Mascara Without Eyeliner : Easy Way to Achieve Beautiful Lashes

Mascara Without Eyeliner
You can definitely do mascara without eyeliner, but there are just a few tips and tricks to draw attention to the eyes.

Eyeliner is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to eye makeup. When we start the eye makeup, we first start with a base and then a concealer. And then shadows with hours of blending that might include cuts, creases, and glitters. So there’s a lot to think about when we are doing our eyes. And on the last part, you just put on the eyeliner and the mascara. But is eyeliner an absolute necessity to finish the eye look? When we make a mistake in the liner, and when they are not even, the liner starts to look bad, and the whole eye is ruined.

Either you have to start again or just start removing your makeup. And even mascara can’t fix the eyes. So what is the best alternative to eyeliner, and can you do mascara without eyeliner? Well, you can definitely do mascara without eyeliner, but there are just a few tips and tricks to draw attention to the eyes. Mascara without eyeliner makes the whole makeup very natural, so you can do a fresh face. Eyeliner might make the eyes feel heavy from makeup, but the mascara alone will draw attention, and that’ll be very gentle.

There are also a few changes to make when doing a full face of makeup with and without mascara and eyeliner. With a liner, the eyes look very snatched, and they certainly don’t feel like they are tired. But adding eyeliner might feel like too much. And eyeliner will take you at least 10 to 15 minutes. In the meantime, you can do your whole face. So when you are in a rush and just want to do mascara without eyeliner, the best thing to do is to focus on the other parts of the face. Or a few more coats of mascara might do the trick.

But when you have very thin lashes, that might not do the trick. So in this article, we’ve come up with tricks that will allow you to do a makeup look with just mascara and without any eyeliner. Mascara without eyeliner is not a crime; in our case, we think it is very convenient to do so. Eyeliner takes a lot of time, and even the best makeup artists make mistakes when they are doing a liner quickly. Everything can go wrong with liners, from uneven lines to smudges to thick and thin places. And the list will go on and on.

And to avoid that, the best thing would be to focus on the lashes and make the mascara pop. When you see the latest makeup trends where people are doing a no-makeup makeup look, they tend to focus on the eyes with mascara rather than eyeliner, as there’s only a little bit of chance to mess up the mascara if you use a good one. So mascara is the savior of quick and fresh makeup.

Why avoid eyeliner?

Why Avoid Eyeliner

Avoiding eyeliner has its own perks. And in this article, we’ll include why you should avoid eyeliners and how you can just go along with the mascara. Here are some reasons why you can just avoid eyeliners and why:

  1. Takes time: when you are doing eyeliner, you mostly just have to hold your breath, so you don’t mess up. And even if you do mess up, there’s a chance that you’ll have to use a makeup wipe or micellar water to clean it up. And all of it takes a lot of time. And to avoid that, the best way to do a five-minute makeup is by avoiding the eyeliner correctly.
  2. Uneven lines: when you are a beginner at makeup, uneven lines are the first thing that many people mess up on. And the mistakes include uneven lines or very thick lines. And I struggled with making both of the light and even in both eyes. And even with wings, the eye lines never tend to match. And that will certainly take a lot of time and effort.
  3. Ruining the eye makeup: And then comes the whole eye makeup thing related to the liners. People can spend hours doing regular eye makeup with shadows. And then there’s the eyeliner on the shadows. When the eyeliner is done over the shadow, there’s a chance that you might have to redo the entire line if you make a mistake.
  4. Running out of patience: this happens to the best of us. Eyeliners do need practice, but they also require attention and patience. But most of us are not willing to stand in front of the mirror for hours and do our makeup. So what is the best alternative—just going with mascara? It is better to leave the liners out when you will lose patience while doing the eyeliner and leave it in the middle. It is better to leave the liner instead of questioning all our life choices.

Alternatives to eyeliners

When you are doing just the mascara without eyeliner, there are some makeup alternatives that have to be followed in order to get the work done. Eyeliners might not be absolute, but they draw attention to the eyes and tend to make them look more snatched. For us, the liners really complete the look. And when you are avoiding using a liner, there have to be some alternatives that will help you with the process. And here are some eyeliner alternatives.

Bold lips

Bold Lips

The best way to avoid the void of a liner in the eyes is to shift the focus from the eyes to the lips. The thumb rule of makeup is that you focus on one thing. And so, while doing a full face, you either focus on the lips or the eyes. When you avoid using a liner, you are just focusing on the lips. So bring attention back to the eyes, and make sure to use a very bold color on the lips.

This way, you’ll have the perfect stage for makeup. You can choose between red, purple, or any of the darker shades. Even black will work. This way, the lips will not be competing with the eyes. Even with darker lips, you still need mascara. And so, stick with two or three coats of mascara. To do a bold lip:

  • Start by using a lip scrubber to get rid of dead skin cells.
  • Then put some gel or vaseline on top.
  • Next up is to line the lips. Use the same lip liner color as the lipstick, or just use a skin tone
  • Fill in the lips with bold, matte lipstick.
  • Apply gloss on top for that extra shine.

