12 Blonde Hair With Shadow Root Idea | Step-by-Step Guideline

You may have heard about the new trend of blonde hair with shadow root. Want to know how to do it. Keep reading to learn some great tips!

If you have overgrown roots with your natural hair (black or red) and the rest of your hair is blonde, the entire thing will look very messy and unattractive. Eventually, the reason you went with blonde will be revealed. So, artists go for a color palette where they bleach and color your entire length with a lighter shade and leave the roots untouched.

The whole thing appears to be a natural transition, and you will not need to do occasional root touch-ups. If you bleach your roots, your hair will start to fall out, among many other problems. Some professionals even apply blonde hair with shadow roots to people with melted hair color.As a professional hair colorist, the first thing about bleach is that it’ll harm your hair.

As professionals, we can only minimize the effects. And we do it nicely. And if you want to do something very drastic, like going platinum with virgin black or brown hair, we certainly don’t recommend it, but if a client wants that, I’ll just ask them to go for a base of blonde hair with shadow roots. Here the sources are entirely untouched.

Some hair strands might be bleached and dyed, but you still have your natural locks intact, and there is no chance of hair fall. With a shadow root technique, the depth is in your roots, and then the hair transitions to something dark and softer, usually a blonde, and all of it perfectly adds a dimension to the hair. If you’re spending too much time in the sun, blonde hair with shadow roots will be a perfect choice.

What exactly is a shadow root hair?

Shadow Root Hair

If you’re following the current celebrity trends, you’ll know that none of them are going for just one color with beached hair all over it. And people do not use bleach on their roots, and it only harms the hair. Most professionals try to avoid dying their roots as, with time, the roots will grow, and the whole thing will look bad, so you’ll need to touch up, and then you’ll just be frizzing your hair more. So, it is better to enhance the natural color of the roots and make them a part of the natural hair color. And this is where blonde hair with shadow roots takes its place.

Shadow roots are one of the oldest new looks in the hair color world. We agree that gentlemen like blondes, but the blonde beauty must take care of her roots. Blonde hair with shadow roots is famous in every season. If you remember Kim Kardashian with very platinum hair, which initially started the trend of dyeing your hair platinum, they left their roots darker, and only the lengths were darker. You might want to argue that Miss Kardashian had completely blonde hair for the Met Gala, but that was a wig, and she didn’t have her hair completely fried.

A shadow root is mainly a hair color with dark roots and light length, but there is a sharp contrast between them. The difference looks like a shadow as the hair color is stretched throughout the hair. The roots closest to the root hair are not touched with bleach or dye, but the lengths are, giving more of a gradient look with a blurred transition.

Blonde hair with Shadow Root is something when you still want a change but want to keep your naturals intact. The area of the shadow root will depend on how you want your hair to look. For example, they can be an inch or more. This will also depend on the length of your hair. If you’re going light with brown hair, you’ll be creating a dramatic effect gradually, and eventually, the attention will go to your natural hair at the crown. The idea of a blonde with a shadow root is something like a sunkissed look, but more on the subtle tones and hues.

How can shadow roots be created?

There are two straightforward ways to get shadow root. And one of them is a natural way to get a shadow root. You can choose any of them and then dye your hair. But if you’re going for a blonde with a shadow root, we recommend going for a professional. People without experience with bleach can end up frying their hair entirely and eventually messing up everything.

Professional Intake

In this way, the hair colorist you’re going for will bleach your hair if you want to go with blonde and leave your roots alone. One or 1½ inch hair from your roots will be untouched, and the rest of the hair will be of a lighter shade. The dark hair will blend with the newly dyed hair perfectly, giving it a shadow effect more like gradient hair.

Natural Intake

If you’re bleaching your hair at home to be blonde ideally, then the shadow roots will be a natural phenomenon or disaster, depending on you. Your roots will then stats to grow eventually. So, you can accept it and try to blend the blonde hair with roots at a time. This is more of a rookie option as completely going for bleaching has a chance to screw up your hair, and your hair can fall off.

So choose an option which you feel right about. The natural growth of roots is nothing to be embarrassed about, and they are much easier to put up with.

Does shadow root have to involve only natural hair color?

No, you can choose any hair color for your root hair. Your roots will be dyed with a darker color, and the rest of the locks will be dyed in a lighter color. If your natural color is black, you can do your roots dye brunette, and the rest will be slightly brownish. Shadow Root is about creating a gradient and blurring effect on the hair; it doesn’t have to be your natural color. But if you choose another color, your roots will need constant touch-ups. Because the natural hair will grow, it needs to be blended in. So, we recommend going with a natural root to avoid any sort of work in the future on hair.

Blonde hair with shadow root ideas

Here we are including some of the blonde looks with shadow hair which will be perfect for every summer and fall. These looks have inspired so many people and are perfect for you. So, choose a color technique that suits you the most.

