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The sad eyes makeup trend is not entirely new. Yes, you heard it right. TikTok might have introduced the recent trend of sad-eyed makeup. But the trend has been on point since the flapper era. The idea of having a droopy eye sounds incredible and intoxicating. Previously, when describing a princess in a fairy tale, people would describe the woman with bright eyes and a cheerful smile.

However, since fairy tales have frequently been proven to have a sad and bitter background and ending, the cheerful and bright eyes as a style for women and men have vanished. Now is the time for the sad eye makeup era. People on TikTok and social media apply makeup to make it look like they’ve just cried. The idea behind makeup is still unknown, but this is the trend.

We have taken the personal initiative to do a step-by-step tutorial on how to do the perfect sad eyes makeup.

Sad eyes makeup trend

The trend of sad eyes makeup is not new, but rather an old fashion coming back to life. This is one of the hot topics among several beauty gurus and influencers, and several people have different comments on it. But is sad-eyed makeup really the latest trend? Yes, after the siren eyes trend, Tiktokers are turning to the sad eyes makeup trend for good.

If we are to think about the past tendencies of sad eyes, the idea comes from how to make the eyes look more droopy. And that was to sharpen and lower the gaze of the eyes so they would look fierce. How and when did it start? We don’t have a clear idea, but where it began might have a clear-cut answer.

The 1920s Flapper era was the perfect example of eye makeup and the smokey despair makeup look. Gloria Swanson was the icon for the sad eyes makeup look. The beauty used darker eyeshadow heavily on the lower lash line and made it look droopy.

The idea was to create despair and sadness, to show that the actress was in agony even though she wore a glamorous fit. The 1920s was a gloomy era as women’s rights were flagged for the first time right after the suffragette movement. Prohibition in America was also a scorching topic at that point. But the looks ultimately inspired people to wear and play with makeup.

And as for today, a makeup artist named Nika did the sad eyes makeup in TikTok and captioned it as her favorite makeup look. The eyes put a lot of emphasis on the lower lash line, and it was heavily dropped instead of the usual lifted effect. The sad eyes makeup is not supposed to signify anything more, but as we face a world crisis with inflation and economic downturns, it might be the right time for the sad eyes makeup trend to come back.

The sad eyes makeup trend can make its mark among the younger generation as they are heavily inspired by different social media and shows like Euphoria and Pop Star Billy Eilish. Still, the idea of sad eyes makeup doesn’t look very practical. But still, different people have droopy eyes by genetics, and this might be a fun idea for them to try. We might also include a regular makeup idea for sad or droopy eyes later in our article.

Tiktok has another makeup artist who has her own version of the droopy eyes in which they did an eye makeup that looks exactly like how it would look once they cried. There are so many different takes on sad eyes makeup, and we’re all here for it.

Sad eyes makeup from TikTok

This is the beginning of all the sad eye makeup talk on the internet. To do so, why not start with the sad eye makeup look from the artists? Everyone has their version of making sad eyes. So, we included the one that we thought seemed acceptable to all.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do the sad eyes makeup trend.

  1. The brows
  2. The eyes
  3. Glitters
  4. Cheeks
  5. Lips

The brows:

The brows

First, you need to start with the brows. If your brow is fresh and sharp, then make it downwards. Most makeup artists ask you to shave the edge of the brow and draw a line in an upward motion, giving you a lifting effect. In this case, the brows should droop. If you’re not comfortable with shaving the brows, then use glue and stick the brows together. Later, draw over the brows.

The eyes:

The eyes

The fun part of doing the sad eyes makeup look is that your lips and other features do not matter much, and you will only need to put emphasis on the eyes and make them look sad. The way to do so is by adding different colors and options.

  • Start with a red eyeliner and a red eyeshadow and draw lines while smudging them and extending the outer corners properly. This reddish hue will give the idea that you have just shed tears. And if you have a deep skin tone, go for plum or burgundy shades.
  • Apply a brown liner on the top lashes and extend the liners. Smudge the liner using dark brown eyeshadow.
  • Blend both the red and brown together. Use mascara and smudge it a bit on the lower lash line. Or you can just do it with the brown liner.
  • Put a warm brown eyeshadow on a small packing brush and put it on the under eyes. This will give the illusion of a sunken eye.
  • Use a darker brown shade and apply it all around to blend the shade. It’ll provide more depth to the already put-on makeup.
Glitters cheeks lips


The fun part about the sad eyes makeup is that you’ll get to play with colors and glitter. Instead of putting glitter on the top lash line, put it on the bottom part. The glitter drops should mimic the teardrops.


With crying, another significant change is seen on the cheeks. If you have fair skin, then you get red on the nose, lips, and chin. And do the same with blush. Put a red or orange blush on the cheeks, nose, and chin. Do not use bronzer or contour. The idea of the sad eyes makeup look is about making a face look sad and droopy. So do not add anything that will lift the face.


Use the same blush used for the cheeks and gently dab it on the lips. You can use a bit more on the lips to make them look plump. End the makeup with a bit of gloss on the lips.

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1920s Flapper-smokey despair

The beginning of the flapper era was something of a revolution. Women first started with votes, and ivory skin was discouraged. Tan skin was a trend, and the industrialization of a new era was on the rise. Besides all that glamour and life, women loved doing the droopy eye makeup looks. Here is a short description of how to do the 1920s sad eyes makeup.


When Coco Channel fell asleep in the sun, tan became a trend, and this is how white skin was not really a thing to have. People started to wear makeup that was close to their natural color.



The eyeshadows worn by the women were very dark and mostly matte. Kohl was the trend, and women would smudge their lower lash line, so the kohl covered the whole eye. Grey, turquoise, gold, and green were some of the most popular shades, and the lashes were strong and bold. Very dark mascara was also in the trend. People will use it with a stick, making the lashes very long.



In the 20s, thin and skinny brows were on trend. Some women would completely get rid of the brows and draw a thin line with a pencil. Oh, and they loved high brows with a round arch.


Rouge was the only thing for women in the flapper era. Powder, liquids, papers, cremes, etc., were available.


How do you do sad makeup?

To do sad makeup, you must mainly focus on making everything droopy. From the brows to the eyes, everything has to look down. Put shadows on the eyes and smudge them. The use of black, red, brown eyeshadows, and glitter are all needed to make the eyes look sad.

To wrap up..

Siren eyes have been a trend for a long time; now it is the sad eyes makeup. With siren eyes, you’ll only use a black liner, draw a wing and extend the inner corners of the eyes. But with sad eyes makeup, you have to put on a whole lot of artistry and make it real. The idea of the sad-eyed makeup look served as an inspiration for several beauty influencers.

Key Points

  • How to do sad eyes makeup: a complete guide
  • What is sad eyes makeup all about?
  • Is sad eyes makeup the new trend?

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