Manic Panic Vs Arctic Fox

Manic Panic Vs Arctic Fox
With long-lasting colors and fade-resistant formulas, Manic Panic and Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair dyes are vegan and cruelty-free.

Hair dye has been a part of hair fashion for centuries, and it’s still a popular way for people to express themselves. But with the increasing demand for organic and vegan products, the use of chemical hair dyes has been reduced. People are more inclined towards using organic and cruelty-free products. That’s where Manic Panic and Arctic Fox come in. They’re two of the most popular vegan and cruelty-free hair dye brands in the market, offering an extensive range of shades that are loved by people of all ages.

What sets these brands apart is their use of natural and organic ingredients, which not only add color to the hair but also condition and nourish it. These ingredients help to prevent damage and promote hair health, making them a favorite among hairstylists and hair enthusiasts. Plus, their long-lasting and fade-resistant formulas require less maintenance and touch-ups, making them an ideal choice for people who are looking for low-maintenance hair color options.

We’ll compare and contrast Manic Panic and Arctic Fox hair dyes to help you choose the best one for your hair. Whether you’re a first-time user or a hair dye pro, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re looking for an organic and cruelty-free hair dye that will make your hair look amazing, keep reading to find out which one is right for you.

Manic Panic and Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Manic panic and arctic fox hair dye

Manic Panic is one of the oldest and most well-known brands of semi-permanent hair dye and has been around since the 1970s. It is known for its high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas, and its extensive range of colors. Arctic Fox, is a newer brand that was launched in 2014. It has quickly gained popularity among those who are looking for a vegan and cruelty-free alternative to traditional hair dyes. Arctic Fox is also known for its range of bright and bold colors.

Manic Panic hair colors are suitable for all hair types, but it is recommended to lighten hair before applying brighter shades. They are vegan and cruelty-free and can be customized by mixing different shades to create unique colors and shades. Arctic Fox hair dye is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, long-lasting, non-damaging, and formulated without harsh chemicals. It is not tested on animals and contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Hair Dye: Manic Panic vs Arctic Fox

The main difference between Manic Panic and Artic Fox is how much it nourishes and hydrates the hair. Manic Panic hair dyes are formulated with vegetable glycerin and keratin to help nourish the hair. However, Artic Fox hair dyes are more hydrating which counters the drying nature of hair dyes. Other than this, here are some of the key differences between Manic Panic vs Arctic Fox.

Both are popular brands of semi-permanent hair dye, known for their vibrant and long-lasting colors. Here are some key differences between the two.

Vegan and cruelty free hair dye manic panic vs arctic fox

1. Ingredients and Formula

Both Manic Panic and Arctic Fox are vegan and cruelty-free. However, Arctic Fox contains more natural ingredients and fewer harsh chemicals compared to Manic Panic. Arctic Fox is free of harsh chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, and PPD, making it a gentler option for those with sensitive scalps.

Manic Panic is known for having a thicker formula that can be harder to spread evenly throughout the hair, while Arctic Fox is typically more fluid and easier to apply.

2. Packaging

Both Manic Panic Amplified and Arctic Fox colors come in squeeze bottles. It is preferable for being more manageable. While some may argue that the pot in the standard Manic Panic color is simpler because you don’t need to use a separate dish if you don’t want to. This is purely a question of taste.

3. Price

The prices of Manic Panic and Arctic Fox hair dyes can vary depending on the retailer, location, and availability. Prices may also vary depending on the specific color or product line within each brand. However, in general, Arctic Fox is slightly more expensive than Manic Panic, but both brands are reasonably priced. Always shop around and compare prices before making a purchase.

4. Color Choice

Manic Panic hair colors are known for their bold and vibrant shades, which range from bright blues, greens, pinks, and purples to more natural shades like black, brown, and blonde. Manic Panic comes in 44 various shades using their traditional formula, 5 shades using their creamtones method, and 24 colors using their amplified formula.

Arctic Fox hair dye also comes in a wide range of shades, including vibrant and pastel colors, as well as natural-looking shades like black, brown, and blonde. Arctic Fox has a much smaller selection of shades, 19 shades in total, plus their diluter, but they do have a wide range of colors.

The actual shade may vary depending on the starting color and condition of your hair, as well as the length of time you leave the dye on. It is highly recommended to do a strand test before applying the color all over your hair to ensure you achieve the desired result.

5. Pigmentation

You can keep Manic Panic hair colors on for hours without harming your hair because they largely consist of conditioner and semi-permanent hair coloring. Therefore, the color will be more intense the longer you leave it on. Manic Panic will seem bright even if you only leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes and if you have blonde or pre-lightened hair.

The non-damaging nature of Arctic Fox hair colors also allows you to leave the color on your hair for longer periods if you desire a more intense color. They look brighter than Manic Panic, which is nice because it means you don’t have to leave them on for as long. Even if you have unbleached light hair, the pigments will still be visible well.

Arctic Fox has a reputation for having more pigmented and longer-lasting colors compared to Manic Panic, which can fade quickly and require more frequent touch-ups.

6. Durability

Both brands claim to have good durability, but this can vary depending on factors such as hair type, color intensity, and how well the dye is maintained.

Manic Panic predicts that their Amplified colors will endure for up to 8 weeks, their Creamtones colors for 2–3 weeks, and their Classic High Voltage dyes for up to 6 weeks. But some people find that after two washes, their pastel colors start to fade. On bleached hair, their darker colors, like Purple Haze, can last for 26–27 washes.

