glue application. An inexperienced eyelash technician might also be the reason behind having a crunchy eyelash extension.

 Sometimes, your extensions also become crunchy because of the incorrect aftercare. So, you need to be careful to maintain your eyelash extensions properly to keep them safe from being hard and crunchy.

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Lash Job?

What are the signs of a bad lash job
What are the signs of a bad lash job

If you experience these signs while having your eyelash extensions done, then it is probably because the eyelash technician has done a lousy lash job which can eventually lead to crunchy eyelash extensions.

  1. Uncomfortable Placement: If you do not feel comfortable in your eyelashes and it starts to poke or creates irritation in your eyes, then your technician might have done a bad lash job. An experienced technician will not do your extension with such carelessness. And if your eyelash becomes crunchy later on, it will become unbearable to have those on your eyes, and you might also have to remove your eyelash extensions.
  2. Pain During Or After The Procedure: If you ever feel pain during or after the procedure of your eyelash extensions, then there’s definitely something wrong with the application. You should not feel any sort of pain while doing your eyelash extensions. An expert technician will always patch test first to check for any allergic reaction you might have and do the lash job properly so that your eyes remain safe from all sorts of chemicals used in the process. If you feel any sort of pain or inflammation in or around your eyes, you should seek medical help without delay.
  3. Fast Completion: Eyelash extensions can take quite a lot of time which can go up to 90 minutes or more. If your lash technician has completed the tasks away before the time, then your eyelash might not be done up to the mark. Later on, these eyelashes may cause several issues, like they will become crunchy or fall off easily.
  4. Overuse Of Glue: Too much glue can make your lashes feel heavy and crunchy. If your lash technician is using too much glue, then definitely the technician is not an experienced one. A tiny bit of glue is enough to attach the lash extensions to your eyelid.
  5. Difficulty In Brushing: If your eyelash is done properly, you will not face difficulty in brushing your eyelashes. You should regularly brush your eyelash extension to make it retain its shape. Unable to brush your eyelashes means that your eyelashes are done poorly, and these eyelashes will become crunchy within no time.
  6. Inflammation In Eyes: Inflamed eyes after the application procedure indicates a bad job done by your technician. You will have an irritated or swollen eye due to any sort of allergic reaction or poor-quality product. It can also happen if the glues have formaldehyde on them.

These things are the sign of having a poorly done lash job. You should immediately change your lash technician If you experience any of these with your lash technician. These poor application processes can eventually make your eyelash crunchy. More than that, it can have serious bad effects on your eyes as well. That’s why, you should be careful while choosing your lash extension. Do not compromise your eye’s health or lash’s health to have a trendy look at a lower price.

How To Fix Crunchy Lash Extension?

How to fix crunchy lash extension
How to fix crunchy lash extension

I have put together some ways which will help you to fix your crunchy eyelash extensions and restore them to have healthy and softer eyelashes. Such as:

  1. Maintain A Cleansing Routine: If you do not clean your eyelash extensions once in a while with a proper cleansing routine, then your eyelashes will hold their best shape. Maintain a routine where you use an eyelash extension cleanser that has a gentle formula to clean and brush your lashes gently. Then wash them off with cold water and dab with a microfiber towel to dry them up. Use your favorite lash serum to keep them soft and moisturized.
  2. Do Not Use Oil-Based Products: You should never use an oil-based cleanser or waterproof makeup around your eyelashes or lash line. Waterproof makeup products can be hard to remove and you need to use more pressure to remove the eyelash which can leave your eyelashes dry and crunchy. Also, with oil-based products, it is easier to buildup on your eyelash extensions which can make them hard and crunchy.
  3. Reapply The Extension: Sometimes, the best solution to fix the crunchy lash extensions is to remove them from your eyes and replace them with completely new extensions. If you want to reapply the same set and also If your lashes are made of synthetic material, you can also remove them and soak them in boiling hot water for some moments, moisturize them with a heavy moisturizer, and then reapply them.
  4. Seek Expert Help: If you think that your crunchy eyelashes are creating a lot of discomfort in your eyes and you can not bear that anymore, you can always go to an expert eyelash technician to fix your crunchy lashes. They will recommend what is going to be the best option for your eye and lash health. You can either fix the extension or start with a completely new application.

10 Tips To Prevent Crunchy Eyelash Extension

10 Tips to prevent crunchy eyelash extension
10 Tips to prevent crunchy eyelash extension

Crunchy eyelashes do not feel nice on your eyes and can be pretty uncomfortable. To prevent your eyelashes from crunchiness you can follow these tips:

  1. You should have a cleansing routine for your eyelash extension
  2. Regular maintenance is important to remove any accumulated dust and debris or stuck particles on your lashes.
  3. Do not overwash them. Overwash can make them dry and crunchy
  4. Hydrate and moisturize them with a moisturizing serum
  5. Brush and handle your eyelash extensions gently.
  6. Do not use waterproof mascara on your lash extensions.
  7. Do not rub your lash extensions vigorously
  8. Do not touch your lashes more often with dirty hands.
  9. Use a silk, clean pillowcase or eye cover to protect your lashes from fizziness and crunchiness.
  10. Always use high-quality extension material and adhesive to have a soft and lightweight eyelash extension.


1. How long should I wait to wash my eyelash extension after having them?

You should wait until 2-3 days before you wash your eyelash extension for the first time after getting them done. It will give them more time to sit and settle on your eyelid.

2. How often should I wash my lash extensions?

You can wash your lash extensions daily if you have the proper lash cleansing products. I will recommend washing your lash after every other 2-3 days to protect them from dryness.

3. How long do usually eyelash extensions last?

Several factors determine how long your eyelash extensions are going to last such as, how you maintain them, your natural eyelash growth circle, etc. usually the extension can last for several weeks, but you can extend the timeframe with proper care.

4. Is it possible to remove the crunchy eyelash extensions myself?

Eyelashes are usually glued with your natural eyelashes to make them look naturally thicker and longer. That is why you should not remove your eyelashes yourself since you can potentially damage your real eyelashes as well. You should go to a professional to help with the removal.

5. How often should I wear mascara on my eyelash extensions?

People usually do eyelash extensions to make their natural eyelashes look thick and long, so applying mascara is not even necessary in this case. Removing the mascara can be a hassle and can damage the eyelash extensions. So, it is recommended to use mascara between 2-4 weeks to maintain your lash health.

Final Thoughts

Having crunchy eyelash extensions is not normal and you should take the necessary steps if you want to fix the problem. Your eyelashes can be crunchy from low-quality eyelash materials, excessive use of glue, and conditions like blepharitis, chemical cleanser, poor hygiene, or inexperienced eyelash technician. Having good quality lashes, maintaining proper cleansing and hygiene, and doing the procedures from an expert can help you to get the soft and feathery eyelash extension of your desire.

Key points

  • Crunchy eyelash extensions are not normal.
  • Several reasons can be responsible for having crunchy eyelashes.
  • Low-quality eyelashes and glue can make your eyelash crunchy.
  • Harsh chemical cleansers or poor hygiene can also make your eyelash extension crunchy.
  • Skin conditions like blepharitis or an inexperienced eyelash technician can also make your eyelash crunchy.
  • With proper care, you can fix your crunchy eyelash extension.

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