Top 10 Best Moisturizer For 360 Waves In 2023


I have had my 360 waves for some time now. What I have found is that constant brushing takes away the shine and lacks moisture. That is why I have searched the market to find some products I can use to make my 360 waves look clean.

So I have used and reviewed 10 products for my 360 waved hair. From the best overall to the best gels, pomade, and lotions, here are my reviews for you!

Best Overall – Cantu Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel with Shea Butter

Cantu Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel with Shea Butter


  • Product Benefits: moisturizing, enhances waves, helps control hair frizzing, and gives a shine and smoothening effect.
  • Hair Type: best for hair types 2 (wavy), 3 (curly), and 4 (coily) that are frizzy. Good for locs.
  • Material Type Free:  no mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, gluten, paraffin, or propylene
  • Scent: really nice shea butter smell!


Cantu Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel with Shea Butter is your all-purpose gel to get rid of those pesky frizzes from your hair. Made with shea butter, coconut, and various other oils, it not only gives your hair the moisturizing effect, but it also gives it the shine to help define your 360 waves!


Eliminating Frizz: once it dries, all my frizz was gone and it stayed that way for a good 4 days.

Great moisturizer: gives a refreshing feeling to your hair after applying and once it dries.

Shiny effect: my hair looks dull because it dries so fast. Never has it shined as well as it has after using the Cantu!

Great smell: it might be overwhelming when you are applying, but afterward you are sure to get some compliments as I have.

How to use

Take a generous amount of the cream in your hand and apply it all over your hair, just on the top. Don’t be afraid of the amount as you can remove any excess with a towel later. Then take your brush to get it deep into the waves. You don’t have to worry about the direction, just make sure you really get it in there. Then cover it for an hour. I personally used a durag or a loosely wrapped towel over my hair. And voila you are done! You should reapply it whenever your hair starts looking dull, which for me was about a good 2 to 4 days.

Expert Verdict

What I have found out after using this product is that it’s the best overall product for a reason. From getting rid of frizz, moisturizing, and shining, it does everything for overall hair care. I can’t recommend this product enough. It’s absolutely perfect for your 360 waves!

Pros and Cons

Makes your wave shiny and definedOver-application of the product difficult to get off
Moisturizing your hair wellSmell might be too overwhelming
Great shea butter smell 
Gets rid of frizzes on waves 

Best Daily Moisturizer for 360 Waves – Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie


  • Product Benefits: Moisturizing, helps define waves, a shiny effect.
  • Hair Type: Best for hair types 2 (wavy), 3 (curly), and 4 (coily) that are frizzy and prone to kinks.
  • Material Type Free:  No mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, gluten, paraffin, or propylene, and dairy free
  • Scent: Slight coconut smell


A daily moisturizer smoothie that uses silk protein that helps reduce frizz and leaves hair moisturized, soft, and silky. Your 360 will love the all-day hydration from this!


Coconut oil: Hydrates hair and helps reduce hair breakage

Silk protein: Smooths hair and gives it a soft and silky touch

Neem oil: Controls frizz and adds a shine

How to use

After washing and air-drying your hair, take a small amount in your hand. I have found that for daily moisturizing, you don’t need a lot of the smoothie. Then just lightly apply to the hair and then brush in the rest. For me, it took a good one and a half to two hours for the product to set in so keep some time on your hand after applying the product. I think it is best to let it set uncovered or cover your hair with a towel.

Expert verdict

This is a great daily moisturizer for your hair! If you have dry and frizzy hair like mine, it helps to keep your hair feeling fresh for the rest of the day. Some of the frizzes on my 360 waves ended up breaking and it was good that I started using this because I found no breakage of hair after using it. The only thing I would say is that using too much might make made my hair feel too greasy. Gave a good shine to my hair, but it felt like my waves were too greasy. My advice would be to use very little when applying so your hair dries faster and is less greasy.

