Difference Between Shower Gel and Bubble Bath

difference between shower gel and bubble bath
Bubble bath and shower gels are entirely different. Body washes have thinner, liquid soap-like formulas that are creamy in texture.

When you think about the bubble bath, you basically imagine a lying-down scene, and when you imagine a shower scene, you must think about the shower gel. Well, this would be the basic difference between shower gel and bubble baths. Bubble baths are different from regular showers. And when you understand the term “soaking the body,” only then do you get the benefits of taking a bubble bath. 

With this kind of bath, a person would usually sit on a tub with good and fragrant bath soap all around the tub, and there would also be foam around the tub. And that way, you have a detailed bubble bath scenario. And with a shower, you are basically standing with the shower stand on top, and you’ll be using shower gel or regular soap to clean up the body. The difference between bath foam and shower gel is different, and these are basically different according to how they are made.

The shower gel is more approachable, as most people have a shower head, and the bath foam is only for special reasons. So what is the main difference between shower gel and bubble bath?With bubble baths, you get to be drenched in foam, and they will also rise up and make sure that the entire tub is foamy. In the case of the shower gel, you simply lather the body in soap with a loofa or a cloth.

The bubble bath foam can initially have a five-inch thickness, and the shower gel is like a one-inch lather when you build it up with too much of the gel. With the bath foam, you generally foam the water and then lie on it. You use soap directly on the body with a shower gel. Bubble baths will contain a huge amount of Cocamidopropyl Betaine, which is why there is so much foam in the tub. These are the chemicals that make up the foam inhalant. And most shower gels don’t contain such products. And they have a small layer of foam.

What is a shower gel?

What is a shower gel

The shower gel is the first thing that comes to mind when considering a replacement for hand soap. Shower gels are used as a hand soap because they are both made of soap and water and clean well. The difference between shower gel and hand soap is in how they are composed and what other work the shower gel will do in addition to cleaning the skin. Shower gels are stored on the bathroom rack next to the shower and are only used for body washing. Because shower gels are usually used for the skin, they will travel to the most sensitive parts of the body, such as the chest and neck. These are essential elements of having a shower and generally have a pleasant aroma.

Ingredients for shower gel

Ingredients for shower gel

Here we’ll be including the most common ingredients used in a shower gel. Most of these are very different from shampoos and are used for different purposes. Here is an ingredient list for the shower gels:


The most common Ingredient for the shower gel is water, and well, this is the basic ingredient of any liquid soap. Apart from water, oil or glycerine can also be used as a solvent.


The next part would be the emulsifier. The consistency will be similar to that of shower gel, and they make it thick and will also dissolve the other ingredients.

Surfactants, or cleansing agents: 

surfactants are the cleaning ingredients, as they are the ones that will build up the lather from the gel.


Later on, the detergents are added as they tend to get off the dirt from the skin and will not let it settle down again.


Lastly, there are preservatives as the core ingredients for the shoe gel. These will keep the gel safe and will not allow any kind of contamination or microbial growth.


Lastly, the shower gel consists of fragrances that are basically from fruits or essential oils. The smell of shower gels is low, as most people with sensitive skin cannot be bothered by a strong perfume smell. So make sure to check the smell of the shower gel when you are buying one.

What is a bubble bath?

What is a bubble bath

Let’s jump into the bubble bath when we are done with the shower gel part. The basic part of the bubble bath is that there will be bubbles. And that might be the reason why bubble baths are one of the most hydrating and luxurious products out there. Can we just say we have an undying love for bubble baths? And that might be the reason why we have so much to talk about regarding the bubble bath. The bubble bath foam is a step up from the regular shower gel. And that might be the reason why we are so intrigued by the bubble bath. The bubble bath is the best possible, as it is made from surfactants, foam boosters, and different cleansing agents. This article will focus entirely on bath foams, so here are some facts about bubble baths:

  • Surfactants are the main key products of bubble baths and are also the key reason why there is so much foam in the water when added.
  • The bubble baths are also known as “treated” or “carbonated” baths.
  • Surfactants are specially formulated to stay on with the air from the environment when agitated, so bubbles will mostly stay on top of the tub. And that might be the reason why bubble baths are also known as aerated baths.
  • The term “bubble bath” is one of the most commonly used, and they are mostly for the overall cleansing of the body. The bubble baths are good for children and adults alike, as they warm the water. Bubble baths will also leave a layer of foam on the body, which will conceal them.
  • The bath foams are available as liquid or solid soap, powders, or tablets. Even bath bombs are used to create bath foam. Liquid bath foams are commonly used because they produce a large amount of foam, preventing antimicrobial growth or oxidative breakdown. And thus, bubble baths are highly appreciated.

