Eyeshadow or Mascara: What is More Essential

If you say “eye makeup,” the first things that pop up are eyeshadow and mascara. These two are just the basics of all the products. And I cannot live without any of them. So what’s the difference between eyeshadow and mascara? Well, there are hundreds of things that are different, and in this article, we might include all of them to give you a basic idea about these two.

The mascara comes in a wand package and is primarily black. And an eyeshadow comes in a whole palette with almost thousands of color variations and finishes. You can find eyeshadow in matte or just as glitter. Eyeshadows are for the eyelids and the tops of the eyes. And as for mascara, it is used on the bottom and top lashes. And these are just the fundamental differences between eyeshadow and mascara.

Eyeshadow or mascara are both significant parts of a makeup routine. They have also been elevated with so many brands and deals that when you just write the words in Google, they will show you an extended amount of search results. But does every mascara or eyeshadow work the same way? Of course not. Eyeshadow or mascara is different based on the brand and what products and ingredients are used. Some eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, and some are barely visible.

How about the mascara? Well, most mascaras come in different finishes; some give a very fluffy and flattering lash, and some give a very sleek and elevated eyelash. Eyeshadow or mascara has literally no comparison as to what is an essential part of eye makeup. We’ll circle back to this part later on in the article. Mascara and eyeshadow are completely different, and they also have different aspects.

Eyeshadows are pure pigment, and mascara is a black gel that is specially made for the lashes. They are black and tend to make the lashes flattering. Mascara and eyeshadow are on a different part of the makeup, and they are not part of the regular base. But the mascara is part of regular makeup, though the eyeshadows are for special occasions.

What is an eyeshadow?

The eyeshadows are used on the lid and under the eyes, and they contain pigment from different sources. Most eyeshadows are highly pigmented and can be in powder or cream form. Even gel and crayon eyeshadows are widely used. Powdered shadows contain talc, which makes them easy to blend. And the cream shadows are perfect for beginners and those who want vibrancy in the eyes. The eyeshadows can be matte, glitter, or lose glitter. The basic rule of applying eyeshadow is to start with lighter colors and build up to deeper ones.

Types of eyeshadows

Types of eyeshadows

There are different types of eyeshadows in the market, and depending on their feel and touch, they also have different ways of application.

  1. Cream eyeshadow
  2. Liquid eyeshadow
  3. Powder eyeshadow
  4. Eyeshadow crayon

1. Cream eyeshadow

These shadows have the most oil in them and are extremely pigmented. They are suitable for all skin types, provide a splash of color, and, most importantly, have no fallout. And these are the ones that can be done with only the fingers and a graphic line.

2. Liquid eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadows are ideal if you’re looking for a single shade and an unblended appearance. They are very pigmented, dry down quickly, and go on smoothly. These eyeshadows are perfect for everyday looks. You don’t have to go with dramatic color selections; instead, pick one color shadow, and you’ll be OK with the overall effect.

They are the most vibrant and stay on top of the crease. They feel dry when you put the cover on and seem to dry out over time. Choose an eyeshadow that appears natural on your skin tone and feels like little more than a touch of glitter when you turn your head.

3. Powder eyeshadow

This is the most commonly used eyeshadow on the market and usually contains talc and low oil contents. This also has more pigmentation. Most of the eyeshadows come in small pans. When the powder eyeshadows are very pigmented, they tend to have more fallout than usual.

4. Eyeshadow crayon

Shadow crayons are the first thing that springs to mind when we talk about the one eyeshadow look the easy way. These are quite simple to apply and have a very natural appearance. Consider a pencil liner with a more creamy layer; this gives you more control over the overall application of the eyeshadow. Different manufacturers create their own pen forms of eyeshadow, and you may choose one that is suitable for daily usage.

What is mascara?

A mascara is a thick, gel-like substance that is applied to the lashes to make them look longer, and it also comes in mainly black. These mascaras tend to enhance the curl and length of the lashes. Mascaras often come with a bristle brush, and a mascara tube is available instead of various colors. Most mascaras are liquid, but there are also cakey and cream versions of those products. The first ever invented mascara was made from coal, dust, and jelly; currently, more ingredients have been added to make it last longer.

Types of mascara

Types of mascara

There are different kinds of mascara on the market, and you can choose between them depending on what kind of lashes you want. Well, there are some formulations that make the lashes very cakey and clumpy; they should be avoided. Mascara should be able to separate the lashes, coat them, and make them stay that way for the rest of the day. Here are the types of mascara available on the market:

  1. Lengthening mascara
  2. Volumizing mascara
  3. Curling mascara
  4. Waterproof and smudge-proof mascara
  5. Lash-defining mascara

1. Lengthening mascara

These mascaras give length to the lashes and extend the natural length. The lash-lengthening mascaras have very dense bristles and coat the lashes very densely. To get the maximum length, coat the mascara from the bottom to the tip.

