What Is Reinforced Gel Polish?

Reinforced gel polish is a thick gel that works as a nail hardener, nail lengthener, and nail smoother at once to give your nails an extra luxurious appearance.

Getting attractive nails with a beautiful look has become a trend. But getting natural nails done may have the risk of damaging them. There are many types of artificial gel nails you can get, like gel nails, acrylic nails, press-over nails, dip nails, poly gel nails, and wrap nails. Among all of them, gel nails are the most popular. Perhaps, you’ve seen gel polish in nail saloons, right?

There are different types and brands of gel polish you can get. Like acrylic gel, soft gel, poly gel, and thick gel. Among these gel polishes, the thick gel is totally different from the rest. Now you may wonder what that thick gel is. The thick gel helps to give your nails an extra glow with a beautiful, strongest surface called reinforced gel polish. In this article, I will discuss what reinforced polish is, the differences between reinforced gel polish and regular gel polish, why you should choose it, how to apply it, and how to remove it!

What Is Reinforced Gel Polish?

What is reinforced gel polish

Reinforced gel polish is a thick gel formula that helps create a strong and smooth surface on your nails and even prevents uneven ridges. Applying reinforced gel polish became a trend after people found the result satisfying. It is quite good for weak and broken nails to have them fixed and given a completely outstanding look. You may become confused after seeing regular gel polish and reinforced gel polish together. It may also be confused by the builder gel. While the reinforced gel polish and regular gel polish are quite similar, the builder gel is totally different. They may look similar, but their workflow is totally different. To be satisfied enough to use reinforced gel polish, you have to know more about it.

The Differences Between Reinforced Gel Polish and Regular Gel Polish

The differences between reinforced gel polish and regular gel polish

Reinforced gel polish and regular gel polish are both similar, and they are both gel polish. Then why they are different and why their workflows are different is a common wonder to get. In this part, I will talk about the differences between reinforced gel polish and regular gel polish.

Reinforced Gel Polish

  • Add Length: With reinforced gel polish, you can add length to your nails by quickly fixing a broken nail. You can also add extra length to your nails by using this gel polish. It will help you by giving your nails a natural-looking, glossy shine.
  • Add Strength: Its thickness will add strength to your nails. That means if you have weak or broken nails, then it will help you make them stronger and longer-lasting. If you already have broken nails, then it may also help you fix them.
  • Safe Ingredients: Make sure of all the ingredients in reinforced nail polishes are safe. Not only that, some of them are rich in proteins and act as a nail protector to protect your nails from any kind of damage.
  • Quick Hard Formula: The reinforced gel polishes are made with a quick-hard formula. After applying this thick gel to your nails, it may only take 60 seconds. In 60 seconds, you have the chance to get long, healthy, and safe nails to make your nails look attractive.
  • Perfect Shape: Applying reinforced gel polish will help you add the perfect shape to your nails. With reinforced gel polish, you may be able to fix your bad nail shape into a beautiful shape. It will also give your nails flat, smooth, make shiny nails, so when you apply color polish to them, they will look attractive and beautiful enough to satisfy you.
  • Easy to Apply: The application process is also not so hard. You may apply this as you usually polish your nails. Because of the thickness of this gel polish, you just have to be sure that every part of your nails has the perfect shape.
  • Time Saver: Because of the easy application and quick formula, it’s a time saver. In your busy schedule, it won’t take that much time to give you attractive-looking nails.

Regular Gel Polish

  • Quick Apply: Gel polishes are liquid gel solutions that won’t take long to apply to your nails. To apply it, you just have to take a brush and polish your nails. After that, you will get a gel-polished nail.
  • Easy to Apply: To apply it, you just have to apply it to your nails by polishing the solution.
  • Easy to Remove: Gel polish will give your nails a thin layer of gel. That can be so easy to remove from your nails with the help of a nail cleanser or nail polish remover. Check the nail polish remover details before using it.
  • Quick Dry: Applying a thin layer of gel polish won’t take so long to dry your nails. It may take 40–50 seconds to dry your nails.
  • Protective Shield: Regular gel polish will help to give a protective shield to your color polish. It will prevent them from lifting or chipping.
  • Time Saver: As we know, it’s very easy to apply and easy to remove, so it won’t take a long time to give you shiny nails.

After knowing the differences, we may say that they might be similar, but in their workflow, they have huge differences.

Choosing Reinforced Gel Polish Instead of Regular Gel Polish

choosing-reinforced-gel-polish-instead of-regular-gel-polish
Choosing reinforced gel polish instead of regular gel polish

Reinforced gel polish and regular gel polish are not the same, which is clear to us. While reinforced gel polish gives your nails a thick layer with the help of correcting your nail’s shape, the gel polish will give your nails a thin layer to make them look glossy. Reinforced gel polish will help protect your natural nails, but regular gel polish will only protect the color of the gel polish. Reinforced gel polish will also add length and strength to your nails, but regular gel polish won’t. It can’t fix the broken or weakened nail to make it strong and breakage-free.

