Too Thick Eyelash Extensions : How to Deal With It

Too Thick Eyelash Extensions
Too thick eyelash extensions can be removed easily by using an eyelash remover. Find out more about this issue and its solutions here!

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about eyelash extensions is how they look and feel. If you are to think of how an eyelash extension looks, we’ll go with the length of the lashes. And when discussing weight, they feel we directly indicate their weight directly; individual lashes feel a bit too long; it has everything to do with the lash h and thickness. And this is why eyelash extension thickness comes into play so often.

Most of the eyelash extensions are too thick, but they feel fine at first. As time passes, the eyes start to look droopy due to the weight of the lashes. And too thick eyelash extensions might look like a very good overall look, but they feel heavy, and they might give you a headache. So while choosing an eyelash extension, you might want to go with the length and thickness at once so you have a clear idea of what you want and what you don’t. Is wearing too many thick eyelash extensions a bad thing?

Well, eyelash extensions are never bad, but some comments are directed toward the length and thickness of the lashes. And this is why very thick lashes might not be very comfortable, even though they look very dramatic. When the false lashes look very thick, you can either have them simply removed by a professional or do some things that will make the lashes less thick and thus less heavy. The typical lash extensions should make the lashes more dramatic and give a fuller-looking line. They add to the length and weight of the natural lashes.

Most lash extensions last for at least eight weeks or two months, and then they start to shed. But if the lash extensions are too thick, they might be removed before their time is up. Most eyelash extension treatments are done at the salon by a certified professional. The lashes are mostly made of silk, mink, or synthetic fiber. So the entire length and thickness of the eyelashes could be customized, or you could choose from the standard ones. The lashes are attached to the eyelid with a natural glue that is safe for the eyes.

The eyelash extensions have to go through regular maintenance, and this will ensure that they are clean and there is no build-up. When the lashes have dirt in them, they also tend to feel very heavy. With lash extensions, there are some other things to consider, as the glue might damage the natural lashes, and of course, allergies are something to be prepared for. But if you get the eyelashes done by an expert, the chances of any problem are very slim. But the chances of the lashes feeling very heavy on the lashes have everything to do with the thickness and length of the lashes.

The thickness of eyelash extensions

The thickness of eyelash extensions

The diameter of the eyelash extensions depends on their thickness, which is related to the natural lash thickness of the wearer. The number of lashes on a lash line is determined by the natural lashes and how many there are. The different diameters of the lashes are created for different purposes.

Choosing the right thickness of lashes is just as critical as choosing the length of the lashes. When an expert chooses the thickness of the lashes, they point out two things: first, how the output of the lashes is going to match the demand of the clients, and second, what is the condition of the natural lashes of the client. There are different diameters of the lashes, and these are:

  • 0.03
  • 0.05
  • 0.06
  • 0.07
  • 0.10
  • 0.12
  • 0.15
  • 0.18
  • 0.20
  • 0.30
  • 0.25
  • 0.30

The D in the lashes are known as the dimensions of the lashes, which indicate how many individuals are used in one fan. And thus came up the numbers 2D and 3D, and that goes up to 20D.

The usual eyelash thickness lies between 0.03 mm and 0.30 mm in diameter. Those with very thin lashes should go with 0.10 to 0.15 mm of lashes. And for those with a bit thicker lashes, they can just go with 0.15 to 0.20 mm of thickness. Though if you want dramatic lashes, go bold.

0.03-mm lashes: these are synthetic lashes, including thin ones. The lash application is around 3D to 6D, and these are perfect for adding volume to the lashes.

0.05-0.07 mm lashes: this is the most common classic eyelash thickness, and they will support the natural eyelashes without causing any sort of damage. These are perfect for 3D lash extensions.

0.10 mm lashes: these are volumizing lash extensions, and here you can add 2D or 3D extensions, but the 1D lash extensions will be very fine.

0.12 mm lashes: these are also among the classic lash extensions, but they give a soft and whispy look to the lashes.

0.15-mm lashes: these are supposed to be the most popular, average, and natural-looking classic eyelashes. Most people go for this thickness, as this is the middle line for those who want a natural with a hint of drama. But if your natural lashes are thinner than 0.15 mm, then these lashes might not stick well.

0.18 mm lashes: these are a step up from the classic lashes, and they look a bit bold.

0.22 mm lashes: these lash extensions are thicker and perfect for that classic dramatic look. But these are only for those with 0.15  mm of natural thickness.

0.25mm lashes: too thick eyelash extensions would be perfect for this kind of lash extension, but they do look very theatrical and are a bit on the heavier side.

0.30 mm lashes: these are the thickest lashes, and they give the most volume of all. They are not really day-to-day lash extensions, but why not?

Things to consider when choosing the thickness of eyelash extensions

Things to consider when choosing the thickness of eyelash extensions

Here we’ll include some very important facts when choosing the right thickness.

  1. Consult a Professional: When you are getting started on your lashes, the first thing to do is to consult a specialist and ask what kind of thickness you are going for. See if they say something negative or not, and then decide.
  2. The thickness of the natural lashes: For the next part, you have to think about the thickness of your natural lashes. If they are thicker than your natural lashes, then they might compete, and the whole thing might not look good.
  3. Material of the lash extensions: And lastly, there is the material of the lashes; the synthetic lashes might be the lightest of them all. So even when you choose a thicker synthetic lash, they still might feel light.

