Coconut Butter for Hair : How to Prepare It?

Coconut butter for hair is a cult favorite, and it provides hydration as well as an extra dose of humectant .

After shea butter and cocoa butter, we now have coconut butter. Well, coconut oil has been a cult favorite, and almost every South Indian and Desi household has its stock of coconut and every other thing made from coconut. And now we have coconut butter on the radar.

Coconut oil is one of the best supplements for the body and hair. But they are not only used on the hair; you can literally cook with them. They don’t cause any problems as far as general fat is concerned. But how about coconut butter? Coconut butter is made from the same ingredients, but as it is thick and precise, it tends to feel heavy on the hair and skin. In fact, coconut butter ranks high on the comedogenic scale, which might be why you shouldn’t clean your makeup with coconut oil.

But how about coconut butter for hair? Coconut butter is again made from shreds of coconut, and it can be used directly on the hair without adding any sort of adversaries. The best thing about coconut butter is that it is mostly applied directly to the scalp and can be kept in the fridge. So whenever you feel like oiling and massaging your hair, just warm up the butter in the microwave. The best thing about coconut butter as a DIY project is that it is highly customizable.

So you can just restate and restore an entire recipe, and they will add so many good things, to begin with. And that might be the reason why coconut butter recipes are a cult favorite for those with extremely dry hair. Apart from the simple recipe, coconut butter contains some well-known ingredients that can be beneficial to the hair but not so much for the skin, as it causes breakouts.

Why use coconut butter for hair? The most important reason for using coconut butter is that when you have dry scalp and hair strands, the coconut butter will just add a boost of hydration. Coconut butter has been so popular lately because it has a high moisture factor and contains the necessary fats that will provide the perfect amount of hydration.

However, another factor to consider with coconut oil is that it feels heavy; oils are liquid and still lack a compact fat substance. But with butter, you get the most compact form of the fat, and in this case, you get coconut fat. And that might be a reason why the coconut can feel suffocating on the hair, so before you put the coconut butter on your hair, make sure to do a patch test.

What’s the difference between coconut butter and coconut oil?

Whats the difference between coconut butter and coconut oil

Most people imagine that coconut butter is mostly a substitute for coconut oil, but the truth is far from that. Coconut butter is mostly used in food as it has more flavor than usual. The dried coconut is ground and pasted to make a butter texture. And that’s how you get the butter to have its thick texture. Coconut butter has more saturated fat, which controls cholesterol levels in the blood.

 The most interesting fact about plant-based butter, like coconut butter, is that they are easy to substitute and are the best possible alternative for daily butter. Animal fats might not be all healthy, but coconut butter will not be from such a process, which might be why most people go with butter instead of oil.

And the coconut oil is mostly pressed from the dry shades of coconut. And this is why coconut oil has to be the most important when used on hair. They may suit the hair, but they are ineffective when it comes to food. We think coconut butter is a better option because it tends to stand up better to heat and oxidation. Furthermore, coconut butter is not liquid at room temperature, so it can turn into oil when exposed to additional heat. And when you are rubbing them on the scalp, you only have to rub them in with your fingers.

Is coconut butter good for hair?

Is coconut butter good for hair

We love coconut butter so much because it is extremely hydrating and tends to care for the hair from the inside out. The most intriguing thing about coconut butter is that it is extremely good when it comes to repairing it. The fact that it only contains saturated plant-based content is very appealing, and that’s why it tastes so good with all of the other ingredients. Here are some of the reasons we think coconut butter is a good option for hair:

  • Relief from Irritation: Well, the most common reason we found for loving coconut butter is that it tends to heal the scalp from the inside out. The anti-inflammatory qualities of the butter will help with any kind of patchiness or scaly scalp. When applied, they tend to seep into the hair and do not suffocate it. But you might want to keep it overnight or just for a few hours before washing it all off with shampoo. Do a double wash with shampoo to get the best results.
  • Remedy for split ends: When we apply the oil, it is mostly for the roots of the hair to enhance the overall growth of the hair. However, the ends of the hair are the least desired. And this is why using coconut butter at the tips of the hair surely helps to recreate and relax the ends. They also cure and hydrate the ends of the hair. Coconut butter will provide tons of nutrition to the hair ends, and it might be the perfect cure for the ends of the hair.
  • Softens the dry hair: Another thing worth considering is that with extremely dry hair, the coconut butter will work with both the roots and the ends of the hair. The shine that it adds is impeccable. But the stickiness will follow through. So keep these kinds of points in mind to get good results.
  • Protects against submersion: We mean it when we say we love coconut. Coconut butter is an active ingredient to protect the hair from any possible sun damage. So when you feel that the hair is reddening or drying with direct sunlight, the coconut butter will come to the rescue. These products are extremely good for colored hair and protect the possible shine from direct UV.

