Why Does My Nail Polish Chip After 2 Days? 5 Major Reasons

Tiny chip on the corner of your nail tip after two days! No need to get upset; here we are to solve your nail-chipping issues.

Nail polish with colors can add some colors to your boring life. Isn’t it? Along with other beauty products, this beauty stuff highlights your hands the most. Again, unlike other beauty products, you can handle the color combination of makeup and attire when applying nail polishes.

Nail polish chip is a common phenomenon that may often happen to you. For those who have faced such problems but do not know what a nail polish chip is? A small chip is visible on your nail tip immediately after applying nail polish. There is no convenient time for nail polish chipping. Maybe your nail polish started chipping within a few hours of using it or after one day or two days.

Before we go for a long discussion about nail polish chipping, I would like to add that knowing your nail polish category is a must. Cause it can be a fundamental issue before your nail polish chip. Base coat, top coat, gel, and matte are the main categories of nail polish. One must have practical experience with their nails and nail polish to avoid the nail polish chip.

Why does my nail polish chip after 2 days?

If you find your nail polish chipping after two days only! Refrain from being the disheartening cause; first, you must find out the reason behind the chip. Several reasons are there that could be discussed to know about nail polish chips.

1. Poor nail polish

Poor nail polish

The term- poor nail polish sounds a bit bizarre. Doesn’t it? Don’t worry cause the nail polish you are currently using may be good enough. But most of the time, the store brings cheap nail polish, which turns out to be poor. In that case, you might face problems like cracking, peeling off, discoloration and nail polish chips.

Again, focusing on the issues of nail polish chips, you should be more careful about choosing nail polishes. The nail polish you have used causes a chip may occur due to the product’s expiry. And nail polish expiration only sometimes depends on the hologram attached to your nail polish bottle. Also, you have to open the bottle every time while using it. That is why it is better to stop using your nail polish after two years. Keeping the bottle open for a long time is a reason behind its expiration. That may be when you should throw away your nail polish!

Another reason behind your nail polish becoming poor in quality is that it dries out the liquid, creating difficulties while applying it. As a result, you will get a hard and thick texture, indicating that your nail polish has expired.

So, try to avoid buying cheap quality products from the market to solve the nail polish chip issue.

2. So many layers of coat

So many layers of coat

Some users think the more you coat your nail polish, the more durable it will be! Well, that is a wrong concept. Applying thick layers on your nail polish turns out to be bubbled up, then chipping will occur next.

The rules should be “thinner coats, not thicker!” Even if you want deep layers, go for at least three thinner layers back to back.

Another problem regarding so many layers of coats applied on your nails may ruin the whole beauty of your nail painting. The nail polish may stay for 24 hours, but after one or two days, the problem of nail polish chipping must happen due to the over layers of coat.

Remember to check the type of nail polish you are using to coat your nails to get rid of chipping problems.

3. Applying on cuticles

Applying on cuticles

Painting your nails and not covering up your cuticles may raise the question of whether you should go for cuticle coverage. The answer is the best option will be not to push back your cuticles.

The cuticle is a prominent part of your nails. It is also known as a nail bed. As a sensitive part of your finger, you can restrain yourself from taking any risk while using nail polish. If you apply nail polish on your cuticles, you may get a prick that could be the reason behind the nail chip again.

Moreover, applying nail polish can harm your cuticles too. In that case, apart from chipping concern, you should leave your cuticles alone for their betterment.

4. Need to give more time to dry

Need to give more time to dry.

How long may it take to dry up your nails? It actually depends on the layers that you have done. Giving enough time to dry may help prevent your nails from chipping.

Often we become impatient regarding polishing our nails. The nail polish needs more time to dry, and there might be a chance of chipping. So, having patience during applying nail painting is a must. Otherwise, there might be a possibility of a nail chip due to the dampness.

You need to understand the type of nail polish that you are using and give it as much time as it needs to dry.

5. Nail issues

Nail issues

You should pay attention to nail issues, considering your nails from getting chipped. Some common nail diseases are Brittle nail syndrome, onychomycosis, paronychia, and nail psoriasis. Those who are almost unaware of nail diseases but mostly face those problems should acknowledge this.

Apart from those, generally, there is a possibility that one might get other nail infections. Whether it is a fungal infection or nail disease, you must accept the cause of nail chipping because of those reasons.

Ultimately, there is no reason to blame your nail paint quality for chipping. Sometimes it’s your nail- which is not healthy enough to sustain the nail color. Try to use Antifungal nail polish if possible to avoid nail issues.

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Pro Tips

Pro Tips

As we know, nail chipping is just like other nail problems that a regular nail polish user may face. I would like to add some pro tips here regarding nail polish chipping, which may help you to solve this problem.

