What Gel Polish Do Nail Salons Use?

Different gel polishes differ in formulas, curing periods, finishes, and long-lastingness. Find effective salons to choose the gel polish of your personal preference!

In the captivating world of nail art, gel polish stands as a shining example to achieve stunning and long-lasting nails. The popularity of gel polish has increased in recent years, transforming ordinary nail care routines into extraordinary experiences that keep hands looking flawless. It doesn’t need frequent touch-ups but still provides an excellent long-lasting finish.

But with the line of best brands and products on the market, choosing the right gel polish for a salon can be quite difficult. The decision of which brand to use goes beyond a perfect finish, factors like ensuring quality, safety, and customer satisfaction play a significant role to choose it.

So, what gel polish do salons use? I will help to find out the gel polish brands and industry insights that make nail salons the ultimate destinations for dazzling nails. Let’s discover the top gel polish brands that nail salons use, considering their innovative features, unique color selections, and reputations for delivering exceptional results.

Gel Polish Manicure

Gel polish manicure

A gel polish manicure, also known as a gel manicure, is a special type of nail treatment that uses gel nail polish instead of traditional nail lacquer. It is a manicure in which soft gel is used in the form of nail polish. The formula is cured or hardened under a UV or LED lamp, creating a durable and long-lasting finish on the nails. Gel polish manicures are long-lasting in nature and resistant to chipping. It is popular for its durability and the ability to maintain a high-gloss finish throughout the wear period. There are soft gels and hard gels. Soft gel nails are also called “soak-off gels” since the nail polish can be easily removed using acetone. On the other hand, there are three types of gel nails: hard gel, soft gel, and gel polish. The hard gel is used to increase the length of nails on soft gel which is used as a nail polish only.

What Makes Gel Polish Effective for Use in Nail Salons?

Since different gel polishes differ in formulas, curing period, finishes, and long-lastingness, you can always ask the specific nail salon which brands they use if you have a personal preference. Now, there are certain characteristics of gel polish for which those are effective for use in nail salons. Almost all nail salons keep gel polish with those characteristics. Those are briefly discussed.

What makes gel polish effective for use in nail salons
  • Quality of Ingredients: The gel polish should be made of natural and organic ingredients which are non-harsh. Check the label for the ingredients and also check if the product is of standard quality. Salons go for gel polish which is free from harmful ingredients like dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, toluene, etc.
  • Color Options: The polish should have a lot of available color options. Otherwise, the nail salon won’t be able to provide the preferred color of nails according to the choice of the customers. They go for metallic or pearlescent shades or neon colors for giving an attractive nail look.
  • Opaqueness: The gel polish should be opaque. A good nail polish acquires opaqueness in just two coats. Usually, it requires two coats while some gel polish may require more than two coats.
  • Little to No Falling Off: The selected gel polish should not fall off or may fall off to a very little extent. As a result, you won’t need to prevent the fall off from the cuticles or the tip of the nails. So, the polish will stay on the nails.
  • Wearability: Gel polish should be able to stay on nails after wearing it for the long term. Gel polish can usually stay intact on the nails for two to three weeks, depending on how well it is maintained.

12 Amazing Gel Polish Which Nail Salons Use

Many different brands of gel polish are used in salons based on personal preference or availability. There are brands specifically for base coat and top coat, some expensive brands, least expensive brands, medium range brands, and most expensive brands of gel polish and the nail salons may use all of those. Some popular ones include Gelish, OPI, CND, Sally Hansen, Essie, LeChat, Dior, etc. Following are some of the gel polishes that nail salons commonly use.

1. Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish

Gelish is an expensive brand but it formulates a gel polish of top quality. It is named “soak-off” polish since you need to soak your nails in acetone for removing the nail polish. It fully soaks off within 10 to 15 minutes. Gelish has more than 200 shades and the shades are nudes, pinks, reds, or any glittery colors. It provides excellent coverage in just two coats, while some lighter colors need three. The polish has a brush-on application method offering a long-lasting wear time of 21 days without cracking or peeling. It uses a 3-step application procedure but calls for more comprehensive nail plate preparation. With an LED lamp or UV lamp, it can be quickly cured within 30 seconds.

Gelish soak off gel polish

2. Gellen Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish

Gellen is a popular brand that uses eco-friendly ingredients to manufacture gel polish and intense soak-off quality. The soaking off is easier and polish fully removes rather than just peeling off. The gel polish has a wide range of pigmented colors mixing bright red, black, and glitter polish. It is available in sets and is of high quality with no harsh formula. Some sets feature a top coat that matches the shades, making it ideal for a night out. Vibrant reds and pinks go well with pure black and shimmery shades. A few polishes need more than two coats of gel polish. However, the highly regarded nail polish can last for two or more weeks and gives a mirror-like finish.