How to make coconut butter?

How to make coconut butter

The most common way to make coconut butter would be with just the coconut itself. And the process is extremely rewarding because the butter can be kept intact in the fridge for at least two weeks. The reason to make the coconut butter is that it is vegan and gluten-free. And they don’t really melt when kept in the open. Here is a one-ingredient recipe to make coconut butter at home:


  1. Coconut (shredded): 2 cups or 180 grams
  2. Coconut oil or cocoa oil (optional)


 First, Take a generous amount of shredded coconut into a blender. You can either use store-bought coconuts or just grate the coconut yourself. With the last method, it’ll be time-consuming. So just use the first version. Blend the coconuts until they look like a smooth paste; that way, you get the best possible results. If necessary, add two to three teaspoons of oils to dilute the fats a bit. But we prefer keeping the fats to themselves to get the results.

The texture of the butter should be like peanut butter or almond butter. And while blending the coconuts, you can either use a food processor or a blender. The blender would be the preferred option because it takes less time. And always make sure to scrape the sides to get all of the products.


The prep and preparation time for the coconut butter would be around ten minutes. With a food processor, the time will be around 8 to 10 minutes, and for a blender, it is only 1 to 2 minutes.

How to make hair cream with coconut butter?

How to make hair cream with coconut butter

When it comes to making coconut butter hair cream, you might be surprised at how many ingredients you can use. And the most common things you’ll need are mostly household items. Here we are including an elaborate recipe for making a hair cream with coconut butter.

Ingredient list:

 coconut butter, almond oil, olive oil, aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, rosemary essential oil, chamomile essential oil, bergamot essential oil, etc.


 To begin the process of making a hair cream, you may want to start with a large number of oils, each containing two teaspoons, as well as one tablespoon of coconut butter. And use a mason jar to store the cream. To melt the butter, start with a double boiler or just microwave the butter. While the butter is still cold, add the oils and the rest of the ingredients and thoroughly combine them. And then freeze the oils and use them later on. You can store the buttercream for at least a month.

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How to make a hair mask with coconut butter?

How to make a hair mask with coconut butter

The hair masks are great for the hair, but something that is truly great would be the coconut butter hair mask. Hair masks are the most hydrating ingredient, and they work best when you lack hydration from the roots. The hair mask will provide growth, shine, and strength to the hair.


1.Coconut butter


3.Egg white.


Well, this would be the deep conditioning hair mask for the hair. And again, start with a double boiler or a microwave and try to heat up the coconut butter at first. Once you’ve got the butter melted, add the egg, honey, and butter to a bowl. We suggest going for one teaspoon of each product when you have mid-length hair. Try to concentrate on the shafts and roots of the hair equally. Keep the mixture in for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it off with shampoo. When you don’t want stains, try wearing a show cup.


1. Is coconut butter healthy?

Yes, coconut butter is extremely healthy and tends to hydrate and nourish the hair deeply. They are also very potent for dry and scaly scalps.

2. What is coconut butter used for?

Coconut butter is used for the deep conditioning of the hair, and it is perfect for the hair as it is filled with several good aspects.

3. What’s the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter?

Coconut butter is in solid form, and the flavor is very much intact. With coconut oil, the liquids are extracted from dried coconut.

Final Thoughts

When doing a deeply nourishing treatment on your hair, coconut butter is the best thing to use. They take better care of your hair than you might expect. Coconut butter is probably the best option when you want to calm down your scalp. The recipes for coconut butter would produce the best possible result when used as a hair mask, hair oil, or even as a hair conditioner. 

There are different recipes to follow on the Internet, so you can just choose the best possible result by seeing what would suit you most and what would not be a good idea. You can just go for one ingredient, a coconut blend recipe, which is simple and surreal, or you might just go with a 7- to 8-ingredient elaborate version of the hair care with a simple coconut butter recipe. When using such products, make certain that you have taken all necessary precautions and that other ingredients have been added for assistance.

Key Points

  1. Coconut butter has recently become popular due to its high moisture factor and essential fats that give the ideal level of hydration.
  2. The most intriguing aspect of plant-based butter, such as coconut butter, is that it is simple to substitute and is the finest potential substitute for regular butter. Animal fats may not be entirely healthy, but coconut butter is not produced in this manner.
  3. Using coconut butter at the ends of your hair will undoubtedly assist in recreating and relaxing the ends. They also condition and moisturize the hair’s ends. Coconut butter will supply a lot of nourishment to the hair ends and may be the best remedy for split ends.
  4. In a blender, combine a substantial amount of shredded coconut. You may either use store-bought coconuts or grate your own coconut. Blend the coconuts until they form a smooth paste; this ensures the best results. Add two to three tablespoons of oil to dilute the fats if required.

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