Pros and Cons

Great for daily useHair feels too greasy after use
Reduces hair breakage 
Eliminates frizz for the day 

Best Strong Hold Hair Pomade For Men – Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold

Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold


  • Product Benefits: very firm hold
  • Hair Type: especially good for thick curly and coily hair
  • Material Type Free:  dairy free
  • Scent: smells like an Old Spice deodorant


If you want your 360 waves to have a strong hold with a hint of shine, then look no further! It’s both easy to apply and remove with just a bit of water.


A decent shine: While not too overpowering, this does give your 360 waves just that hint of shine to stand out.

Mighty hold: It holds well even after a whole day out sweating in the summer heat!

Water-soluble: Easy to apply and easy to remove due to being water-soluble.

Good for thick hair: If your waves are quite thick, then this is the perfect pomade to leave it firm and well-defined.

How to use

As with any pomade, take just a fingertip worth and massage it into your palm. And when I mean massage, make it a deep-tissue massage! Then all you have to do is apply it to your hair (with a little bit of water if you want) and brush your waves however you prefer. I usually do a uniform wave in one direction so the pomade can get in good. After that, keep your hair covered for 20 minutes under a durag or scarf as tightly as possible to make the waves look detailed.

Expert verdict

I have always shied away from pomades using them quite sparingly. But Suavecito pulled in with their good reviews on Firme (Strong) Hold. Maybe not that great for shine but it is impressive how clean my wave looked with just a little bit of water and the pomade. Definitely, one of the best pomades I have ever used and it is so easy to get out of your hair too! And every time you need a bit of rejuvenation for your hair, just run a wet hand through your waves. Great for very thick hair, maybe not so much for thinner waves.

Pros and Cons

Holds the hair even when sweating all-dayNot the best of shine for a pomade
Easy to take off with some waterCan be a bit too sticky for thinner waves
Easy to touch up with a wet hand 

Best Cream for 360 Waves – I AM As Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer

I AM As Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer Best Cream for 360 Waves


  • Product Benefits: locks in moisture
  • Hair Type: good for dry hair
  • Material Type Free:  cruelty-free
  • Scent: a unique blend of cocoa and shea butter with a hint of coconut


A rich blend of natural organic oils and butter, the As I Am Double Butter is one of the best creams out there for dry curls and coils.


Locks in moisture: if you don’t want your hair to lose its moisture, then this is the cream for you!

Soft to touch: for dry hair, this is the perfect way to make your hair feel nice and soft and easy to manage

Packed with vitamin B5: good for hair care, strengthening, and repairing hair

How to use

With most creams, what I do is just cover the top part of my wave with the cream and then brush in the rest. After that, air dry it for about 30 minutes. Can be used whenever your hair feels dry, which happens about 6 to 8 hours after use.

Expert verdict

Now that we have come to cream, I must confess: I hate how dry my hair feels. Not only does this make my hair feel dull but it also causes a lot of split ends on my waves once it grew out. That was no longer the problem once I started using the As I Am Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer. It was a godsend! Hair felt good, soft, and most importantly not dry! The only thing I would point out was that it was double the price of other creams on the market. Thankfully, I bought this on sale so I got it at half-price. And over a long time, my roots definitely felt stronger.

Pros and Cons

Soft and strong hairDouble the price of other creams
Strengthens hair 
Gets rid of dry hair very quickly for thick hair 

Best Water Based Hair Cream for 360 Wave – OCEAN VIEW DEEP WAVES POMADE



  • Product Benefits: strong hold water-based that washes out easily with water
  • Hair Type: all types
  • Material Type Free:  propylene glycol-free, alcohol-free, nonylphenol ethoxylate-free
  • Scent: a flowery smell


If you want a product that gives you a strong hold that defines your 360 waves and leaves no residue, this is the only water-based hair cream you need.