Ingredients in bubble bath foam

The main reason why bubble baths are highly recommended is that they come with different types of ingredients. And most of these bath bombs are used for several different reasons. The main thing about bath bombs lies in the ingredients that they are made from. Here we include the ingredient list for the bath bombs.


the main ingredients of the bath bomb would be the surfactants. And this might also be the key to all of the soapy products out there. Surfactants of various types are used in bath bombs, including non-ionic surfactants, cationic surfactants, anionic surfactants, and zwitterionic surfactants. Cationic surfactants are not really used in bath foams as they are not compatible with anionic parts; thus, these will go into shampoos. On the other hand, amphoteric surfactants are widely used. When you look at the surfactants for the bath foam, you can easily see the combination of different surfactants.

The most commonly used surfactant for bath foam would be the zwitterionic surfactants, and the CAPB would top them all.


when we talk about the solvents of liquid bath foams, water and oils would be the best examples. They are the key to holding all the other ingredients together in the soap. The liquid bath soaps will hold on to their uniformity even in adverse temperatures, so it is important that you get the bath foam with the stabilization facts.


well, who doesn’t like to smell? And when you are taking a bath, you will love the air and the water, and eventually, your skin will smell good. And that might be the reason: most of the bath foams are highly scented, and the scents are mostly overpowering. The majority of these scents are beneficial to the body.

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What is the difference between shower gel and bubble baths: shower gel vs. Bubble bath

Shower gel vs. bubble bath

A bubble bath and shower gels are entirely different, but there’s a way you might be able to use both of these products at once. But for instance, when you use a vat of foam directly on the body, the chances that the body will be lathered in extra foam are very high. And not every one of us likes the idea of feeling the bath foam every day.

 And as for shower gel as bath foam, well, a typical one will not work. And even if you just empty the bottle for that, it won’t work. You can use bath foam as a shower gel, but it will not work as intended when you are trying to use a shower gel as a bath foam. So you better buy yourself a separate bath foam and a shower gel to get the desired bubble bath and shower.

Let’s get right to the meat of the article, Welm. Before we get started, let’s just say that the similarities between a bubble bath and a shower gel are pretty basic. And the most common term that can be used for both of these products is that they are both soaps. So the basic ingredients of the bubble bath foam and the shower gel are similar. But here we include the difference between the shower gel and bubble bath:


Can you use shower gel as bubble bath? The shower gel is used when standing in your bathroom under the shower, and it is like any other soap you put on when you shower. The shower gel is more hydrating than a body wash or a soap bar, and that is why people with dry skin love their shower gel. And bubble bath foam is used when you are taking a bath in a bathtub, and they are used to give you an overall soothing feeling. Bubble baths are the best way to get a deep cleanse.


When it comes to hydrating the body with soap, bath foam is the best option. They tend to create a huge amount of foam, and thus they are able to lather up more. And this will create a huge amount of moisture and hydration for the skin. Every time you get up from taking a long bath, you’ll easily see how soft your overall skin feels, and with shower gel, the skin is hydrated, but not as much as with a bubble bath.

Deep cleanse 

The main reason most people love a long bath is that it can clean the pores of the skin that scrubbing will not get to. And that is why you should go for a bubble bath when you want to get the gunk and dirt out of your pores. And when you want a regular wash, the shower gel will work just fine.


1. Can you use shower gel as a bubble bath?

No, you cannot or shouldn’t use the shower gel as a bubble bath, as the gels will not foam up as bath foam will, and you will end up wasting a lot of the product.

2. What’s the difference between bath and shower gel?

With baths, you generally put the soap on the water first, and with shower gels, you only put the gel on the skin.

Final Thoughts 

The most important aspect of bath foam in a bubble bath is the time. The bubble bath is three times more luxurious and soothing than a shower but takes far too long. For example, when you are taking a bubble bath, you might think about candles, fragrances, and wine, along with a half-hour bath. And for the shower gel and showers, you are basically taking a maximum of 15 minutes. Most people prefer shower gel because it is quick and leaves you as clean as a cow. And with bubble baths, you might only want to go once a week and also on the weekends to relieve the stress of the week and give yourself some relaxing time. And this is why we prefer the shower to the bubble bath and why we may spend so much money on shower gel.

Key Points 

  1. The bubble bath foam can have a five-inch thickness at first, and the shower gel can have a one-inch lather if you use too much gel. Bath foam is typically used to froth the water before lying down on it. With a shower gel, you apply soap straight to your body.
  2. Shower gels are kept on the bathroom rack next to the shower and are only used for body cleaning. Because shower gels are often used on the skin, they will go to the most sensitive areas of the body, such as the chest and neck.
  3. The bubble bath foam is an improvement above the normal shower gel. That is maybe why we are so captivated by the bubble bath. The bubble bath is the finest since it contains surfactants, foam boosters, and other cleaning agents.

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