Can You Put An Acrylic Nail On A Missing Fingernail?

It is possible to put acrylic nails on missing fingernails, but it won’t be a good idea to do because it can cause redness, itchiness, infection, swelling, and more.

Having beautiful nails with an attractive appearance is common. We can quickly achieve an attractive appearance by getting different shapes and colors of nails. And an attractive appearance can quickly give you a confidential look you may not expect. But painting our natural nails may hurt or damage them. To avoid any kind of damage, they had to use artificial nails on them.

When it comes to artificial nails, many people prefer to get acrylic nails because of their natural-looking effects. If you are planning on getting acrylic nails on your natural nails to make them look attractive, go for it. But do you think that if you have any missing fingernails, then what will you do? In this situation, you may wonder if you can put an acrylic nail on a missing fingernail. The answer is yes; you can. But it can’t be an ideal thing to do. In today’s article, I will describe if you can put acrylic nails on missing fingernails; if yes, then how; if not, then why; whether this idea is safe; what are the alternatives to it; and how you should take care of your missing fingernails.

Can You Put An Acrylic Nail On A Missing Fingernail?

Can you put an acrylic nail on a missing fingernail
Can you put an acrylic nail on a missing fingernail

If you have missing fingernails, then it’s common that you will want to cover your fingernail and try to make a natural-looking nail on that. In thinking of having artificial nails, you may wonder if you should get acrylic nails on them. And, yes, with acrylic nails, you can easily get a natural-looking artificial nail on your broken nail. To put acrylic nails on your missing fingernails, it’s not obvious to have a little nail left. You can get it from the totally missing fingernails. But putting acrylic nails on a missing fingernail is not going to be an ideal idea. Many nail and skin diseases can be caused by it. Sometimes, it can prevent the buildup of your natural nails and give you a permanent missing fingernail.

So, if you are willing to put an acrylic nail on a missing fingernail, then you may get it, but putting acrylic nails on a missing fingernail is not going to be an ideal idea to cover your missing fingernail.

Is Putting Acrylic Nail On Missing Nail Safe?

Is putting acrylic nail on missing nail safe
Is putting acrylic nail on missing nail safe

Before putting acrylic nails on fingernails, one must make sure whether it is a good idea or safe. Putting an acrylic nail on the missing nail is not a safe idea to cover your missing fingernail. It may cause harm to your nail beds. A missing nail bed is already a sign of nail problems like nail infections, injuries, skin conditions, harsh chemicals, antibiotic medicine reactions, and other diseases. So, it must need proper care and time to heal. But if you put acrylic nails on it that means that you are already creating a barrier between your nail beds and your natural nails. By putting acrylic nails on your missing fingernails, you may prevent the development of your natural nail healing process and also increase the chance of having other nail disorders.

So, putting acrylic nails on missing fingernails is not a safe idea.

What Will Happen If You Put Acrylic Nail On The Missing Fingernail?

Putting acrylic nails on missing fingernails can cause many nail problems. Those are:

What will happen if you put acrylic nail on the missing fingernail

1. Redness

After putting an acrylic nail on your missing fingernail, you may notice that your missing fingernail area is turning red and start painting. It can happen because the solution of the acrylic you are directly putting on your fingernails is unsafe for your nail bed’s skin area. Nail bed skin is the most sensitive skin area of your nail because the nail plate is the protective shield to protect it. But when the protective shield is gone, it is obvious that it will react to your nail bed skin area.

2. Heat

Acrylic solution after hardening is not a breathable solution. So, after putting that on your missing fingernail, the breathing of your fingernail bed will be prevented. And it will create heat in that area. After putting on the acrylic nails and drying them, you may start feeling the heat on your nail beds. The heat may also be created by the liquid monomer and powder polymer of acrylic nails. When they react, they may cause heat to make the solution harder. But when you have the nail plate, you may understand this reaction process. In this kind of situation, you may feel really uncomfortable.

3. Itchiness

Because of the non-breathable condition of acrylic nails, you may feel itchiness on your nail beds. When your nail beds are totally covered with a hard solution, getting any air on them is quite impossible and that is why you may feel total itchiness in that area. Itchiness on missing fingernails may also be caused because the solution of acrylic nail solution reacts with your skin and gives you itchiness. This will be the worst situation for you if you have itchiness in your missing fingernail and you can’t cure it.

4. Burning Sensation

If the solution of acrylic is not good enough for your nails, you may get an unconditional burning sensation and pain in your nail beds. Because polymer and monomer reactions are not safe for our skin and can also create heat that can give you a very tuff burning sensation that you are probably not willing to have.