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False Lashes

False Lashes

When you are doing party makeup or any bold makeup, it is important that you still put the focus on the eyes. And when you’re trying to avoid eyeliners, the best alternative for the eyes is false lashes. You can go very dramatic with the false lashes or use the very natural ones. The false lashes do not require a liner, as they already fill the gaps between the lashes and the liners. They add more drama and boldness while leaving out the obvious void. They are super easy to put on, and you can even customize the false lashes when you put individual lashes on. The best way to put on false lashes is:

  • Use some lash glue on a palette and then put the other end on that glue.
  • Once the glue is a bit tacky, you can just put the lashes on the eyes.
  • Then wait for the glue to dry properly. Add some mascara on the lashes to blend the natural and the false lashes.
  • Do a coat of mascara on the bottom lash line as well.

No-makeup-makeup look

No Makeup Makeup Look

Well, this is an everyday look, and these are the perfect places for the mascara to shine. You can just focus on the base to make it look dewy, and then the eyes and lips blend in. The fresh face looks are the perfect everyday look as they include skin care and are not super over the top. There is no bold lip or bold eye here. So regular eyeliner can be completely avoided.

For the fresh face, you are focusing on bringing out the features of the face. And for the eyes, you can just focus on them with mascara. Two to three coats of mascara should do the job just fine. And you have to let each coat dry down first before going for another coat on top. So what is the best way to apply mascara? Here are some tips for applying the mascara:

  • Start by curling your lashes first, as the mascara will help hold on to that curl.
  • Start with a lash primer first. Most of these primers are pigmented, and they also contain lash-enhancing ingredients. So they make the lashes thick and perfectly ready for the mascara. Choose a lash primer that is a bit thicker when you have thin brows.
  • Choose a mascara that has both lengthening and volumizing effects. Silicone brushes are the best kind when it comes to making the lashes fuller.
  • Mascara on top of the lash primer Do at least two coats. Start with the bottom of the lashes and go very close to the roots. Make the lashes move in a vertical direction, so the eyes look snatched.
  • Mascara on the bottom lashes should also do the trick just fine.
  • And lastly, try using a clean brush over the dried mascara to avoid any clumpiness from the mascara.
  • Let the first coat dry completely before the second coat.

Using an eyeshadow

Using An Eyeshadow

And then we have another method to do the liner that’s not exactly using eyeliner. You can use any of the eyeshadows to do a liner. And there are several ways to do an eyeshadow liner. For example, you can use the powder as it is. Or just wet the eyeshadows with a mixing medium, or just use a setting spray on the shadows. This way, the liners will be more durable and will last longer. Eyeliner with eyeshadow is easy to blend, so they are easier to blend than eyeliner. Here are some tips for doing eyeliner with eyeshadow:

  • You can use the eyeshadow as it is or just mix the shadow with a mixing medium.
  • The mixing medium can be water, setting spray, or even an eye drop.
  • Blend the shadows and the medium perfectly, and then use a thin, angled brush to apply the liner on top of the eyes. And for a black shadow liner, go for a matte black.
  • You can draw a wing or just do the waterline.


1. Is it possible to do makeup without eyeliner and mascara?

Yes, it is possible to do mascara without eyeliner and mascara. You can just use your eyeshadow as a liner or the contour stick on the outer corner of the eyes and just snatch the eyes.

2. Is it possible to do eyeshadow without eyeliner and mascara?

To do eyeshadow without eyeliner and mascara, you can use a black shadow as a liner and some natural false lashes instead of mascara.

3. Eyeliner or no eyeliner?

No eyeliner. Assembling liners takes a lot of time, making them very hard to get even. An eyeshadow is a perfect substitute for liners.

4. Is it possible to do eye makeup without mascara?

Doing eye makeup without mascara is possible, and a liner will fill the void. A false lash will also work instead.

5. Why do my eyes look better without eyeliner?

When you always tend to wear less makeup, the eyes look good without eyeliner.

Final Thoughts

When you are doing a full face of makeup, there are a lot of things to remember. And when you are doing the eyes, the most critical part is the liner, and it has to be perfect, or the whole makeup will be ruined. But this sort of makeup is only done when you are using a bunch of products. There are other things to do when you are doing regular makeup, and here you can just avoid using a liner. Or just go with a bold lip or black eyeshadow. These tricks make it easy to fill the void left by an eyeliner. And for our recommendation, if you want to avoid eyeliner completely but still want to look snatched, then the best thing would be to wear false lashes. This will take your makeup to another level. Mascara without eyeliner is nothing wrong; you just have to put in a little bit more effort.

Key Points

  1. When you’re in a hurry and only want to apply mascara without eyeliner, the best thing to do is concentrate on the rest of your face. Alternatively, a couple of extra applications of mascara may be enough.
  2. When you don’t use a liner, you’re only focused on the lips. Bring the focus back to the eyes, and make sure to apply bright lip color.
  3. The artificial lashes do not need a liner since they fill in the spaces between the lashes and the liners.
  4. The fresh face looks are ideal for everyday use because they involve skin care and are not overly dramatic. There is no big lip or bold eye in this picture. So regular eyeliner can be completely avoided.

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