Long-lasting waves: the definition that this cream adds to your wave is long-lasting

Beginner friendly: whether you are a beginner or a master at waves, this will satisfy all customers

No residue remains: being water-based, it is easily washable and leaves behind none of the product

Great smell: a great flowery smell that will give you loads of compliment

How to use

What I have found from using the Ocean View Deep Pomade is you can apply it straight after a shower. Pat dry your waves and then apply a generous amount of the product. With a small amount, I found it not working as well as I would have hoped so apply loads! Brush to let the cream sink into your hair well and make sure to use a brush for 360 waves. Then wrap it up with a durag or headscarf for a few hours or even overnight if you want. If you feel like your hair is dry after using it as I have, then a little shea butter moisturizer does the job. Not to mention it gives it a shiny look too. I have used it every 3 to 4 days later for the best look.

Expert verdict

I hate creams that remain in my hair, even after washing. But not with this one! The water-based product helps get rid of anything that clogs up your hair. The hold is also so good, you don’t have to worry about it for a few days. Maybe it was just me but I had to use a lot to get the hold to stay. However, if you are looking for a shine, then this isn’t what you want. It also dries the hair up a bit, nothing a little hair moisturizer won’t solve so you don’t have to worry. But other than that, it has a great smell to it.

Pros and Cons

A strong hold that lasts a whileDoes not provide a shine
Easy to wash with waterDries the hair a bit after use
Great smell 

Best Natural Organic Men’s Hair Balm – COLDLABEL Hair Pomade



  • Product Benefits: strong hold with organic products
  • Hair Type: best for wavy and coiled hair types
  • Material Type Free:  paraffin free and natural products used
  • Scent: coconut smell


Premium “Wolfin’ Pomade” is an all-natural balm with extra hold. This pomade is specially formulated for wolfin’. Uses all-natural beeswax and honey.


Professional styling: if you are looking for a professional look, then look no further

Sustainable: no synthetic ingredients were used in the making of COLDLABEL

Better for your hair: natural ingredients mean it is better for your hair

Bring out your wolf: great for 360 waves that your wolfin’

How to use

Make sure that your hair is grown out about 1 to 3 months after a fresh cut. You only need a little marble size scoop after a shower and drying to get the perfect usage out of this bad boy. Spread it evenly all over your hair and then really get it into your hair with a brush. Then all you have to do is cover it up for about an hour and it’s done! One of the easier-to-use products I have used.

Expert verdict

If you are growing your 360 waves out as I have then this is THE product you want, no question asked! Not to mention it is all organic and great for your hair in the long run. People who are wolfin’ constantly about their hair fraying and other problems. But you have nothing to worry about with this COLDLABEL product! The only problem I would say with this is for thinner or shorter hair, it felt too greasy to use when I used it on shorter hair.

Pros and Cons

Great for longer wavesToo greasy on shorter hair
Sustainable and organic ingredients 
Your hair will love it 

Best 360 Wave Grease for Men – Veeta Superior Wave Butter

Veeta Superior Wave Butter


  • Product Benefits: moisturizing and conditioning
  • Hair Type: best for wavy and curly
  • Material Type Free: synthetic oil free
  • Scent: coconut


Superior Wave Butter is made with rich, moisturizing ingredients that work deep into the hair and scalp to deliver a full dose of hydration and rejuvenation


Superior 360 waves: gives your 360 waves the definition they need to stand out

No buildup remains: no clogging of pores and easy to wash off due to natural ingredients

Healthy hair and scalp: both moisturizing and conditioning hair properly

How to use

With any grease, especially this one, I got the best result when using a small dime size amount. First, cover your hair with a damp hot towel for a few minutes. Then take it off and apply it evenly over your hair. Don’t be afraid to reach for a bit more of the Veeta grease to make sure the application is even. Then all you have to do is brush it to how you want your waves to look.  With the right amount, you only need it once a week at most.

