Cat Eye lash Lift Tips: How to Do a Cat Lash Lift?

In order to get Cat Eye lash lifts, follow these tips: Cleaning your lashes, placing them correctly, and sealing loose skin

A lash lift might be the new trend for this year. Instead of getting lash extensions, most people are leaning towards getting a lash lift. Why? Most importantly, the lash extensions are very dramatic and are not everyone’s cup of tea. Lash extensions sometimes feel very heavy. as wearing your false lashes every time. The extensions tend to fall off with the slightest inconvenience and need retouching. So you’ll be paying for the original lashes as well as the retouching of lashes.

So what’s the next best alternative to lash extensions? Lash lift. With a lash lift, you can get the lashes permed, which professionals mostly do at salons. But you can do the same at home by using some products. But that is for the later part. Lash lifts are permanent curls on the lashes, and they really look natural but with an elevated touch. So what is the cat-eye lash lift? Cat-eye lash lift is another type of lash lift that emphasizes the outer part of the lashes.

And this is why the eyes look bigger and more open. But the cat-eye lash lift is not for everyone. But only some eyes will look nice with it. Cat-eye lash extensions can be done in every salon, and you can go dramatic or just keep it natural. The outer corner of the eyes was mostly permed, which dramatically happened in this case. Here the lashes are lifted outward and upward. So instead of the lashes being permed upward like they usually do, they are done to look vertical.

And that is what a cat-eye lash lift does to the eyes—it makes them look wider. For the cat-eye lash lift tips, there are some things to remember when you are doing your lash lifts. If it’s your first time with a lash lift, go for the easy way. Going dramatic in the first part doesn’t feel right, and you might not even like the results. So always go lighter at first, and when you are used to the lash lift, go better and braver next time.

You might also want to take care of the loose skin. This way, the adhesive on the lash lift will also work better. People with mature skin might want to take care of that when they are doing a lash lift. The minimum amount of glue and adhesive is the key to getting a good lash lift, and the same thing can be said for the cat eyelash lift. And lastly, when it comes to the skin, you might want to protect it with a pad. Getting the chemicals everywhere on the face is not desirable and might cause a big scene. So using silicone pads is a must.

What is a lash lift?

What is a lash lift

A lash lift is a perm for the lashes, and these are primarily semi-permanent treatments where the lash lift will last for at least eight weeks or two months. The lash extensions will leave you with very curled and defined lashes. And for that, you won’t need a considerable amount of makeup or even false lashes.

The lashes will look pretty natural. You can get a lash lift from any professional. They even add a tint to the lashes to make them look lifted and permed beautifully. The lashes are lifted from the very bottom part, so everything looks very natural. The lash lifts will somewhat resemble eyelash extensions without additional lashes on the lid.

The process of a lash lift will only take twenty minutes, and the results will last for two months. The lash lift will also deteriorate as the lashes tend to grow and shed. Here, the lashes are tinted with a solution, and then they are curled. There are different options with a lash lift according to the curl of the lashes. With a small curl, the lashes are lifted subtly, and they will only give a very natural curl on the lashes. Then there’s the average curl, where the lashes are curled in a more noticeable manner, and it is a bit more lifted than the subtle curl.

And then there is the more prominent yet gentle curl. It will undoubtedly lift the lashes, but it won’t be as dramatic. This is the middle ground between subtle and dramatic, and most people usually opt for this sort of a lash lift. These types of curls are more noticeable. And then comes the dramatically curled lashes, where the lashes will give that bright-eyed look, and the curls here are thick and prominent.

And lastly, there is the square shape. Here the lashes are facing downward, lasting longer as the curls will not grow quickly.

Types of lash lifts

Types of lash lifts

Before we talk about the type of curls, let us give some insights into how these curls look and what kind of lash lifts there are. The lash lifts are mostly done to make the eyes wider and ensure that the eyelashes look beautiful and natural. Here are the types of lashes lifted:

  1. Vertical lash lift: here, the lashes are lifted upward. So as the adhesive and print applications are mostly pointed in the upward direction, These will make the eyes larger.
  2. Open lash lift: here, the lashes are lifted in upward and outward directions, and this also has a softer touch to the lashes. The eyes look soft and delicate, mostly natural. If you think of the doe-eyed look, this will be the best example. The eyes will also look more extensive. The curls are held in a medium style with an open lash lift.
  3. Kitten lash lift: this eyelash lift makes the eyes look narrow. And the eyes might look more intimidating when closed than when opened. The straight lashes are curled and lifted toward the left, and the left lashes are directed toward the right. This will give the eyes a more sultry look, and they are not suitable for people with hooded eyes. With almond-shaped eyes, they look the best.

What is the cat-eye lash lift?