On pre-lightened hair, Arctic Fox predicts their colors to last 4–8 weeks, and on unbleached hair, 2–6 weeks. On unbleached light hair, some pastel colors only last 6-7 washes, however on pre-lightened hair, pigmented colors can last up to 24-35 washes.

7. Fade Resistance

Arctic Fox is known for its excellent fade resistance, with some colors lasting up to 8 weeks or more. Manic Panic, on the other hand, may fade faster, especially with lighter colors.

Manic Panic Hair has a fading color that varies from person to person and even between light and color. Darker colors will hold up better than lighter ones. However, blonde hair that is level 6 to 9 can last for up to 5 weeks or more. Lower the heat when taking a shower and using any heat-styling products on your hair. Heat hastens the oxidation of the chemicals in hair strands, hastening the fading of Arctic Fox’s gorgeous, vibrant hair color.

8. Role in Saving Animals

Arctic Fox gives away 15% of their total income to save animals. This is how they have a role against animal cruelty. Second Chance Animal Services, the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and are the main charities that arctic fox volunteers within their community. Through programs, clinics, and education, Second Chance Animal Services offers a home for animals, cares for them, and works to reduce overpopulation. Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation is a shelter for abandoned and abused animals that also fight for their rights. It supported the adoption of the Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act and the Los Angeles City Fur Ban. To rescue and rehabilitate more than 275,000 animals globally, IFAW unites people, animals, and the environment.

Manic Panic products are not tested on animals. It also works to enhance the lives of animals everywhere through rescue, adoption, advocacy, education, and cooperation. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has officially recognized the role.

9. Drawbacks

The drawback of Manic Panic is how quickly it stains your skin, the bathtub, and the bathroom floors. Therefore, if you intend to use Manic Panic, be sure to cover everything. Even after twice washing your hair, it often bleeds out. Consequently, you might want to avoid it if you need to wash your hair more frequently or perspire a lot.

On the other hand, Arctic Fox bleeds less and rinses clean quickly, reducing the possibility of post-application stains on your neck, clothing, and bedding.

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Which One Should You Choose: Manic Panic or Arctic Fox

Which one should you choose manic panic or arctic fox

Manic Panic and Arctic Fox are two of the most popular vegan hair dye brands on the market, both offering an array of shades that cater to different preferences. But which one should you choose?

As every person’s hair is unique, it is important to consider how Manic Panic and Arctic Fox will react to your hair type. For example, if you have fine or damaged hair, you may want to choose a dye that is gentler on your hair. On the other hand, if you have thick or coarse hair, you may want a dye that is more intense and longer-lasting.

Manic Panic is a great option for people who want to experiment with different shades, as they offer a wide range of colors, from vibrant neon to subtle pastels. Their formula is gentle and conditioning, making it a good choice for those with damaged or fine hair. However, if you are looking for a long-lasting hair color, Manic Panic may not be the best option, as it tends to fade faster than other dyes.

Arctic Fox is known for its long-lasting formula, making it a great option for people who want a vibrant and intense hair color that lasts longer. It is also very conditioning, making it suitable for all hair types. However, if you have very fine or damaged hair, Arctic Fox may not be the best choice, as it can be slightly more drying than other dyes.

The choice between Manic Panic and Arctic Fox ultimately depends on your personal preferences and hair type. By considering the factors discussed in this article, you can make an informed decision on which vegan hair dye is best for you.


1. Do professionals use Manic Panic?

Yes. For certified salon and hair care professionals, Manic Panic Professional products are exclusively made.

2. Is Manic Panic less damaging?

Yes. Manic panic has restorative characteristics. It moisturizes and fills processed hair like a conditioner. Use Manic Panic Hair Color precisely as directed in the labeling. Don’t include peroxide or any other dyes for permanent hair.

3. Can I mix Manic Panic with Arctic Fox?

Yes. You can mix Manic Panic with Arctic Fox hair color. But we don’t recommend mixing Arctic Fox colors with any other brands for the best outcomes.

4. Will Arctic Fox work on dark hair?

One of the most adaptable colors, purple AF works well with several base tones. On light brown or naturally blonde hair, it will be quite similar to how it would look on a lightened base, whereas on dark brown hair, it will give you a subtle purplish color, especially in the sunshine.

5. Why doesn’t Manic Panic stay in my hair?

It is because large color molecules in Manic Panic dye are unable to enter the hair shaft. Instead, they merely rest on top. As a result, the color only lasts a few weeks.

Final Thoughts

Both brands offer high-quality, long-lasting vibrant hair color options that are gentle on your hair and the environment. But the choice between Manic Panic and Arctic Fox will depend on personal preference and your hair’s specific needs. Consider the ingredients, color range, fade resistance, and price while making the decision. It’s recommended to read reviews and tutorials online before making a choice.For permeable hair which absorbs hair color like a sponge and rapidly fades out, use Arctic Fox hair color. Also, those who search for bright colors should use them. For normal hair free from permeability and damage, use Manic Panic hair color. Also, use it if you wish to experiment with a wide range of colors.

Key Points

  • Both Manic Panic and Arctic Fox hair dye are vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Both brands offer high-quality, bold, and long-lasting vibrant hair color options.
  • Manic Panic can be customized by mixing different shades to create unique colors and shades.
  • Manic Panic will seem bright even if you only leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes on blonde or pre-lightened hair.
  • Arctic Fox is known for its excellent fade resistance, with some colors lasting up to 8 weeks or more.
  • Arctic Fox gives away 15% of its income to save animals.

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