How to Hide Burnt Eyelashes? 3 Hacks to Hide Them

Having burneted your eyelashes by accident doesn’t mean you can’t hide them! Eyelash extensions or a lash lift can help you .

Burning eyelashes are not something that happens almost every day, but this is very common when you go for a treatment, and the worst possibility just takes place. Even with a hot curler, it is possible to burn lashes. Well, how you burn it and whether it will grow back is something to look forward to in the future, but how to hide those burnt lashes is something to think about.

In this article, we’re all about burned lashes and how to hide them. But let’s not run away from the reality of burnt lashes or wonder if the lashes will ever grow back. Lashes are made up of keratin, which is the same material as hair. As long as hair grows, the lashes will grow back. There are other things to consider about the lashes growing back, but we’ll circle back to that later. So how do you hide burnt eyelashes?

You can go for different treatments to hide the burnt lashes or just do some methods at home. For example, you can get a lash lift in a salon or get some eyelash extensions to hide the whole burned lash thing. And in a few months, the lashes will grow as they have, and you’ll have a perfectly healthy set of lashes. And for some home remedies, you can just use makeup products like mascara and eyeliner to hide the face. Volumizing mascaras are the key here. And if you don’t want to touch the lashes at all and let them grow normally, then we suggest wearing shades in public.

This will protect the eyes and also hide the burnt lashes. Burnt lashes are something that can happen from almost anything. People are often careless about how they take care of their faces and then try different methods. Burning some hair on the head is normal, but when you burn your lashes, there’s a chance of a massive accident. So you should be more and more careful while using something on your lashes.

Even when you are getting a lash treatment in a salon, remember to check reviews and avoid anything suspicious. Burnt lashes damage the hair and can also extend to the roots of the lashes, where they can destroy the hair follicles. So as for the burnt lashes, you need to be extra careful. Otherwise, when the hair follicles are damaged, they can have awkward hair growth or no hair growth at all.

How are the eyelashes burned?

How are the eyelashes burned

Here we’ll be talking about what causes eyelashes to burn. There are several ways that can happen, but we’ve narrowed it down to the actual causes. And besides the burnt lashes, there might be a problem when you have a public outing. So hiding them can be an excellent option. But still, how the lashes might burn can work as a warning for most people.

The lashes can burn due to inflammation of the eyelids. This can happen due to any sort of medical condition, like cancer, as chemotherapy includes radiation. But as the disease passes, the eyelashes will return to normal. Then there are the eyes.

Using eye makeup that is expired or has harmful substances like bleach or any other sort of chemical will burn the lashes. And these are pretty painful experiences, so always look for the ingredients when purchasing them. Then there are injuries. It can happen when a person is irrational with their decisions. For example, some people use no heat on their curlers, so their curls stay put. Using any extra heat will attempt to burn the lash.

And then, there are different eye treatments like lash perms or lash extensions that can burn the lashes, even from the roots. Though most salons take the utmost care for the lashes, accidents are still widespread.

Again, some allergies might also burn the lashes. If you use a lash serum or any eye makeup that you’re allergic to, the lashes might take a toll, and burnt lashes would be the result. It might not be the entire production but the ingredients in the product. So always check. And lastly, some injuries can cause the lashes to burn. Burn victims often have their lashes burned, but that’s a complete medical case.

Types of lash burn

To check what kind of burns you have on the lashes, first, you have to check out the lashes. If it’s a first-degree burn, then there’ll be pain, redness, and swelling in the eyelids. And with a second-degree burn, the eyelid will have redness and blisters. And lastly, third-degree burns, where the eyelids appear black or white, and there is no pain. The hair follicles might be completely compromised with a third-degree

What to do after an eyelash burn?

What to do after an eyelash burn

Well, when we talk about burning eyelashes, there’s another point to think about: how to take care of burnt lashes. And here we are including some potential dos that will help you take care of the lashes:

  • Remove the false lashes: If you’re wearing false lashes or even eyelash extensions, then the first thing would be to remove those lashes and apply ointment to your natural lashes.
  • Tree tea oils are known to kill any sort of bacterial infection, so they might be safe for the eyelashes too. But do ask the doctor before using it.
  • Eye drops: when you suffer from allergies and inflammation, eye drops are the best treatment. They will get rid of the swelling, and a prescription medicine will do the job, too. They also treat damaged eye follicles.

Do eyelashes grow back when they are burned?

Well, for the eyelashes to grow back, there are two facts to remember. If the follicles of the eyelashes are burned, there’s a chance that the lashes will not grow. But when only the hair portion of the eyelashes is burned, they will eventually grow back. An eyelash goes through a growth period and a dormant period. So the old eyelashes will drop, and there will be new ones in their place.

The time frame for lash growth is as follows:

There are two phases for the lash follicles. The first 30 to 45 days are for the follicles to grow the new lashes. In this period, the lashes will grow, and then comes the catagen phase. Here, the lashes will not grow as the follicles shrink and will stay at the same length. The timeframe for this sort of phase is 14 to 21 days. The catagen period lasts until the follicles are in dormancy. Then the lashes fall from the eyes, and a new cycle will start again.

