Why Eye Cream is So Expensive? Find the Truth

Why Eye Cream is So Expensive
The true reason eye cream is so costly is that it is designed for sensitive skin and is extremely difficult to create.

When we talk about eye creams, they are supposedly a miracle that will eliminate all the marks, dark circles, and tiredness around the eyes. And this is why they are more expensive, more hydrating, and everything but a regular moisturizer. Well, most people consider that eye creams are really a gig that different brand marketing teams have set. But there has been no proof that the eye creams actually work or not. But still, people spend thousands of dollars on eye cream because they think it’ll work the best. Eye creams are mostly formulated with different hydrating products and are all made with safe products.

Otherwise, the skin will not act right, and no one wants the eyes to age before the rest of the face. The most important fact about eye creams is that they are mostly made for sensitive skin, so the ingredients are also very carefully chosen. So why is eye cream so expensive? The real reason why eye cream is so expensive is that it is made for sensitive skin and is very complex to make. The ingredients in eye cream are more carefully collected and used compared to the other moisturizers. They also include products that will depuff the eyes, not irritate them, and eliminate the signs of aging.

And this is why eye creams are so expensive. These sorts of creams will not crease the eyes, and they will tighten the under eyes and get rid of wrinkles. But there’s another fact that has been circling with eye cream: all of the pricing and high-end cost is related to the company branding of the creams. Most people believe that eye creams are a gimmick that is used to define regular moisturizer as a better solution for the eyes and brand it as such. So the overpriced hype for the eye cream is nothing but a marketing strategy.

Eye creams are usually very thin and tend to get absorbed quickly into the eyes. But most moisturizers do not absorb quickly, and when you use them on the top and bottom of the eyes, they might feel heavy. And that is why eye creams are specific to the eyes. Regular cream-based products might irritate the eyes or feel too much for the eyes. And that’s why paying ten times more than a regular moisturizer doesn’t seem like a good idea with eye creams.

You can use a hydrating serum or a gel moisturizer instead of an eye cream, and it will work fine. But products or eye creams that are somewhat associated with anti-aging and anti-wrinkles will not do the job with regular anti-aging products, and they might even hurt your skin. For that reason, you need to use some specific products for the eyes, which will cost extra money.

What is eye cream?

What is eye cream

The eye cream is a very thin and lightweight moisturizer full of active ingredients and is mostly used under and over the eyes to hydrate the skin. Eye creams are used to depuff the eyes and also get rid of any problems that include wrinkles, dark patches, and all the other signs of aging.

The eyes are the first thing that the signs of aging show up on. And with an eye cream, you can really get rid of it. They are treated with all the extra care and are less heavy. The eye cream will hydrate the most sensitive areas of the face and sometimes tighten the skin under the eyes almost immediately.

Eye creams often have a cooling wand that will help depuff the eyes after sleep. And another thing about eye creams is that when you use under-eye concealer, the eye creams will get rid of the creasing. They hydrate properly and don’t let the skin dry out, resulting in no creasing. They also seem to slow down the aging process, and when you use an eye cream with specific claims, they work as such, although they also cost more.

What are the benefits of eye cream?

What are the benefits of eye cream

There have been so many narratives on eye cream, and the most common question that has arisen is the value of eye cream. There have always been two sides to the story regarding eye creams. Some people, even renowned dermatologists, and YouTubers, also mention that eye creams are just branding for extra hydrating creams, and any good moisturizer might fill up their work.

And then another team mentioned the importance of eye creams, including models and beauty gurus who swear by their eye creams. And many even launched an eye cream with their skin line launch. But whether the eye cream works or not readily depends on the kind of work it is supposed to do. Here we’ll be including some of the main tasks of eye cream.

  1. Prevents signs of aging
  2. Minimize puffiness
  3. Reduce fine lines
  4. Reduce dark circles
  5. No creasing of concealer
  6. Provide hydration

1. Prevents signs of aging

The most common sign of aging wrinkles. If an eye cream claims it can prevent such damage, it is worth a try. These sorts of products have to be filled with moisturizers and anti-oxidants. And they even have to be protected from any environmental stresses.

2. Minimize puffiness

There have been some eye creams on the market that have been claimed to calm down the puffiness. They mostly contain caffeine. Puffiness can be caused by sleeping or when the face is tired. And that’s when the eye creams make their appearance. They have to work readily so their face can be thrown to the day.

3. Reduce fine lines

The muscles on the eyes and near the eyes move the most. Smiling, quenching, and rolling the eyes always make the muscles work out the most, and that’s why most of the wrinkles formed are in this area. And the eye cream should seek this out and do a good job almost immediately.

4. Reduce dark circles

Discoloration under the eyes is something very common with most people, and almost everyone has it. And when the eye creams do a good job of brightening the eyes, they are good.