  • Moisturizing your nails is an excellent practice to keep your nails healthy and eliminate all kinds of nail issues that may happen after applying nail polish. If you water your nails, nail chipping and other problems like cracking, peeling off, and discoloration might not occur next time. You should drink more and more water to keep your nail healthy. Water will help to keep your health moisturized. Again, you can use petroleum jelly, vitamin E, or cuticle creams regularly to moisturize.
  • Nail coats are mandatory to get an excellent finishing to your nail paint. If you need to learn how to put coats properly, then here I am to suggest some tips regarding coating! The most effective way of the layer is to put thinner coats slowly, one after one, by giving it a proper time to dry. Two is good, but at most, three coats! It actually depends on the nail paint that you are using.
  • Continue top coating to prevent your nails from chipping also. Those using nail paints regularly should know this trick to maintain nail color. Before your nail paint gets fades, apply another coat to make it shine. Now you may have a question regarding the duration between the actual coat and the next one? The answer is to do it every two to three days for a long-lasting result.
  • Shimmery colors help you get rid of nail chipping due to their thinner sparkling particles, which cling to your nails. Also, the shimmery look will give your nails an elegant touch!
  • Wearing gloves can also help you from nail chipping. How? We, women, have to involve ourselves in household chores. From cooking-cutting to washing-cleaning, our involvement of hands may leave a reason behind for nail polish damage. You can practice wearing gloves to stop nail chipping.
  • Cleanliness is another way of keeping your nail polish healthy. Those who never used nail kits can try those tools for nails. You can choose nail kits over salons for manicures and pedicures at your own place. No wonder you will find all essential tools in your nail kit, including- cuticle pushers, removers, nail clippers, shaping tools, and many more. So, cleanliness can help you to prevent your nails from chipping too.

Personal Experience

After a lengthy discussion, I would like to share my personal experience with readers about nail chipping. Before going there, I would also like to describe my current nail condition.

I also have a few common nail issues like many people, such as – Onycholysis, Ingrown Toenails, and Brittle splitting nails. No matter how much I hate having those nail problems, sometimes it becomes tough to find out what is happening underneath my nail beds. According to a dermatologist, one must take care of their nails to keep themselves out of those unwanted diseases.

In fact, it gets more challenging for me to avoid this problem regarding nail clipping. Often I get nail chips. Sometimes the nail paint needs to be corrected, and other times, I get too lazy to take care of the nail paint.

Though nowadays, I try to avoid applying nail paint. That does not mean I am discouraging others. All you need to remember while using nail paints is to maintain your nail color and do and take other necessary steps to keep your nail healthy.


1. How long does nail polish last before chipping?

Well, we must find a different period between applying and chipping. Usually, after two to three days, it may start happening. Though, the quality of nail paint can also assure your nail polish’s durability.

2. Does clear nail polish prevent chipping?

Applying clear nail polish is also an effective way to prevent your nails from chipping. In that case, that one top coat, used on your nails, would be the safest way for a user.

3. How do you know when nail polish is completely dry?

There are ways of drying out your nail paints. Sometimes it may take one to two hours and sometimes ten to fifteen highest if you are using a blower. The best time to apply nail paint is the night before your sleep so that your nail color gets enough time to dry.

4. Can you wear nail polish continuously?

Wearing nail polish may cause harm to your nails. Also, you need to give your nails some time for breathing for keratin granulation. So, instead of continuously using nail paint, you can stop yourself for a few weeks from using that.

5. Which nail polish should I buy for my nails?

The best choice for nail polish is to buy nail paints that are breathable, antifungal, and less toxic. So, always try to go for nail paints that are healthy for your nails and give you long-term resistance against harmful infections.

Final Words

Finally, we take an overview of the discussion I have done. From my discussion, you will not only learn about Nail polish chipping and its probable solution but also get a rough idea about taking care of your nail health.

For women who use nail polish every day, especially working women and professionals like models and actresses, taking care of their nails’ health is a must. Cause regular application of nail paint may raise so many difficulties to your nail health which can cause severe nail diseases if not taken care of properly.

Moreover, there is no need to follow all the pro tips even if you constantly face severe issues. All you have to do is to visit your dermatologist and get proper advice and treatment to cure your nail issues.

Key Points

  1. Nail polish chipping is a common issue for every woman, which can make you angry and upset simultaneously. But we have to find out the reasons behind that.
  2. Everyone may get this issue, from teenagers to grannies, due to poor nail polish, so many layers of coat, applying on cuticles, not giving enough time to dry, and Nail issues.
  3. Also, no need to get worried because I have included some pro tips here, for instance- moisturizing nails, nail coats, continuing top coats, shimmery colors, wearing gloves, and cleanliness.

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