Hairstyle for Flat Head Woman : 7 Prettiest Hairstyles


What’s wrong with a flat head? The most common problem would be that it would just be flat on the head, and the hair would feel flat on the head. And then there’ll be less volume in the hair. With flat hair on the top, the shape of the whole face will change dramatically. And that is why many people are bothered by hairstyles for women with flat heads. And that might be the reason why so many people are bothered by how to get rid of the problem with flat heads and how to get some volume up on the front.

Why is a flat head such a bother? The most plausible explanation would be that most people want volume in their roots and an airy texture for the rest of their hair. And that’s just the general appearance of the hair on the back. But what is flaring head syndrome? It usually happens during infancy, when babies sleep on one side of their heads and their heads do not swirl. Then one side of the head is flatter.

When you have a flat head, the lower back of your head may feel elevated, resulting in a disproportionate head. This might be a big thing to notice when you have flat hair. But most people will not bother when you have curly or voluminous hair. And for that reason, flat-head hairs are not a big thing. But with age, as your hair thins, there’s a high chance that the flat head will be an issue that you tend to look forward to.

With flat heads, babies and adults do not have problems. But the main part comes up when your hair is thinning. That can be due to age or because you are simply dealing with hair loss. And that might be a reason that you are having problems with a flat head. So what is the way out of it all? Going for hairstyles that will go with your flat-skulled face or just adding volume to make sure that the shape is left unbothered Another way is that you cover up the shape of the head.

But that should be the last part, as whatever you possess has to be the most of you. Loving every part of yourself, even the ones that you are not very fond of is part of self-acceptance. And that is why we think that the flat shape of the head is nothing to be afraid of; rather, flattering it would be a huge help.

What is the flat head shape?

What Is The Flat Head Shape

Well, when you have very curly hair on top, there are fewer chances that your flat head shape will be something to think about. But when you have flat hair, the head will feel all flat; for most people, the outcome is not very desirable. In this article, we discuss all the hairstyles for flat-headed women, so we might be able to find the ones that are most suitable for your head.

A flat head can simply be described when one side of the skull is flat, and mostly this will happen during infancy. This is also known as “flat head syndrome,” and it is medically known as “plagiocephaly.” With this kind of syndrome, only one side of the head is flattered. Though this is not a serious issue, most people develop an unconscious discomfort and worry about their flat heads. This could be one of the reasons why flat head shapes are such a hot topic.

There are several reasons why a person might have a flat head. And mostly, the flat head occurs at the very beginning of their lives. Here are some reasons why the person might have a flat head:

  • When the child sleeps and rests in one position for several hours daily, one side of the skull might turn flat. This occurs because the skull is still very soft at the start of the process and, like clay, molds into the shape as it grows. And thus, the shape of the skull turns flat.
  • Premature babies are kept in intensive care for days and lie flat on their backs without moving. Their skull is much softer, and the flat head might be a problem without any movement.
  • Mothers pelvis. This is a very common problem, as the baby’s position in the mother’s womb tends to change how the heads turn.
  • Twins. The flat head might be a problem when there are multiple babies, as the twins might not get the same space between them. And due to the unevenly shared space, the whole thing will be a ruckus.
  • Tight neck muscles. The back of the head may be a very bothersome threat for the children to move if their neck muscles are tight or if they have the condition known as torticollis. This will make moving the heads difficult in every way, resulting in flat heads.

What are the hairstyles for a woman with a flat head?

What Are The Hairstyles For A Woman With A Flat Head

When we think about accepting every feature of the face, we usually use makeup, as the makeup itself is supposed to make the appearance more appealing. The same holds true for hairstyles. With a hairstyle for flat head woman, you might finally be able to accept the way your hair looks. But a new hairstyle might also change how you look at yourself in the mirror.

Flat heads are a good way to add volume; you can go for very over-the-top hairstyles. Even wearing a wig would make a huge difference for a woman with a flat head. And then there are the terms with buns and hair ties, which make the hairstyles absolutely flawless. And it is possible that this is why hairstyles are so important for women with flat heads. In fact, the hairstyles we include here might be suitable for all hair types.

Well, this is nothing new, and mostly, these are just the accumulation of some very new and old hairstyles that would be perfect for women with flat heads. With these hairstyles, it would be best if the woman had a very flattering overall look, which would eventually give her a good output. Thus, we give you several hairstyles for flat-headed women. The following are some hairstyles for women with flat heads:

  • Bob hairstyles
  • Lob hairstyles
  • Blow dry
  • Sleek wave
  • Curls In A Half-updo
  • Wispy Updo
  • Victorian updo

1. Bob hairstyles

Bob is the best option if you want very fluffy roots while still looking chic. And these are also perfect for those who have short hair. Then there are the bob hairstyles, which are ideal for both a party and a regular look. With the asymmetric bob styles, they tend to turn at any position and maintain the integrity of the styles. So consider the asymmetrical bob hairstyles to be very flowy and floating. You must be concerned about lighting the hair when wearing side-parted bob hairstyles.

