I Got My Nails Done and They Are Too Long

I Got My Nails Done and They Are Too Long
Concerned about shortening your acrylic nails? You can do it at home by following these simple 8 steps to have your desired nail length.

Nail has been a form of art for a long time, where women design their nails for aesthetic and beauty purposes. Today, people put on fake nails for this purpose and also to protect them. One such fake nail is called acrylic nails. They are a pretty and easy way to make your nails classy. If you have broken or cracked nails, you can hide them by getting acrylic nails done. These nails are strong so that you can have to worry about breaking your long nails.

I have been seeing girls with long acrylic nails, so it caught my attention. I wanted to get something interesting rather than go for plain long acrylic nails. I asked my manicurist to give me yellow nails with rhinestones. After having these nails for almost 1 week, I feel the need to reshape my nails.

Long Acrylic Nails


Acrylic nails are made with powder polymer and liquid monomers. These nails are basically fake nails that are placed over your actual nails. A base coat will be applied in between acrylic nails and your natural nails to protect your nails. You can shape the nail as long as you want or choose any color you want. Long acrylic nails are popular because you can decorate them any way you want. You can let your creativity take place to make your nails unique and beautiful.

Long acrylic nails are strong so they can last two to three weeks. You can make them last for six to eight weeks with a fill needed about every two weeks. Women who love their nails long will want long acrylic nails. This not only allows women to have beautiful nail sets but is also durable. Our natural nails become weak as they grow, but these acrylic nails solve our biggest issues. They are strong and hard so it is difficult to break. You can go about your day without worrying about your long acrylic nails breaking. At first, it may feel like the long nails are always getting in the way but after some time you will get used to it.

How to Cut Your Long Acrylic Nails Properly

Acrylic nails are a great way to have long nails but they can be unpleasant if they are too long. You can take care of this issue at home. I followed these basic instructions to save my nails from getting damaged.

1. Filling Nails

First, I determined my nail size. If you want to trim a little, you would not need to cut your nail. You can simply file your nails to your desired length. You can also cut your nails a little bit and file them as much as you want.  If you are considering filing your nails, you should start filing from the side of the nail towards the middle. Remember acrylic nails are strong so you need a coarse or medium file.

Filling nails

2. Clipping Nails

I positioned my clipper on one side of the nail and cut towards the middle. Angling the clippers diagonally upward towards the center of the nail. I avoid using scissors as it can put uneven pressure on the nails and crack my nails. I faced some difficulty during cutting these acrylic nails so I had to use a toenail clipper. Mirroring the cut on the other side. I avoid cutting my nails in the middle as they could split the nail easily and ruin it.

Clipping nails

3. Remove the Cut Tip

The cut tip won’t likely fall off on its own. I had to pull away the cut tip to detach it. You need to be careful while cutting your nails.  If you feel that your cut nail tip will break vertically you can visit a manicurist so that no harm can be done to your nails.

Remove the cut tip

4. Smooth the Edges

To smooth out the edges, I used a nail clipper. I started filing from the edge of my nails toward the middle. I had to be very careful while smoothing the edges. If I lost focus I may end up with uneven, damaged or nails that are shorter than I expected. Cutting acrylic nails requires patience and pressure as they are thicker than natural nails. At one point I started using a metal file or emery boards to get my job done quickly.

Smooth the edges

5. Fix the Cracks

Unfortunately, after filing I noticed a tear on the tip of the acrylic nail. I knew this tear may lead to cracks. That’s why I need to take the necessary steps so that it does not cause any extra problems. First I removed all the paint using acetone.  After removing all the nail paint, then I chose to paint my nails with purple color to have a fresh look. This completely new look made my nails appear healthy and fresh.  You can also choose a matching color for your cuticles and start applying it from the center of your nail upward. Remember to fill the edges.  It is also advised to get your acrylic nails done at a salon because of chipping cracking issues.

Fix the cracks

6. Choosing the Nail Shape

File your nails according to your style. There are common five nail shapes such as oval, square, squaval, round, and almond. I was confused about which nail shape will suit my fingers. I have learned somewhere that you can tell which nail shape will look better on you by looking at your cuticles. If they are rounded or curved, round-shaped nails will look best. If they are angled, then square-shaped nails are the only option. I have curved cuticles, so I filed my nails in a rounded shape.

Choosing the nail shape

7. Rinsing Hands

To keep my hands clean I rinsed my hands. I needed to rinse off all the acrylic dust that was pilling on my hands because of filing the nails. I made sure to clean my hands with warm water so that I could avoid bumpy manicures. After my hands were fully dried down, I moisturized my hands.

Rinsing hands

8. Painting the Nails

I chose to paint my nails purple color. Then I applied 1 coat of nail paint over my nails. I also made sure that the edges of my nails were painted evenly. If you do not have the same color as your acrylic, you can use a clear top coat. I always try this. I have small fingers as a result my nails appear small. To make my nails appear larger, I extend the polish to the cuticle. Any time I accidentally paint over my skin, I take a cotton bud and swipe the polish with acetone. I let my nails dry for 30 minutes so that I can avoid ruining my newly manicured nails. If you use a nail polish that has been opened 6 months ago, there’s a chance it would take longer time to dry. You can apply new polish for quick drying. Whenever I am in a hurry, I use this nail-drying trick.  I dip my nails in ice-cold water for some minutes.

