Eyelash Extensions Look Ridiculous

Eyelash Extensions Look Ridiculous
It is important to apply eyelash extensions correctly in order to achieve a natural-looking result that does not look unnatural.

Eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty trend that can enhance one’s natural beauty and provide a convenient alternative to mascara and other eye makeup. Eyelash extensions enhance the beauty of one’s eyes. With the promise of longer, fuller, and more voluminous lashes, eyelash extensions have become a sought-after beauty treatment.

One of the key factors that determine how eyelash extensions look is the skill and expertise of the eyelash extension artist. Professional application is crucial to achieving a natural and beautiful result. A trained and certified eyelash extension artist has the knowledge and experience to select the appropriate lashes for the client’s eye shape, size, and desired look.

In this article, we will debunk and explore why eyelash extensions can look ridiculous and fake, or unwanted. We will also discuss the art and science behind eyelash extensions, the factors of making eyelash extensions ridiculous, the negative effect of it, and some factors that make them natural.

Eyelash Extensions: Art and Science

Eyelash extensions art and science

Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic or natural fibers that are attached to the natural lashes using a semi-permanent adhesive. There are different types of eyelash extensions available in the market, ranging from synthetic to mink, silk, and even human hair. Each type of lash has its unique characteristics and can be tailored to suit the client’s preference and desired look. The type of lash used depends on the client’s preference, budget, and desired outcome.

Eyelash extensions are not just a random application of false lashes to the eyelids. It is a precise and delicate process that requires skill, expertise, and an understanding of the natural lash anatomy. Professional eyelash extension artists carefully apply individual synthetic lashes to the natural lashes using a specially formulated adhesive. The lashes are applied one by one, in various lengths, thicknesses, and curls, to create a customized look that complements the shape and size of the client’s eyes. The placement and direction of the lashes are crucial in achieving a natural and aesthetically pleasing result.

9 Factors That Can Make Eyelash Extensions Look Ridiculous

Although eyelash extensions can enhance the appearance of your eyes and give you a glamorous look, there are several factors that can make them look ridiculous if not done properly. These factors include:

Incorrect length

1. Incorrect length

Choosing eyelash extensions that are too long for your natural lashes can make them look overly dramatic and disproportionate to your eye shape. Lashes that are too long can also obstruct your vision or touch your eyebrows, causing discomfort and an unnatural appearance.

2. Incorrect thickness

Eyelash extensions come in different thicknesses, and selecting extensions that are too thick for your natural lashes can make them look heavy, unnatural, and overly dramatic. It’s important to consider the thickness of your natural lashes and choose extensions that match them for a more natural appearance.

3. Improper application

The skill and experience of the lash technician who applies your eyelash extensions can greatly affect the final result. If the lashes are not applied evenly or are clumped together, they can create an uneven, spiky, or messy appearance, which can look ridiculous and unnatural.

Improper lash placement

4. Improper lash placement

Placing eyelash extensions too close to the eyelid or too far from the lash line can create an unnatural gap or spacing, making the extensions look fake. Proper placement of the extensions along the natural lash line is important to achieve a natural and seamless look.

5. Poor quality lashes

Low-quality eyelash extensions can look fake and may not blend well with your natural lashes. They can also have an unnatural shine or an unnatural color, making them stand out in an unappealing way.

6. Inappropriate curl type

Eyelash extensions come in various curl types, such as J, B, C, D, and L. Selecting an inappropriate curl type for your natural lashes or eye shape can result in an awkward or odd appearance. For example, using lashes with an overly dramatic curl on small eyes can make them look overly exaggerated and disproportionate.

Inadequate maintenance

7. Inadequate maintenance

Proper aftercare and maintenance are crucial to keeping eyelash extensions looking natural and beautiful. Failure to clean, brush, and maintain your lash extensions regularly can result in tangling, twisting, or clumping, which can make them look messy and unkempt.

8. Allergic reactions

Some individuals may have allergic reactions to the adhesive used to apply for eyelash extensions, resulting in redness, swelling, or irritation. These reactions can cause discomfort and may make your eyelash extensions look unnatural if your eyes are inflamed or irritated.

9. Incorrect lash type

Choosing the wrong type of eyelash extensions for your desired look or lifestyle can also result in a ridiculous appearance. For example, if you’re going for a natural look but choose extremely long and thick lashes, they may look out of place and overly dramatic.

Negative Effects of Ridiculous-Looking Eyelash Extensions

While eyelash extensions can enhance one’s appearance and provide a glamorous look, there are potential negative effects associated with wearing ridiculous-looking eyelash extensions. Some of these negative effects may include:

Negative effects of ridiculous looking eyelash extensions

Unnatural appearance:

Ridiculous-looking eyelash extensions that are overly long, thick, or disproportionate to the natural lashes can create an unnatural appearance. This can result in an odd or fake look, which may not be desirable for everyone.

