Duck Nail Tips: The 2023 Viral Tiktok Trend!

Duck Nail Tips
Duck Nails are an easy way to add some color to your nails without having to spend hours painting them. They’re also great if you have short nails or just don’t like painting them.

Duck nail tips are something you’ll either love or hate just immediately. The presence of duck nails in social media, such as Jersey nails, comprehensive tips, fam tips, flared tips, etc., has made its way into people’s lives. And while we’re on the subject of duck nail tips, it’s worth noting that they were popular long before Instagram influencers. The tips of the acrylic nails are flared like a fan or duck’s feet. Generally, duck nail tips appear as if your nail artist made a mistake or your 5-year-old did your nails. And it looks pretty uncomfortable to carry on as well.

If you know about the duck lips, trend a few years back on Facebook, please do not mix the duck nail tips and lips as they are the same. Duck lips were eventually replaced by fish-gape lips, which people did with their lips instead of very pouty lips. And even in the nail industry, people are over the coffin and almond-shaped nails, and they have introduced duck nail tips.

Here we include information on how you can create and recreate a design on your duck nails and how you will get the most out of the new duck nail tips trend.

What are the duck nail tips?

What are the duck nail tips

Duck nail tips are entirely new, and they just made a grand comeback with Tiktok videos. Snooky popularized duck nail tips or flared nails from Jersey Shore in 2012, and this is more like the 1920s flapper version of nails. The duck nail tips started in the early 2000s, and this Y2K nail trend has surfaced just now.

The duck feet nails are acrylic or fake nails, which are wider on the extended side than the real nail bed. As a result, the pin has a triangular shape that resembles the webbed feet of ducks, hence the name: duck nail tips. The attraction of the duck feet nails is mostly not because they are shaped like feet, but rather they give more of a surface area for nail artists. They can put so much stuff in it, and you don’t have to stick with just traditional colors like nail paints or gel polishes. It’ll carry a mini guitar or a miniature mouse in your fingers.

With duck nail tips, artists can use 3D resources like bows and photos. Rhinestones, glitter, and paintings can also be put on display. With these kinds of nails, a nail is fitted with another acrylic nail that is much bigger than the actual one, and the sides of the nails are then slanted. The crown-shaped duck nail tips have two curves, and the moon shape has only one angle at the end. Crown-shaded duck nails hold more of the true identity of the duck nail tips as they form a rectangle as they flare out.

Duck nails are the exact opposite of coffin nails, an update from boring nails. These nails became popular among nail artists due to their 3D charms and cheetah paints.

Are the duck nail tips practical?

Well, if we just look at the duck nail tips or flared nails, they don’t look convenient, and if I were given a manicure like this, I’d be very uncomfortable and a bit embarrassed, if you may say. But most nail artists on social media and in magazines claim that duck nails are one of the most practical things to notice, as you can even do a French tip with the nails. It doesn’t have to be all glitter and gaudy. But the idea of a duck feet nail is to bring more fun than a French tip.

As a result, most nail artists advise their clients to start with the duck nail tips trend. They may feel strange and uncomfortable initially, and acceptance may be difficult, but the nails will become more regular over time. So if you’re a rookie with flared nails, start with the less flared one and get a smaller one. And eventually, go big and adjust.

The idea of practical duck nail tips is that you get to carry a piece of art in your fingers, and it lets the artists get more and more creative as there is more space. You won’t know about something until you try it. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with something new.

How did the duck nail tips trend start?

Let us break down every step of the current Y2K trend with duck nail tips. The rhinestones and glitter are something like the era of the 70s, where women loved trends and fashion that was a bit extra. And they’d probably start the duck nail tips with that glam. More fake, more glam. But the 70s were one of the most iconic fashion moments of all time, and so do the duck nails.

Flared nails are nothing new but a comeback like an old Hollywood star in a blockbuster. And what is better than overhyped social media? But before the Tiktok trends, duck nail tips were on trend in the early 2000s, and Jersey Shore’s Snooky made headlines for her duck nail tips.

Currently, the duck nail tips are made famous by the rapper Danielle Bregolli or Bhad Bhabie, who showed off her duck or flared nails on Tiktok. The video has more than 4.4 million viewers. The rapper’s nails were of a duck nail french manicure.

Nail artists such as Dani Gracia and Icy Milli expressed enthusiasm for the duck nail tips, claiming that flared nails are one of their passions. Milli is a California-based artist who started working with extended nails long ago and was excited that people are exploring new things every day. Most importantly, the nail artists love how much the throwback looks are current trends. So we can hope that flared pants, also known as Elvis Pants, will make a comeback.

21 Duck nail tips inspirations In 2023

Here are some ideas for how to make a duck nail for the season. You can just take inspiration and try and focus on what you want with your nails. Flared nails are all about enhancing the beauty of your nails, and flared nails are here to make a statement. So choose wisely.

