Can You Use Black Eyeliner As Lipstick? Reasons & Methods

Can You Use Black Eyeliner As Lipstick
Yes, you can definitely use black eyeliner as lipstick, and for that, you can use any sort of black eyeliner. Either go with a pencil & gel .

Black lipsticks are really on the scene because of all the editorials and runway models, and everyone tends to love the all-black lipstick look on the shows. This is due to the fact that black lipsticks are a show stopper. Or are there other facts to it? Well, with black lipstick, the best possible explanation would be that you don’t really have to put anything else on the face. You can just wear lipstick and go out of the house. And, while no one would notice the rest of your complexion, no one would dare to overlook your fashion sense.

Black lipsticks are not just a rebel rule in makeup; they are used in theaters and movies likewise, and most importantly, they are the boldest move to make when you are on edge. But can you use black eyeliner as lipstick? Yes, you can definitely use black eyeliner as lipstick, and for that, you can use any sort of black eyeliner. Either go with a pencil, gel, or liquid liner. Furthermore, the lipstick may not feel like regular lipstick on the lips because most of the black liner would dry down to be matte and are a little harsh.

They are nowhere near harmful, but they will not feel as soft. But the exception would be the pencil liner. They seem to glide on easily and are easy to build up. And again, the eyeliners are perfect as black lipstick, as they will not budge or fade for the whole day. When we think about black lipsticks, the first thing that comes to mind is all the gothic looks. But the black liners are more versatile than that. They tend to be very smooth, and you can wear black lipstick with even a very soft glow.

Black lipsticks are amazingly versatile, as no matter what you do, the attention will be directly on your lips. And that’s what makes the black lipsticks stand apart from the rest of the makeup lines. Though black lip liners have been used for decades to give a darker shade on the lips with red and maroon, the use of completely black lipstick has recently become popular. Different celebrities and makeup artists created looks with black lipstick. Various editorials and brands also featured a raw and black lipstick look.

And mostly, several famous brands came up with their own black lipstick. But how about black eyeliner as black lipstick? Well, both are black and safe and can be used on the lips. But you might want to go for something that is hydrating on the lips. And thus, the best alternative would be to go for a black liner pencil or kohl. The idea of using black eyeliner as lipstick might seem like a very weird one, but if you don’t tell anyone that you used a liner instead of lipstick, no one would know.

They feel like a regular lipstick and aren’t too heavy. You just have to make sure to use a lipstick liner that doesn’t feel dehydrated and crusty on the lips. And it is for this reason that black eyeliner is as popular as lipstick. Nobody wants to spend money on black lipstick that they will only use once. But black lipsticks are nothing to regret, as they tend to be a very sophisticated part of makeup.

History of black lipstick

History of black lipstick

When we talk about the history of black lipstick dates back to ancient Egypt. Both men and women would wear color on their lips. In the 18th century, Maori tribal women wore black tattoos on their lips, and these were considered fashionable at the time. Black and deep blue were common for those colors. Then, in the modern era, almost every horror film has a scene with black lipstick in which the gore has a very dark lip.

Even on stage and in opera, black lipstick will draw attention to the makeup on their faces. Max Factor came up with black lipsticks while working in theaters. And later, the black lipsticks were bought back by Urban Decay, Bibas Collection, and Manic Panic.

But the evolution of black lipsticks was pretty tragic, as they were often related to and regarded as witchcraft and satanism. Even different cults and covens will ask their members to wear black lipstick. And then a teenager tried to commit suicide because they couldn’t wear the lipstick.

So the black lipsticks followed suit. In 2013, Mac Cosmetics came up with their “Black Friday” black lipstick that was released for Black Friday of that year. And then, different brands came up with their own versions of black lipstick. But still, the black lipsticks are a bit intimidating and couldn’t be worn daily. They are still somewhat weird in public. But black lipstick has its fair share of names.

Why use black eyeliner as lipstick?

How to use black eyeliner as lipstick

When we think about black lipsticks, liquid eyeliner might show a variety and expertise in being jet black, but do they really look good on your lips? They look good on the lips and are far more pigmented than expected from a liner. Different liners can be used for different purposes, and they often come with a very thin brush, making it a lot easier to put on. Here are some reasons why you should use black eyeliner as lipstick:

Pigmentation: if you really want the pigment to pay off and also for the liner to last for hours, then the black eyeliners would be a perfect choice. They are very pigmented, and they’ll last a long time. Again, the pigment payoff is different for each of the liners, but they have full coverage. And again, most of the liquid liners are very stubborn to take off. So when considering black lips for Halloween, the eyeliners have covered you.

Easy to use: when you use lipstick, it usually comes in a thicker tube and is waxy. So you might have to go with more than one swipe of lipstick to cover your mouth. And for the eyeliner, you can just use its thin tip and use it first as a lip liner, then cover and fill it up with the product. This way, the eyeliners will be very easy to use and last long.

