Does Lush Bath Bombs Stain? Tips for Preventing it

does lush bath bombs stain
There a negative things to say about lush bath bombs, except for the fact that they stain the tub a little bit.

When you talk about the most famous bath bomb manufacturers, the first name that will eventually pop up is Lush Bath Bombs. These are the OGs of the bath bombs, and they have come up with different products over all these years. Lush bath bombs are very delicate, and they are one of the renowned brands with too many items on the list. The lush bath bombs are famous for their individuality, and mostly they are the perfect take on a very hectic and chaotic soap market. What makes the lush bath bombs different from each other? 

Well, the main concern about the lush bath bombs is that they are very exclusive. And then the bath bombs are one of the most versatile ones, as so many new products have been coming up with all these new arrangements and occasions. The luxurious bath bombs are one-of-a-kind and cost less than $5. And that might be the reason why we are so in love with all the aspects related to bath bombs. But still, does lush bath bombs stain?

The lash bath bombs stain the bathtub and the skin, but it is not something very major. But rather, the bath bombs with bright and vibrant colors will leave a stain, as they are most likely so because of the color. Another reason why there might be stains is that when you are diving into your tub with a very bright color bath bomb for more than an hour, the water will definitely leave its mark, and as most of the colorants are natural, they will wash off eventually. The main thing about bath bombs is that they frizz quickly, and without much trace, they dissolve in the tub. That could be why the lush bath bombs are well-liked but not universally. The stains from the bath bomb can happen for several reasons.

Why choose lush bath bombs?

Why choose lush bath bombs

Lush bath bombs are one of a kind, and they are very luxurious as a brand. Another notable thing about the brand is its collection and price point. Most of the lush products are made by hand, and they include different colors, designs, graphics, stickers, etc., to enhance the overall look of the bombs. The lush bath bombs will also have a “best by” date, which will give you the expiration date. The company has different bath products to choose from, and every year they come up with their limited-edition collections for different occasions, and you can just choose them for the best possible gifts and also for self-pampering. Here is the latest review of the lush bath bombs.

For brightening:

well, there is only one bath bomb that is listed against these criteria, and it would be the Snow Dragon. This bath bomb shows an aqua hippo in a sleeping position, and there are glitters on its back. This will come up with grapefruit oil, seal salt, and a light and crusty scent. The glitters are non-plastic, and most importantly, they are vegan. So, they will soften and brighten the skin at once.

For clarification:

there are two bath bombs in this category. The first would be the Snow Drift, and the other is the Moon Bath. The snow drift is the perfect holiday gift, as there are symbols of snowflakes on top. And the moon bath is a yellow, golden bath bomb with a half-golden moon on top. The Snow Drift is made from eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and lemongrass oil, all of which are perfect when you want the bath bomb to clarify your atmosphere.

For moisturizing:

On the Lush website, there are 17 items listed. This will include the holiday collections as well. Did we mention that the lush bath bombs aren’t all spherical and come in a variety of shapes? The best examples would be the White Elephant, Toby’s magical cow, and Big Foot. For the holiday season, you can also choose the Snow Fairy. These are also the most recent collections. The majority of the bath bombs are made from various segments, and the snow fairy smells more like cotton candy, with lime oil added for hydration. Another bath bomb, Rangoli Dreams, would smell like Diwali in the bath. Coconut milk, rose oil, and cardamom oil are among the ingredients.

Finally, a wide range of collections for soothing the skin is added to the list. The unicorn poop bath bomb is the most well-known in this section. And this collection will include almost 26 bath bombs to choose from. And if you want to color, then choose the Black Rose or Twilight. These are black and brightly colored. The black rose bath bomb is made from rose oil, Sicilian lemon oil, and cream of tartar, and here you also get the foam that you get from the bath foam. The black rose will give the water a purple tint.

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Does lush bath bombs stain?

Does lush bath bombs stain

The lush bath bombs are one-of-a-kind because they are a true sight of luxury and feel extremely lovely in the tub. The bath art itself is something to admire profoundly, and the lush bath bombs will do their jobs just right. The main key to these bath bombs is that they smell heavenly; as time passes, the bobs will eventually drown the skin in a luxurious and all-over soft feel. 

Most of the lush products do not contain any kind of heavy color, but the terms are a little off when we think about the lush bombs with significantly bright colors. The stains are not so severe and can be removed with the slight impact of cleaners. Another thing about the lush bath bombs is that they come with various kinds of petals inside them, so as soon as you drop them, they will float on top of the tub.

Most bath bombs made of white ingredients or those that do not contain colors are less likely to stain the bath. They are as follows:

  • Butterball
  • White elephant
  • Snowman finger puppet
  • Dragons egg
  • I want my mummy
  • Happy face
  • Sad face
  • Sleepy bear, etc.