5. No creasing of concealer

One of the most common things that most people struggle with is under-eye creasing. With a heavy concealer on top, the eyes become very dry; thus, at the end of the day, you can see the concealer creasing. An eye cream will hydrate the skin and not let the concealer crease.

6. Provide hydration

We all know the main theme of eye cream: hydration. When the eyes are hydrated enough, almost all of the problems with wrinkles and fine lines tend to disappear. And that is why under-eye hydration is so important for eye creams.

What are the active ingredients in an eye cream?

What are the active ingredients in an eye cream

When we were preaching about the eye cream, we talked about some of the active ingredients in the cream. And most of these ingredients are found separately in a cream, a serum, or a lotion. For example, you wouldn’t expect the vitamins and caffeine to be the same thing for the face. But for an eye cream, the person will need two or three of these ingredients, and they need to be stable and safe for the eyes while still working effectively on the undereye skin. Here are some of the ingredients that are used in an eye cream:

Caffeine: they are perfect for the morning boost, and they get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. They can be applied first thing in the morning or before going to bed.

Vitamins: Vitamin C will get rid of the dark spots and change the uneven skin tone. Vitamin B3 will help with moisture retention.

Peptides: these are good for keeping up the elasticity of the skin and will help boost collagen. These amino acid proteins are perfect for the skin.

Green tea: this protects the undereye area and is perfect for getting rid of any allergies and dark colors.

Retinol: This is the best product as an anti-aging cream for the skin, and it even removes discoloration from the skin over time.

Hyaluronic acid: these are the humectants and are regarded as one of the best ones when it comes to retaining moisture in the skin.

Squalene: these are also humectants, which tend to boost the skin and give it a plumping effect.

Why is eye cream so expensive?

Why is eye cream so expensive

When it comes to eye creams, we at least expect three to four of these ingredients in one package. For example, suppose the eye cream has to help with anti-aging and dark circles. In that case, you might want retinol for the anti-aging, hyaluronic acid for moisturizer, peptides for the boost of collagen, and caffeine for the dark circles.

The amounts of these ingredients have to be a fact as well. And most importantly, they have to be stable, work and be active on the skin. Thus, the underlying technology of these eye creams is pretty complicated. And thus, most companies tend to charge you more for eye creams than their regular moisturizer.

When you buy an eye cream, we ask that you check the ingredients list first to see if they are truly natural or not. The ingredients that you need the most should be among the top three to four ingredients, as they have a high concentration. When you are buying an eye cream for dark circles, the caffeine or vitamins have to be at the top of the ingredients list; otherwise, the concentration of that ingredient will be low, and you won’t get any effective benefit.

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Is eye cream worth your money?

When you are buying an eye cream, make sure to check the ingredients list first and see if the cream is worth your cash. For example, most eye creams are not worth the money because they are just rich moisturizers and nothing more. But the eye creams that have anti-aging ingredients and all the other good things might be worth your money.

But still, you can find good alternatives for those products in regular products; just look for the ones that are gentle and will not burn the skin. For us, the eye creams are not worth your money, but if you want to splurge a bit, no one’s stopping you. Good hydrating eye cream is very soothing and appealing.


1. Do eye creams work for wrinkles?

Yes, most eye creams formulated with retinol and peptides work for wrinkles.

2. Why can’t you put eye cream on your lids?

When the eye cream is heavy and moisturizing, you shouldn’t put it on your eyelids, or it’ll get too oily for makeup on top.

3. What should I use instead of an eye cream?

You can use a gentle, lightweight, and hydrating moisturizer on top of the eyes instead of an eye cream.

4. Should I use eye cream in my 20s?

You should start using a hydrating eye cream in your teen years. And for the 20s, try using collagen-boosting eye creams.

Final Thoughts

Why eye cream is so expensive? With eye cream, there are a lot of products involved. For example, you can look for caffeine, retinol, and vitamins in the eye cream. And they have to be safe for the eyes, which also helps to get rid of this problem over time. But the product cost increases when formulated for sensitive areas like the eyes. There have to be a lot of active ingredients, and they have to be stabilized. And thus, the whole process of making an eye cream is more complicated than it looks. And that might be the reason why eye creams are so expensive.

Another valid reason is that the eyes are the most sensitive area of the face, and the skin is very thin in that part. So eye creams need extract oils to hydrate the skin and still seep quickly into the skin. With so many demands for eye cream, the creams turn into an expensive purchase and end up looking very expensive. But there are some affordable alternatives to an eye cream that don’t cost money and work as well as or better than an eye cream.

Key Points

  1. The true reason eye cream is so costly is that it is designed for sensitive skin and is extremely difficult to create. When compared to other moisturizers, the components in eye cream are more carefully gathered and applied.
  2. Two or three of these substances will be required for an eye cream, and they must be stable and safe for the eyes while yet acting well on the undereye skin.
  3. The basic concept of eye cream is hydration, as we all know. When the eyes are sufficiently moisturized, practically all wrinkles and fine lines tend to vanish.

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