How to Set Concealer Without Powder?

How to set concealer without powder
Concealer is a significant makeup item that is used on the targeted areas to cover the impurities of the skin. Let’s look into this article to find out whether it can be used without powder!

Skincare and makeup items became part of our daily life. People are using different products including foundations, primers, and many more. Among the makeup items, concealer is also a very important one. Concealer is needed to cover all those areas that have not yet been covered with foundation.  Especially, it is very important for people with spots, blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, etc. It is generally recommended to use concealer ad set it with a translucent powder.

So, how to set concealer without powder? A setting powder or translucent powder helps the concealer to set on your skin. You can also set it without powder by following some instructions and methods You can also apply some simple hacks that are mentioned in this article to set your concealer without any powder.

How Concealer Works?

How concealer works
How concealer works

Concealer is a makeup product that is similar to the foundation. A concealer is generally thicker and it helps in hiding dark circles, blemishes, age spots, pigments, and other imperfections of the skin. Concealer is generally applied over the foundation so that it doesn’t smudge. If someone is finding a lightweight alternative to foundation, concealer can be the best choice. You may not also require a moisturizer or CC cream.

Concealer contains a hydrating formula and it helps to cover the imperfections or spots of the skin. This provides extra coverage in the targeted areas. This plays a very significant role in creating a perfect makeup base. This should be applied in layers and tap in the specific area gently with your fingertips. The pigmented formula of concealer helps to cover and disguise the imperfections of the skin. Concealer provides a smoother complexion with a more even skin tone. Concealers are found in different shades and it depends on the specific purpose to choose your desired shade. The pigments can easily be matched with the natural skin tone and blend well with different shades of foundation. After applying concealer, it is recommended to use any translucent or setting powder to create a smooth and matte finish.

Can You Use Concealer Without Powder?

It is recommended to use a setting powder after concealer. But, you can use it without powder if you want. For using concealer without a powder, you should set your concealer by priming your under-eye area. Apply some layers of setting spray and set the setting spray with your concealer.

If you want to skip the concealer, you need to apply it properly. For better application, you can use a brush and sponge to apply the concealer. It will provide you with a smooth finish along with good coverage. You should choose the waterproof concealer to use without any powder. Because concealers with waterproof formulas are long-lasting and don’t get smudge. Setting spray can also be a good alternative to setting powder. So, you can use a setting spray to set your concealer on the skin.

Besides, some concealers are specially designed in a way that you won’t need to use a powder after using this. For example- Maybelline Fit Me concealer contains a lightweight formula that is easily blended on the skin and provides light to medium coverage. Revlon Photoready Concealer can also be a good option that is designed to use without powder. You can easily blend this on your skin and get a seamless finish. Then there is also Too Faced Born This Way super coverage concealer that you need not set with powder.

The need for powder also depends on the skin type and the areas you are using the concealer. For example- when you are using concealer to hide the blemishes on your skin, you need to use powder based on your skin type. People with dry skin may not require to set their concealer with powder while using a powder is a must in people with oily skin. This also happens in which area you are using your concealer. For example- if you are using concealer in the under-eye areas, it will last without setting powder while the other areas may require a powder.

How to Use Concealer Without Powder?

How to use concealer without powder
How to use concealer without powder

You can use concealer without powder. But for this, you need to follow some methods and instructions. The methods of using concealer without powder are as follows-

1. Prime Your Under Eye Area

For making your concealer long-lasting, apply primer under your eye area. This will create a smooth base for the eyeshadow and minimize creasing. So, this will make your concealer long-lasting and help it stick to the eyelids.

2. Try the Setting Spray Method

Setting spray is considered one of the best alternatives to setting powder.  Setting spray helps to provide you with a natural and dewy finish. It is recommended to use a setting spray that contains mattifying ingredients for oily skin. For people with dry skin, it is always recommended to use a setting spray that contains hydrating ingredients.

3. Mix Your Concealer with Setting Spray

This is a very effective way to mix your concealer with setting spray and then use it on your face.  First of all, apply your concealer as you do normally. And then spray the beauty blender and use it under your eyes.

4. Get a Long-wearing Concealer

Some concealers are specially designed in a way that they don’t require setting powder or setting spray. Choose a long-wearing concealer that works best on your skin and can work well without any powder.

5. Try a Crease Proof Concealer

Choose a concealer that has the best consistency and won’t settle into your lines. If you hate a heavy powder feel and want a lightweight consistency, this concealer will work best for you.