Discomfort or irritation:

Eyelash extensions that are too heavy or improperly applied can cause discomfort or irritation to the eyelids and lash line. This can result in itching, redness, or inflammation, and may even lead to more severe reactions, such as allergic reactions or infections.

Eye health risks:

Incorrectly applied eyelash extensions can pose risks to eye health. If the extensions are too long or heavy, they can pull on the natural lashes, causing them to become weak or damaged. This can lead to lash loss or even damage to the hair follicles, which may take time to recover.

Difficulty in daily activities:

Ridiculous-looking eyelash extensions that are too long, too thick, or too heavy can make it challenging to perform daily activities, such as applying eye makeup, wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, or even blinking comfortably. This can cause inconvenience and discomfort in everyday life.

High maintenance:

Eyelash extensions require regular maintenance, such as brushing, cleaning, and refilling. Ridiculous-looking eyelash extensions that are overly extravagant or difficult to manage may require more time, effort, and cost for maintenance compared to more natural-looking extensions.

Negative impact on self-esteem:

If the ridiculous-looking eyelash extensions do not align with an individual’s style or preferences, it can negatively impact their self-esteem. Feeling uncomfortable or dissatisfied with one’s appearance can lead to decreased confidence and self-confidence, which can affect overall well-being.

Potential damage to natural lashes:

The process of applying and removing eyelash extensions requires the use of adhesives and solvents, which can potentially damage the natural lashes if not done properly. This may result in weakened or broken lashes, and it may take time for the natural lashes to recover and grow back to their original state.

It’s essential to communicate your preferences clearly to avoid ending up with ridiculous-looking eyelash extensions that may cause discomfort, eye health risks, and psychological impact.

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Factors to Consider for Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions

There are several factors to consider for achieving natural-looking eyelash extensions:

Factors to consider for natural looking eyelash extensions

Lash Length

Choosing the right length for your eyelash extensions is crucial in achieving a natural look. Extensions that are too long can look overly dramatic and fake, while extensions that are too short may not make a noticeable difference. The length of the extensions should be carefully chosen to match the length of your natural lashes and complement the shape of your eyes.

Curl Type

The curl of the eyelash extensions should also be considered for a natural look. Just like with length, the curl should match the natural curl of your lashes. If you have naturally straight lashes, a more natural-looking curl would be appropriate, while those with naturally curled lashes may opt for a slightly more dramatic curl.

Lash Thickness

The thickness of the eyelash extensions should also be taken into account. Natural lashes vary in thickness, so choosing extensions that are too thick can make them look fake. It’s important to choose a thickness that matches your natural lashes and provides a balanced, cohesive look.

Lash Material

The material of the eyelash extensions can also affect the natural appearance. Synthetic lashes are generally thicker and shinier, while silk or mink lashes tend to be softer and more natural-looking. Discuss with your lash technician about the different material options and choose the one that best matches your desired natural look.

Application Technique

The application technique used by your lash technician can greatly affect the final result. A skilled lash technician will take into consideration the direction, spacing, and placement of the extensions to create a natural-looking effect. Improperly applied extensions can look clumpy, uneven, and unnatural.

Eyelash Health

The health of your natural lashes plays a significant role in achieving a natural look with eyelash extensions. If your natural lashes are weak or damaged, it can affect how the extensions adhere and how they look. Proper eyelash care, including regular cleansing and conditioning, can help maintain the health of your natural lashes and ensure a better outcome with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extension Length and Placement

The length and placement of the eyelash extensions should follow the natural growth pattern of your lashes. Extensions that are too long or placed too close to the inner corner of the eye can look unnatural. A skilled lash technician will take into consideration your eye shape, lash line, and desired look to create a natural appearance.

Lifestyle and Preferences

Your lifestyle and personal preferences should also be considered. If you prefer a more natural look, then opting for shorter, thinner extensions with a natural curl may be the best choice for you. Consider your daily activities, such as work, exercise, and hobbies, as well as your style when deciding on the type of eyelash extensions that will suit you best.


Proper maintenance is essential for keeping your eyelash extensions looking natural. Following aftercare instructions provided by your lash technician, avoiding excessive rubbing or pulling, and scheduling regular touch-ups to fill in any gaps will help maintain a natural and seamless look.

By considering these factors and working with a skilled and experienced lash technician, you can achieve natural-looking eyelash extensions that enhance your eyes without appearing overly dramatic or fake.

