How Long Do Nexgen Nails Last? : Everything You Need To Know

How Long Do Nexgen Nails Last
Are you facing issues to keep your nexGen nail last even longer? We got you! Keep your nexGen nails healthy by following our 5 tips.

Nexgen nails, also known as dip powder nails, are a popular alternative to traditional acrylic nails.NexGen nails are the safest and healthiest nail technique that keeps your nails shiny while protecting them from any damage. They are made of a combination of glue and colored powder that is applied to the natural nail to create a durable and long-lasting manicure. If you’re considering getting Nexgen nails, one question you may have is “how long do they last?”The answer to this question can vary depending on a few factors.

Typically, Nexgen nails can last up to three weeks without chipping or fading. However, if your natural nails grow quickly, you may need to have them touched up more often. The longevity of your Nexgen nails can be affected by how well you take care of them.

NexGen Nails Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of NexGen nails:


  • Long-lasting: NexGen nails can last up to 3-4 weeks without chipping or fading, making them a great option for those who want a long-lasting manicure.
  • Customizable: With NexGen nails, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and designs to create a unique look that suits your style.
  • Durable: NexGen nails are more durable than traditional nail polish, making them less likely to chip or break.
  • Easy to apply: Unlike traditional acrylic nails, NexGen nails are easy to apply and do not require any harsh chemicals or UV light.


  • Cost: NexGen nails can be more expensive than traditional nail polish, costing anywhere from $35 to $45 per application.
  • Removal: Removing NexGen nails can be a bit more difficult than removing traditional nail polish, as it requires soaking the nails in acetone for an extended period of time.
  • Maintenance: While NexGen nails are more durable than traditional nail polish, they still require maintenance to keep them looking their best. This includes regular filing and buffing to prevent chipping and fading.

NexGen Nails and its Longevity 

NexGen nails are a healthy solution for achieving great-looking nails while reducing damage to your natural nails. Using regular nail polish does not damage your nails but you have a chance of losing nail colors over time. However, wearing acrylic nails can damage the skin surrounding your nails because of direct exposure to UV lights.

Some people may not like fake nails as the chemical used to stick the nails weaken their nails and can irritate the skin around their nails. Nexgen dip comes in handy in this matter. The fake dip will be applied to your natural nails.  All they will do is glue the false nail tip in your nail tip.

If you are a busy person and barely find any time to do your nails or visit the salon, you will love Nexgen nails as they last 2 to 3 weeks. You will not have the urgency of visiting a salon as your nails won’t chip or break easily. NextGen nail technique is the greatest addition to nail technology for making our lives easier and better. You can use NexGen dip as it won’t hurt your nail beds and your nails will appear more natural.

5 Ways to Make NexGen Nails Last Long

When you are considering wearing NexGen nails the first question that will come up in your mind, is how long it last and how can I make it last longer. You can make anything last longer if you take proper care of it. It also depends on the brand or your activity. If you do chores and gardening, your nails will chip easily.

1. Wash your hands

Before applying dip you need to clean and nails. It will prevent your nails from lifting and peeling from your natural nails. You should treat your cuticles, file, and moisturize your nails. If you take care of your nails before applying dip it will help the dip powder to properly bond over your nails.

  • Wash your hands with soap so that you can easily treat the cuticles.
  • You must wash your hands 1 hour before dipping your nails.
  • Push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher.
  • If you push back cuticles, the dip powder will have easier access to cling onto your nails.
  • Using brush dust off the excess.
Wash your hands

2. File and Shape

You need to file your nails so that you can shape them to your desired length. It also prevents nails from breaking.

File and Shape

3. Dehydrator

You can use a dehydrator to remove excess oil and moisturizer. You can extend the lasting effect of your nexGen nails with a dehydrator. It also reduces the chance of lifting. To make the dip powder adhere better you need to roughen up the nails.


4. Dip Powder

For long-lasting effect and durability, you need to use dip powder correctly. Some believe lifting occurs due to improper prep but you can also experience improper application.

  • Remove as much product as possible from your dip powder liquid brush.
  • Start the brush a bit further from the cuticle area and guided it back so that the liquid product does not flood your skin.
  • Work one nail at a time so that you can be more focused.
  • Fill every corner of your nail.
  • Let the liquid dry for a few minutes then start the process of dipping.
  • Stir the dip powder for consistency. You can choose any dip powder color of your choice and be creative about it.
  • Point your fingers downward, start your brush below the lunula (half-moon shape at the base of a fingernail) and guide the liquid back. Pull the skin on the side walls of your nails to get the liquid all the way over the edges.
  • Use a toothpick to clean up around the cuticle area so that your nails can grow out without lifting.
  • After applying the dip powder wait 30 seconds for it to hold.
  • Again apply the dip powder liquid the same way and continue the process.
  • You need to remember to wrap the nail edges with dip powder liquid so that dip powder can add strength and cling properly to your nail.
  • You can add 1-2 layers for better results add 3 layers of dip powder. It depends on the users and their choice.
  • After 2 minutes of applying dip powder proceeds to file and shape.
Dip powder

5. Gel Top Coat

A gel top coat is used to seal your manicure and prevent chips or cracks on your newly manicured nails.