Gellen soak off gel nail polish

3. OPI Gel Color

OPI is also a popular and trusted nail polish brand. It has more than 140 available shades which makes the nails shiny and give a professional finish. It offers base coats, top coats, shimmers, and solids in gel colors that are non-damaging and support strong nails. The soak-off technique makes it simple to remove the thin gel color from fingers. For this, the old polish must be buff, cotton wool must be wrapped around, acetone must be soaked in, and aluminum foil must be wrapped around each finger. Smudge-proof OPI nail polishes come in a variety of shades to offer neutral or nude nails or vibrant red nails. It cures within 30 seconds with the help of a UV lamp and the glaze can last for 10 days.

Opi gel color

4. CND Shellac Gel Polish

CND is a famous professional gel nail polish brand. It is well-liked by celebrities because of its red-carpet appearance. There are more than 160 shades. The top-notch stain-free and safe gel polish can last for more than 14 days without chipping. With its curved form, the applicator is simple to use, and removal requires no scrubbing or scraping. To cure and make it more wearable, it needs an LED bulb. A base coat, two color layers, and a top coat are the components of the three-step application method. For a long-lasting and scratch-resistant gel manicure, use it with CND Shellac Top Coat. The manicure is expedited by the use of a UV lamp to cure shellac. But its thin, light polishes can be problematic too.

CND shellac gel polish

5. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

One of the best gel polishes used in the salon is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, which provides a large selection of topcoats and colors for manicures. The price of the nail polish is reasonable. However, cheap ones come with some backdrops. It has 96 colors and an extended shelf life of 8 days. This gel polish involves a 2-step manicure process that doesn’t need a UV lamp to cure and can be dried by air for increased convenience. For a distinctive appearance, pick a matte, glossy, sugar, crystal, or unicorn top coat. It gives a bold and sparkling color as well as shine. The polish is also easy to apply and has chip-resistant properties. While the gel polish may have fall-off issues.

Sally hansen miracle gel nail polish

6. Essie Gel Couture Longwear Nail Polish

Essie Gel Couture nail paint is a well-known brand that offers gel manicures in 11 colors that are long-lasting and simple to remove. It is available in whites, nudes, pinks, corals, reds, purples, blues, greens, yellows, metallic, and glitters. The two-step application process of the nail polish gives a creamy or pearl-like finish. It provides a consistent color and a beautiful shiny topcoat for a gorgeous manicure that lasts for weeks. The composition ensures fade and chip-resistant nails and does not need to reapply again and again. Removers can be acetone-based or non-acetone based. Again, you won’t need any lamp for applying this gel polish, only acetone for the removal of this gel polish.

Essie gel couture longwear nail polish

7. Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro

Deborah Lippmann is an excellent gel polish brand that is admired by manicurists and celebrities for providing a glittery finish. It is an alternative to gel nail polish and functions similarly providing long-lasting and unique gel nail polish colors. The gel polish is of excellent quality and with a captivating color selection, it encourages strong, healthy nails. Keratin, biotin, rice protein, bamboo, nylon, carnauba wax, nonychosine F, evening primrose, aucoumea, and green tea extract are among the ten constituents. There are no harmful elements like formaldehyde, camphor, or toluene in it. It has no damaging effects on nails and it doesn’t need to be cured with an LED lamp.

Deborah lippmann gel lab pro

8. Beetles Gel Polish

Beetles is a reliable high-quality gel nail polish brand. With over 150 shades and different finishes, the nail polish line Beetles specializes in gel polish to enhance your nails. They provide sets for various events and seasons, such as sets for the fall and the holiday season. With a shelf life of three weeks and simple removal using the soaking method, Beetles’ gel polish is safe and toxin-free. It can offer you a chip-free and fade-free manicure. The gel nail polish contains no harmful ingredients and thus ensures safety. Again, it also gives an easy application and is long-lasting.

Beetles gel polish

9. LeChat

LeChat has been manufacturing cutting-edge, premium polishes since 1993, and this gel polish is no exception! The gel polish delivers a smooth formulation that doesn’t run or shrink and lasts for weeks while maintaining shine and vibrancy. It offers over 200 exquisite colors in cream, matte, and glitter finishes so you may choose the perfect shade for any situation. Benefits include quick soak-off, long-lasting nail gloss, and simple application. Additionally, the gel polish colors are also offered in dip powder and lacquer, allowing you to conduct touch-ups in the unlikely event that your gel polish chips and prolong the life of your manicure.


10. IBD Just Gel Polish

IBD is a well-known producer of products for professional nails formulates gel nail polish, as an alternative to Gelish. It is an excellent top coat. Under UV and LED lights, this opaque gel polish dries in 30 and 2 minutes, respectively. IBD gel nail polish, which is offered in a variety of colors, includes a handy brush for quick application and removal. It is vibrant and, compared to other gel polishes.  It isn’t very long-lasting, rather, it almost seems less rigid and has a sort of sticky sensation when touched. However, for optimal coverage, some sheer shades might need additional layers.