6. Give Baby Powder a Try

This is a classic beauty hack that people use for a long time. This is a great way to make your face look like a newborn baby. If you have oily skin, you can apply some baby powder on your face and absorb the excess oils. Brush the baby powder with a normal-setting powder.

7. Never Underestimate Cornstarch

Cornstarch has a good consistency that makes it best to set your concealer. Moisturize your face with a lightweight moisturizer. And then apply primer, foundation, and concealer one by one. Cornstarch looks so good on dark skin, mix it with cinnamon powder and then apply it on your face.

Concealer Hacks Without Setting Powder

Concealer hacks without setting powder
Concealer hacks without setting powder

There are so many hacks and tips for doing makeup. Concealer is one of the very significant makeup items and here an important thing is, how to use concealer without setting powder. Because Concealer is normally recommended to use with setting powder.

Using concealer without setting spray is an interesting concept. Before applying concealer, take some setting spray on a concealer brush and then apply it. This will create a smooth application and help the product blend so easily. Setting spray can provide a more even finish on the skin. After spraying some setting spray, take some more on top of the concealer and apply it on your skin. These hacks work without any need for powder and without getting too shiny. Setting powder is normally used to set the concealer with a long-lasting finish. Without using any powder, your concealer may smudge or transfer. If you want to follow the concealer hack, it is recommended to experiment with different setting sprays and concealers to make a good combination and get the best result.

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How to Apply Concealer for Beginners?

If you do not know how to apply concealer, this is a beginner’s guide for you.

  1. Start with a clean and moisturized face: Cleanse your skin with a good cleanser that is best suited to your skin. After that, use a moisturizer to hydrate the skin. You may also use a hydrating eye cream to guide your concealer smoothly.
  2. Choose the right concealer: choose the best concealer that can cover the imperfections of your skin and provide long-lasting coverage. You can go for a matte, semi-matte, or creamy formula that is best suited to your skin.
  3. Find the right shade of your skin tone: Choose the right shade to use under your eyes or on the skin. For example- choose one shade lighter foundation to use under your eyes. For the other part of your skin, choose a shade that is the same as your skin shade or one shade darker from it.
  4. Apply concealer with a brush or sponge: When applying your concealer, apply it with a beauty blender or brush to get a seamless finish. Apply the concealer on the top of the blemishes to hide them. Blend the product by tapping with a beauty sponge or brush. If you are new to using a concealer, start with a less amount and make the coverage you want.


1. How do you keep your concealer from creasing without powder?

To avoid creasing, apply a small amount of under-eye concealer. You can also apply hydrating eye cream in the dots of concealer. There are some other ways you can keep your concealer from creasing without powder.

2. Do I need foundation or just concealer?

The foundation is the base of your makeup that helps to enhance the overall skin tone while concealer is designed for some targeted areas. Concealer helps to hide blemishes, dark spots, dark circles, and so on.

3. What is used before concealer?

If you want to cover up any minor skin imperfections, you need to use a foundation. Concealer works as a color corrector that helps to hide stubborn dark spots from your skin.

4. What is better concealer or BB cream?

Concealers can perfectly cover up all the dark circles on your skin. It hides the pigmentation under the eyes. BB cream can also be used as an alternative to concealer but it won’t hide the severe dark circles or spots of the skin.

5. Can you wear concealer by itself?

Yes, you can wear concealer by itself especially if you are looking for a lightweight alternative to foundation. Concealer has a long-wearing and hydrating formula that can help make a good complexion and hide the imperfections of the skin.

Final Thoughts

Concealer is one of the most significant makeup products that helps in hiding dark circles, blemishes, or other imperfections from the skin. Concealer provides extra coverage in the targeted areas while creating a perfect makeup base. After the application of concealer, a setting powder or translucent powder is used to help it adhere to the skin. But, this can also be used without powder. The instructed tips and tricks are very important to use the concealer with setting spray. For example- you can use a setting spray, prime your under-eye area, can mix your concealer with setting spray, and so on. There are also some simple hacks you can follow to use your concealer without powder.

Key Points

  • Concealer can be considered a lightweight alternative to foundation that covers the dark spots or blemishes on the skin.
  • Concealers are found in different shades and this creates a smooth and beautiful appearance by hiding the imperfections from the skin.
  • Generally, it is recommended to use a powder after setting spray but you can also use it without powder when required.
  • For using concealer without powder, follow some tips like priming your under-eye area, trying the setting spray method, mixing concealer with setting spray, and so on.
  • Hacks like using a setting spray on a concealer brush will create a smooth application and blend it well on the skin.

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