With hairstyles like this, the main focus would be on your face-framing parts rather than the flat surface of the hair. And then there’s the bob with bangs. These are perfect when you have a big forehead. So it’s a perfect measurement for that headspace. These will be perfect with a flat head and tons of hair on the head. And lastly, there is the angled bob hairstyle. Here the hair will be placed on the side of the face. And for those with flat hair, try to do the angle on the side of the flattened area. That way, you’ll have more symmetry, and the elevated part will be invisible.

2. Lob hairstyles

When you don’t want a sleek hairstyle and want something fun, then turn to a lob. With this sort of hair, you will have a combination of layers and a bob. This means that with a lob, you still have that volume in the roots, and the hair will have layers instead of going down. Bob hairstyles are mostly suitable for those with sleek, straight hair. However, if you have curls or waves in your hair, the bob may not suit you. With lob hairstyles, the front parts will still be face framing, and the back will have some texture and be slightly shorter and rougher than the front.

3. Blow dry

The blow dry is the next section of flathead hairstyles. And instead of making the hair chic and pale, you want to go all in with the blow-dry. The blow-dry is the most common hairstyle of all, and they are always green. For this kind of hairstyle and to suit the flat head shape, first apply a root-lifting mousse or hair spray. And for the ends of the hair, use a texturizing spray. This way, you’ll have more surface. And for the blow-dry, start with the rough bit and then take a round brush and dry the hair in different directions. This will give the hair volume and make the head’s shape invisible.

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4. Sleek wave

And for the next hairstyle, we want you to be a bit dramatic. And if you love your hair in side parts, then you’ll love how the hair looks. However, we recommend starting the waves with a root-lifting spray. Start with a curling iron at first, and then pin the curls on the head for them to dry down. For the front part, roll the hair in the opposite direction of the hair and then in the same direction of the hair. This will add volume. And for the ends, roll the hair in different directions for each section to get the perfect waves.

5. Curls In A Half-updo

We all know how versatile a half-updo hairstyle can be and how many options you get to choose from when you do a hairstyle. And for this part, you need to pin your hair on your head and do a sleek pony. Lastly, take a curling iron and curl the ends. And most importantly, leave some pieces of hair on the front so they might act as a framing part for the face.

6. Wispy Updo

Well, if you followed Halle Berry, then you’d certainly know what we are referring to here. The sleek updo might be an all-day trend, but the wispy updos are something to look forward to almost every day and even on the red carpet. For the wispy hairstyle, grab the front pieces and make them messy on the front. And lastly, for the updo, do a bun at first and then pin all of the hair on the bun. Don’t do it perfectly; rather, let them mess around.

7. Victorian updo

The Victorian era was all about updos, so you’ll probably have to go with a braided bun, hair falling all around, and mostly the braided bun. With those with flat hair, the braids have to start in the middle part of the head. That way, the flat head wouldn’t be a bother. And for the bun, leave some front pieces out and take the braids off the bun.


1. What are the best flat-head hairstyles?

The bob is the best hairstyle for the flat head as, in this way, the hair will have its own space, and there will also be an asymmetry that will be perfectly aligned with the flat head shape. Other hairstyles are updos and half-updos.

Final Thoughts

Flat-headed women frequently have a complicated relationship with the way their hair looks and feels. And eventually, it makes them very conscious. And there’s another kind of woman who feels that due to their flat head shape, different hairstyles do not suit them. But for instance, when you go to a good hairstylist, they will definitely go with any of the hairstyles and make sure that the style will suit everyone, and they just make this decision with their skills.

But making a hairstyle for the flat top is not really that hard, and you can go with any of the simple ones on the list. That is why you should begin with the simple ones and progress to the more difficult ones later. The goal is to find the best hairstyle that will suit you and your requirements. You can go all casual for an everyday look, and then for the next part, you can go all glamorous for a big event.

Key Points

  1. Babies and adults with flat heads have no issues. The biggest issue arises when your hair begins to thin. This might be related to aging or simply dealing with hair loss.
  2. Flat heads are a great technique to increase volume; you may experiment with pretty outlandish hairstyles. A woman with a flat head might benefit greatly from wearing a wig.
  3. When a youngster sleeps and relaxes in the same posture for several hours each day, one side of the skull may flatten.

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