What is the cat eye lash lift

Lastly, there is the cat eye lash lift, where the eyes are lengthened, and they add drama to the whole look. The lashes are lifted upward, but they are all pointed toward the outer corner of the eyes. The eyes will look like they have been elongated. If you see cats, they always have their eyelashes on the side, and that’s how this lash lift is done. The lashes are lifted upwards and to the corner, with tighter curls, thus giving out the perfect lash of cat eyes.

What to expect with a lash lift?

What to expect with a lash lift

There are a few steps with the cat eyelash lift. And with these steps come other tips for doing the work at home. But first, let us include the general procedure of a lash lift.

  • It starts with cleaning the lashes. First, you need a protein solution to remove any sort of dirt or even the previous perm from the lashes. This is the deep-cleaning method.
  • Then there are the adhesive pads that are placed under and over the eyes and on the bottom lashes, respectively. Or a fine silicone pad is also used; they don’t have any adhesive in them. The lash pads determine the shape of the lashes. And for the cat eyelash lift, so-called silicone pads are used.
  • Bonding adhesive is the next part. The bonding gels or adhesives are given against the lashes, and these will help the lashes to lay straight against the silicone form.
  • Then there’s the chemical solution or the lifting balm that changes the structure of the lashes, and they are then adapted according to the construction of the mold. They can stay for up to twelve minutes.
  • And then, the setting lotion is applied to the lashes, which will secure the broken bonds. Takes ten minutes.
  • The nourishing lotion will be the last step for perming and is applied when all of the solutions have been eradicated. This will strengthen the lashes.

Cat eyelash lift tips

Now that we’ve included detailed instructions on how the lash lift is performed, let us also include a detailed version of the cat eye lash lift tips, so you have an idea of what to do and what not to do while doing your lash lift at home.

  1. Proper cleaning of lashes
  2. Proper placement of the lashes
  3. Secure loose skin
  4. A small amount of glue
  5. Proper time
  6. Aftermath

Proper cleaning of lashes

Proper cleaning of lashes

If you have severely oily lashes, then they have to be removed. Otherwise, the glue on the lashes will not sit properly. If the adhesives move, then the lashes will lose their original shape. And the same thing can be done with clumps from previously used makeup products like mascara. Remove it well with an oil cleanser, and then remove the oil cleanser properly. Also, when the adhesive doesn’t work, there’s a chance that the glue will also stain the skin.

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Proper placement of the lashes

Proper placement of the lashes

When doing a cat eye lash lift, the lashes will be directed upward and outward. But the outward direction will be very slight, and the lashes will be more tilted on the side.

Secure loose skin

When you have a lash shield on your eyes, make sure that the lashes stick properly. And when you have droopy eyes, the loose skin might betray that part, and the whole lash thing will move. To secure it properly, use tape, stretch that skin above the eyelid, and secure it toward the forehead. So make the skin smooth first.

A small amount of glue

Glues can clump the lashes together while doing the lift. So you need to apply only a small amount of glue, so the lashes stick to the pad and do not clump together. The adhesive has to be water-soluble, so even when you apply too much, it can be removed with a wet cloth or piece of paper.

Proper time

There needs to be an appropriate amount of time when doing the lash lift. We recommend waiting for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute before going to the next part. This gives the lashes time to dry completely. For example, you should wait at least thirty minutes between the shield and the adhesive application. And after the perm lotion, wait for twelve minutes. So altogether, the whole process will not take more than 30 minutes.


You shouldn’t wet the eyes for at least 24 hours when the full lash treatments are done. So no shower or face wash for 24 hours. And while using makeup, do not use products with oils in them, as this might break up the lash lift. And lastly, no makeup remover or mascara for the next 24 hours.


1. How to apply lash lift serum?

To apply the lift shield, just place them directly under the eyes and over the top lashes.

2. What to do while doing a lash lift for hooded eyes?

With hooded eyes, the loose skin should be tapped and secured on the forehead, so it doesn’t interfere with the lift application.

3. How will the lash pad not stick to the eyelid?

Keep the lashes separated from the eyelids so they will not stick to the eyelids.

Final Thoughts

You might want to be extra careful with the cat-eye lash lift tips as they are not more geared towards a natural lift. So the lashes have to be done extra carefully. You can use your DIY lash kit at home and do your cat eye lash lift perfectly, but there are still some things that professionals should do; otherwise, there’s a chance that you might fry your lashes. Still, when doing the lashes at home or with professionals, these cat-eye lash lift tips will surely help. With a proper lash lift, you can easily see the difference between natural and permed lashes. The lashes look more defined, and they will last for months to come.

Key Points

  1. Another form of lash lift that highlights the outside section of the lashes is the cat-eye lash lift.
  2. You should also take care of any loose skin. The glue on the lash lift will also function better this way. People with aged skin may want to consider this while getting a lash lift.
  3. The lashes will be directed upward and outward while performing a cat eyelash lift. However, the outward direction will be extremely little, and the lashes will be somewhat inclined to the side.
  4. The glue must be water-soluble so that even if too much is applied, it may be removed with a moist cloth or piece of paper.

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