Are Mac Lipsticks Worth It? A Brief Review of Mac Lipsticks

Are Mac Lipsticks Worth It
It goes without saying that Mac Lipsticks Are Worth It for their color selection, formulation, and packaging.

Mac has been a household name for decades in the beauty industry. I think I first saw the lipstick in my mother’s bathroom, and that was very red. Later, even if I have the shade, it’s Ruby Woo. And for decades, thousands have trusted MAC and its lipsticks. That is why reviewing the Mac lipsticks might seem like dying down the hype. But are Mac lipsticks worth it? Do they really deserve the hype they get?

Well, they are one of the first brands to come up with so many formulas for one color. From matte lipsticks to demi-matte lipsticks to frosted lipsticks. Even with lip balm and liquid lipstick, Mac has every kind and every shade you could ask for. So now that we think about Mac lipsticks, they offer versatility and have every right to be a hyped product line. So are Mac lipsticks worth it?

Mac lipsticks are worth every penny and every inch of love they have been getting for a long time. They reformulated their lipstick shades and also came up with lipstick colors that are very rare for one brand. They kept up a pace of innovating new products, and they have been able to keep up with the trends. When you think about Mac, almost all of you have at least one product from the company, and mostly it might be the red lipstick that has been on trend since the 80s.

And that is why I think that Mac is worth every hype, and they will be getting the hype for the lipsticks as generation after generation of people have been using their lipsticks and making a statement. Even their nude shades are well-loved. That’s why I think Mac Sticks are something you should try at least once.

Mac has come up with so many beauty products. Whenever you see a makeup artist doing their videos or explaining what they love, they mostly end up using any of the products from Mac. from foundation to foundation powder to eye products to setting sprays. There’s no single thing that makes Mac a brand but the accumulation of all of the products. Most of their products are really worth the hype and they tend to be very smart with the formulations.

They are for every skin type, and you get to choose from all the products that have been a part of the journey. From celebrities to makeup artists to the general public, they all love something about the brand. And even I have their lipsticks, setting powder, and setting spray sitting on my vanity.

Mac lipsticks get the hype for two things in my mind: first, their color choice and formulation, and next, their packaging. I have never seen such good-looking lipstick, and they look luxurious from every angle. And that’s why we think that Mac is worth every bit of the hype. And again, for their formulation, they tend to have a smell. Most people do not mind the smell, but if you’re someone who can’t deal with the smell, then the Mac lipsticks might not be for you. Mac lipsticks are very highly pigmented and will show up no matter what. Some lipsticks will even appear and look good on the lightest or deepest skin.

Types of Mac Lipsticks

Before getting more into the Mac lipsticks, let us start with the range of their products. Besides their holiday bundles and different occasions, Mac also offers some of the constant staples that have been a part of the brand from the beginning. They ended up coming out with their own versions of different formulations but still the same color. For example, some of the shades are liquid and tube. And when you don’t feel like using solid lipstick, you can just switch to the liquid formula. Here are some typical forms of Mac lipsticks that are consistent with the brand.

  1. Matte lipstick
  2. Retro matte liquid lip color
  3. Powder kiss lipsticks
  4. Powder kiss liquid lip color
  5. Love me liquid lip color
  6. Powder kiss velvet blur slim lipstick
  1. Luster glass shine lipstick
  2. Retro matte lipstick
  3. Satin lipstick
  4. Love me lipstick
  5. Creamsheen lipstick
  6. Retro matte liquid lip color in metallic
Matte Lipstick, Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color, Powder Kiss Lipsticks

Matte lipstick

These are typical examples of Mac lipsticks, and they come in 34 different shades. With these lipsticks, you get everything from nude to pink to brown to red to berry colors. Russian Red is the cool-toned Red that you might be looking for when you are thinking about the red matte lipstick from Mac. The lipsticks have a creamy matte finish, are long-wearing, and last for at least ten hours. The finish might be matte, but they do not feel heavy or dry on the lips. But they have a scent to them.

Retro matte liquid lip color

Now let’s jump to the liquid lipstick section for matte lipsticks. This line of lipstick has almost ten different colors, and they all come in liquid form. These are long-wearing matte lipsticks with a classic texture that doesn’t feel dry at all, like most matte lipsticks. They will last for 8 hours, and there will be no feathering or bleeding of the color.

Powder kiss lipsticks

If you want the lipsticks to have some color on the lips, but that color is not too vibrant or deep, then the powder kiss lipsticks are for you. These moisturizing lipsticks with pigmentation feel like powders and are perfect for highly dehydrated lips. They tend to be the perfect alternative to matte lipsticks, as they tend to sit perfectly on dry lips. They even condition the lids with a pop of color, and the lipstick feels like a balm rather than lipstick.

Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Color, Love Me Liquid Lip Color, Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Lipstick

Powder kiss liquid lip color

If you want the same blurry effect as powder kiss lipsticks but do not like the creamy shine on the lips, then these will be the best alternative. These last for 10 hours and blur the lines of dry lips, and they also stay true to their real color for ten hours. They are non-drying, non-creasing, and don’t flake with time or wear. There are 22 shades of Rouge Volupté Powder Kiss lipstick, and they all seem to be highly pigmented but not overly matte.

Love me liquid lip color

If you want the feel of a liquid lipstick with a high shine, then you’d love what Mac has to offer with this sort of lipstick. They are profoundly hydrating as they have shea butter in them and have a satin finish on matte lipstick. These lipsticks will last around 12 hours and come in 18 different shades, and these are the perfect lipstick shades for those with very dehydrated lips.

