Fox Eye Vs Cat Eye Makeup: What’s the Difference?

There are many different kinds of eye makeup available today. Some people prefer cat eye makeup while others like fox eye makeup. Find out which one suits you best!

To beautify our eyes, we do so many things, but not all types of eye makeup are similarly perfect for us. Actually, it depends on so many things like- our eye type, our target, and some other things. Based on these things, we should decide which type of eye makeup is best for us. Otherwise, we’ll not be able to ensure our desired eye look. To determine the right type of eye makeup, you should first know about different types of eye makeup.

These days, celebrities, even some common people, are after any of the two types of eye makeup- fox eye makeup and cat eye makeup. Today I’m going to show you some mentionable differences between these two which will help you to choose the right one among these two for you.

What is fox eye and cat eye makeup?

Fox eye makeup means emphasizing one’s inner eye corner with eyeshadow and eyeliner, though you have to do something on the outer corner too. Usually, people who are so crazy have slightly slanted eyes and use fox eye makeup. A good many people use this eye makeup, and if you can do it perfectly, it will flourish your eye beauty.

Cat eye makeup is not like fox eye makeup; as in cat eye makeup, makeup artists mainly depend on eyeliner. Cat eye makeup doesn’t mean only one thing; rather, there are classic cat eye trends and reverse cat eye trends. The classic cat eye trend focuses on flicks on one’s upper eyelid. On the other hand, the reverse cat eye focuses the lower eyelash line. As it is an older makeup style, many people consider it less effective nowadays. But, still, many people follow this makeup style while doing makeup on their eyes. The makeup application process is not the same for ensuring a different look. Depending on what type of look you want to ensure, you must determine how to apply eye makeup.

Fox eye vs. cat eye makeup- what you need to know?

There are so many differences between fox eye makeup and cat eye makeup. If you understand all these issues deeply, then you’ll be able to ensure the look you desire by applying the right makeup. Now I am going to share some important differences between fox eye makeup and cat eye makeup.

  1. Difference in meaning of these two
  2. Goal of these two makeup
  3. Fox Eye vs. Cat Eye makeup: from the perspective of popularity
  4. Necessary products

1. Difference in meaning of these two

Difference in meaning of these two

In applying fox eye makeup, you have to emphasize your eye’s inner corner with makeup products like eyeshadow or eyeliner. Inner corner, you’ll have to do something important as the outer corner is less important for ensuring a fox-eye look. In this style, you must create a straight wing on your eye’s end and blur it to vanish harsh lines.

On the other hand, in doing cat eye makeup, you need to concentrate on your eye’s outer portion. And, it needs to create a round effect on both your eyes to ensure the cat eye looks. So, resembling with a cat’s eye is the main feature of this eye makeup, and that’s why we call it cat eye makeup.

2. Goal of these two makeup

People who want to get elongated and almond-shaped eyes mainly resort to fox eye makeup, which resembles fox’s eyes. If you want to brighten your eyes, use fox eye makeup. Just by a simple lash work, you’ll be able to do fox eye makeup in a few minutes. But, it is not for you if you don’t want to present a candid look through both your eyes.

But cat eye makeup is done to ensure a pointed look, just like a cat’s. In other words, if you want to ensure a candid look, then cat eye makeup will be a good choice for you. For a quintessential beauty statement, the cat eye look is perfect due to the features of cat eye makeup. But it can be extravagant or minimal as the user wants while doing the eye makeup. Cat eye makeup is a great option to look bold or glam, so you may use such makeup if you want that.

3. Fox Eye vs. Cat Eye makeup: from the perspective of popularity

Usually, fox eye makeup is a popular trend now because people like to ensure a brighter look through their eyes, which is why they resort to fox eye makeup. Another reason behind the popularity of fox eye makeup is that it is very simple and requires only a few minutes though you need to use many products here.

On the contrary, people who like old fashion love a candid look, and that’s why they apply cat eye makeup. Cat eye makeup has been popular for centuries because people wanted to flourish their candid look then, but some people still want it, which is why they use cat eye makeup. Flirtatious allure is one of the essential aspects of cat eye makeup, and some people love this makeup thanks to it.

4. Necessary products

Necessary products

To ensure a fox eye look, you must have mascara, concealer, powder, etc. And besides these, you have to use eye shadow or eyeliner, which should be black or brown.

On the other side, you need to use liquid eyeliner or pencil to do cat eye makeup. Using black liquid eyeliner will be great for you to apply the cat eye makeup perfectly. However, for precisely applying the eyeliner, you need to use an ultra-thin eyeliner pen because it is helpful to provide a perfect shape.

