Korean Lip Makeup: Latest Trends and Looks 2023

Korean Lip Makeup Latest Trends and Looks 2023
Want to know how to do a flawless lip makeup? These Korean beauty secrets will help you create the perfect pout.

Korean makeup trends are different from those in the western world. They tend to have more mature, feminine, and subtle aspects in every product they use. If you watch Korean models and actresses up close, you will easily see that they look effortlessly pretty. They do not use a heavy foundation but focus on glass skin and skin care. And the same thing can be said for Korean lip makeup. The lip makeup is subtle and almost very natural. Of course, they play with different colors. But they keep it natural.

Korean makeup trends are getting popular among different cultures, and that’s because of the K-Pop idols. Pop singers wear a natural look even when performing on stage, which is why Korean lip makeup is one of the trendiest products for people to purchase. If you think about Korean lip products, you will see that almost every brand has its version of lip stains or lip tints.

Here we are including some of the best ongoing Korean lip makeup trends and all the necessary aspects. We’ll also be including how you can achieve an ombre or two-toned look at home in just a few seconds. If Korean dramas still inspire you to look cute, you are in the right place.

What is the perfect korean lip makeup?

If you follow the makeup trends in Korea, then it will be natural as usual. They use slight makeup and focus mainly on their skin regime. And the same thing goes for their lips. They believe in natural and supple lips. So, they put on moisturizer, serum, and lip oils before bed. Another thing to notice is that they are big on sunscreen and less on powders.

Like their faces, they do not put on dark colors or highly pigmented lipsticks on a regular day. It might be a different case if the women are going out. But that too is a different sort of look. Korean lip makeup consists of lip stains, lip tints, pigmented chap sticks, tint serum, lip masks, and lip balms. These glossy products do not leave a darker shade on the lips.

Koreans play with ombre lips the most. Here, your lips will be darker on the inside, and the outer part will be slightly neutral or have a glossy surface. It almost looks like the lips are blushing. And they even use their lip stains as their blush to keep it more natural. The lipsticks are only in the inner corners of the lips and slightly on the bottom and upper lip.

Korean lip makeup is nothing like putting three or four coats of lipstick on your lips. But some trends and idols pop a bold or red lip pretty easily. And this is what makes the makeup line more versatile and not a lock and key one.

What are lip stains?

If we think about lip stains, the first thing that pops into my mind is a unicorn. Lip stains might not be unicorns, but they certainly feel like it. The product will leave a stain on your lips for hours to come, and if you use the correct shade, it’ll look a lot like your natural lip shade but with an elevated look.

With lip stain, the colors or the pigments are absorbed into the skin without creating a layer like with lipstick. With lipstick, you can use a makeup wipe or a cloth to remove it. But the lip stains will be absorbed like water and stay intact. Not even vigorous rubbing can get rid of the stains. Lip stains are often used just as they are or before using lipstick, which evens out the lip skin tone for the whole day.

Lipsticks are anhydrous, meaning they rarely contain any water percentage in their formulation. On the other hand, lip stains are water-based. Think of a cosmetic dye that will give a slight tint on your lips without it existing for the rest of the day. Color selection of lip stains is crucial as there are only a few dyes and pigments in the world that will stain skin safely. And this is why the shades of lip stains are so scarce.

There is not much choice with lip pigments, but you can choose the type of finish in lip stains. You may pick between a matte and a glossy finish, as seen in current Korean lip makeup trends. A true lip stain will leave a matte finish, as the staining dyes and pigments tend to be more matte than usual.

When it comes to glossy lip stains, they are formulated differently. Apart from the tint, they add a shiny coat, which will sit on your lips and impart gloss. But the effect fades away with time, leaving a stain.

You can use makeup wipes or micellar water to remove lip stains. But you have to rub the products. Or you can just use a lip scrub to remove the stain, and the lip stain has to be removed physically. A Korean lip makeup stain will last you through sweat, oily food, drinking, hiking, the gym, etc.

What is a lip tint?

What are lip stains

Another feature of Korean lip makeup is lip tints. These are in between the products of lipstick and gloss. They only leave a small amount of pigment on the lips, lighter than lipstick. And they impart gloss, but that too, with a hint. And a lip tint can also leave a stain. It is an all-in-one product for a natural look.

Most lip tints are applied on bare lips, with just balms on the base. Some lip tints are hydrating, so one product is suitable for all. You can accentuate the lip tints as you go and apply a sheer gloss on top to give a more sultry look. Sometimes lip stains and pigmented lip balms are marketed as lip tint.

One of the main things about lip tints is that they include other products which are not usually found in lipstick, lip gloss, or lip stains. Sunscreen and conditioning ingredients are one of them. Sunblocks will block damaging UVA and UVB rays and are a preventive step against skin cancer. In contrast, conditioning products like a minty smell will provide a fresh smell from the mouth.

Sunscreen often makes the lip tints more hydrating and comfortable. Lip tints are available in a twist-up or squeeze bottle. Like lip stains, a lip tint will last long, even when the gloss has worn off. But the staining is more temporary. Korean women prefer lip tints for their summer daytime makeup look.