5. Infection

You may also get a serious infection on your natural nails by putting acrylic nails on them. Because there is no air and your nail beds are totally covered, it’s easy to get a serious infection in that area. Getting an Infection in that area can make your missing fingernail into such a serious condition that you may need to operate on that area. You may also get a white liquid called pus on that area because of it.

6. Swelling

You may also get swelling from applying acrylic nails to your nail bed. It can form a hard bond between your nail bed and the solution. Because of swelling, you may get a buildup on your nail bed that causes your natural nails to stop growing. That means that you are going to lose your natural nails permanently. So, putting on acrylic nails to cover up the missing fingernail for just some time and then missing your real nails permanently is not going to be a good idea for you.

So, after putting acrylic nails on your missing fingernail area, you may get redness, heat, itchiness, a burning sensation, infection, and swelling.

The Alternative Idea To Put On Your Missing Fingernail

A missing fingernail is not good to look at, it’s true. But putting something hard on it that can cause the buildup is also harmful. But if you need to cover up your nails without causing any harm, there is an alternative idea for you. To cover your missing fingernail, you can choose to wrap your nails. Wrapped nails will be quite safe to apply without giving you any harm. Wrap nails are basically wrapping paper with a sticky side that helps it stick to your nail beds. So, as an alternative, you can use wrap nails on your nails to cover your missing fingernail an alternative to putting on acrylic nails.

Note: Don’t put wrap nails on your nail beds for too long. If you put them too long on your nails, you may also have problems because it can prevent the natural nails from growing. So, try to apply this only in emergencies.

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How To Take Care Of Your Missing Fingernail To Grow Back?

How to take care of your missing fingernail to grow back
How to take care of your missing fingernail to grow back

To take care of your missing fingernail growing back, you have to take proper care of it. This will help in avoiding any damage or harm and also give your natural nails quick growth.

  • Keep Them Dry: Always try to keep your missing fingernails dry after they have lifted. Because water has a chance to affect your nail growth by affecting that area.
  • Clean: Always keep your nails clean. Dirt can prevent the growth of your natural nails or delay the process.
  • Hydrated: Always try to keep your nail beds hydrated enough to make sure your nail is growing really fast. To make your nails hydrated, you can use moisturizer or petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly will help you by healing your missing fingernails and making them grow faster.
  • Eat Balanced Food: Foods that contain biotin also help to turn the food into energy. Biotin is basically a type of vitamin B. So, choose food that has biotin to grow nails faster.
  • Apply Ointment: To have a quick response, you can also apply ointment to your missing fingernail. It will also help you grow your natural nails back faster.
  • Consult With a Doctor: If you are afraid of trying these remedies and are willing to have the best result, then consultation with a doctor will be the best suggestion for you. They will tell you the best solution by checking your missing nail’s current situation.

These nail-growing tips will help you get the best result for your missing fingernails.


1. Can I put gel or dip nails on missing fingernails?

No, you can’t apply any hardener or artificial nails to your missing fingernails because they can damage the nail beds’ natural skin growth. Sometimes, it can prevent your nail growth permanently.

2. How long do natural nails take to grow back?

Your natural nails will take 4-6 months to grow back properly on your nail beds. During this long period, you have to avoid things that can prevent its growth.

3. Can I apply oil to the nail beds for faster nail growth?

If you want to apply oil to your nail bed to grow your natural nail, then you must apply cuticle oil. Cuticle oil helps increase circulation around your nails and also simulates your nail’s growth.

Final Thoughts

To make nails look more attractive, having beautiful artificial nails is common. But if you have a missing fingernail, can you also get an artificial nail on it? It is a common wonder. For people who are willing to put acrylic nails on a missing fingernail, please don’t do this. Putting an acrylic nail on a missing fingernail is not an ideal idea. This can prevent your natural nail growth and also give you many other diseases. It won’t be a safe thing to do. Instead of having acrylic nails for emergencies, you can apply wrap nails to them. And also, to protect your nails from any kind of damage or harm, and also for quick nail growth, you must take good care of them.

So, don’t try to put acrylic nails on your missing fingernails to avoid any kind of harm to your nail skin.

Key Points

  • To cover your missing fingernail, putting an acrylic nail on it is not a good idea.
  • Putting acrylic nails on your missing nails can cause redness, heat, swelling, infection, and more on your nail bed.
  • Instead of applying acrylic nails, you may apply wrap nails to your missing nails to cover them.
  • To make your natural growth faster, always try to take proper care of them and avoid doing things that can harm your nail beds.

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