So, if you want a perfect shape, length, and super-strong nail with a natural-looking effect, then choosing reinforced gel polish instead of regular gel polish will be an ideal choice.

How to Apply Reinforced Gel Polish: Step-By-Step

How to apply reinforced gel polish step by step

You might think that just because reinforced gel polish is a bit different than regular gel polish that the application of it might be different as well. Luckily, it is just like any other gel polish that you apply but be a bit extra careful to not overdo it! So here are the step-by-step guidelines for applying reinforced gel polish are:

  1. Clean your nails: To apply reinforced gel polish to your nails, the first thing you should do is clean your nails. Take a nail cleanser on a cotton ball and press it on your natural nails. It will help remove all kinds of dirt and extra oil from your nails. If you don’t have any nail cleanser, you can also use nail polish remover.
  2. Shape your nail: Now take a filler and shape your nails the way you want to shape them. While you are filing your nails, keep in mind that you should file them in one direction. It’s important to give your nails good shape.
  3. Remove the shiny effect: Remove the moisture layer from your nails. The moisture layer won’t make the adhesive of reinforced gel polish stick to it and make them slip away. So, with the help of that filler, you have to file all the shiny areas from your nails.
  4. Push cuticles back : Now, take a cuticle pusher and push your nails cuticles back to make your nail’s plate visible. If there are still any extra cuticles, then cut them with a cuticle cutter. Otherwise, you may get your gel nails lifted.
  5. Clean again: Clean your nails again to remove the dirt you have already gotten on them. While cleaning, make sure that no more dirt or oil is clinging to your nails.
  6. Apply a base coat: Apply a base coat to your nails to create a protective layer on your natural nails and keep them protected. Applying a base coat is a must while you are getting your nails done. For the next step, wait until it is dry.
  7. Apply reinforced gel polish: Now you can apply the reinforced gel polish to your nails. You have to take a drop of reinforced gel polish and apply it to the middle of your nails. Then push it from the back to the top. Apply it in the shape you want for your nails. After completing the application, keep them on your nails for 1-2 minutes to make them dry. For a quick dry, you can put them under the LED lamp light or in ice-cold water. These will help make the gel solution hard quickly.
  8. Apply top coat: Take a good-quality top coat and apply it to your nails. It will protect the gel solution and also give a smooth, shiny effect to your nails.

After following the step-by-step guidelines, you are ready to enjoy your reinforced gel-polished nail.

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How to Remove Reinforced Gel Polish?

How to remove reinforced gel polish

To remove these reinforced gel polishes, you must use acetone. There is no other way to remove them from your nails. But by using acetone, there are two ways to remove them from your nails.

  • First method: Take a little bowl and fill it with acetone. And soak your reinforced nails into it. After soaking it for some time, it may start separating from your nails. And you will get your natural nails back without any problem or harm.
  • Second Method: Take an aluminum foil sheet and an acetone-soaked cotton ball for this method. Now wrap your nails first with the soaked cotton balls and then with the foil sheet. After some time, remove them from your nails. But while removing them, you must be careful because if you can’t remove them properly, they may cause harm to your nails.

If you are not sure about removing them, then don’t try to remove them by yourself. Consult with a nail expert and get their help to remove them from your nails. It may be an ideal choice if you are not feeling well about removing them.


1. How long are reinforced nails going to stay on my nails?

On average, it will stay on your nails for two weeks. But depending on your regular activity, it may increase or decrease. It totally depends on your regular activities.

2. Are reinforced gel polishes safe?

Yes, reinforced gel polish is totally safe. The ingredients of reinforced gel polish are safe and also some of them help in nail treatments because of their rich protein formula.

3. Can reinforced nails help fix nails?

Yes, with reinforced nails, you can fix your broken nails or smooth the surface of your nails. As a result, you can get smooth-surfaced, clean-looking gel nails.

Final Thoughts

Getting your nails done to look prettier has become a popular trend nowadays. People love to have their nails done. To keep their natural nails safe and also have attractive-looking nails, they love to get artificial nails. There are many types of artificial nails they have gotten, like acrylic, gel, wrap, and dip. But still it’s the most popular one. Even though gel nails get sticky. They love to do their nails with reinforced gel nails because of their advantages. With this, you may get lengthy, stronger, and perfectly shaped nails without any nail harm. It will also last a very long time on your nails.

So, if you are looking for something that can help you make your nails lengthy, stronger, shaped, and fixed without any harm to your natural nails and also last for a very long time, then reinforced nails are for you.

Key Points

  • Reinforced gel polish is a thick base gel polish to give your nails a lengthy, stronger, and smoother surface.
  • For applying reinforced nails, you have to prepare your nails, apply the base coat, then the gel coat, and lastly, apply the top coat.
  • Applying reinforced nails is totally safe for your nails. So, you just have to follow the step-by-step guidelines to have reinforced, gel-polished nails.
  • While removing reinforced gel polish from your nails, soak them in acetone water or consult with a nail specialist to remove them perfectly.

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