Will Spray Tan Cover Vitiligo?

Will spray tan cover vitiligo

Spray tanning is one of the popular processes by which some artificial chemicals react on your skin by producing an artificial sun tan. This process provides a summer glow and can help you get the best tan. Spray tanning has become very popular among people as it provides people with glowing and pigmented skin. The primary purpose of doing a spray tan is to get a golden glow without any exposure to skin damage but this is also used to hide the vitiligo spots. This is a quick and easy method to darken your skin that is used for vitiligo patients. Vitiligo patients refer to those who experience a loss of skin color.

So, will spray tan cover vitiligo? Spray tan may temporarily cover the vitiligo and make them less noticeable. The colorants added during the spray tanning may cover small to larger areas depending on the severity of the spots. After getting a spray tan, the patient with vitiligo becomes more confident and feels better about themselves.  In this article, you will get to know about the steps to do a spray tan with vitiligo patients, safety measures, aftercare tips, and so on. Spray tanning contains gentle and safe ingredients that make it suitable for vitiligo patients.

Spray Tanning with Vitiligo

Spray tanning with vitiligo
Spray tanning with vitiligo

Vitiligo is a chronic autoimmune disorder that causes loss of pigment or skin color because of patches of the skin. It causes some areas of skin to lose its color. Vitiligo can appear anywhere on your body and the condition can be mild to severe based on individuals. Some patients with vitiligo experience improvements when having a spray tan or tanning lotion. Spray tanning or creams can temporarily cover the vitiligo and make them less noticeable. The effect may last for 4-10 days.

Vitiligo creates a patchwork effect. As a result, the patients may experience lighter and darker pigmented skin areas. Some people may have small patches on the skin and others may have larger areas covered. Depending on the pigmentation or severity of your skin, spray tanning is done to cover them. Airbrush the spray or cream on the non-pigmented areas and balance them with the natural skin tone. Spray the whole body and then double spray on the whiter parts to get an even look. Spray tanning can help patients feel better about themselves and more confident.

Do Spray Tan Covers Vitiligo Spots?

Do spray tan covers vitiligo spots
Do spray tan covers vitiligo spots

Yes, spray tans can cover your entire body including vitiligo spots. Spray tanning helps to cover your entire body including the spots. After getting a spray tan, you’ll see that your vitiligo is less noticeable. The spray tan will provide you with a darkened color. Depending on your vitiligo condition, the contrast will be reduced, and the pigment-free patches of your skin will be covered.

A spray tan is the best way to cover your vitiligo and it will be so easily blended on your skin. If you have pale skin and you want to stay out of the sun, the contrast of spray tan will be so bendable on the skin. If you have a darker skin tone, your vitiligo will look so pale and the spray tan may not blend things well. Your pigment-free skin is naturally lighter than the other areas. As a result, it will not even out completely. A spray tan is a safe, reasonable, and effective mechanism for covering vitiligo spots. This helps to add colorant to the skin and create a tanned appearance. All vitiligo spots may not be covered with a spray tan because it depends on the severity of the spots and the skin condition.

Is Spray Tanning Safe for Those with Vitiligo?

Spray tanning refers to layering your skin with a tanned solution. This process helps to provide a sunkissed and tanned look. Spray tanning contains ingredients that are safe to use for people with vitiligo. This is a great way to hide the white patches of the skin. Spray tanning products can be found in lighter to darker shades. So, people with any skin shade can choose the right concentration for their needs. For white patches, you can spray the darker spray tan while the lighter color can be used for the darker patches of the skin. If you are planning to get a spray tan for your vitiligo, book an appointment with a good salon. A small sponge will be used to tan the white patches of your skin. A second layer of spray tanning will also be used to cover the vitiligo spots completely from your skin. The whole procedure is gentle and can be considered safe for people with vitiligo.

Step-by-Step Guide for Covering Vitiligo with Spray Tan

Everyone wants to be beautiful and confident at the same time. People with vitiligo have a lack of confidence and they want themselves to appear good like others. Spray tanning is the best way for people with vitiligo to cover or hide the vitiligo spots. Go for the following steps to cover vitiligo with spray tan-

Step-by-step guide for covering vitiligo with spray tan
Step-by-step guide for covering vitiligo with spray tan

1. Book a Consultation

If you are going to get a spray tan to cover your vitiligo, book a consultation with an expert to discuss your expectations and conditions. Your specialist may help you give an idea about your tanning and assess the future results. Your specialist may also include a patch test in your treatment.