How do you hide burnt eyelashes?

Now let’s jump to the most important part of this article: how to hide burnt lashes? There are several ways to do so. But we’ll start with the least harsh one and then go to professional treatments later. But before you do anything for the burnt lashes, make sure to apply proper medication to the lashes and eyes for the injury they have suffered. You can also use lash serums for better growth of the lashes. Here are some ways to hide burned eyelashes:

1. Wearing Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses

Well, this might be the least fragile way to protect the lashes from further damage. This will also protect the eyes of those suffering from allergies or any sort of injury. Get some good sunglasses and wear them regularly. Or you can use some eyeglasses for the eyes. These are cheap and tend to be more effective as you won’t be putting anything on your lashes until they grow back healthy. The glasses will take care of the lashes for the time being, and you can even apply the medication without any problems. The sunglasses should be worn even when you get some professional help.

Sunglasses might be a cheap and safe solution for burnt eyelashes, but they are not suitable for every occasion, specifically at night. So switch to your regular eyeglasses for that time. But you won’t be able to hide the facts about burnt eyelashes at that point. Sunglasses will work at work and at different times, but they won’t be able to help with the actual problem. So here, you just have to wear the glasses for at least two months before you have average eyelash growth.

2. Eye makeup

Eye makeup

Next up, we have eye makeup. You can wear your eye makeup but wear an eye-safe one. For eye makeup, you can wear eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliners. And if the eye follicles aren’t hurt, then the false lashes will also work perfectly.

The eyeliners will define the lashes and take all the attention away from their lashes. The mascara will cover the burned parts with black gel and coat the lashes. The eyeshadows will also divert attention from the lashes. And lastly, the false lashes, blended with the original lashes, will do the job perfectly of hiding burnt lashes.

Makeup is easy to apply, and you can just use the ones you use regularly. And this way, you’ll have complete control over the eyelashes. You can make the eyelashes look like they are alright and never even went through trauma. Eyeliner will make the eyes look snatched, and lastly, with eye makeup and false lashes, even when most of the lashes are burned, you’ll still have a natural look.

Eye makeup products can damage the eyes further with eye infections. And that will lead to further problems. And when you use too much product on already damaged eyelids, the eyelashes will lose their integrity, and they might never grow back. The eye makeup can be further damaging if you insist on it. And lastly, the glues in false lashes might interfere with the eye treatment and even make the whole case turn into a worst-case scenario.

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3. Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions

Professional installation of the eyelashes is something that can only be done when you have healthy lash follicles, and only the tips of the lashes are burned. Well, lash extensions are not for everybody. But if you’re okay with it, the extensions will last you for at least one and a half months, so by then, your natural lashes will have already grown back.

Professional lash extensions are not cheap, and they must be performed by an expert, as your lashes are already damaged. You can also choose the kind of lash you want. You can go natural or just choose a dramatic one. Lash extensions are done mostly with eye-safe glues, which will save you time applying makeup to false lashes. And when you go all natural with the lashes, they resemble your natural ones. They can be maintained with a little bit of care, and the burnt lashes will blend like a dream.

Well, lash extensions are not for everyone. The lash extensions cannot be done when you have a second or third-degree lash burn. They are expensive, and typically they cost around 500 dollars for one setting. They need to be maintained carefully, or the lashes will start to fall off eventually, and you might have to go for retouching every two weeks. And that will incur some additional charges.


1. How do you regrow eyelashes?

To regrow eyelashes, you might have to give it some time. But the castor oils can surely help.

2. What is the treatment for burnt eyelashes?

For the hair to be burned on the lashes, there is nothing to be done but wait for the lashes to grow back. And if the lash follicles are harmed, then you might want to go with a medical prescription ointment from a doctor.

3. Does the burnt eyelash grow back?

The burnt eyelashes will grow back as long as the follicles are not harmed. It might take some time, though.

Final Thoughts

Burnt lashes are not something that you deal with every day, but the chances are not zero. Many cases of burned lashes are related to lash treatments or any sort of hot curling iron. The hair protein is very sensitive in the lashes and tends to be sensitive to heat and other sensitive areas. So when you expose yourself to too much heat, the hair might just burn.

Sometimes the hair burns at the tip of the lashes, which is okay because, eventually, the hair will complete a cycle and grow again. And when the hair follicles are also burned, the chances of getting it fixed are pretty low, as the follicles can be damaged forever. Still, without losing hope, you can just hide the lashes for the time being and use different treatments and eye creams to treat the burned areas.

Key Points

  1. To conceal the burnt lashes, you might receive a lash lift or eyelash extensions at a salon.
  2. Sunglasses may be a cheap and safe cure for burnt eyelashes, but they are not appropriate for all occasions, particularly at night.
  3. Professional eyelash installation is only possible if you have healthy lash follicles and just the tips of your lashes are burnt.

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