Why Does My Makeup Look Oily After a Few Hours?

Why does my makeup look oily after a few hours
Makeups are everyday best friend that you want to keep all day but when it becomes oily and starts to come off every time, its time to find the reason.

Makeup is meant to enhance the beauty of our face and the facial structure we have. Makeup is a kind of art that everyone likes. Doing makeup can be fun but that all comes down to technique and the makeup looking flawless on the skin. When you have done a beautiful makeup look and you start to see the makeup look oily and shiny just after a few hours, it is only natural to feel your heart breaking. This might make you question “Why Does My Makeup Look Oily After a Few Hours?”

This is a very common problem among those who do not understand the basics of how makeup works. Also the reason can be your lack of proper idea about how you can make your makeup flawless. Face oils generally surface due to dryness or lack of moisture. But is it the case for makeup too? Nearly cause the same bother like the oily skin issue so, we will find the reason behind the makeup being oily just after a few hours and resolve those problems.

6 Reason Why Makeup Look Oily After a Few Hours

Makeup being oily is the most irritating thing ever and you might not be able to detect the reason behind that. When makeup becomes oily it starts to come off and look very shiny and cakey. In this situation, you can have crease lines too. But understanding the reason behind why this is happening can bring a little relief for you all.

1. Dehydration

Lack of hydration in your body and face can make your face very dry and produce an abnormal amount of oil. If you have dehydrated skin your makeup would be oily after a few hours no matter what. Putting a layer of powder and cream makeup products would draw the moisture out of the skin more which is why your makeup would not stay for long and would be shiny.


2. Skin Prepping and Moisturizing

Preparing your skin before putting on makeup is very important. Without having properly prepared skin the makeup cannot sit on the skin and stimulate oil production.  Prepared skin can hold makeup for a long time and avoid any kind of oiliness in the face.

Skin Prepping and Moisturizing
Skin Prepping and Moisturizing

3. Less Time for Moisturizer Adoption

Giving less time for the moisturizer to absorb can lead to the makeup being oily. Moisturizer has some amount of oil in it for keeping your face hydrated for a long time. When you are not giving the moisturizer enough time to seep in or not giving it well massage to get absorbed your skin will just sit on top. The oil present in the moisturizer will make the makeup look very oily after a few hours.

Less Time for Moisturizer Adoption
Less Time for Moisturizer Adoption

4. Avoiding Primer

Makeup can be oily because of you having oily skin and this is the common reason. But that does not mean your makeup has to be oily after a few hours just because you have oily skin. Avoiding primer on the oil-prone skin is the reason your oily skin is not able to hold the makeup and becomes even more oily after some time.

Avoiding Primer
Avoiding Primer

5. Not Setting the Makeup Properly

When the makeup is done not setting it with a powder and setting spray will make the makeup oily after a few hours.  Also if you go on to use a lot of powder that would make the makeup look cakey and dry out the skin. Which eventually will lead to having very oily makeup.

Not Setting the Makeup Properly
Not Setting the Makeup Properly

6. Changing Products Often

Frequent changes in makeup products can make the makeup very oily. If you are changing the makeup product very often then the skin cannot get adapted to the makeup products and the contained minerals of it. This is why skin can produce oils as a defense mechanism from being irritated by the continuous change.

Changing Products Often
Changing Products Often

Other aspects like choosing the wrong product for your face, using bad products or mixing your makeup with oil, and avoiding touch-ups can make your face really oily after a few hours of putting it on.

Preventing Makeup from Being Oily

Preventing Makeup from Being Oily
Preventing Makeup from Being Oily

When you are facing oiliness just after a few hours of putting on makeup it gets very frustrating. This might very common but preventable problem. By following some very simple tricks you can prevent oil from surfacing your skin just after a few hours of putting on makeup. You can adjust them up with your skin care routine for oily skin too.

Skin Prepping

If you want to avoid makeup being oily after a few hours first thing you want to do is prepare your skin for makeup. By skin prepping the makeup base would not seep into your pores and soak up all the moisture rather the products would sit on top of the skincare products that are hydrating your skin and making the skin less oily as time goes by.

Using Primer

Primers are live-changing products if you are someone facing oiliness after applying makeup. Primers have the grip to hold your makeup better and make it less oily. Primers basically sit into your pores to block any oil production and make the makeup oil-free. Using a primer that has good grip and stickiness would be best.

Applying Powder Before Cream Products

If you have oily skin or an oily t-zone area, then seeing oiliness after a few hours of makeup would be very frequent. This problem can be avoided if you start putting a light base of powder before putting on other cream products. This really helps to control the oil and sebum of the skin. You can set the powder with setting spray before applying foundation too.

Blend It Well

Blending all the products is very important for having a smooth oil-free base. Some might not agree with this but when you blend the products out very well they get really well accommodated with the skin and no clumps will remain that can later build oil on the face.