2. Do a Patch Test

A patch test is recommended before going to a spray tan to cover the vitiligo. This will help you to know whether your skin is allergic to some ingredients of spray tan or tanning lotion. It also helps the patient to choose the shade that suited them the most.

3. Prepare Your Skin

Before taking your appointment, go for the appointment. As part of the preparation, exfoliate your skin the night before your appointment.

4. Use a Small Airbrush or Sponge

When applying the spray solution to your vitiligo spots, use a sponge or airbrush to focus on the white patches of the skin. Apply the solution using a sponge and blend the skin well. For vitiligo, apply the first layer on the white spots and then spread it out over the borders. Wait for 15 minutes and if this does not cover enough, apply a second layer on the vitiligo spots and the normal skin too.

5. Apply a Second Layer

When you are done covering the white patches of the skin, apply a second layer to make the skin even toned. A combination of dark and light shades can be used as a solution in which the darker shades will cover the white patches while the lighter shades will cover the whole body. Do not take a shower within 3 hours of applying your spray tan.

4 Precautions to Follow for Spray Tanning With Vitiligo

Before choosing a spray tanning product and going for the treatment to cover your vitiligo, you must follow some precautions and safety measures.

  1. Choose products that contain moisturizing ingredients and can nourish your skin. Otherwise, the solution may dry out your skin which may not be good for your vitiligo.
  2. Use gentle and kinder products that will be good for your skin health. For Example-Products containing natural oils are so gentle on the skin.
  3. Do not book an appointment before any special occasion. This is because it will take some time to get your desired result.
  4. Before going to a spray session for the first time, take some time with your specialist to choose which mix will work best on your skin.

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4 Spray Tan Aftercare Tips

Spray tan aftercare tips
Spray tan aftercare tips

After taking a spray tanning treatment, you need to follow some aftercare tips to preserve your tanned skin over the vitiligo.

  1. Do not wash it off immediately after getting a spray tan, wait for at least six to eight hours.
  2. Do not scrub or put pressure while taking the first shower after spray tanning as it can make your skin flaky with an uneven skin tone.
  3. Apply a moisturizer after your first shower to preserve the tanned skin. Choose moisturizers that are very gentle on the skin and won’t develop any blemishes or acne. It is recommended to use a moisturizer every day with tanned skin, especially for people with vitiligo.
  4. It is also recommended to eat plenty of water and healthy fruits. This will provide your skin with a healthy and hydrated glow.


1. Does fake tan hide vitiligo?

There are so many self-tanners to cover the vitiligo patches. Choose a tanner that matches your skin tone and helps to hide vitiligo. Before choosing any tanner, check the ingredients list to ensure that it is allergen-free.

2. Can tanning worsen vitiligo?

A spray tan helps in hiding the vitiligo spots from the skin. In some cases, it can worsen vitiligo by burning the skin. The loss of pigment is the result of burning skin.

3. How can I permanently cover vitiligo?

For covering the vitiligo spots permanently, a high concentration of pigmentation is required. Anhydrous foundations provide a pigmentation that can cover the vitiligo. It is often recommended to do a cosmetic tattoo to cover your vitiligo permanently.

4. Can you cover vitiligo with makeup?

There are some high-coverage foundations available to cover anything including vitiligo spots. These foundations contain ingredients that won’t irritate your skin.

5. What is the best cover for vitiligo?

Zanderm is a camouflage that can be considered the best cover for vitiligo. This is applied with an applicator pen that can be available in 14 colors.

Final Thoughts

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which patches of skin lose their color. Depending on the individual, the condition of the individual can be mild to severe. Patients with vitiligo desire an even-toned skin tone. A spray tan is a process that can help to cover the patches of the skin. Spray tanning helps to contrast and darken the skin color. This is a very safe and effective mechanism to cover the vitiligo spots of the skin no matter if they are small or large. After booking a consultation, follow the further steps chronologically to get the best results with vitiligo patients. You also need to follow the precautions and aftercare tips to preserve your tanned skin in covering vitiligo. The ingredients and procedure are safe for people with vitiligo to get the best coverage from a spray tan.

Key Points

  • Spray tanning is a process that can tan your skin artificially and cover the vitiligo spots.
  • Depending on the severity or pigmentation of your skin, a solution is applied to balance them with the natural skin tone.
  • Spray tan will provide your skin with a dark color and make the spots less noticeable.
  • This is a safe, reasonable, and effective mechanism that adds colorant to your skin and creates a tanned appearance.
  • Follow the safety measures and aftercare tips to preserve the tan and cover your vitiligo spots at the same time.

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