10 Tips for Applying for Eyelash Extensions

Applying eyelash extensions requires skill and precision to achieve beautiful and safe results. Here are some tips for applying for eyelash extensions:

  1. Make sure you have completed a proper eyelash extension training program from a reputable source and obtained proper certification. This will ensure that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to apply for eyelash extensions safely.
  2. Invest in high-quality eyelash extension products, including lashes, adhesives, and tools. Avoid using cheap or counterfeit products, as they can compromise the safety and durability of the eyelash extensions.
  3. Before applying for eyelash extensions, ensure that the client’s natural lashes are clean, dry, and free from any makeup, oils, or debris. Use a primer to remove any residual oils from the lashes and create a clean surface for bonding.
  4. Properly isolate each natural lash with a tweezer before applying for the extension. This ensures that each extension is attached to a single natural lash and prevents them from sticking together or causing discomfort to the client.
  5. Use the right amount of adhesive to prevent clumping or dripping. Apply the adhesive sparingly and precisely, focusing on the middle of the extension, and avoid getting it on the skin or touching the adhesive with your fingers to prevent contamination.
  6. Choose the right length, curl, and thickness of eyelash extensions based on the client’s natural lashes and desired look. Avoid using lashes that are too heavy or too long, as they can cause strain on the natural lashes and may not be comfortable for the client.
  7. Ensure that the eyelash extension is properly bonded to the natural lash by holding it in place for a few seconds to allow the adhesive to cure. Avoid excessive pulling or tugging on the extensions during and after application to prevent damage to the natural lashes.
  8. Provide your clients with proper aftercare instructions, including avoiding oil-based products, excessive rubbing or pulling on the lashes, and regular maintenance appointments for touch-ups.
  9. Eyelash extension application is a skill that requires practice to master. Continuously hone your technique and seek feedback from experienced lash artists to improve your skills.
  10. Always prioritize the safety and comfort of your clients. Follow proper hygiene practices, use disposable tools when necessary, and be mindful of any potential allergic reactions or adverse effects.

Remember, eyelash extension application should be done by trained and certified professionals to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your clients. It’s essential to follow best practices, use quality products, and continuously improve your skills to achieve stunning and safe results.


1. Why do I look so weird with eyelash extensions?

This comes down to the lash technician using extensions that are too long for such a short area of natural lashes. When lashes that are too long are used in the inner corner it creates a very fake appearance which is not what you want. Lashes should always look believable, natural, and beautiful.

2. What to do when you don’t like your eyelash extensions?

If you really don’t like the way your lashes look and you just want to take them off, go back to the salon where they were installed and request that your technician remove them. They will usually be able to do this quickly and might even be able to fit you in without an appointment.

3. How do I make my eyelash extensions look less full?

You can try using a Lash Comb to help separate and space the lashes. You can also try using an oil-free makeup remover on a cotton pad, and gently go over the lashes to help break down the adhesive bond between the natural lash and extension.

4. Is it OK to always have eyelash extensions?

However, if the extensions applied have been the appropriate length and thickness for your natural lashes, you have been cleaning them gently with an oil-free cleanser, and using a lash shampoo there is no reason that you cannot continue wearing extensions.

5. Who should not do eyelash extensions?

People of all ages can get eyelash extensions but those with certain medical conditions like Alopecia Areata, Eyelid Dermatitis, Trichotillomania, and Blepharitis mustn’t. What is this? Even if you have a wound or broken skin around your eyelashes, wait for the lash treatment until you’re healed.

Final Thoughts

Eyelash extensions do not have to look ridiculous if done correctly by a skilled technician and maintained properly. By selecting a reputable salon or technician, communicating your preferences, opting for a natural style, prioritizing comfort, avoiding excessive application, and following proper aftercare, you can achieve natural-looking eyelash extensions that enhance your eyes without looking fake or overdone.It is important to address common misconceptions and educate oneself on the proper application and maintenance of eyelash extensions to ensure a positive experience and natural-looking results. With proper research, communication with your technician, and diligent aftercare, you can achieve beautiful and natural-looking eyelash extensions that enhance your eyes and boost your confidence.

Key Points

  • Eyelash extensions require proper care and maintenance to keep them looking natural and beautiful.
  • Choosing eyelash extensions that are excessively long or overly thick in comparison to your natural lashes can result in a fake or unnatural appearance.
  • Curling eyelash extensions inappropriately can result in lashes that look too curled or overly curled, making them ridiculous.
  • Applying for eyelash extensions incorrectly can result in uneven or clumpy lashes, which can look awkward and unnatural.
  • Choosing the wrong type of lashes for your natural lashes can affect the overall appearance.
  • Using low-quality eyelash extensions can result in a stiff, plastic-like appearance that doesn’t blend well with your natural lashes.

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