Fox eye vs. cat eye makeup: from the viewpoint of applying process

The main difference between Fox eye vs. cat eye makeup is how it shapes the eyes. Fox eye makeup gives the eyes a more lifted look with the focus being on the inner corner of the eyes while cat eye makeup is meant to put the emphasis on the outer corner of the eyes. Here are some other ways that these two makeup styles differ in terms of the application process.

  1. Differences exist in preparing your eyes for makeup
  2. Difference in the process of forming the base
  3. Difference in makeup application

1. Differences exist in preparing your eyes for makeup

Differences exist in preparing your eyes for makeup

To prepare your eyes for applying the fox eye makeup, you must clean the skin around your eyes properly. And it’s necessary to remove the excess oil and cleanse the previous makeup if there’s any. Then, using a simple exfoliator or cleanser, you may do the proper cleaning tasks necessary for applying fox eye makeup. After that, you have to use a mild concealer with a view to prime both your eyelids. And, then to set them, use a powder matching your skin tone. All these things are necessary to keep your fox eye makeup for an extended period perfectly.

On the other hand, to prepare your eyes for cat eye makeup, you must do different things. First, clean your eye area, as usual, for applying new makeup using a gentle cleanser. After that, you must apply a neutral or light eyeshadow by using any makeup brush that is comfortable for you. Next, you should start applying the eyeshadow from your lash line, and it will end your crease. If you want to ensure a super dramatic look by applying cat eye makeup, then you may think of using any dark eyeshadow. But keep in mind it may seem unnatural sometimes because, ordinarily, cat eye makeup looks overly dramatic.

2. Difference in the process of forming the base

Difference In The Process Of Forming The Base

After the pre-work, you must add something to your eye’s outer corner. And light brown eyeshadow is superb in this regard, and it will contour your eye’s outer corner. Then, to ensure a super fox eye look, you must add the eyeshadow from the farthest corner, which will go up to the outer side of both your eyes. Then following this up, using a dark brown eyeshadow is necessary for ensuring a fox eye look in the skin where you count towards your eye’s outer corner.

And, it would help if you created a wing or similar things like that there. All these things will create a superb base for applying the fox eye makeup. The last task for forming the base for fox eye makeup is to apply a light shade on both brow bones for contouring, and you’ll have to do the same on both your eyelid’s center.

But, in the case of cat eye makeup, you have to do different things, like- after doing some necessary pre-works, you have to get the wing angles. And in cat eye makeup, this depends on the shape of your eyes and your goal or the dramatic look you desire. In the cat eye makeup, two methods are available to get the wing angle, so you may choose the one for you. The first way is to create the cat eye wing on your lower lash line by extending it a bit. That means it’s just the lash line (lower) extension to create the perfect cat eye wing.

The second method is to use a makeup brush, and in this method, you have to draw the brush from your nose’s outer part, and this makeup brush will go up to both your eyebrows. When you draw the brush, a path will be created, and that path will mark the wing angle that you have to follow. In addition, you may make dots, and those dots are useful for outlining the wing angle. And the drawing of dots is helpful because, in this way, you’ll be able to avoid imperfect drawing. The length of your wing will be according to the shape of your eyes.

If your eyes are small and the wing is more extended, it will be better for you to create a bigger appearance. But a shorter wing will be helpful if your eyes are unusually bigger and you want to make a small appearance. To make a short wing, you must start eyeliner drawing from your waterline and elongate it upward.

3. Difference in makeup application

Difference In Makeup Application

After forming the base, you must trace a line on both eyelids. And to do that, you may use a liquid eyeliner of black color. While you’re tracing the line, you should stop the tracing anywhere between three-fourths of the area, and then you have to extend the wing straightly in a thin line. After that, do the needful on your lower lash line- bring your eye’s outer corner towards the lower lash line.

To do that, you should use a brown eyeshadow as the contour tool. Now do the same thing on the inner corner of both your eyes and here, you should use black eyeliner. And if you can do that perfectly, then there will be a V shape, and you should move that outwards a bit. By all these tasks, certainly, you’ll be able to ensure a fox eye look that will ensure a fantastic presentation of your eyes.

But the makeup application procedure is different in the case of applying cat eye makeup. After you get the wing, you have to step forward to draw the perfect outline. In this regard, liquid eyeliner of black color will be great because it will surprisingly ensure a cat-eye look. Using black liquid eyeliner, you should outline your eyes’ inner and outer corners.

To make the cat eye look magnificent, you have to contour the eye-selected area, and you may do so by using a thin makeup brush. So, with the brush, you should do eyeliner line extensions and try to ensure a look just like bigger tear duct lines. That’s all you need to do for cat eye makeup which is totally different from fox eye makeup applying.