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Step-By-Step Guide For Flawless Oil-Free Makeup

Now that you know what are the things that can make your makeup very oily within a few hours of putting on the skin let’s see some step-by-step guides that will make your makeup look flawless and oil-free for a long time.

Step-By-Step Guide For Flawless Oil-Free Makeup
Step-By-Step Guide For Flawless Oil-Free Makeup

1. Wash Your Face

You must start your makeup with a cleaned-up face. Wash your face with a very gentle cleanser and wash it off with cold water. If you have washed your face prior, then you can just clean it up with some micellar water. A cleaned face will be free of dirt or oil and this would make the makeup oil-free and flawless.

2. Use A Hydrating Mask

After cleansing you can use a mask that will hydrate your face and get rid of any additional oil or dirt. Many masks are created to pull out dirt from the pores of your face. That kind of mask is even better to get oil-free, flawless makeup.

3. Moisturize

Moisturize your face after you are done with the cleansing and masking.  You can use toner, serum, and then moisturizer at this point. How flawless your makeup would be, depends on the well-prepared skin.  Gently massage the moisturizer into the skin. By having well-prepared skin, you will be unlocking oil-free flawless makeup. Especially focus on the area that is dry but doesn’t leave the areas that are oily too.

4. Apply Primer

Applying primer before making will make a great base and stop oil from seeping out from pores. Good-gripped primers are key to having oil-free makeup. Primers have good grip and can hold foundation and other cream products to make the makeup stay flawless for more amount of time. If you are new to trying this you can make your own primer at home for a quick shot.

5. Use Fewer Products

Using fewer products has more potential to give you an even and flawless makeup finish. Using too much cream products or powder will make the face cakey. For that, you can start with concealer, and apply the concealer on the area you want slightly more brightness or coverage; like the nose, eye bags, dark circle, and on spots. Then apply the contour products on your jawline and cheekbones. After you have used the products to define your face you can add blushes on your cheek and foundation on the rest of the area. After thorough application blend the products one by one. Start with concealer then contour then blush and at last blend out the foundation. Using fewer products will not crease or make the face too oily.

6. Set The Face with Powder

Setting the face with powder products is crucial. Powders can be very fine for controlling oil or they can totally make your face cakey. Using powder has to be very mindful. You can use very less amount of powder to set your face. Using too much product will make the face dry and produce more oil. When setting the face with powder take a small amount on a puff and dab on the face. Then take a fluffy brush and dust off the access.

7. Set The Face with A Setting Spray

After you have done with the makeup set it with a good setting spray. Spray your face very well and let it dry. Setting spray have oil-controlling ingredients that would really make your makeup last for a long time. Setting spray melts down the powder products and makes them sit on the face. If you are still in some doubts about it you can go for the alternative of setting spray to achieve the same effective results.


1. Can I make my makeup last 6 hours?

Yes, you can make your makeup last for 6 hours and even more. It will depend on how you apply the makeup and what you are doing with the makeup on.

2. Why do you touch up all-day makeup?

Touch-ups can make your makeup look flawless and keep it for a long time. Since makeup can lose its appearance over time, a touch-up can help keep your makeup looking perfect.

3. Does Moisturizer make makeup shiny?

Moisturizers do not make your makeup shiny. Instead, it helps to keep the skin underneath the makeup hydrated underneath the skin so it does not cause shiny makeup.

4. Can I follow the oil-free make routine every day?

Yes, you can follow the oil-free makeup routine every day. It can help ensure that having makeup on does not cause breakouts on your face.

Final Thoughts

Makeup is something that can light up your mind and can intensify your facial beauty. For some makeup can be a way to gain confidence. But whatever makeup is for you, no one wants an oily shiny face after a few hours of putting in so much effort. The reason behind your makeup being oily can depend on various factors and you can totally fix those things. Certain small details can make your oiliness after makeup go away. Making makeup flawless and oil-free is everyone’s dream and that can be achieved through following the steps we have mentioned. That would also make the makeup very easy for you.  Investing lesser time and products to achieve a flawless oil-free face would surely feel nice. You can definitely avoid having some of that behavior that makes your face oily only if you know the reason behind your face being oily.

Key Points

  • Putting on makeup can be fun but when you see yourself soaked in oil that can be really heartbreaking. But this oiliness can be resolved and taken care of.
  • The reason behind your face being oily after you have put on a full face of makeup is many, you can have a lack of moisture, might have put too many products, or have avoided primers.
  • You can easily avoid having an oily face after makeup by following very easy tricks. You can do better skin prepping, better prior application, use less powder, and setting spray is a must.
  • By following the step-by-step guide, you will achieve the perfect flawless oil-free face after makeup.

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