Expert verdict

Not the biggest fan of grease. I find it makes my wave drip too much or it clogs the scalp pores after using. But the Veeta Superior Wave Butter is so good for your hair that it really doesn’t matter when you apply it. It not only gave my waves a shine I expect from hair grease, but it also made my hair a lot softer and overall improved my hair health! It wasn’t too greasy either, and it was easy to wash off my hair. The only gripe I had with the product is that it gets too hard and had to melt it from time to time to be able to use it.

Pros and Cons

Conditions and softens hairHardens inside the container
Not too greasyNeeds to be melted from time to time
Gives a great shine to help define the waves 
No build-up and easy to remove 

Best Hair Gel Moisturizer – Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade

Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade


  • Product Benefits: moisturizes scalp, conditions hair, and controls frizz
  • Hair Type: best for all curly, wavy, and coiled hair types
  • Material Type Free: paraffin and other oil-free
  • Scent: citrus smell with a hint of flowery smell


Carol’s Daughter mimosa hair honey shine pomade, moisturize your scalp, condition your hair, and control frizz. This shine pomade is great for dry, brittle, and textured hair and has a citrus scent.


Moisturize and define: gives a definition and helps moisturize your 360 waves

Does it all: hydrates scalp, smooths edges, and controls hair wave all in one

Great for all hair types: doesn’t matter if your hair is wavy, coiled, or curly, it works for all hair and helps repair any damage to it.

How to use

Right after a shower, pat dry your hair so your scalps feel slightly wet to the touch. Then you want to take a little in your hand and massage it evenly on your hand and then apply it all over your hair. Finally, brush your waves to style and then take off any excess product by pat drying. You can use it every day, make sure you use a strong hold pomade afterward.

Expert verdict

When a hair gel is not only great for styling but also helps moisturize your hair, who doesn’t want that? It gives your hair a shine like a pomade even though it isn’t a pomade! An all-purpose product that will do it all for you! However, what it won’t do is give your hair any sort of hold. Well, it is a gel so you can’t it to do that. Also, it might make hair feel a bit greasy, too greasy for my liking anyways.

Pros and Cons

All-purpose moisturizing gelDoes not hold your hair at all
Good shine 
Helps soothe itchy, dry scalp 

Best Curl Enhancing Moisturizer for 360 Waves – Tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer for Natural Hair

Tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer for Natural Hair


  • Product Benefits: shining, smoothening, and moisturizing
  • Hair Type: best for curly waves
  • Material Type Free: no sulfates, parabens, paraffin, or sulfates
  • Scent: a mixture of shea butter and almond smell


Shea butter and almond oil cream for your natural curls to help them moisturize and style to show off your curls.


Daily hydration: good for dry hair that needs a much-needed moisturizer

Shine and softness: not only does it help your hair shine, but it gives the softness it deserves

Promotes hair growth: with vitamin E in this product, you will have a strong hair growth

How to use

To use this, just apply it dry! You want to make sure that it covers all your hair evenly. Then you need to brush your hair to get the maximum moisturizing effect for your waves. I like to cover my hair for an hour after using the product to help it get into my hair well.

Expert verdict

I wouldn’t be the best judge of this because I don’t have curly hair. But the softening effect is really nice to feel. And the shine really makes your 360 waves pop out with the much-needed definition. However, though it boasts the moisturizing effect and calls it a daily-use product, it made my hair way too greasy on daily use! So I would suggest that you don’t really use this daily, maybe twice a week at max.

Pros and Cons

Great for moisturizing and softeningNot a daily-use product as advertised
Good shine for hair 
Moisturizes dry hair 

Best Lotion for 360 Waves – WaveBuilder Sof’ Waves Moisturizing Building Lotion

WaveBuilder Sof' Waves Moisturizing Building Lotion


  • Product Benefits: makes it easy to wave your hair
  • Hair Type: best for wavy and coiled hair
  • Material Type Free: dairy free
  • Scent: typical men’s deodorant smell


Sof’ Waves contains just the right blend of oils and other moisturizing agents to fully moisturize the hair without greasiness, stickiness, or buildup.