With such products, you don’t have to put in much effort, or you can skip lip liners and lip balms. But you might want to avoid reapplying the lip tints as the color delivery might be very deep, which doesn’t go with Korean lip makeup.

Korean gradient lips

Korean gradient lips

For Korean lip makeup, the first criteria will be gradient lips, where the lip has a hint of color on the inside. There are two kinds of gradient lips to do: the first is dewy, and the second is matte lip. In this article, we’ll explore both of these looks.

  1. Dewy Gradient Lips
  2. Matte Gradient Lips

1. Dewy gradient lips

This is the most common practice for Korean women and is much more low-key and chic. The glossy and dewy gradient lip is perfect for a long day trip or running errands. For this sort of look, you’ll need:

  • A concealer/foundation
  • A lipstick/lip stain
  • Sponge
Dewy gradient lips

Here we include a detailed version of how to get a gradient and dewy lip look with our step-by-step guide. I prefer to do my lips this way, but you can alternate in between.

  1. Apply Concealer or Foundation
  2. Apply lip color
  3. Dab-dab

Step 1: Apply Concealer or a Foundation

You can choose any concealer or foundation for your lips; just make sure that the color matches your skin tone. We are not adding a concealer to highlight the lips; we are using a base product to even out the lips. Lip lines and fine lines will be invisible with a base product, and you’ll have a clean canvas to apply to do the rest of the work.

Step 2: Apply A Lip Color

We recommend using a lip tint or lip stain with a glossy finish for a dewy look. Also, make sure that your lipstick is easy to blend and will not dry out before blending.

Use dotting motions to apply the lip color on the center of the bottom and top lip. Use a small number of products at first and then build it up eventually. Press both of your lips together to make the lipstick smudge a bit. And if you need more color, just add on later on the same part.

Step 3: Dab-dab

The last step is to blend the lipstick with your hands or use a sponge or cotton swab. Use a finger not to move too much of the product.

2. Matte gradient lips

This sort of gradient lips does not require a regular and consistent touch-up. Perfect for a formal day, and it’ll last you a long time. The matte gradient looks are primarily from a nude lip color. Matte lips will be much more comfortable as you don’t have to redo the lips over and over. For this sort of lips, you need:

Matte gradient lips
  • Two different shades of lipstick(nude and any other color)
  • Sponge

Here we include a step-by-step path to getting a matte gradient look. The steps are more straightforward.

  1. Apply a Nude Lip Color
  2. Use a Darker lip color
  3. Dab-dab

Step 1: Apply a Nude Color

For the matte gradient lip color, use a matte nude shade all over the lips. You don’t need a concealer, and just make sure that the nude compliments your lips well. Full coverage, matte lipsticks are highly recommended. Smudge the nude lip to make sure that it is not overlying. The lipstick shouldn’t accentuate the lip lines; rather, all of it should look blended.

Step 2: Apply a Dark Color

For the dark color, you can go for a matte lip and place it on the center of both lips. Build up the lipstick eventually. The darker color should cover only half of the lips, and you can just use a lip brush to apply the product.

You can choose brown, red, or pink shades for the darker shade. And that will be the matte gradient Korean lip makeup.

Step 3: Dab-dab

The last step is to blend both the lip products in between. Use your fingers or sponge to do the work. Open and close your lips simultaneously to get the perfect matte gradient lips.

Tips to get a luscious korean lip makeup

Tips to get a luscious korean lip makeup

Korean lip makeup is more skin-oriented, so prepping and maintenance are two of the biggest aspects of creating a beautiful Korean lip. You must have a perfect base to get the most out of the stain or lipstick. If you have chapped lipstick or darker lip lines, the staining will look like a lolly stain rather than the lip color. The tips we include here are also common for western makeup looks. We learn eventually, which is the best lesson I have learned since I started doing makeup. So here, we have included some of the best pro tips to help you get the best.

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Apply a Lip Balm or Mask
  3. Choose a Color that Suits You
  4. Build up the Product Eventually
  5. Maintenance

1. Exfoliate

Lip exfoliants are different than the regular face ones. Lip skin is a lot more sensitive than regular skin, so to get the perfect popsicle lips, start with exfoliants. There are different lip exfoliators, and sugar-based ones are the most common ones. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and frequently serves as a moisturizing mask.

Once or twice a week is enough for exfoliation. You shouldn’t overdo it. Otherwise, the lips will be more sensitive. Try and use a lip exfoliator with vitamins and antioxidants. Also, ensure to run the lip lines to prevent pre-mature aging and dark marks. Use an exfoliator for the first 15 seconds and keep it for at least 30 minutes.

Sugar and coconut oil are two of the most common remedies to be used on lips.

2. Apply a lip balm or mask

Before you start doing your lips, and before you start doing your makeup, apply a generous amount of lip balm on your lips. This will help you hydrate your lips, and the lip products will go smoothly.