  1. Sandy Blonde Hair With Soft Brown Shadow Roots
  2. Blond Hair With Blended Shadow Roots
  3. Honey Blonde Hair With Shadow Roots
  4. Icy Blonde Hair With Shadow Roots
  5. Pure Blonde Hair With A Diffused Shadow Roots
  6. Caramel Blonde Hair With Shadow Roots
  7. Platinum Blonde Hair With Shadow Roots
  8. Light Platinum Hair With Pink Shadow Roots
  9. Ash Blonde Hair With Lilac Roots
  10. Light Blonde With Rose Gold-black Roots
  11. Pastel Blonde Hair With Dark Shadow Roots
  12. Strawberry Blonde With Shadow Roots

1. Sandy Blonde Hair With Soft Brown Shadow Roots

Sandy Blonde Hair With Soft Brown Shadow Roots

This is a more subtle and natural look, and the color is perfect for you if you have a tan skin tone. The roots will have a soft brown hue, and the lengths will have a lighter sandy blonde balayage. Oh, and try to match the color of your root to your brow color.

2. Blond Hair With Blended Shadow Root

If you’re dying your hair completely blonde and don’t want your dark roots to show through, choose a two-toned darker root color for shadow roots. And try to choose a color that is between your original color and Natural color, which will avoid the roots peaking very harshly.

3. Honey Blonde Hair With Shadow Root

Honey Blonde Hair With Shadow Root

If you want a blended hair color with your natural roots, we recommend the honey blonde color. This gives your hair a glossy dimension and contrasts between dark and light. The roots are darker, and eventually, the tips are very light. And the light blonde hair will eventually be blended with a shadow root.

4. Icy Blonde Hair With Shadow Root

The icy blonde is perfect if you want to go for cool-toned hair. This hair color is one step away from platinum hair and will still have some grey contrast. The roots will be dark, with your natural hair colors, and the rest will be blended cool-toned blonde. Do try beachy wave hair with this sort of hair color.

5. Pure Blonde Hair With A Diffused Shadow Root

In this case, the blonde must be very warm-toned, and the roots will be dyed with a slightly darker color. And the roots will eventually be blended as each color peaks through the hair. If you want to change your entire look with blonde hair with shadow root, then this is the sign that you do it.

6. Caramel Blonde Hair With Shadow Root

Caramel hair is the new blonde for those with brown hair. Keeping your brunette roots intact and mixing the brown with caramel will create the most gorgeous-looking hair for every skin tone. And if you have a warm skin tone, I’ll be more than perfect.

7. Platinum Blonde Hair With Shadow Root

Platinum Blonde Hair With Shadow Root

The platinum hair looks are more than edgy in the industry. And a blended shadow root to go with platinum is perfect for any occasion. If you remember Khloe Kardashian’s revenge look, you might understand what we are referring to. And a razored bob cut with platinum is perfect for anyone.

8. Light Platinum Hair With Pink Shadow Roots

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to go with your natural color for the shadow roots, and you can choose pink, purple, green, etc. So, a very light platinum blonde with pink roots is perfect for that edgy look.

9. Ash Blonde Hair With Lilac Roots

Ash Blonde Hair With Lilac Roots

This might be one of the coolest blends we’ve seen so far. Instead of dyeing your hair brown or any deep color, you can just go for a deep lilac tone. If you have blonde hair, that’ll be perfect for you. And if you have darker tones, you can leave some strands of grey with the rest of the blonde hair.

10. Light Blonde With Rose Gold-black Roots

If you want more than one gradient of color, then here you go. From the crown, you’ll have your natural roots. Eventually, you’ll get rose gold tones which will eventually be blended with the very light lengths. The hair looks very glossy as there is a hint of grey.

11. Pastel Blonde Hair With Dark Shadow Roots

Pastel Blonde Hair With Dark Shadow Roots

Pink or purple pastel looks are perfect for anyone, and the mix of blonde with it gives it a natural glow. And if you’re keeping your roots dark, all the goals ate set and rolled.

12. Strawberry Blonde With Shadow Roots

Strawberry blondes are one of the best shades of warm-toned blonde. If you have fair skin, the color will look gorgeous with almost everything. Keeping the roots dark will give depth to your skin features. This is a go-to when you can’t decide between red and blonde hair.

Root Shadow vs. Root Smudge vs. Root Melting

These techniques are pretty similar as their application techniques are similar, as well as the need to apply them. For example, you can apply shadow, smudge, or melt to a balayage or foliage, and they are applied to make amends between the roots and the rest of the lighter hair color. The core might be similar, but there are some slight changes in these techniques that a colorist can apply at a salon.

Root smudging is mostly applied to balayage hair to create a transition between the very light ends and darker roots. A slightly lighter color will be applied to the roots first, so there are no harsh lines, and the whole thing will blend. So, you’ll have a darker root to a similar balayage, and there won’t be any harsh effects.

Root melting is more of a color correcting technique where the color is melted at the roots to transition the color from the roots to the ends and make it less harsh. This is done in salons to make the hair seem like a transition. Root melting is mostly done on wet hair, and root melting can be done to fix the DIY mistakes of bleaching hair.

