Can Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Fit in Glade?

can bath and body works wallflowers fit in glade
Bath and Body Works wallflowers will not fit with a Glade plug-in, and the Glade plug-in will not allow Bath and Body Work refills.

Bath and Body Works is well-known for its fragrance-infused products. They have mists, lotions, and fragrances that will suit you and your house. And to keep up with that, they came up with their version of the wallflowers. These are the bulbs filled with scents that are pugged onto an electric source, and thus you will have a fresh smell around the house. So basically, they are the perfume for the house.

When you think about the kind of smell that your house has, most people love the smell of a cinnamon stick. And when you are the kind that is afraid of burning the whole house down with candles, then the wallflowers would do a great job. And Bath & Body Works would be an ideal candidate to fragrantly fill your house. Another brand that keeps popping up is Glade.

The wallflower plug-ins of Bath and Body Works are often compared with the glade refills, and the question of involving these two brands always comes up. Can Bath & Body Works wallflowers fit in Glade? No, Bath & Body Works wallflowers do not fit in with Glade. You should only use the Glade bath and body works refill. You’ll have complete control over the bath and body works air freshener this way.

When two different brands of products like Bath and Body Works and Glade are interchanged, the chances of the plug-ins not working are highly probable, and the Bath and Body Works might end up getting ruined. The Bath & Body Works wallflower plug-ins will only work for the Bath & Body Works refills, and the same thing can be said for the Glade. For Bath & Body Works wallflowers, only the same brand of refills can be used. Any other brand will surely fail.

What are Bath & Body Works wallflowers?

What are bath & body works wallflowers

Bath and body works sell various types of air fresheners, with plug-in air fresheners being the most popular. What makes them so good? The popularity of the Bath and Body Works wallflowers can be attributed to the variety of scents they emit. And the plug-ins are used very easily. The wall fillings are mostly scented oils. As you are plugging in the wall flowers on an electric point, the oils will start to burn up, and a fragrance will come from the plug. The Bath & Body Works plug-ins, or “wallflowers,” are put in the air away from direct furniture so the scents will be transferred around. How to go with the Bath and Body Works wallflowers So, once you’re ready for the holiday season with the Bath & Body Works plug-in, follow these steps:

Choose a wallflower:

Bath and Body Works offers two different kinds of wallflowers. One is fully automated, and the other would be a regular wallflower. The best thing about wallflowers is that they come in different types. For the holiday season, the wallflowers are also highly decorated. The nutcracker, gnome wallflowers, ombre tree night light, snowflake wallflowers, holiday house nightlight, and Santa nightlight are all available. So the wallflowers are highly decorated.

Choose a wallflower plug:

You can choose from thousands of plugs or refills for the wallflowers. Bath and Body Works will come up with different sorts of plugs, and even in the holiday season, they have their particular brand of plugs. For example, this holiday season, they came up with linen and lavender, caramel pumpkin swirl, marshmallow fireside, Japanese cherry blossom, black cherry merlot, etc.

Plug in the wallflower:

 The wallflower plugs should last around two years, and the refills for the plugs will last for a month. So you can get a new refill every 30 days. You may want to refill the plugs before inserting the wallflowers. The plug should be at 90 degrees and either a horizontal or a vertical plug. Make sure to keep the wallflower at least 12 inches away from the floor and furnishings. Even when the pointers are 90 degrees, you can just rotate the wallflowers to get them straight.

Aside from the basics, the wallflowers also have other parts, such as the wallflower duo plug. Here you can use two different fragrances on the wallflower, and the smell of the wallflower will switch between these two smells.

Why do we love glade-scented oils and plug-ins?

Why do we love glade scented oils and plug ins

Well, the first thing to notice when we talk about glade-scented oils is that there are a few things to mention before we go any further. The glade-scented oils come in so many different flavors, and you get almost every loving term from them. Glade is a 100-year-old company with a legacy, and unlike Bath & Body Works, they are more than just sweet fragrances. The company has put a foot forward on safety issues, starting with its Glade plug-ins. And that might be the reason why there is so much hype about the Glade plug-ins. The most important feature of the plug-ins will actually be the plugs, and unlike the bath and body works, these are simply traditional-looking plug-ins with an infused scent.

The plug-in:

With the glade-scented oil’s starter, we might want to go through the main portion of these. The plug-ins are designed to use as little electricity as possible, saving money on fragrance and utility bills. And they also have an 8-hour rest mode, which will stop the machine automatically even when it is plugged in. With this 8-hour rest time, the machine will shut off automatically, and when the machine is empty, it will shut off with an indicator for a new refill. To install the warmer, begin by rotating the warmer plugs to their tightest fit and attempting to place the machine on a horizontal outlet. The warmer should be installed on the outlet, and then you can insert the fragrance frame.

Power on:

When you start using the Glade plug-in, the light will flash, and that’s how you know that the plug-inn has started to work. A rotating top on the warmer can be set according to the intensity of the fragrance. The light will flash twice once the setting is done. There are two modes on the heater. First, there is the 24 mode, and then there is the 16 mode. With the 16-hour mode, the warmer will stop working for 8 hours before restarting for the next 16 hours.

