Bath Bomb Sticky Residue: How to Get Rid of It?

bath bomb sticky residue
Bath Bomb Sticky Residue can be removed using baking soda and vinegar, regardless of how your tub is made.

Bath bombs are one of the best ingredients to use during a bath. What’s the big deal about bath bombs? They are mostly made of sustainable materials that do not dry out the skin and provide a deep clean. Most bath bombs are made from baking soda and citric acid, so you will hear a fizzing sound whenever you drop the bomb on water. They also come packed with a smell, oil, and color.

Thus, bath bombs are the best way to get a relaxed night after a very hectic day. These are also recommended to be used for asthma therapy, and most of the products are natural. And lastly, these are the perfect gateway gifts for people. The most interesting thing about bath bombs is that they can be homemade. So you can use your imagination with bath bombs at every stage.

What are the disadvantages of the bath bomb? It would, however, leave a sticky residue on the bath bomb. And why is there a sticky residue on bath bombs? The bath bomb leaves a sticky residue because it contains additional products such as essential oil, baking soda, and other constraints. And thus, when these products are not mixed well, the chances of a sticky residue at the bottom are high. When we think about the overall sticky residue, it is due to oil.

Using essential oils or regular oils in the bath bomb will create a slippery term with the rest of the ingredients, and the bath bomb will feel sticky on the tub. The additives, such as glitters and colors, can also make the bath bomb sticky, adding to the overall issues with bath bombs. First, they tend to stick and stain the bathtub; later, the water flowing from the tub to the drain will eventually clog the drain.

What are bath bombs?

What are bath bombs

Let us begin with the topic of this discussion: what are bath bombs? Bath bombs are spherical products made from citric acid and sodium carbonate, and when they are thrown into the water, they dissolve while making a frizzy sound. Different ingredients, like oils, colors, hydrating ingredients, and fragrances, can be used to make bath bombs.

 When you drop the bath bomb into the water, it will dissolve, and all of the beneficial ingredients will swarm around the bath water. And that is why bath bombs make such a fuss over the Internet, as they always create a sensation during bath time. The bath bombs are famous for their work in relaxing the body and mind. And that is why we love our bombs. Several companies came up with their own versions of bath bombs, but with the DIY bath bombs, you get the best feeling of customizing the bombs. These are also ways of supporting small businesses. So after everything, why use bath bombs? Here are some points defining why we should use a bath bomb:


 while using a bath bomb, you get to bask in the smell of delicious natural oils. And most of these oils are the perfect recipe for relaxation. With bath bombs, you get to choose your favorite smell and include it in your bath. You can choose any of the flowers available for a scent and later add it to the bomb and, at first, to your bath.

Smooth out the dry skin:

 Another thing to notice is that, even with a regular shower, the dry skin tends to create a huge fuss. They make the skin feel heavy, and the overall look of the skin will lack a glow. With bath bombs, you have baking soda, and they are the perfect recipe when you want to smooth your skin and also make sure that the skin on your body is properly exfoliated.

Proper relaxation:

 Another option for overall relaxation is to take a 20-minute bath every day, which will reduce stress and help you concentrate on your work. Bath has been one of the most celebrated forms of self-help or therapy, which might be why people have been adding many things to the bath over the years. And a proper bath with the bath bomb will get you everything.


 Another big part of bath bombs is that they will be able to help with the proper detoxification of the body. Baking soda is the most important ingredient in this process, and they will aid in the removal of the body’s pilled-up dirt and buildup.

Why do bath bombs have sticky residues?

Why do bath bombs have sticky residues

There are several reasons why bath bombs tend to have a sticky residue. The most common mistake with bath bombs is that they contain too much of the product, which causes them to weigh down and cause the residue to stick to the bathtub. Not only the bathtub but the sticky residues from the bath bomb will also stick and stain your skin, and in that case, you have to take personal measures. Why are sticky bath bomb residues such a huge problem? They are very uncomfortable, and instead of relaxing, you have to think of different ways to get rid of the stain from the tub. And this may be why avoiding the sticky residues from bath bombs is essential.

What are the main causes of sticky bath bomb residues? Here we are including some points regarding why the bath bombs are sticky:


The colorants used in the bombs are the main reason they stick to the tub. When colorants that are not water soluble and are not intended for use on the skin or in the tub eventually form a sticky base at the bottom of the tub, The most common mistake with the colors would be the oil-soluble mica colorants. These would not be perfect for bath bombs, and they will cause staining. So you might want to stick with the natural colorants to get the best results.


The oils are another reason bath bombs stick to the bottom of tubs. The moisturizing component of bath bombs is typically made up of essential oils or nut oils such as olive and almond oils. When the amount of oil is higher, the chances of the bomb going bad are also higher. And then the sticky part will tag along. Rancid oil is one of the most common oils that can cause the tub to become sticky and stain, and these are sticky as hell.


