16 Amazing Benefits of Retinol

benefits of retinol
Retinol is one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients on the market today. It helps improve skin texture, reduce fine lines, and even reverse sun damage.

All the fashion conscious people are especially worried about the beauty of skin, but with our age increasing many unwanted things are seen on skin. Wrinkle, dull skin, oily mode, etc are some common types of skin complexities, but we can avoid such things by using some useful compounds found in natural stuff.

In this age of modern technology, the use of natural stuff isn’t uncommon; rather, it is increasing day by day as modern technology proves the usefulness of natural stuff. Ranitol is such a thing which we get from egg yolk, yellow & green vegetables, or something like that. Retinol can provide you so many benefits relating to your health that I am going to show here today.

What is retinol? Why is it so useful for the human body?

What Is Retinol

Actually, retinol, aka vitamin A₁, is a useful fat soluble vitamin that we get in vitamin A. From some fruits like pumpkins, cantaloupes, apricots, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peaches, mangoes, or something like that, you may get this synthetic derivative.

Besides those fruits, you may get this compound in some animal sources like Beef Liver, Lamb Liver, Cod Liver Oil, Salmon, etc. It is well proven that topically applying retinol can turn into retinoic acid, but it will be harsher than serum or ordinary retinol cream. The reason is that the conversion doesn’t happen naturally with the passing of time.

You may eat retinol rich foods, or you may use ready-made retinol products on your skin; that’s up to you. In all cases, you’ll get the benefits of retinol, but commonly you’ll get more benefits for your skin when you apply retinol products to your skin besides eating retinol rich foods every day.

It is well known to all that when we grow older, our skin looks change, and this is due to our aged skin cells. Retinol impacts these aged skin cells, and that’s why it is greatly useful for us. Besides our skin, retinol is useful for us in so many ways.

Some people say that retinol has some side effects, which is why they suggest avoiding it. And, I can’t deny the fact- it has some side effects, but you may avoid these effects in some ways that I’ll share later.

Now, try to understand how useful the retinol is for us. And the matter of side effects comes when you’ll use retinol products on skin. Commonly eating retinol rich foods will not cause any side effects, and retinol rich fruits are favorite to many of us. It is even recommended to eat some amount of retinol rich fruits every day as we need vitamin A for proper body function.

Some common health benefits that you’ll get from retinol

To say about the benefits of retinol, people commonly think about some benefits relating to skin, and it’s true that retinol is highly beneficial for our skin. But retinol has so many benefits for other parts of our body too, that I am going to show you now.

Common Health Benefits From Retinol
  1. Prevent Cancer
  2. Gain Weight
  3. Maintain Normal Growth
  4. For Eyes
  5. For Hair
  6. Boosted Immune Responses
  7. For Nails
  8. Testosterone Stimulation

1. To prevent cancer

One of the proven effects of retinol is that it can prevent the ordinary growth of oral cavity tumors, lung tumors, hepatic tumors, and other types of tumors that may cause cancer. For that reason, as chemo prophylactics, the use of oral retinol was and is so common. Almost all the trans retinoic acids have these attributes so you can consider them surprisingly effective for preventing cancer.

2. To gain weight

Though the common trend is weight loss, some less weighty persons seek foods that increase body weight. For those persons, retinol is the right option as it can increase body weight so fast. Some people consider these attributes of retinol a side effect, but planwise eating retinol rich foods will increase your weight as much as you want.

3. To maintain normal growth

Retinol is important for maintaining our normal growth, and that’s why for the normal well being of us, health specialists suggest vitamin A (Retinol) rich foods. If you search for health benefits of vitamin A, you’ll be able to understand how useful vitamin A is for our body function, and lack of this vitamin will obviously cause so many internal complexities.

4. Benefits of retinol for eyes

For both our eyes, retinol is greatly important as strengthening our eye area is one of the important benefits of retinol. This vitamin A compound will make your eye tissues strong, and that will be enough to prevent eyes from being puffy. Commonly, it needs 2 to 3 months to get a desirable result from using retinol, but it depends on some other factors too.

5. Retinol benefits for hair

For the scalp health of people of any age, retinol is really the right pick. For preventing common complexities from the scalp, retinol is surprisingly effective. To boost new hair growth so many nutrients are needed and retinol works for boosting those nutrients, and the impact of this boosting is that the hair growth process becomes rapid. Even for hair follicles, retinol is a great solution, and it’s a many times proven fact.

6. For a boosted immune responses

It is well known to all that keeping our immune system well is a must for our day-to-day work, even for the overall well-being of our body. If there’s lack of retinol in our body that will surely result in improper immune response.

And, when there’s any complexity in our immune system, that will be harmful to our body in so many ways as we can’t protect us from the attacks of germs, viruses, or so. For that reason, regular intake of retinol is necessary for maintaining proper body function.