And most of these bath bombs will definitely contain some glitter elements, but they are not meant to stain the tubs or skin. And lastly, there are some bath bombs, like the Sex Bomb, Snow Fairy Lights, Intergalactic, Goddess, Avobath, Blackberry, etc., that have vibrant colors and will most likely leave a slight stain on the tub. The following are some of the reasons why the lust bath bombs may stain:



The bath bomb’s vibrant colors are the main reason it will stain the bath. The bath bombs with colors in them will eventually add tons of colors to them, and thus they will bleed around. And when these colors are there for a long time (while you are in the bath and not draining the bath), they will eventually stain the bath.



Another reason that the bath bombs might be staining the bath is because of the oils that are used here. The oils are most likely to seep into the pores of the tub, where they will somehow bind with the surface, making the staining visible. Citrus oils are the most common oil that has a high chance of staining the bath.

How do I remove the bath bomb stain from the tub?

Here we’ll be including some of the easiest ways to remove stains from the bath. Most of them are easy to do, as most lust bath bombs are easy to remove as they leave minimal staining.

Baking soda and bleach

Baking soda and bleach

To remove the stickiness in the tub, mix equal parts bleach and baking soda. Wait at least 20 minutes after pouring the bleach and soda mixture into the tub. Then, using the bathroom scrubber, clean the tub. Warm water can be used to remove the stains. And for this, the deep cleaning process must be performed immediately following the shower.

  • Mix baking soda and bleach and make a concussion using a brush and gloves.
  • Take ¼ cup of bleach and ¾ cup of the baling soda. You can use a dash of vinegar instead of the bleach; in that case, go with ½ cup of vinegar.
  • Apply the mixture to the affected areas and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Scrub and clean.

Bathroom Cleaner or Clorox

Bathroom cleaner or clorox

Bathroom cleaner chemicals work best for removing stubborn stains. They leave no stains and thoroughly clean the tubs. Bathroom cleaners are simple to use and begin working almost immediately. The time spent scrubbing with bathroom cleaners is also the shortest. Clorox is gentler on the bathtub and does the job in as little as 3-5 minutes.

  • Spray the Clorox or cleaner on the affected areas.
  • Wait for 4 minutes.
  • Wipe out the stained areas with a cloth.
  • If needed, scrub the tub.

How do I get rid of the bath bomb stain from my skin?

Another thing that is a bit concerning is the stains that are left on the skin by the bath bombs. To solve this problem, there are different quick fixes, and here we include them:

Warm showers

Warm showers

You first stand in the shower when you get out of the tub and notice any lingering colors or sticky substances on your body. Taking a shower after a bath may not seem like a good idea, but the sticking stains on the body are the least convenient of all. So, when taking a shower, we recommend using the appropriate shampoo, shower gel, and warm water. You can also remove the stickiness with a microfiber cloth.

Makeup remover

Makeup remover

Although this may appear to be a bad idea, the bath bomb residues can be removed with a damp cloth and makeup remover. These will get rid of all of the leftovers and remove the stains. You can use a cleansing oil instead of a traditional makeup remover. Also, use this before showering.

Exfoliation or loofas

Exfoliation or loofas

Finally, if the stains and stickiness appear to be excessive, exfoliate the skin with a loofah. You can also use a physical scrub to remove the colors from the skin, and exfoliating the skin with a small brush may also work.


1. How do I keep my bath bomb from staining?

There are a few ways to stop the bath bomb from staining, and these are:

Choose white or light colors for the bath towels.
Put enough warm water in the bath, so the colors of the bath bombs are not too concentrated.
Wash the bathtub when you are done.
Use a cleaning spray afterward.

2. Will a bath bomb stain my skin?

When you buy a bath bomb from a renowned brand, the chances of it staining are less. But with very vibrant and bright bath bombs, the chances are high.

Final Thoughts

Almost all of the bath bombs will leave a small amount of residue and stains after you’re done with the bath. This might be because when you take a bath, you are sitting there for hours, and as the tubs are white, the colors of the bath bomb will surely leave their impact. This might also be true for the skin. And it is for this reason that the luxurious bath bombs feel so good, despite their fair share of staining and other facts.

But as we kept repeating, the stains from a bath bomb are nothing major, and to get the stains out, mostly draining the water completely from the bath would be the solution. And even after you see the stains, you might as well just fill the tub with water and then rinse it all again. And that way, you get the best possible results with staining and bath bombs. There are a few reasons for the bath bombs to stain the tub; when you avoid those facts, the lush bath bombs will not stain the tub.

Key Points

  1. Bath bombs with bright and vibrant colors will most likely leave a stain because of the color. When you dive into your tub with a very bright color bath bomb for more than an hour, the water will definitely leave its mark, and because most of the colorants are natural, they will eventually wash off.
  2. Most lush products do not contain any heavy color, but the terms are a little off when we consider lush bombs with extremely bright colors. The stains are not too severe and can be removed with a gentle application of cleaners.
  3. Bathroom cleaners are simple to use and begin working almost immediately. The time spent scrubbing with bathroom cleaners is also the shortest. Clorox is gentler on the bathtub and does the job in as little as 3-5 minutes.

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