Waterproof, smudge-proof: when we think of an ideal black eyeliner, the words “waterproof” will be the first ones to come to mind. And they tend to stay all day, even in a swimming pool or with pool sweats. And that’s why waterproof, and smudge-proof eyeliners are perfect for the lips. But when you eat and the food contains oil, you might want to refrain from getting it on your black eyeliner lips, as oil might break down the liner.

Different finishes and effects: when you use eyeliner as a lip product, you might as well expect different finishes. Matte or glossy would be the first kind. For the liquid eyeliner, the lips will feel more saturated, and they will be more pigmented. And for the pencil and gel liners, they’ll be more on the comfortable side, and the intensity can be increased with two coats. And these are on the blendable side.

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Why not use black eyeliner as lipstick?

And for the next part, you might want to think about some of the cons of using eyeliner as lipstick. And we discovered some.

Flaky lips: when you use eyeliner, the chances of the lips being flaky and dry are a huge possibility. as most eyeliners are a bit on the harsh side.

Taste: when an eye product is so close to the lips, why not taste it? And they taste just awful. So do not try to eat while using eyeliner or lipstick, as you might taste the liner. This way, the taste of food will mix with eyeliner and feel very strange. And avoid food and coffee for a few hours for safety with eyeliner lipstick.

How to use black eyeliner as lipstick?

Why use black eyeliner as lipstick

Now that we’ve established that black eyeliner would make an excellent black lipstick, we can move on to the most important part. How to use eyeliner and your lipstick. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use black eyeliner as lipstick:

Step 1: exfoliate the lips

When you start the work, you can just start by exfoliating your lips; that way, you’ll have more hydrated and even skin below the eyeliner, and the liner will settle well on the lips. And all without looking away.

Step 2: lip mask

The next option is to apply a lip mask to the lips and ensure that they are completely hydrated. Without a lip mask, there’s more chance of the lips being flaky. Keep the lip mask for the time you apply your makeup. And then, before applying lipstick, remove the mask with a cloth.

Step 3: Apply the eyeliner

You have the option of using liquid, gel, or pencil eyeliner. Whatever you start with, make sure to outline the lips first. And then fill in the middle parts. But be careful around the inner parts of the lips; you don’t want lipstick on the inner part of the mouth.

Step 4: Apply a gloss

To keep the lips hydrated and ensure the liner doesn’t flake, apply a lip gloss on top of the lipstick. It’ll also have a very glossy finish. But before applying it, make sure that the lip liner is dry first.

How to use black eyeliner as a lip liner?

Besides using eyeliner as lipstick, black eyeliner can also be used as a lip liner. Lip liners will look good with red, neutral, or brown lipstick in the middle. Using a black eye pencil and lip pencil is not a new trend, but one that has been passed down through generations. This is why using black eyeliner as a lip liner is a good option for adding depth and definition to the eyes.


1. Can you use an Eyebrow pencil as a lip liner?

Yes, you can definitely use an eyebrow pencil as a lip liner. And it is considered that the eyebrow pencil is the perfect lip liner for that person. Top it off with some gloss.

2. Can you use eyeshadow as lipstick?

Yes, you can definitely add eyeshadow as lipstick, and you will need a sticky base for the shadows to stick. You can mix the vaseline or glosses with the eyeshadow pigments and apply them directly to the lips with a brush.

3. Can you put eyeliner on your waterline?

You can use eyeliner on your waterline, and a gel or pencil eyeliner would be perfect for the waterline.

Final Thoughts

In the past, black lipsticks were not popular as a whole lip color. But later, when gothic makeup was on the rise, specifically in the 90s, people loved using dark and black lipsticks. Then, in the early 2000s, people began to line their lips with black lip liners and then fill them in with red or brown lipstick. Deep lip liner and light lipstick were trends at the time. And now, different renowned cosmetic brands have come up with their versions of black lipstick, and they are taking their turns. But can you use black eyeliner as lipstick? Yes, you can, and this Halloween would be the perfect place and time to use your eyeliner as black lipstick. It will last all day and is waterproof. So black eyeliner and black lipstick are truly a great way to start a look.

Key Points

  1. Because most black liners dry down to be matte and are a touch harsh, using eyeliner as lipstick may not feel like using ordinary lipstick on the lips.
  2. Both are black, safe, and suitable for use on the lips. However, you might want to choose something moisturizing for your lips. As a result, the ideal option would be to use a black liner pencil or kohl.
  3. Black eyeliner is highly pigmented and will last for a long time. Again, the pigment payoff varies between liners, but they all provide full coverage.
  4. Why not taste an eye product when it is so near to the lips? And they taste terrible. So, if you eat while wearing eyeliner or lipstick, you should avoid tasting the liner.

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