The machine will stay put with very low electricity consumption. And with the 24-hour mode, the fragrance warmer will work for the full 24 hours at times, and once the refill is empty, there will be a switch at the end. There are “rest” and “on” options for the full cycle mode QNF as well as the rest phase. The lights on this type of machine are a direct indicator of the light. There is the white light that signifies “on.” The blue light is for when the refill starts to run low. And when the device is off, it means the refill is nearly done.

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Are the Bath & Body Works and Glade plug-ins interchangeable?

No, the Glade and Bath & Body Works plug-ins and the refills are not interchangeable. This is because they look and work entirely differently, and thus most people recommend using the same refill for the same brand of plug-ins. The security caps on the front of the Bath & Body Works and Glade are completely different; thus, the refills or the plug-ins cannot be interchangeable at any point. But there are some ways that you might be able to use a Bath & Body Works wallflower with the Glade fragrance.

How to use the Bath and Body Works wallflowers that fit in the Glade refills?

How to use the-bath and body works wallflowers that fit in the glade refills

What do plug-in air fresheners do? These are 24/7 air fresheners plugged into a current source and will give off a smell like a diffuser. Bath and Body Works is well-known for its wallflowers, as they created thousands of different scents. So you can choose the best possible fragrance for your house. The bath and body work plug-in air fresheners are known as the wallflower and are room-filling air fresheners in short. Another brand with the same automatic air freshener type is the Glade Scent Oil Plus. These sorts of plug-ins are more automatic, and they tend to have different modes.

The best way to use the glade oils and bath and body works warmers is to drain the scents. And for that, you might have to do a bit of work. And there are some steps for draining the glade heater. For this, you will need the following:

  • Refill bath and body work container
  • A new bottle of the glade-scented oil
  • Knife or a fork
  • Funnel

Well, these are just the essentials of getting one product into another bottle. Remember that for the bath and body work wallflower to work with a Glade refill, both brands’ refills and the wallflower must be used. You’ll mostly be doing it yourself with the refills and then the plugs. Here we’ll be going with a step-by-step guide to getting to the bottom of the process:

Step 1: Start with the knife

Start with the empty refill of Bath & Body Works and place a small knife on the cap of the air freshener. And the knife should be between the cap and the plastic. Now move the knife in a back-and-forth motion and try to pop the top of the plastic container. Most of the Bath and Body Works refills are plastic, so you can easily work with a putty knife. Once you get the cap off, the wick will come out easily.

Step 2: Pour the glade-scented oil

Well, the knives are the difficult part of this DIY. Now you just have to fill up the empty Bath & Body Works bottle with the new Glade fragrance. For that, use a funnel. And because the glade-scented oils are made for diffusers, you don’t have to worry about their quality.

Step 3: close up

And lastly, when you are done refilling the bottle, just snap the container back into place. When you are putting the wick or the cap on, make sure that they are not damaged in any way, and also, the placement of the wick will play an essential role. The wick should be touching the container’s oil and also the inside of the container. The wick placement is necessary for the refills seal, so make sure to get that part right.

Step 4: Plug-in

And lastly, you might want to plug the wallflowers into a source and turn them on. If you did a good job with the DIY fragrance, you’d be able to detect the smell from the plug-in.


1. Do Bath and Body Works wallflowers work with any other plug-ins?

No, the Bath and Body Works Wallflower will not work with any other plug-ins, and this is because of their unique features of manufacture.

2. Do any other refills fit wallflowers?

No other refill will fit the Bath & Body Works refills, and you can only use the Bath & Body Works scented refills for the wallflowers.

Final Thoughts

Glade and Bath and Body Works came up with their own term for plug-in air fresheners that are perfect for the house. These air fresheners are almost perfect for a fresh smell around the house. Glade air fresheners would be perfect for an everyday smell, and the Bath & Body Works plug-ins would be best for the holiday season. With Glade, you only get a few of the fragrances on the list. But with bath and body products, you get thousands of different smells. With the Glade plug-ins, you get the best possible results because they are automated. And the bath and body work plug-ins are mostly for decor. However, because the refills are different in both cases, you can swipe them both for one another.

Key Points

  1. Use just the Glade or the bath and body works refill. This manner, you’ll have total control over the bath and body works air freshener. When two different brands of products, such as Bath & Body Works and Glade, are mixed, the odds of the plug-ins not working are quite high.
  2. The range of aromas emitted by the Bath and Body Works wallflowers contributes to their appeal. And the plug-ins are simple to utilize. The majority of the wall fillers are perfumed oils. When you plug in the wall flowers to an electric outlet, the oils begin to burn and a scent emanates from the socket.
  3. Glade is a 100-year-old firm with a heritage, and they are more than just delicious smells, unlike Bath & Body Works. Starting with its Glade plug-ins, the corporation has taken a stand on safety problems.
  4. Because the security caps on the front of the Bath & Body Works and Glade are so distinct, the plug-ins cannot be interchanged at any stage. However, there are some ways to combine a Bath & Body Works wallflower with the Glade scent.

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