Painting the nails

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How to Remove Long Acrylic Nails?

After getting your long acrylic nails done, you may feel that this is not what you wanted or the length is not what you had in mind.  If you get your long acrylic nails done for the first time, there’s a possibility you can feel annoyed about how it put you through so much struggle to do a basic task. Worry not! You can remove your long acrylic nails professionally or at home.

1. Removing at Home

Having professional help to remove your long acrylic nails is advised. But there are certain times you cannot link up with a professional and need immediate removal.

Removing at home

What you need

  • Acetone
  • Nail file with two grits
  • Cotton balls or pads
  • Nail clippers
  • Metal pusher
  • Nail buffer
  • Foil
  • Small bowl

Step-by-step process

  • You need to cut down your long acrylic nail extensions using sharp nail clippers. 
  • Leaving about two centimeters of the nail above your nail bed.
  • If you have natural nail polish over your long acrylic, you can use acetone to remove the polish.
  • If you have gel polish over your long acrylic nails you have to use a coarse 100-grit file to file away the shiny topcoat.
  • Leaving a thin layer of acrylic to protect your nails.
  • Cover your acrylic nail bed with a cotton ball soaked in acetone and wrap it tightly with tin foil.
  • Instead of tin foil, you can use nail polish remover clips.
  • Leave each nail for 10 minutes to make sure the acrylics are breaking.
  • You can also use a warm towel over your wrapped foils.
  • Repeat this process if your acrylics haven’t softened enough.
  • You can also do this second technique which is to pour acetone into a small bowl and soak your fingers in it.
  • It will take 30 to 40 minutes to break down your acrylics.
  • To fasten the process, you can use tweezers to pull your long acrylics off of your actual nails.
  • Soaking your hands in an acetone bowl may be faster but always remember that this technique can dry out your skin.
  • After removing the nails you need to lightly buff the top of your nails.
  • Make sure to remove any residue and smooth the nails.
  • After this process, you must rehydrate your nails using cuticle oil around your cuticle and your nail bed.

2. Removing Professionally

At the end of the day, a professional will make the removal process way easier. They know exactly how to remove it without damaging your nails in the process. They might be a bit more expensive, but you get a professional-level removal along with it.

Removing professionally

The steps you will go through

  • First, your nails will be soaked in acetone.
  • To soak your nails with acetone, they will dip a cotton pad in acetone and wrapped with tinfoil over your nails.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • They may file your nail using a fine grit file, which is used to remove softened acrylic nails.
  • Depending on the salon, they can use a nail file or fine grit buffer or both to file the acrylic nails.

Pros and Cons of Long Acrylic Nails

While there are many benefits of acrylic nails, there are also cons that come with having them on. Here are the pros and cons of having long acrylic nails.


  • Protects the natural nails from enamels.
  • Reduces the chance of your natural nail breaking.
  • Helps to get rid of your nail-biting habit.
  • They are long-lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Provide a smooth and silky surface for nail art.
  • You can enjoy long nails without growing out your natural nail. You can also change your nail shape whenever you want.
  • It can be applied to any nail type such as short, broken or long nails.
  • You can easily fix any broken acrylic nails at home.
  • You don’t have to worry about coating your nails now and then.
  • Acrylic nails can last up to 2 to 4 weeks.


  • You are advised to take professional help when getting your acrylic nails done.
  • To remove your acrylic nails, you need to put your hand inside harmful acetone that can cause damage to the skin.
  • These nails are hard and not flexible at all.
  • To make these nails look natural, your manicurist needs a lot of experience and practice.
  • If you have a gap between your natural nails and fake nails, bacteria or different fungal infections can grow.
  • Some harmful chemicals are used to apply acrylic nails.
  • If your nails grow faster, you need to fill them every 3 weeks.
  • Try to avoid using UV lights for curing acrylic nails as it can cause skin disease.
  • UV lights can cause pain in the nail beds.
  • Face difficulty picking small things up or opening soda cans.
  • Experience some nail soreness in the beginning.
  • Causing discomfort in getting makeup done or getting ready.


1. Why do acrylics hurt the first day?

Acrylics hurt the first day because they form a firm seal over your nails.

2. Can you make your nail bed shorter?

You can unable to make your nail bed shorter but you can make them appear longer.

4. What is alternative to acrylic nails?

As an alternative to acrylic nails, you can use gel nail polish, dip powder, nail stickers or gel nail extensions.

5. Does trimming nails hurt?

If you are using nail clippers, you can feel a little bit of pain.

Final Thoughts

Acrylic nails are not only beautiful to look at but also elevate your self-confidence. Having a decent-sized nail can make you more comfortable doing a daily task. Long nails can be annoying as it gets stuck every time. You can find difficulty picking small objects if the length of your nails is too long.

Some professionals use acetone to remove acrylics that can cause skin damage. Fixing your nails at home can save your money and time. Before cutting your long acrylic nails at home you need to follow the mentioned steps carefully.

Key Points

  • You can decorate your long acrylic nails creatively by using nail art and stones.
  • When cutting your long acrylic nails with a clipper, avoid cutting in the middle.
  • Fixing the crack of your acrylic nails can save you from future nail problems.
  • Try filling the gap between your nails and fake nails to prevent fungal infections.

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