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How does it feel when you have too thick eyelash extensions?

How does it feel when you have too thick eyelash extensions

Well, most people do not realize that they have optimally thick lash extensions until some time has passed after the salon. And that’s the time that you really feel how thick the lashes really are. When the natural lashes are thinner than your extensions, you might feel a strain or pain in your eyes, and the weight of the lashes might start bugging you.

When the weight feels heavy, there might be two causes. In the beginning, the individual eyelash extensions might be too thick. And on the second version, there might be too many eyelashes in one fan, and that’s feeling heavy.

Well, in both cases, it is somewhat the salon’s fault. But let’s discuss the first case where the individual lashes are thick, adding weight to the eyelids. When the lash extensions are too thick, they will be heavy overall and may fall earlier than expected. When you look in the mirror, you can see that something doesn’t feel natural, and that might be an indication. They will give you an unrealistic outlook. The eyelashes might look crooked as they are unable to keep up with your natural lashes.

What to do with too thick eyelash extensions?

Now that we’ve established why you might have thick lashes and how it feels to have them, here are some ways to lift up the thickness of the eyelash extensions and make them feel more comfortable.

1. Do not apply mascara

Do not apply mascara

Well, it might not sound very convincing. But when you have thicker eyelash extensions and don’t want to get rid of them, the best thing would be not to load them. Mascara will clump the lashes, and they will leave a film on top of the lashes. So the best thing would be to avoid mascara completely. And mascara might also deteriorate the life of the lash extensions, which will droop and shed before 8 weeks.

2. Brush the eyelash extensions

Brush the eyelash extensions

Next to wearing out the thicker eyelash extensions, you might want to brush out the eyelashes regularly. This way, the lashes will not be clumped. Start from the root of the lashes and brush through the tip. Start from the corners of the eyes and then do the middle part. And place one of the fingers against the lashes so you can feel any tangling or clumps, and remove them very gently. For brushing the lashes, use a clean mascara brush.

3. Clean the eyelash extensions

Clean the eyelash extensions

The eyelashes will start to clump more and feel heavier when they are not cleaned properly. And most importantly, you shouldn’t use any sort of oil cleanser on the lash extensions as they might affect the glue, and individual lashes will just slide off. We suggest using a regular makeup brush, so we suggest using a regular makeup brush. Use a cotton Q-tip on the cotton pad and apply a makeup remover along it, so you get to remove all of the excess makeup and mascara. Do not rub the lashes, nor put any extra pressure on them. And do not mess up with the glue of the extensions; the lashes will fall more frequently that way.

4. Use a gentle face wash

Use a gentle face wash

As we mentioned before, you need to avoid using any kind of oil cleansers on your face. The oils might adhere to the lashes and mess up the glue part of the lashes. If you don’t have any gentle cleansers, mild shampoos will be your choice. These will remove the dirt from the surface and make the lashes clear. They will also remove any unnecessary build-up on the lash extensions.

5. Revisiting the specialist

If the lashes feel too thick or uncomfortable, we recommend visiting the specialist again and removing all of the lashes. And then, you can start consulting about planting lighter extensions, which will help with the overall process.


1. Why are my eyelash extensions too curly?

Well, it might be the fault of the salon and expert, and you need to contact them as soon as possible.

2. How to fix twisted eyelash extensions at home?

To fix the twisted eyelash extensions at home, you should first clean the lashes and brush them with a clean brush. And then try the curler.

3. How to make eyelash extensions more natural?

To make the eyelash extensions more natural, you have to choose the thickness and length of the extensions similar to your natural lashes.

Final Thoughts

Eyelash extensions are the best thing when you have very thin lashes. They add a dual lash effect on the eyelids, and the whole look turns into a fuller and longer lash look. But something you want to avoid with eyelash extensions is clumpy lashes. Several things are the reason why you have clumpy and unsettling lashes. Before getting rid of the lash extensions that you spent thousands of dollars on, why not clean the lashes so they feel less heavy and are easy to wear? If you already choose thick lashes for a more dramatic look, we suggest consulting with an expert first. You can still get the fuller lash look with natural-looking extensions. So if there are too many thick lash extensions, we recommend replacing them or cleaning them properly.

Key points

  1. The majority of the lashes are comprised of silk, mink, or synthetic fiber. So you could tailor the full length and thickness of the eyelashes, or you could select from the conventional ones.
  2. When a professional decides the thickness of the lashes, they consider two factors: first, how the output of the lashes will meet the desire of the clients, and second, how the client’s natural lashes are in condition.
  3. 0.15-mm lashes are the most common, ordinary, and natural-looking classic eyelashes. Most individuals choose this thickness because it is the happy medium between natural and dramatic.

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  1. I like the tip you gave that implementing regular maintenance is the proper care for eyelash extensions. My cousin told me a couple of days ago that she was planning to have an eyelash extension to achieve her ideal look for her best friend’s birthday party. She asked if I had any thoughts on the best option for choosing the best design. I’ll tell her she could consult a trusted eyelash and nail lounge to gather details about the procedure.

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