Romantic Shower- The Ultimate Guide

romantic shower
When planning a romantic shower, there are many things to consider. From choosing the right location to making sure everything is ready when you arrive, here are some helpful hints to ensure you have a memorable time.

A happy and varied time makes life lively. People are most happy when they come close to loved ones in their personal life. Imagine yourself frolicking with your loved ones in a dreamy environment.

A “Romantic Shower” in a romantic environment can be a wonderful experience to burnish your personal life, which will be remembered long after it is over! Is a romantic shower just a shower? The choice of both is very important in creating a romantic condition. In this article, I want to awaken the latent desire to shower in a romantic environment.

What is a romantic shower?

A nice bath is always desirable and enjoyable. It’s good to actively join your loved one in the tub or shower together and soap and shampoo each other. Both will experience divine pleasure as you passionately soap or shampoo your lover’s entire body. The pleasure of showering together is much more pleasurable than traditional sex. Take your time to enjoy each other, take your time to get closer to each other. Enjoy, and do whatever makes the time enjoyable! This is just a little idea of a romantic shower .

How should be an environment for a romantic shower?

1. Time:

Choosing the right time is very important. The ideal time is when you and your partner have plenty of time. No one else will contact or disturb you. Plan properly and make sure to show up on time by respecting your partner’s opinion. You can enjoy a romantic shower with a lot of things. But too many elements can lose focus. Items can include roses, essential oils, bath salts, and bubble baths. How you thrill and how you thrill your girlfriend is up to you. All ingredients are available in almost all supermarkets. Check and buy the necessary parenting material. Collecting the necessary items in advance will save your time.

2. Bathroom decoration:

Bathroom decoration

A romantic shower requires eye-catching bathroom decoration. You can easily pick up everything from a local shop. To create a romantic experience in your bathroom you may introduce a floral shower curtain, paintings, add greenery, Indoor plants, a vibrant bath mat, and colorful towels. But don’t forget to put a smiling photo of your girlfriend at the entrance of the shower room.

3. Music:


Showering will be more enjoyable with the simple addition of music. Music will delight your senses. However, the music should be listened to at a low volume so that the music does not distract the attention. Collect some favorite music. Singing in the shower can oxygenate the blood, and lower your stress levels and blood pressure. Music can give a positive effect on the immune system.

4. Air freshener:

Air freshener

Use your favorite air freshener or light-scented perfume in the bathroom to create a romantic feel. Keep your eyes, nose, and ears in a romantic mood. You can use natural air fresheners instead of chemical air fresheners. For example, pomander balls, and aromatic house plants.

  • Pomander balls: Oranges decorated with cloves, its smell will spread throughout the room. Which will cheer up the mind.
  • Fragrant House plant: The fragrance of jasmine or lavender is well known. Some flowers such as jasmine or lavender can be kept in the shower room. As beautiful as it is to look at, the fragrance will be mind-blowing.

5. Bath bomb:

It can create an amazing feeling when you drop a colorful bath bomb into your tub, this will create a fizzing effect. A good way to use a bath bomb in the shower is to place the bath bomb on the floor of the tub. When the shower water hits the bath bomb, it will gently release its scent into the shower. You will be able to enjoy its beautiful, soothing scent. The color, fragrance and floating petals in the bathtub can add to the excitement of your romantic shower. Various types of bath bombs are available in the market. You can buy the best bath bombs of your choice from any super shop.

6. Bath salts: 

Bath salts

Your bath will smell and look nicer with bath salts. They are available at most bed and bath stores, as well as some specialty or beauty supply stores. Epsom salt and sea salt are examples of salts you can add to your bath. Epsom and sea salt also helps detoxify the skin. A good way to use bath salts in the shower is to sprinkle the bath salts down. The salts will dissolve, creating soothing steam. This method is great for scented bath salts A high concentration of salt increases the density of the water, increasing buoyancy, which makes the body feel lighter while bathing.

Epsom salt baths can not only relieve pain and discomfort but also relax muscles and relieve stress, also helps to detoxify the skin. You can dissolve about 300 to 500 grams of Epsom salt in the bathtub and sit for about 10 to 20 minutes. Wash the skin thoroughly after bathing.

7. Candlelight:


You can create a beautiful environment with candlelight. Nothing compares to the soft light of a candle. The light-dark environment around the shower can make the time very romantic. Scented candles will help to set the mood for innermost moments. You can easily collect scented candles of different colors. Candles scented with patchouli rose, jasmine and rosewood are notable for their aphrodisiac effects. Light candles in the bathroom before showering. You can set the mood with candlelight by placing several pillar candles around your bathtub. These candles can set the right tone for a romantic evening together.

If you don’t have a ledge around the bathtub that you can place candles on, you can add some stone pedestals for a more dramatic look. The softness of candlelight will help create a romantic environment. Keep candles away from the bath area, safety awareness is desirable.

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Things you can do with your darling for a romantic shower:

1. Dimer:


Romance needs effective romantic bathroom ideas. Light affects the mind. You can use a dimer, and replace some of the lamps with lower wattage bulbs for a lovely feeling of intimacy. You can set the mood with candlelight by placing several pillar candles around your bathtub. For a romantic evening, candles can give you the right tone.

If you don’t have a ledge around the bathtub that you can place candles on, you can add some stone pedestals for a more dramatic look.

2. Body massage:

Body massage

Light-scented candles. Which can help refresh your mind. Have some exciting and delicious drinks! Deep hugs and kisses. Remove clothing to prepare for a shower. For fun, you can splash a little water on your loved one. Then lay down and massage gently the entire body in such a way that the water of the shower lightly wet both of you. Give massages to each other.