  • French Tips
  • Pink Duck Nails
  • Hello Kitty Nails
  • Animal Print
  • Oversized Charms
  • Sweets on Nails
  • Color Block
  • Feature Nails
  • Artsy Nails
  • Extra Long
  • Blue Glitter
  • Pastel Duck Feet Nails
  • Duck Nails (Natural)
  • Solid White
  • Dollar Bills
  • Wide Fan
  • Barbie Nails
  • Glam Flare
  • Abstract
  • Cartoon Nails
  • Y2K Inspired

1. French Tips

French tips

If we are to start a discussion on duck nail tips, we must first start with the extended French tips. This is just basic but still has the bold ideas behind the manicure. The bottom coat will be transparent, and the fan will be white like any regular French tip. Thus, the thicker part of the nail will have an all-white flare. End it with a glossy top coat.

2. Pink Duck Nails

Pink duck nails

This is another way of doing the nails and adding a more edgy yet feminine look. You can choose any shade of pink and just go with the monochrome pink all over or add some flare to the designs. You can even go to pink ombre if you like. Just make sure to use a larger sponge with duck nail tips.

3. Hello Kitty Nails

Hello, Kitty has been one of the most popular and cute characters since the 70s. There’s hardly a child who didn’t have a bag of charms of this super cute white cat. And with duck nail tips, you can have that Hello Kitty charm on your fingers. The flared area gives more space to put 3D objects, and a miniature kitten will certainly show through. However, we suggest using only one kitten character on each hand.

4. Animal Print

You can choose from the leopard, cow, or cheetah print for the duck nails. As we keep mentioning the surface of the jersey nails, they will give you enough to put on a cow, let alone the prints. However, the more space there is, the more ideas and design variations there are. Gems can also be placed without making the area gaudy.

5. Oversized Charms

Oversized charms

If you wear an oversized charm on your nails, the duck nail tips are the way to go. The big gems will set and even leave space for other designs. This is one of the best ways to express creativity and make your nails light up.

6. Sweets on Nails

This might sound absurd, but if you live on candy as I do, putting miniature candy charms on doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You can go for bars and popsicles here. And if you’re feeling particularly peckish, why not paint your flared pieces lighter or candy pink? And before adding charms, finish and dry the nails first.

7. Color Block

If I am to get a manicure with duck feet nails, the first thing I’ll choose is a lot of colors. Green, blue, yellow, and red will be placed on my fingers. And the best way to represent the flared nails is with a combination of color blocks. And interestingly, the sizes of the color blocks will be different, and there can be so many color variations.

8. Feature Nails

If you like your nails to stand out from the rest, these nails are perfect for you. The feet will be enormous and may even be a different color than the rest of the body. Focus mostly on the flared part and adorn it with gems and glitter. This will be the highlight of everything.

9. Artsy Nails

Artsy nails

Duck nail tips are where you get to be the most dramatic and colorful. You can use thousands of colors, shapes, and angles here and shape the duck feet according to your taste. Using so many different colors and glitters will present it like a canvas of modern art, and the most important thing is that each fingernail is a canvas of its own.

10. Extra Long

It is primarily synonymous with extra if you think about duck nails. And a different long duck nail means extra space, which means extra work and ideas. Experiments will have more space, and you can add more than one miniature object. We have seen live-action figures on duck nails, so nothing is as dramatic as the long nails.

11. Blue Glitter

This is one of my favorite approaches to duck nail tips. Blue accents everywhere are more of a look, and it goes with almost everything. Start with a base coat and try and keep the fan only a centimeter long in this case. Then put on a royal navy blue as the first coat. Put on the top layer and let it dry for a while, so it is tacky. Put some small glitter in and shake off the extra. Put on another coat and wait. Bring out the large glitter and end it with a top coat.

12. Pastel Duck Feet Nails

Choose the light tones of some gel polish, like yellow and pink. Apply the products with a sponge, so the paints look like they are transitioning from pink to yellow. Apply chrome powder to the top coat to make it glossy. And for other nails, use large glitter to make them pop.

13. Duck Nails (Natural)

Duck nails natural

And if you really like subtle nails yet fanned out, we suggest going for the all-transparent-yet-glittery gel colors. Bright colors and prints are all fun, but sometimes people look for something elegant. And this is our take on the subtle duck nail. You can go for light pink and nude and blend them with your natural skin tone to make it subtle. And the shape of the nails is also very much less flared.

14. Solid White

If you want something to look elegant on your nails, solid white is something you should try. I don’t know why, but something like milky white nail paint on a duck’s nail tips looks like something that a funky bride would choose, and she would want something sassy and still classy.

15. Dollar Bills

This nail design is very funny at a glance. Miniature dollar bills are something to remind you of the success you have or that you have to pay your bills this week. It can go either way, but still, this is one of the most interesting things we’ve seen with the duck nails, and it suits the flared style too nicely.

16. Wide Fan

If we are to say that you want an extensive flared area with your duck nail tips, And if the duck feet are too widespread, you can put a fan on them. The design looks so pretty in person, and it’s something that genuinely signifies the flared nails. Peacock designs can also be used with this.