Absorbs quickly: doesn’t leave a greasy texture and is light enough for daily use

Prevents itchy scalp: helps to soothe dry scalp

Lasting shine: a good shine that lasts, while leaving your hair feeling fresh

Smile and wave: makes your hair easier to wave!

How to use

WaveBuilder products are best to use when your hair is wet. Take a small amount in your hand and then massage it deep into the scalp with your fingers. If needed, then take some more to evenly cover your hair. Then brush it after applying the lotion. And then cover up your hair for an hour or two and you are good to go. Apply it whenever you feel like your hair and scalp are drying out.

Expert verdict

If you find that your hair is dry like mine and harder to wave because of it, then Sof’ Waves is just the right product for you! It works best with your 360 wave brush and helps guide your waves nicely to help set it. It has a conditioning and softening effect that helps with your wave too. As it is a lotion, it will give a shine without the hold. It also is great because it doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy whatsoever. Though it is probably the best for hair that is dry like mine and you need a lotion to help soothe your scalp.

Pros and Cons

Softens, conditions, and shineNo holding properties
Soothes your scalp 
Makes waving easier 

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How to Moisturize 360 Wave Grease?

For moisturizing 360 waves, I use what is called the OMB method – oil, moisturizer, and butter. Now, there are two ways of doing this: dry or wet. So let’s see how you should go about doing this for either wet or dry hair.

How to Moisturize 360 Wave Grease

Dry application

With the dry application, what you first want to do is take your brush and lift up your hair from its waves. Brush in the opposite direction and get it really lifted. Use a medium brush to get it out of the waves, and then use a soft brush to get them ready. Then, take a bit of oil, massage it onto your hand, and gently rub it over your hair. You don’t need to massage them into your hair, just a rub down is good enough.

For moisturizer, take that shea butter goodness and then apply it all over the top of your hair and leave. For grease, you want to take as little as possible and then rub it over your hair. Then, you take your brushes again and comb them to how you want to style your wave. To get rid of the excess product, just take a towel and pat it over your hair.

I know some people want to get fancy with it by using a mitt or whatever, but a microfiber towel works just fine. And then you take your durag or whatever you want to cover your hair with and leave it on for a few hours (or overnight if you would like for a longer lasting)

With wet hair, you either air dry them or pat dry with your towel before you get started with a medium brush. DO NOT rub your towel over your hair. The friction is bad for your hair and it will ruin it. If you are using a leave-in conditioner, then what you want to do is wait a few hours before you apply any products. I would say leave it to dry and set it for a few hours. And then you follow the same thing with the dry application and you are good to go!

Wet Application

Personally, I like the dry application of products and leaving the 360 waves with the product in a wrap for a few hours. It works best for my hair, so it really depends on your hair what type is best.


How often should I moisturize my 360 waves?

It depends on the product but you should limit it to only twice a week, three times if you have washed your waves recently with shampoo.

Can I use Vaseline on 360 waves?

Vaseline can help trap moisture so your 360 waves don’t dry out. However, it also clogs your scalps a lot! So make sure to apply only a small amount on the top of your head. However, I would recommend against using Vaseline on your 360 waves.

What can I use to moisturize my 360 waves?

You can use moisturizer, hair gel, lotion, pomade, and grease to moisturize your 360 waves. Just remember it is important to use a product that goes with your hair type.

Which moisturizer is best for waves?

Cantu Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel with Shea Butteris the best overall moisturizer for 360 waves. It does all the things you need to moisturize and maintain your hair health.

Is Shea moisturizer good for waves?

Yes, shea moisturizer that uses shea butter is good for your 360 waves. It gives your hair a good shine as well as defines your waves without compromising your hair health.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! The 10 products and my review of the products. Hopefully, the tips I have given on how to use each of the products helps you. And I also hope my review of the product helps you to determine which one is the best for you. Keep your 360 waves nice and moisturized!

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