Lip preps with shea butter, honey, aloe vera, olive oil, etc., are great for the lip skin and give elevated hydration throughout the day. If your lip balms have menthol or oils, they can also have a cooling or plumping effect. First, put on the lip exfoliator and then apply the lip balm.

Before applying your lipstick and concealer, remove the lip balm. And if possible, you can also choose to put on Korean lip masks for the night.

3. Choose a color that suits you

Korean lip makeup is all about natural beauty; thus, if you choose something that looks too orange or yellow, you’re applying the wrong products. Even for ombre and two-toned Korean lip makeup, you’ve got to choose a lip color that is flattering to your lips.

The gradient lip has to be eye-catching, but it shouldn’t look like vibrant makeup. Choose products for such lips based on your color tones and undertones.

For warm undertones, go for brick red and orange-ish lip colors.

For cool undertones, choose a lip color with a hint of blue and violet.

4. Build up the product eventually

When doing your Korean lip makeup, make sure to start with a little product. Blend the product onto your lips and appear on the right track. If you need more products, add more. And this goes for everything you’re going to use, from concealer to lip color. For matte lipstick, choose a buildable color without looking cakey. Avoid liquid lipsticks if at all possible.

5. Maintenance

This word goes for everything we ever do—however, there are some things to look for when applying Korean lip makeup. You have to keep the lip makeup on for the whole day. Avoid using any sort of rubbing motion on your lips. Dab if there is any sort of smear. Touch up the product once or twice a day. For matte gradient lips, it’ll last a long time. You can use a little powder after concealer to make it last for a dewy look.

The Korean beauty industry is all about youthful and fresh looks. And the same thing applies when you’re doing a Korean lip. There will be different colors with different ideas and looks, and even the base makeup affects the end result. In recent times, with regular updates on TikTok and Instagram and with coming trends from stylists and influencers, Korean makeup has also evolved. They adapted to many trends and introduced some.

Here we are including some of the latest looks on different platforms, which are now a trend.

  1. Peachy Pout Lips
  2. Two-Toned/ Gradient Lips
  3. Glossy Gradient
  4. Classic Red Lip
  5. Nude Lip

Peachy pout lips

Tips to get a luscious korean lip makeup

Here you need to add a bit of invisible lip contouring to get a fuller lip pout. The overall makeup is also very neutral. And you can also add a hint of coral blush. Use a nude lip liner, and then fill it up with a semi-matte or demi-matte lipstick. The lipstick shade has a more orangish undertone. This look is perfect with flowy hair.

Two-toned/ gradient lips

As we mentioned earlier, Korean lip makeup is more with a gradient look, where the lips look blushy or that you’ve just been kissed. This looks very natural and looks good in almost all skin tones. You can use a concealer and a lip stain to achieve the look. Most lipstick is at the center of the lipstick, making it more pouty and fuller.

Glossy gradient

This lip trend takes up the gradient lips up a notch. Here you use a glossy tint. Or you can just apply your matte ombre lips and put on a gloss. Or you can choose a nongreasy lipstick with satin or a dewy finish. Lip glosses will last only a few hours, so keep touching up with time.

Classic red lip

Classic red lip

A slight wing with red Korean lip makeup is perfect for evenings. Make sure to choose a red lipstick that suits your skin tone. Slick back hair with neutral makeup is all it takes to do the red lip. The difference with Korean red lips is that the color is on the bluish side, and they are vibrant with a satin finish. For extra gloss, use a sheer top.

Nude lip

Glossy nude lipstick is another statement piece for Korean lip makeup, and you just have to do a very neutral makeup look. Mostly even out your skin with minimal contouring. Add two or more coats to make the lipstick velvety, and use the same lip liner for the edges and cupids bow.


1.How do Koreans overline their lips?

Koreans are more into the ombre look. With this look, the lips are not lined; rather, they are blended into the skin. Though you can overline your lips, bur Korean lip makeup trends follow natural shapes and have a pouty cupid’s bow look.

2.How to get Ulzzang lips?

Here are some recommendations for achieving the ultimate Ulzzang lips.
1.Moisturize your lips with a lip balm or use an overnight lip mask
2.Apply a nude lipstick or a concealer as the base
3.Apply a lip tint all over the lips
4.Orange or pink tints or cherry lipsticks are mostly preferable
5.Apply the same tint or stain only on the bottom and upper lip center

3.What are the best K-beauty Lip tints on the market?

-The most popular lip tints for Korean lip makeup 2022 are:
-Peripera Ink Airy Velvet
-Etude House Water Gel
-Blessed Moon Fluffy lip tint
-Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink
-Etude House Dear Darling
-Ameli Watertop Tint
-Holika Holika Glow Tint


Korean lip makeup is much different than Western makeup, where women tend to wear matte lipsticks more, and Korean people prefer to wear glossy and almost invisible rouge. And that’s where lip stains and other lip products tag along. Gradient Korean lip makeup and two-toned Korean lip makeup are the biggest trend in 2022 and will follow for more years.

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