Another thing that will be a core resource for all the stickiness around the bath bomb will be the stickiness from the starches. These are sticky, but they do hydrate the skin, and instead of making the skin supple, they just make the bath bomb easy. Those with a huge amount of starch in the mixture will stick to the end. The two most commonly used starches in bath bombs are tapioca starch and arrowroot. Corn starches also cause bath bombs’ stickiness.


Several companies have come up with their own versions of bath bombs. And with this, they are not enlisting proper labels. For example, they only add mica as a colorant. But which colorants they are using is not listed. Not all of the colorants are soluble in water, and this will happen to the ones that are oil-soluble. So the customers are not entirely aware of the situation and end up getting a sticky stain. So incorrect labels might also be the reason why sticky bath bomb residues are something to consider.

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How do you get rid of the sticky residue left by bath bombs on your skin?

How do you get rid of the sticky residue left by bath bombs on your skin

Bath bombs sticking to the bottom of the tub is a very common phenomenon and are not rare. The sticking problem occurs when the products used in a bath bomb are not water-soluble. So here, you might want to get the products that won’t stick to the tub. Among all the additives in the bath bomb, the most common one would be oils or essential oils. For 100 grams of baking soda and citric acid, only 4 to 5 drops of oil are recommended. And when you drench the powder mix with oils instead of water, the stickiness will increase. And that is why you should always use the products in optimum quantity and make sure to stick to the recipe.

Did we mention that bath bombs can stain your skin as well as your tub? Well, if we haven’t, they can, and here we will be including some points that will give you a clear idea of how to remove the sticky residue from your skin:

1. Showers

When you get out of the tub and notice any lingering colors or a sticky substance on your body, you first stand in the shower. Well, taking a shower might not seem like a good idea after a bath, but the sticking stains on the body are the least convenient of them all. So for showers, we recommend using the proper shampoo, shower gel, and warm water. And also can use a microfiber cloth to remove the stickiness.

2. Makeup remover

Well, this might not seem like a good idea, but the bath bomb residues will be dissolved by using a damp cloth with a makeup remover. These will get rid of every bit of the leftovers, and the stains will go away. Instead of using a regular makeup remover, you can just use a cleansing oil. And do use this before taking a shower.

3. Exfoliation

And lastly, when the stains and stickiness seem to be a lot, you can just use a loofah to exfoliate the skin. You can also use a physical scrub to get the colors out of the skin, and using a small brush might also do the trick for exfoliating the skin.

How do I get rid of the bath bomb stick residues from the tub?

How do i get rid of the bath bomb stick residues from the tub

Let’s move on to the next section of removing stains from a tub. With this method, you may need to do physical labor and complete the work immediately after the shower, or the stickiness will harden and permanently damage the tub. Here are some methods for cleaning the tub of bath bomb sticky residues.

Baking soda and vinegar

You can use an equal amount of vinegar and soda to get rid of the stickiness in the tub. Pour the vinegar and soda mixture directly into the tub and wait for at least 20 minutes. Then take the bathroom scrubber and clean up the tub. You can use warm water to get rid of the stains. And for this, the deep cleaning process has to be done right after the shower.

Bathroom cleaner

To get rid of the sticking stains, bathroom cleaner chemicals are the best. They do not leave any stains and clean up the tubs thoroughly. The bathroom cleaners are easy to use and tend to work almost immediately. The scrubbing time with bathroom cleaners is also the shortest.


1. How do you get rid of bath bomb residue?

To get the bath bomb residues from a tub, you can first start with the bathroom cleaner, and a thorough scrubbing might follow this.

2. Why are bath bombs sticky?

The main reason why bath bombs are sticky is because of the oils that are used in them, and the colorants might also be the reason for the stickiness.

Final Thoughts

Bath bombs, in general, are a very versatile product, as you can make at least a thousand different recipes from them. And another fact about bath bombs is that they can be designed and painted in several different ways, and like each artist’s paintings, the paintings are not always the same. So each time you buy a bath bomb, you will have a unique version. With bath soaps, you only get soap to clean your skin. How about hydrating the skin and doing a deep cleanse?

And that’s where the bath bombs will come in. Bath bombs are all good until the residue from a bath bomb starts to stick to the bottom of the tub. And that’s where the mishap starts. When you stick bath bombs for the first time, sticky residues are very common. Continue with a few more trials to make sure that the bath bomb will not stick to the tub. Otherwise, the sticky parts will stain the tub and eventually clog the drain.

Key Points

  1. Because it contains additional products such as essential oil, baking soda, and other constraints, the bath bomb leaves a sticky residue. As a result, when these products are not thoroughly mixed, the likelihood of a sticky residue at the bottom is high. When we consider the overall sticky residue, we can attribute it to oil.
  2. Bath bombs are well-known for their ability to relax both the body and the mind. That is why we adore our bombs. Several companies have created their own versions of bath bombs, but the DIY bath bombs provide the best feeling of customization.
  3. The most frequent problem with bath bombs is that they contain too much product, causing them to weigh down and the residue to stick to the bathtub. Not only will the sticky residues from the bath bomb stick to and stain your skin, but you will also have to take personal precautions.

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