17. Barbie Nails

Barbie nails

Bright Fuschia is something that makes us more Barbie than Barbie herself. The bright color will be something like a dream, and it could be one of the most attractive things I’ve seen. And most importantly, you can do the Barbie nails yourself in your house.

18. Glam Flare

If you want an excessive amount of gems in your nails, then this is it. These kinds of nails are suitable for every party or a date. The guy might get intimidated a little bit, but you’ll feel glam, and that’s enough. If you open a chest full of precious objects, you get the same feeling when you see the glam flare. And add your take on this art.

19. Abstract

Modern artists are something of a rarity as they are the ones that can describe the feeling of art. But if you can incorporate your own abstract art, then it’ll be something personal, to begin with. For those sorts of nails, apply a matte first layer and then use a very thin brush to draw lines. You can use any color.

20. Cartoon Nails

Cartoon nails

This might be very weird, but do you know that you can draw a duck on a duck’s nail tips? And the pictures will be much more detailed due to some extra space at the end of the nail tip. So, drawing and illustrating a cartoon is very easy. Use a yellow matte base for ducks on duck nails and draw a cute duck with an orange lip.

21. Y2K Inspired

For these kinds of designs, they can be a little out of date, but since duck nail tips are the 2000s’ revival, why not go for the old-school looks? A baby pink outro with glitter or an American flag with crystals is new yet cool.

How to get the duck nail look?

How to get the duck nail look

We are including some ways you can do the duck nail tips at home rather than at the salon. Even when you’re a professional with manicure and nail paint, the flared nails are different as they have an unusual shape. So we’ve included some products to begin at first.

  • Acrylic nail tips
  • Acrylic nail clippers and files
  • Acrylic liquid and powder
  • Thin brush 
  • Gel polish
  • Top and bottom coats
  • Acrylic nail tips glue
  • Glitters and crystals 
  • Variety of accessories 

Here we include a step-by-step guide on how to do jersey nails, flared nails, or duck nail tips at home.

  1. Prep Your Nails
  2. Use Acrylic
  3. Base Coat
  4. Gel Polish
  5. Top Coat

Step 1: Prep your nails

Prep your nails

The first step is to prepare your fingernail. You’ll need some general tools. For example, you can use a nail file to smooth the nail surface and then use cuticle oil to strengthen the nails. Cut of the ridges with a nail scissor. And also, remove any stain by using a remover. And lastly, use a nail primer to maintain the moisture of your nails. Make sure there is no oil build-up, or the acrylic will not stick to your nails.

Step 2: Use Acrylic

Use arcylic

The best option to do the duck nail tips at home is to go for the acrylic extensions. They are convenient as they are easy to use. They are more durable, and the application process is also simple, yet you should be careful as many chemicals are involved, which can irritate if not appropriately maintained.

  • Use the duck Acrylic nail tips and choose a larger one. You can file it down later.
  • Apply the Acrylic glue with a very thin layer, and avoid the adhesive in contact with the skin.
  • Hold the nail for five seconds and let the glue dry completely.
  • Next, pour the Acrylic liquid and powder into separate bowls.
  • Dip the acrylic brush first into the liquid and then onto the powder. Do a small amount at a time.
  • The Acrylic ball of powder must be moist but not drenched.
  • Now apply the Acrylic mixture to your nails. Apply the acrylic mixture quickly and make the tip smooth.
  • Let the acrylic dry down for at least ten minutes before applying polish.

Step 3: Base Coat

Apply a base coat on top of the acrylic duck nail tips.

Step 4: Gel Polish

Gel nail polish is the best way to brighten and design the duck nail tips, and for the added materials, use nail glue.

Step 5: Top Coat

The top coat should be applied before you use your miniature objects on your nails.

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How to remove acrylic duck nails?

We’ve included many ideas on how you can get duck nail tips, and we even mentioned a process. But removing the duck nails is equally important.

  1. Soak the duck nails in 100% pure acetone
  2. Push back the natural cuticle before filling the acrylic
  3. An electric sander can be used to remove any remaining parts
  4. Buff and file your natural nails


How can you keep on nail tips?

Most nail art professionals and salons suggest that the clients need to fill up the space created by the natural nails within a month, and the cosmopolitan suggests that fake acrylic nails will last up to two months maximum.

Can you trim duck nails?

It is often suggested that duck nails you put on should be larger than the ones you intended. So you can file and trim the duck nail tips to meet the requirements.

Do tips damage your nails?

You’ll need regular touch-ups if you wear fake acrylic nails for more than a month. And as the chemicals are involved, it’ll harm your nails and the nail growth. And if you keep the nails for longer, the natural nails will lose their strength, and they can be thin and patched with time.


Instead of all the criticism we’ve been putting thus far, duck nail tips are currently on trend on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. We need to dig a bit more to get information here, and we might also include some ideas regarding the duck nail tips you might be able to pull off this season. The duck tips are a stretched-out nail aesthetic that has got its international perspectives and desire among the young women of the US. However, the trend is not contemporary; in fact, duck nails have long been associated with something more creative.

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