  • Apply rubbing alcohol with a wipe if you are using a gel top coat. It will remove any residue so that the gel top coat will cling properly.
  • Remove as much product as possible from your dip powder liquid brush.
  • Start the brush a bit further from the cuticle area and guided it back so that the liquid product does not flood your skin.
  • Pull the skin on the side walls of your nails to get the liquid all the way over the edges.
  • After applying the top coat cure for 60 seconds.

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Nexgen Nails Aftercare

Maintaining flawless nails and keeping them glossy is a difficult job. Without proper maintenance, your nails can crack or lift.

Nexgen nails aftercare

1. Comfortable nail length

Comfort always comes first. You can not expect to do your work properly if your work requires lifting, digging, and chores.  Make sure to them your nails at a comfortable size. Even though a lot of dip powder liquid is used, if your nails are too long they still can get damaged. The comfortable length of your nails helps you to do your job easily and quickly without worrying about getting them chipped.

2. Reapply Top Coat

You can keep the fresh look of your nails by applying a top coat every two days.  This re-stabilizes the polish and keeps the shine. You should choose a thinner top coat so that it does not ruin your nexGen nails or make them gloopy.

3. Hand Gloves

You can protect your nails by using hand gloves. Hot water and detergent can ruin your fresh nails. If you have to do chores or gardening, you can use hand gloves to keep your nails shiny and protect them from damage.

4. Cuticle Oil

You can apply cuticle oil so that it moisturizes your dry cuticles and also make your nails strong. You can apply oil before bed so that it can lock the hydration of the skin.

5. Avoid Certain Food

Some colored food and spices tend to stain everything. If they come in contact with your nails, they will stain them too. Try wearing gloves while making food and eating them, so that you can keep your nails fresh.

6. Avoid Hot Baths

Hot water can damage the dip powder and you may notice lifting. If hot water seeps through your nails, it can make the polish lift up. It also makes your nails soft and any coating loose which can cause peel.

7. No filing

Do not file your nails after getting your nails done. It will damage your fresh nails. If you need to do it anyway, you can file gently in a downward direction.

8. Avoid Solvent Oil Products

Before using any product make sure they do not contain solvent oil as it can cause intense damage to the color. You can find solvent oils in sun tan oils and insect repellent. So be careful before using any products.

9. Fading Nail Color

Your nail can fade its nail color for various reasons. Wash your hand after swimming so that you can wash any chlorine off. You should dry your nails before sunbathing.

10. Damage nail

If you suddenly notice lifting, you should keep yourself away from picking or pulling the nail. Contact your nail salon immediately.

How to Remove NexGen Nails

If your notice lifting, peeling, or color changing, you should remove your nails.  It may seem harmless but over time it will weaken your nails or make them brittle. Once it damages your nail, it might take months to get back your natural nails. You can seek professional help or not to remove your nails.

How to remove nexgen nails

Removing NexGen Nail at Home

If you are busy and do not have time to go to a salon, you can remove your nexGen nails at home with these easy steps.

  • First, take cotton balls and tear them into halves and put them over your nail. If you do not have cotton balls, use cotton pads and cut them in half.
  • Take a file and gently brush it back and forth on your nail. Try to break the first layer of polish.
  • Add petroleum jelly to your hand, so that acetone cannot affect your skin.
  • Soak cotton balls or cotton pads with acetone and wrap them tightly with a small piece of foil.
  • Let acetone sit on your nail for 15 minutes. Acetone will loosen the gel polish and free it from your natural nail.
  • Firmly press, twisting, and pulling the foil and cotton off your nail.
  • If you still have some gel polish left on your nail, do another round of soaking cotton balls with acetone and wrap them with foil.
  • Gently brush off the polish residue with a wooden cuticle stick.
  • Avoid peeling off the polish, you can use a warm washcloth to wipe away the excess.
  • Wash off the acetone with soap and warm water.
  • Rub some cuticle oil on the base of your nail. You can file and shape your nails if you want.

Final thoughts

If you want gorgeous nails without damaging your natural nails you should try nexGen nails. Nexgen nails make the nails strong and durable. It has a natural finish and light lightweight. Compared to other nails, nexGen nails reduce the chances of cracking and lifting. These nails last longer than acrylic and gel nails. 

NexGen dip is waterproof and breathable which provides healthy growth of your nails. For nexGen nails, your nails will be prepped with a nail buffer to secure application and longer-lasting effects. You can make your NexGen gen nails last longer by taking proper care of them.

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