7. Retinol benefits for nails

To keep our nails free from breaking, chipping, and peeling, retinol can play a great role. Even for the smooth growing of our nails, retinol is important. Though retinol doesn’t have any direct impact on nails, it affects nail growth positively and acts to ensure the proper nail color.

8. Testosterone stimulation

An important benefit of retinol for men is the stimulation of testosterone production. Testosterone is necessary for bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength, sex drive, red blood cell production, and the like. For that reason, retinol rich foods are necessary for every man to boost testosterone production, and retinol and retinoic acid both do the functions effectively.

Benefits of retinol for skin

For our skin improvement, retinol is really the best pick for almost all health specialists. Even if you search Google for the benefits of retinol only, it will show you the benefits of retinol for the skin. It is true that for protecting our skin and for the improvement of our skin condition, retinol plays some great role, which I am going to share now.

Benefits of Retinol for Skin
  1. Fighting against acne
  2. Warding off aging effect
  3. Improving skin color
  4. Maintain skin hydration
  5. Improve skin tone
  6. Preventing skin cancer
  7. Protect from sun damage
  8. Prevent skin wrinkles

1. Fighting against acne

You know unclogging pores is one of the important features of retinol, and this feature is highly useful for treating acne. Against all types of acne- inflammatory & non-inflammatory, retinol can work better. And for reducing pimples anywhere on your skin, retinol is surprisingly effective.

If you use any cream or lotion for treating acne, then retinol will enhance the effect of those creams as retinol has almost similar effects. For that reason, by using retinol, you’ll be able to ensure maximum benefits from those acne treatment creams or something like that.

2. Warding off aging effect

It is well known to all that our skin condition changes with age. But, retinol can help us in this issue by making collagen more. The direct effect of retinol is to remove roughness and tighten skin and by, which it ensures a youthful look. And for smoothing rough patches, retinol is also effective, and for boosting the fading of age spots, it’s rightly useful. For that reason, tretinoin has become popular to prevent the aging effect from the skin.

3. Improving skin color

Skin color is important to all of us, and we use different things for skin color improvement. But, retinol is considered the right option to improve skin color as it has some useful elements to improve skin complexion. You know, stimulating blood vessels is one of the important acts of retinol and the obvious effect of such stimulation is to provide your skin with a super attractive rosy color.

Even if you have skin discoloration, then retinol will also be effective for preventing such discoloration. It actually sheds your discolored skin cells, and thus you’ll get your desired skin look.

4. To maintain skin hydration

To all skin beauty conscious people, it is well-known how harmful dry skin is, and how much skin complexity may arise from the dryness of skin. Retinol alone can get you rid of dry skin in different ways, and it’s proven. It has been said by many health specialists that retinol can increase collagen production significantly, and when collagen production increases then skin hydration is boosted.

And this process is also effective for keeping your skin effectively hydrated. If you can keep your skin hydrated, then it will be useful for you in so many ways. And that will also be helpful for ensuring a desirable look on your skin for eternity.

5. Improve your skin tone

To resolve dull skin issues and make your skin brighter, retinol is one of the best options. Even for improving uneven skin tone, retinol is the number one choice of many beauty conscious people. For smoothing skin surface, retinol is also fruitful, as it has such properties.

One of the well-known effects of retinol is that it plumps up your skin fine lines and that will be more than enough to improve your skin appearance. For all these things, retinol is considered a good pick for improving our skin tone.

6. A super effective stuff for preventing skin cancer

One of the known effects of retinol is that it is surprisingly effective for producing new cells in your skin. If new cells in your skin create smoothly, then it will significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer. For treating actinic keratoses, retinol can play an important role, and at the same time, retinol also causes basal cell prevention, and thus it can prevent the risk of skin cancer.

7. To protect from sun damage

Retinol doesn’t only do some acts internally, but it has some usefulness in preventing evils from outside. For that reason, if you use retinol regularly, it will protect you from the harmful effect of direct sunlight. If you stay under direct sunlight for long hours, then it will be more harmful to you if there’re already complexities in your skin.

But, on regular use of retinol, you may get rid of these effects. But when retinol is on your skin, you should avoid the sun because direct sunlight can lessen the efficacy of retinol.

8. To prevent skin wrinkles

With our age increases, skin wrinkles become a common scene, and it’s normal for all of us. But if you can’t remove these wrinkles or if you can’t ensure smooth & tightening skin, then your skin will look so old. Among the positive effects of retinol, increasing collagen production is well known, and many people use this compound for only this reason.

The ultimate effect of collagen is to prevent skin wrinkles, and if you have any deep skin wrinkles or very old wrinkles, retinol also comes in handy for preventing such wrinkles. And it has been proven in many studies that retinol use can prevent wrinkles effectively in comparison with other skin care products.

How can I ensure the benefits of retinol barring all the possible side effects?

How Can I Ensure The Benefits Of Retinol Barring All The

There is no gainsaying that retinol has some side effects, and when these affect a man, it will become harmful to his body. But it is also true that almost all healthcare products, even natural stuff, have some side effects too. And if we avoid all these things, then it will be impossible for us to sustain, so what should we do?