Powder kiss velvet blur slim lipstick

This 12-hour formula is a new addition to Mac lipsticks, and the packaging is completely different. They are high-shine, hydrating lipstick that has an ultra-lightweight feel to it. They are flake-resistant and will not bleed. These are softer and more hydrating than the powder kiss lipsticks but are also highly pigmented. There are 24 shades in this range.

Luster Glass Shine Lipstick, Retro Matte Lipstick, Satin Lipstick

Luster glass shine lipstick

These are the reformulated version of the Lustre lipsticks by Mac, and they are made to look translucent with the pigments they deliver. This lipstick will feel like a gloss on a bottle. They are very lightweight, and the shine will last for 6 hours, and the color of the lipstick will last for 8 hours. They are weightless and buildable.

Retro matte lipstick

The ruby-woo lipstick that we were thriving on is not in this section, and they are highly pigmented with a matte finish. This part has eight shades, but these are all the basics you’ll need in your collection. They will last around 8 hours and will not fade.

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Satin lipstick

You’d love this formula if you want a satin finish on the lips, which lies between matte you’d love this formula. This shade range comes in 19 shades, and they all feel moisturizing on the lips. They are very creamy and light and perfect for every occasion.

Love Me Lipstick, Creamsheen Lipstick, Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color In Metallic

Love me lipstick

When you want the Ruby Woo in a gloss texture, you might want to go with this sort of lipstick. These are infused with argan oil and have a tinge of color that might last all day. These are ultra-refined pigments, so you get color and shine together with the lipstick. They are bright and colorful, coming in 17 different shade ranges.

Creamsheen lipstick

These lipsticks come in a 9-shade range and will feel like a very pigmented lip balm on your lips. They give semi-glossy finishes and provide ample coverage and shine.

Retro matte liquid lip color in metallic

And for the next part, we have retro matte liquid lipstick with a metallic sheen to it. These lipsticks tend to last well and give the lips a glossy finish. They will last for eight hours straight and will wear smoothly. But the shade range only consists of two colors.

Some of the famous lipsticks from Mac

Some Of The Famous Lipsticks From Mac

There have been so many lipsticks from Mac and many reformulations, but some originals remain a staple in people’s minds. Here we’ll be including some of the must-haves from Mac.

Mehr: This lipstick was supposed to suit all brown skin tones as it was specifically formulated for them. Micky Contractor, a popular makeup artist at Mac, created this shade for his wife.

Taupe: This is a muted red with a tinge of nude to it and is very pigmented for every skin tone.

Velvet Teddy: This is slightly on the nude side and was created by Kausha Beauty, who was a very influential beauty blogger. The lipstick tends to suit every skin type.

Ruby Woo: This has been a best seller for Mac since its release and has been a well-loved product with a proud history of 21 years.

Russian Red: this cool-toned scarlet was one of Mac’s best sellers, and it still holds its crown today. These were released for Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition Tour” of the 1990s and were specifically formulated for the singer.

Mocha: This light brown nude shade is perfect for everyday wear.

Why do we think Mac lipsticks are worth it?

Well, when we think of the Mac lipsticks, some very interesting points make them what they are today. Here we have accumulated some points that might help you understand why we think Mac is worth all its hype:

  • They have an average cost of
  • Different formulations for the lipsticks
  • Same color but a different formulation for one shade.
  • Lipsticks for every skin tone
  • They started the classic retro matte lipstick.
  • They have both liquid and matte bullet lipsticks.
  • Lipsticks are available in matte, satin, glossy, and cream formulas.
  • The lipsticks are highly pigmented.
  • They last for hours.
  • They are mineral oil and sulfate-free.
  • They won’t budge and keep moving for hours.
  • They have an expiration date of one hour.
  • They offer a return to the Mac program where they give free lipsticks.
  • They have both lipsticks and lip glosses.
  • The lipsticks are not drying; even the matte ones are hydrating.


1. What are the best Mac lipsticks for fair skin?

Ruby Woo and Russian Red are the best lipsticks for fair skin. Whirl and Mehr would be the perfect brown nudes for fair skin.

2. Are Mac Mini lipsticks worth it?

These Mac mini lipsticks are completely worth it, as they have the same formulation and packaging as the full-size ones. If you want to try the Mac lipsticks for a couple of days, you can choose from the mini versions.

3. Why is Mac lipstick expensive?

They are made with all the safest ingredients, and they offer a very rich pigment. So their cost is a bit on the higher side. But mostly, Mac is a very renowned brand, and they are living up to their name, so they cost more for lipsticks.

Final Thoughts

Are Mac lipsticks worth it? Mac is worth the cash and hype, and they are the sole winners when we talk about versatility and formulas for lipsticks in the market. They have relaunched their products in different ways, and every year they even sell different reformulated and repackaged versions of their products. There have been many brands of lipstick, and they really took over the market. As the brand hype died down, people came back to the basics. And for us, that would be Mac Cosmetics. They have their own collection of reds, nudes, pinks, and browns, and if you’re someone who struggles to find the right shade, we recommend looking on the Mac website and finding the shade that suits you. You can choose using their virtual shade finder as well.

Key Points

  1. Mac revamped their lipstick colors and created lipstick colors that are unique for a single brand. They kept up the pace of creating new items and were able to stay up with trends.
  2. In my opinion, Mac lipsticks are popular for two reasons: first, their color selection and formulation, and second, their packaging.
  3. Mac also provides some of the brand’s continuous mainstays that have been there since its inception. They eventually released their own versions with different compositions but the same hue.
  4. There have been several lipstick brands that have dominated the market. People returned to the essentials when the brand euphoria faded. And as for us, that would be Mac Cosmetics.

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