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Fox eye vs cat eye makeup: real life story

When I started using makeup products on my face, eyes, nails, and some other parts of my body. But I gave particular importance to beautifying my eyes because they were and are a bit smaller. But I didn’t find any effective method even though I applied all the necessary makeup products to my eyes. Actually, I tried to use the latest styles and makeup products, which is why I considered the cat’s eye makeup a bit old-fashioned. And a candid look was not desirable to me, so I avoided the cat eye makeup.
As I thought that fox eye makeup would be perfect for me, I always use that makeup. However, I couldn’t understand whether the fox eye makeup is perfect for my facial appearance. So, I just used light brown eyeshadow to contour my eye’s outer corner and followed up with a dark brown one. And then, I applied black liquid eyeliner and did all the necessary things to complete my fox eye makeup.
But one day, just for an experiment, I decided to use cat eye makeup for one day. I didn’t even buy the necessary products for cat eye makeup, rather, one of my friends applied cat eye makeup, and I went to her home for the purpose and applied cat eye makeup in her home. In doing the cat eye makeup, I just got a wing angle, and the wing was a bit longer. And then, I outlined the outer corner of my eyes using a liquid eyeliner of black color.
Then, I did the other necessary things that applying cat’s eye makeup requires. But when I stood in front of a window after applying the cat eye makeup, it seemed that my eyes appeared larger, which was a dreamy thing to me. It was also possible to do other types of makeup, but I couldn’t do it effectively. And when I used fox eye makeup, I tried to ensure a natural look, but I couldn’t because my face didn’t suit that, which I understand today, and I didn’t understand when I used fox eye makeup. So, although cat eye makeup is a bit old fashioned, it has ensured my natural look and enhanced my natural beauty, and for this reason, from then on, I have used cat eye makeup till today.

Barbara Reif


1. Which makeup application is easy- fox eye makeup or cat eye makeup?

Actually the application of fox eye makeup is different from that of cat eye makeup. If you apply any of this makeup 3 to 4 times then the application process will be easier for you no matter what type of makeup you’re applying.

2. What type of makeup style is better for ensuring a candid look?

If you want to ensure a candid look or you want to flourish your appearance like simplicity through your eyes then cat eye makeup will be great for you. It is well known that this type of eye makeup is effective for making your eyes candid looking.

3. What type of products are necessary for applying fox eye makeup perfectly?

You need to use mascara, concealer, powder, eyeshadow, and eyeliner for applying fox eye makeup perfectly. And, for perfect fox eye makeup, black or brown color is perfect for eyeshadow and eyeliner.

4. What products are needed for you to get a cat eye look, exactly?

Here you will not have to use so many products like fox eye make up. You need to use black liquid eyeliner for pencil and an ultra thin eyeliner pen for applying it.

5. How can I prepare my eyes for applying fox eye makeup or cat eye up?

There are some similarities in this regard between the application of fox eye and cat eye makeup, in the sense that you have to cleanse your face, or at least the eye area first. But in the case of fox eye, you should use mild concealer, and a powder first. And, in the case of cat eyeshadow you should use a light eyeshadow first.

6. Why do old fashioned people like cat eye makeup?

Actually the look ensured by the cat eye makeup is candid and this look was considered the best for a long time. That’s why people who love old fashion like this eye makeup style.

7. What’s the main objective of using fox eye makeup?

People who want to ensure elongated eyes with a clever look, ordinarily choose the fox eye makeup. Another thing is that fox eye makeup is superb for ensuring a tricky or clever look.

8. How can I clean my face perfectly to make them prepared for any eye makeup?

To apply fox eye makeup or cat eye makeup, you don’t need to clean by any special means. Ordinarily cleaning with any exfoliator or cleanser is enough, just you need to ensure no dirt or excess oil is there.

9. How can I get a bigger appearance of my small eyes, using cat eye makeup?

It’s easy to ensure a bigger appearance using cat eye makeup, and it is possible in other types of makeup too. You just have to make the wing longer before applying the cat eye makeup.

10. Should I take care of anything while applying fox eye makeup or cat eye makeup?

Actually, these two are ordinary makeup ways for eyes, so you don’t have to take care of anything unusual. Just take care of the things which you should do in applying other makeup styles, like cleaning properly, applying non-harmful makeup products, or so.


There are so many differences between fox eye vs. cat eye makeup, but one cannot be said to be better than the other. People who use fox eye makeup don’t want to use cat eye makeup, and vice versa. Because people choose the eye makeup style depending on what eye makeup style can meet their criteria well. So whatever is better for one might not be like that for the other.

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