We have to ensure the benefits, excluding all the side effects, and it’s possible. In the case of retinol, side effects are commonly seen in the case of overuse of retinol. And usually, extreme side effects don’t seem sudden. That happens gradually. So, if you experience something unusual on your skin after using retinol, then you have to stop using retinol immediately.

Not all types of skin are sensitive to retinols, and for that reason, many health specialists suggest checking your skin first with any dermatologist and then start using retinol. If it seems that on using retinol, there’s a possibility of any harmful effects then you should use alternative products.

To prevent the side effects of retinol, start using retinol with a lower concentration, and if you start getting benefits from it, then increase retinol use gradually. If you follow this procedure, then it is likely that you’ll be able to avoid almost all the possible side effects of retinol.

Another way to prevent the side effect of retinol is that you have to use retinol only 2 or 3 days a week. If you feel better with that, then you may increase the number of days for using retinol. You may even use another product having vitamin C with retinol. That would be better to evade the side effects. But, in all cases, you should use it after consulting with a dermatologist to know whether your skin suits retinol or not.

How I got rid of acne by using retinol: real life story

From my young age, there was itching in my skin and that was a bit problematic to me, but I didn’t bother much. When I was almost 20, then another problem started, that was acne, and it was unbearable to me. From searching with different acne related keywords, I tried to know what may be the possible solution.
I found that many sites or blogs suggested that retinol is good for treating acne. From then, I started to eat retinol rich fruits and sweet potatoes, mangoes, squash, carrots, pumpkins, etc every day, and actually, I liked these fruits.
After almost a month, I found some slight changes in the acne conditions, but that was just a little bit, which was not considerable at all.
After that, I decided to use retinol products on acne areas, but I was afraid of side effects and that’s why I consulted with one of my relatives who was a dermatologist then. And after some questions, he suggested that I can start using retinol product twice a week.
From the next day, I started using it in the surrounding area twice a week. And after almost 3 weeks, I found a significant change in the acne conditions. But I continued using retinol products on acne area twice a week. After almost one and a half months, all my acne had vanished and my skin had been smoothed. And till now, I don’t experience any acne anywhere on my skin, and most importantly, I didn’t experience any side effects of retinol.

Josie Layne


1. What are the foods from which I get the necessary amount of retinol?

Beef, calf, chicken liver, dairy products, pumpkins, cantaloupes, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, etc are some common sources of retinol. But, not all the benefits of retinol you’ll get from eating retinol rich foods, rather you have to use retinol products.

2. What are the possible side effects of using retinol every day?

Actually, retinol side effects are redness, itching, dry skin, flaking, irritation, burning, or something like that, but all these things may happen due to overuse of retinol. But, usually, there are almost no side effects if you eat retinol rich foods.

3. When should I use retinol products on my skin to get a better result?

You may use it at any time, there’s no time restriction, but many health specialists suggest using it at night. The reason is that retinol is a bit sensitive to sunlight, and that’s why you should avoid direct sunlight when retinol is on your face.

4. In which age starting retinol use might be perfect, or can bar side effects?

Usually, dermatologists suggest avoiding using retinol at a young age- you may start using it when you are over 20 because, child’s sensitive skin is not fit for using retinol. But, using it at the age of over 20 is not a guarantee that you’ll not experience any side effects.

5. Who should skip using retinol for is risky?

Actually there’s no comprehensive benchmark- which criteria have to be fulfilled for using retinol. The best way to start using twice a week after consulting with any dermatologist.

6. Is it right to use vitamin C with retinol to get a better output?

You may do so, even though many people use retinol in this way for getting a better result. But, in no case, you should start using it in this way every day.

7. Is retinol effective for treating chest skin wrinkles?

The ultimate effect of using retinol is to boost collagen production, which results in reducing wrinkles from anywhere in your skin. So, to treat wrinkles in chest skin retinol will surely show its effectiveness and it’s proven.

8. What can I do to avoid all the side effects of retinol?

There’s almost no way to avoid retinol side effects completely, but you may control these effects. If you start using from a lower concentration, then it is likely that you’ll experience no harsh side effects.

9. Is eating retinol rich foods effective for skin complexities?

If you eat retinol rich foods daily, that will be better for your skin and overall body function. It is true that not all the retinol benefits can be achieved in this way, but at least some benefits are possible to get.

10. Is homemade retinol effective for treating skin complexities?

Many people make retinol at home with moisturizer and vitamin A. If you can make such retinol perfectly, then obviously, you’ll get all the retinol benefits from that.

Retinol Benefits


The benefits of retinol are more than common skincare products, and that’s well proven. It is true that there’s a risk of side effects, but you can avoid these effects through proper use. So, eat retinol rich foods every day, and you may think of using retinol products if you have any skin complexity.

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