Don’t forget to massage the scalp. Sensual scalp massages will increase your romanticism manifold.

3. Shave:


Unless your girlfriend is embarrassed or you don’t mind, you can help each other with a shave. You can cut fingernails, and toenails, clean armpit hair, and more. However, you should never exceed the limit. There are many things you can do while showering together. If you think that your girlfriend will not feel comfortable then it’s better to avoid it.

4. Water massage:

Water massage

No doubt you want to be as intimate as possible with your partner during a romantic shower. While your partner is facing forward, gently touch her neck and shoulders. Also, find out from her where she likes to be massaged. You can use essential oils to make your touch more meaningful. Help your lover relax with a steamy water massage to make a romantic shower more relaxing. Massage each other when you both shower together.

A light massage during the shower can relax, stimulate and energize your partner and help to focus the mind. Surely your partner is a “pleasure seeker” – so focus on the degree to which she enjoys massaging. Be careful during water massages like cuts or open wounds, bruises, varicose veins, broken bones, burns, and some skin conditions.

5. Hair wash:

Hair wash

Wash your sweetheart’s hair. Girls are more focused on hair than boys. Take this opportunity to shampoo her hair well, and kiss her forehead, neck, and kiss navel. As if she is lost in love with you in the excess of your love. Use a shampoo that smells amazing. Let that obsession remain ever after the shower.

6. Body wash:

Body wash

Start in earnest if you think now is the perfect time to wash her whole body. Touch doesn’t always lead to sex, however. Take time to wash every inch of her body including her neck, hands, legs, hips, thighs, and sensitive areas with soap. Hug each other for a while the feeling of love is awakened more by touching the skin of both.

Do not use a loofah, washcloth, or similar items, and rub the body wash on your girlfriend with your fingers. There is nothing more intimate than the feeling of skin against skin. Pull your girlfriend to your chest and wash her back well with both hands. Stand back and gently kiss the neck and wash the whole body including the chest, navel, and stomach well. She will enjoy it with a lustful smile.

7. Shower sex:

Shower sex

The pleasure of sexual activity can be desired under a running steamy shower. Nudity while bathing can increase the desire for sexual intercourse. A steam shower helps you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can have sex in any position or multiple positions as you like. However, the benefit of shower sex is that both are satisfied in the long run. Knowing where your partner wants to be touched or how to have sex is very important. Shower sex is one of the most intimate expressions.

8. Entertainment:


To make bath time more enjoyable, you can arrange some light food and drinks. Like, grapes, chocolate, juice, beer, and champagne. Keep it in such a way that both of you can drink by raising your hand. Feeding each other will increase intimacy.

9. Use of shampoo:

Use of shampoo

Shampoo time can be more romantic. Wet the hair thoroughly with water. Take a light-scented shampoo to your palms and apply the shampoo to her scalp and massage properly. While shampooing the hair, pay the most attention to the scalp. Wash the hair and scalp thoroughly. If shampoo gets into her eyes, wipe carefully. How long you leave the shampoo in your hair during the shower depends on the thickness of your hair. It is usually washed off after 2 to 3 minutes. You will find different shampoos in the market. Buy your favorite shampoo.

10. Steam bath:

Steam bath

A steamy bathroom acts like a sauna, opening your pores, cleansing your skin, and helping to detoxify your body. Steam can remove any impurities, improve skin appearance, and lower blood pressure. The heat of the steam room may dilate or enlarge blood vessels. The benefits of the steam showers should be used with awareness. Heat can cause the body to dehydrate. 7 to 10 minutes of tolerable temperature steam shower is recommended by many. Steam showers can be effective ways to improve health and well-being. A steam shower is not like a normal shower.

11. Towels:


At the end of the bath wipe each other’s wet bodies with a gently warm soft fluffy towel or bathrobe.  Dry your wet hair with care. You can get colorful microfiber towels from the store. Microfiber towels reduce the amount of hair friction during use and are great for wicking away moisture you can also collect a “Romantic Towel Set Box”. It looks very nice. Usually, the box contains a cotton bath towel, Aesop breathless body oil, Handcrafted Rose Bath Soak in Lavender Calming Essential Oil by Lets Soak, and a customized Message Card.

12. Happy ending

A romantic shower is not just a shower. More than that, it’s much more. Efforts are made to fulfill expectations and achieve goals.

It is said, “When two minds come together, romance begins then.” A romantic shower depends on the needs, ability, and planning of both. At the beginning of a romantic shower, welcome your loved one with a bunch of flowers, and at the time of farewell, make it memorable by giving an eye-catching gift and a happy ending with warm kisses.


1. Can I put petals in the bathtub?

Of course! You can use rose petals. Known as a mood enhancer. Adding rose petals to the bath will help relieve feelings of anxiety.

2. What should be the temperature during the shower?

A comfortable and healthy shower temperature is between 98 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. When is the right time for a romantic shower?

It depends on you. But I think that evening would be the best time for romance. But choosing a weekend will be free from professional work.

4. Should I shower if I have eczema?

Eczema can be aggravated by the soaps, colors, and hot water temperature used in bathing. Bathing can make eczema symptoms worse. People with eczema tend to have dry and irritated skin.

5. Can a hot water shower lose weight?

Showering can help you lose weight a bit because the movement during showering burns some calories.

Final thoughts

Many people are interested in having a romantic shower. A romantic shower is not like a traditional bath. Romanticism and freshness is the main motive. The need for a romantic shower is undeniable. Because, just as you will be clean in a romantic shower, you bond deeply with each other and both will be very intoxicated in the game. So why late, today fix the day and have a romantic shower!

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