IBD just gel polish

11. Modelones Gel Nail Polish

Simple, secure, and efficient nail products are available from the user-focused brand Modelones. It is one of the trending nail polish brands. It goes close with the classic nail polish trends. Users can experiment with base and top coats thanks to their selection of reasonably priced, well-selected color sets. Their vegan, animal-free gel polish cures in the presence of an LED or UV lamp, guaranteeing chip-free color. The gel polish is very easy to apply. It also has great color-locking and chip-resistant properties and can last for a maximum of 28 days. With brilliant colors and gel topcoats for long-lasting nail form, a wide variety of shades and finishes reflect various trends. The gel polish dries very quickly. Some effects like chrome, holographic, and glitter give extra sparkle to your manicure.

Modelones gel nail polish

12. Dior Vernis Gel Shine

Dior gel nail polish is a well-liked option since it provides a gorgeous, long-lasting, and healthy manicure. It accentuates natural nail structure and offers a royal chip and crack-free manicure experience. The polish glides easily and offers two weeks’ worth of vibrant color and glaze. You can simply use the nail polish and it does not require a top coat. It is suitable for vegans and free of harmful substances. This gel nail polish is especially known for its red and brown colors, while it has a wide range of colors. So, finding the ideal color for each situation is made possible by the variety of shades that are available.

Dior vernis gel shine

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1. What is a luxury gel manicure?

A luxury service that includes a soothing hand and arm massage as a complementary service along with perfectly shaped and polished nails mainly. For this procedure, regular nail polish is utilized. At the start of your treatment, you can talk to your technician about your needs in terms of shape and style.

2. What is the difference between gel polish and UV gel?

Both the gels can be painted on and then cured under a UV or LED light, although soft gel is more porous and can be removed with acetone. Research shows that hard gel must be filed down to be removed since it is more persistent to chemicals.

3. Which is better shellac or gel?

With both shellac and gel, you can get a beautiful polish. Gel polish offers additional color selections and has long-lasting properties. On the other hand, pick shellac for sheen and convenience. Follow up with your nail technician as they might have specific advice for you.

4. What are the disadvantages of gel polish?

Although it sounds attractive and durable, gel manicures can be damaging to the nails. Repeated usage of gel manicures can lead to adverse conditions like skin cancer and early aging of the hands’ skin, as well as nail brittleness, peeling, and breaking.

5. Why is gel more expensive?

Gel nails are more expensive than acrylic ones. The reason behind it is that gel nails need additional tools like a UV or LED lamp, a gel top coat, and a base coat to complete the application properly. However, always remember that not all gel nail polish kits include equipment for the removal of gel polish.

Final Thoughts

Gel polish offers a long-lasting and durable alternative to traditional nail lacquers. I have discussed some of the gel polish that salons commonly use. With the help of these gel polishes, you can get eye-catching nails. Since it is difficult to choose the right gel polish, checking some characteristics of the gel polish makes it easier for reputed salons to choose nail polish from.

You will find gel polishes of different brands in salons depending on personal preference or availability. There are gel polishes for expensive brands, least expensive brands, medium-range brands, and most expensive brands. Some popular ones include Gelish, OPI, CND, Essie, Sally Hansen, LeChat, etc. But to make your gel polish manicure more long-lasting, it is necessary to take care of the nails in between applications.

So, the secrets that nail salons entrust to create the most extraordinary and enduring nail designs with mesmerizing gel polish have been unveiled!

Key Points

  • A gel polish manicure, also known as a gel manicure, is a special type of nail treatment that uses gel nail polish instead of traditional nail lacquer.
  • Since different gel polishes differ in formulas, curing period, finishes, and long-lastingness, you can always ask the specific nail salon which brands they use if you have a personal preference.
  • Certain characteristics of gel polish make those effective for use in nail salons, such as quality of ingredients, color options, opaqueness, little to no falling off, and wearability of the nail polish.
  • Gelish is an expensive brand but it formulates a gel polish of top quality. It has more than 200 shades and the shades are of the colors like nudes, pinks, reds, or any glittery colors.
  • One of the best gel polishes used in the salon is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, which provides a large selection of topcoats and colors for manicures. It has 96 colors, an extended shelf life of 8 days, doesn’t need a UV lamp, and can be dried by air for increased convenience.
  • LeChat’s premium gel polishes deliver a smooth formulation that doesn’t run or shrink and lasts for weeks while maintaining shine and vibrancy. It offers over 200 exquisite colors in cream, matte, and glitter finishes.

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