2. Volumizing mascara

These sorts of mascaras mostly try to give the fake lash look to the eyes. Add at least two to three coats of mascara for maximum volume and wait until one coat is completely dry. With volumizing mascaras, they tend to have waxes or silicones in them, so one coat feels like a heavy term. For this kind of mascara, more emphasis should be given to the bottom of the lashes, and make sure to push the lashes lightly at length.

3. Curling mascara

These are also on the thicker formula, but they have a sticky part that makes these mascaras good at holding the curls. Most of these curling mascaras have a filming polymer and tend to form a layer when the mascara is drying. The contraction of the mascara solution will make it shrink and make the lift more prominent. The mascara wand is more curled to give the shape of a curling lash. This sort of mascara gives out the look of big eyes.

4. Waterproof and smudge-proof mascara

These products will last you through everything, from wind or air to water. They are made of wax oils, mineral oils, and waxes. So nothing can beat the lashes. Waterproof mascaras have a high chance of being clumpy, and you cannot reapply them.

5. Lash-defining mascara

These will work with both the length and volume of the lashes, and they also tend to have a more flexible formula that will spread over every lash equally. They also have the deepest pigments and are waterproof. With a lash-defining mascara, you’ll get the best of every mascara. They also contain the filming polymer for extra thickness and hold the curl. They might come with all the good things, but they work as average in every aspect.

What is more essential, eyeshadow or mascara?

Well, when we are talking about essential products for the eyes, it entirely depends on your situation. You cannot go out with eyeshadow for a dramatic look, as that is the only part of the makeup that you choose to be creative with.

And for a base and lips, you have to somewhat follow the usual routine. But with eyeshadow, you can create an entire story and make sure that the eyes stand out. And the same thing can be said for mascara. One or two coats of mascara will be perfect when you are going out. And when you apply many coats, the whole look changes completely, and the lashes become more dramatic.

For an everyday look: mascara, tops

For an everyday look mascara tops

When you do get ready for school or the office, mascara is the first thing that can be done for the eyes. Eyeliners and eyeshadows are time-consuming and don’t even look natural in a formal outfit. Bite-sized mascaras do the work just fine, and they draw enough attention to the eyes and make the eyes prominent. Mascara has to be the easiest thing to apply. And depending on your preference, you can just use two to three coats of mascara on your lashes. This will make the eyes more clearly.

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For a dramatic look: eyeshadow tops

For a dramatic lookeyeshadow tops

Now that you want to look at the eyes, mascara will not play the part as much as the eyeshadows will. You can create different looks with different eyeshadows, and depending on the color of the lids, the eyeshadows make their mark. For example, you can easily create a golden brown look and even add some dramatic lines with cream eyeshadows. When you add the glittery shadows on top of the eyes, they tend to feel more in-depth, reflecting the light and bringing back the look.

For a party look: use eyeshadow and mascara

For a party look use eyeshadow and mascara

Now when you think about a party, you might want to jump with all the eye makeup products on your vanity. And at the top of your list should be the eyeshadow and mascara. First, you start with an eyeshadow and add different options and colors. And then also add the shimmer on the inner corners of the eyes. Again, use different colors to define the eyes. And lastly, use mascara. Mascara will add to the length and volume of the lashes. If you want to add more length to the lashes, then you might want to add the mascara with the lashes and let one coat of mascara dry down first. And then, add another coat of mascara to settle it.

Which is more important, eyeshadow or mascara?

Now we think that between the eyeshadow and mascara, the most important thing is the mascara for us. Mascara has one up when it comes to the eyes. You can just wear mascara and step out of the house. Mascara does change the look of the eyes, and it also brings out the light of the eyes and makes them look framed. You can get out of it by wearing only mascara, and eyeshadow will draw all attention to the lid. Eyeshadows are not for everyday use, and most women will only wear mascara.


1. How do I apply mascara?

You can start at the bottom of the lashes and then pull them to the tip. This way, you can easily create dimension and saturation.

2. Is it possible to use eyeshadow without mascara?

Yes, you can just go with mascara. The eyeshadow can be used when you give yourself enough time. And for the mascara, it’s an everyday thing.

3. Does no mascara make you look younger?

Well, mascara will bring light to the eyes, and it also makes the eyes look big. Without mascara, it might make you look a bit younger.

Final Thoughts

Eyeshadow and mascara might not be similar things, but we must admit that these two products tend to complement each other in the best possible way. A good mascara will last long and be primarily waterproof. But most eyeshadows are not. If you ask us to compare these two products, it will most likely be an impossible task as they do not have the same baseline, except that they are for the eyes, and they work to make the eyes more flattering with makeup.

Key Points

  1. The mascara comes with a wand and is mostly black. And an eyeshadow palette has nearly hundreds of color variants and finishes.
  2. A mascara is a thick, gel-like material that is applied to the lashes to make them appear longer, and it is mostly black in color.
  3. The eyeshadows are applied to the lids and under the eyes and include pigment from various sources. The majority of eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and available in powder or cream form.
  4. Wearing mascara will be fine to get you out of the house, and eyeshadow will focus all attention on the lid. Eyeshadows should not be used on a daily basis, and most ladies will just wear mascara.

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