The critical difference between root shadow and smudging is that with shadow, the root is mainly your natural color, and it is the darkest part of the hair. With root smudging, the crown area is blended with the rest of the hair with slightly darker to darker hair. And as for root melting, it is done by blending the colors for root correction.

How to do shadow root?

Here we are including some easy steps for you to do blonde hair with a shadow root. We do not recommend going for a very drastic step, as the colors might not react as you expect them to. But we can certainly give an outlook on how shadow roots are done. These might help you understand how to do the whole thing without running your colors. Shadow root tutorials shouldn’t be too hard, and you can easily get them at your salon.

You will need some products to do your shadow roots. We are just giving an estimate of the

  • Demi-permanent color
  • Developer
  • Toner
  • Bowl
  • Brushes
  • Clips
  • Gloves
  • Comb
  • Old t-shirt or hairdresser Cape

Here are the steps of doing your shadow roots. We are not mentioning anything about how you can bleach your hair. But just the dyeing parts.

  • Choose a color
  • Section hair
  • Apply the color

Step 1: Choose a Hair Color

Choose a Hair Color

Before choosing your shadow root color, you must consider the color you want at your ends. Once you reach that conclusion, think of the color of your roots.

  • Don’t dye the roots if you want a hair color two to three shades lighter than your hair and want your crown to peek through.
  • If you want a very light shade, then for the roots, choose a darker shade but still lighter than your natural color.
  • Use complimentary colors to make it look and blend like a natural transition of hair colors.

Step 2: Section Hair

Section Hair

The second step is to part your hair properly. If you have very thick hair, you can divide the hair into four sections and then into further sections. Make sure to secure each Section with a hair clip. The hair should be sectioned at the same density, and the front rows are up until the ear. Then drape an old T-shirt or apron to cover the area. Use Vaseline around the skin to avoid staining. Once you’ve done it, start with tiny sections from the larger four sections.

Step 3: Apply Color

Apply Color

You can work with permanent or demi permanent hair colors for your blonde hair with a shadow root. Mix the colors in a bowl and start coloring from the neck area first.

  • Do the back first, then move to the front sections.
  • For root, color applies with a brush and moves downward.
  • Apply a horizontal technique on the back.
  • For the front color, apply it with a vertical technique.
  • Go a shade darker on the bottom and the same for the middle to the roots. This will create a shadow on how the sunlight makes your hair look.
  • Diffuse the colors with proper saturation, then comb the hair sections.
  • Leave the hairlines for the last so you can decide if you want to do them or not.
  • Keep the hair color for half an hour at least.

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Mistakes to avoid for blonde hair with shadow root

Root shadow for any hair color can be very easy as one just has to leave the hair alone. But some prevalent mistakes can ruin the entire process. Here we are including some problems caused to people who want blonde hair with a shadow root.

  1. Too dark: If the color formulated in the root is very dark than the actual color of the hair, then the entire process will just fail. As the root grows lighter, all of it will look patchy at the end.
  2. Applying directly to natural hair: If the darker color of the root is applied to the hair, which is not yet bleached, it will create a significant problem. The color will not come through, and the color will not settle down properly.
  3. Redoing the Root shadow: When applying another root color on a faded shadow root, make sure to lighten it first. Otherwise, the layers will remain intact, and the current color will not settle properly.
  4. Not Sectioning the hair: if you’re not going with a very thin strand of hair, it’ll all look like a huge mess at the end. So, to avoid any problems, use foil paper to wrap the end of your hair.
  5. Doing the front first: the depth and darkness of the shadow root should be in the crown section. If you do it on the front part, it won’t feel right. So, the money piece should have a lighter tone as it frames the face.


1. Is balayage and root shadow the same thing?

Balayage and root shadow are not the same thing; they are primarily on two different sides of hair color. Balayage will lighten your roots and do it to some strands of hair, and shadow root will only darken the roots.

2. How long does a shadow root last?

You don’t have to do a regular root touch-up with shadow roots when you’re keeping your natural color. The shadow root will enhance the growth of your natural color, thus staying a very long time. But if you dyed your roots, you’ll need to redye your shadow roots in three to four months.

3. Does a shadow root fade?

A shadow root will stay in place until your hair lightens. You might have to return within six to eight months to get the best results for blonde hair with a shadow root.


If you’re going to a salon or a professional hair colorist, you’d want to see a massive difference in your hair. Blonde hair with shadow root technique will elevate your hair color experience. It is essential to give the hair dimension, volume, and shine with colors. And shadow root does the job very nicely. If you’re going for high or low light blonde color in your hair, adding shadow roots will add a multi-dimensional effect. And if your colorist knows the way, they’ll be able to give you a flawless and seamless shadow root very quickly.

Now that we’ve included everything we understand and learned about blonde hair with shadow roots, we can easily conclude that you will eventually avoid the pitfalls while doing the work at home. Additionally, if you’re doing it in private, we advise ignoring your roots and concentrating on the length of the hair while perfectly integrating it with your roots. However, if you visit a professional, they’ll give you the hair color you’re after.

[P. S. Always use permanent hair color instead of a box dye.]

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