Can You Use Lip Liner as Eyeliner?

Lip liners and eyeliners both are two of the most popular makeup item. Let’s explore whether a lip liner can be used as an eyeliner and see how effective it might be!

People nowadays are highly mindful about their health and their appearance. To maintain their aesthetic appeal, they use a variety of skincare and cosmetics. Among skincare items are moisturizers, serums, toners, and eye creams, are some of the most used products. Other than those ones there are popular foundation, primer, concealer, setting spray, and highlighter. Notably, lip liners and eyeliners stand out as two of the most sought-after and extensively utilized makeup essentials. Lip liners serve the purpose of defining the application area for lipstick, whereas eyeliners are adept at enhancing the eyelids and altering the perceived eye shape.

So, can you use a lip liner as eyeliner? Lip liner is generally not recommended to use as eyeliner. The pigments or waxes used in lip liners are softer than the pigments used in eyeliner. Besides the lip liners contain more oil that makes a soft texture on the skin. Still. If you must choose a lip liner to use as eyeliner, Choose the natural lip liners that work best on your eyelids. Using a lip liner can cause irritation, cross-contamination or can smudge or flake on your skin. So, if you are looking for better alternatives to lip liner as an eyeliner, go for the options like pencil liners, liquid liners, or gel liners.

Using Lip Liner as an Eyeliner

Using lip liner as an eyeliner

Lip liner is an effective way to define, shape and contour your lips for a polished finish. This helps to define your lips by creating a perfect look. Lip liner helps to create a long-lasting makeup look while preventing the harsh lines of color bleeding in the areas of the face. Though using a lip liner as an eyeliner is not recommended, you can use this as an eyeliner. This is not generally recommended because the skin around our eyes is so sensitive and delicate. Lip liner is unsafe and designed to use close to our lips and not on the sensitive skin around our eyes.

Using lip liner as eyeliner depends on factors including individual preference or comfort level. While some people may experience success with this technique, all should be conscious of certain risks and take necessary precautions according to them. The waxes or pigments used in lip liners are softer than those which are found in eyeliner. As a result, it can smudge or irritate your eyes.

Though most lip liners contain ingredients that are safe for the eyes, they are not designed or formulated for that purpose. So, it is very important to check the label of the lip liner before using it on the eyes. Maintain good hygiene and sharpen it before using it on the eyes. Wipe off the residue or oils from the tip of the pencil as it can cause irritation or potential infections. Use separate brushes for applying lip liner, and eyeliner. Because using the same brush may transfer bacteria from one product to another.

Is it Safe to use lip liner as eyeliner

Using lip liner as eyeliner is generally not safe. Lip liners may contain ingredients that are not intended for use around the sensitive eye area. Such as: waxes, oils, pigments etc. which are harmful of the eyes. They could cause irritation or infection eventually, it could lead to a great amount of damage. So, it’s best to use products specifically designed for the eyes to ensure safety and prevent potential harm.

Difference in Ingredients Between Lip Liner and Eye Liner

Difference in ingredients between lip liner and eye liner

There are differences between the ingredients of lip liner and eyeliner. Many of the ingredients are the same but there are some of the ingredients which are different.

Eyeliners contain wax-based formulas that are too long-lasting. Wax is made of ingredients such as preservatives, color pigments, or oils that make a creamy texture.  On the other hand, lip liners contain oil more to maintain a soft texture on the skin. The eyeliners contain waxes for durability and structure. It also contains ingredients like mineral powder or castor seed oil for better performance. Generally, the eyeliner contains a higher amount of pigmentation than the lip liner. Therefore, both eyeliner and lip liners contain emollients and conditioners that provide good hydration to the skin.

Best Shades of Lip Liner When Using as Eyeliner

Best shades of lip liner when using as eyeliner

Choosing the best shade of lip liner will result in the best eyeliner. Natural lip liners work best on our eyelids. For example-the light brown or soft nude colors can create a simple and elegant eye look. The nude shades will provide you with a naturally defined look.

Some other colors that can resemble the natural skin tone are mauve, lilac, or rosewood. Mauve can define your eyes with a pinkish shade. It works well for people with a fair or deeper complexion. Lilac, on the other hand, can work well on cool-toned skin. This color can also reduce dark circles under your eyes. Rosewood has a light brown shade that helps to warm up your skin tone and define your eye look.

Lip liners that have a soft and creamy texture can be best for your eyelids and they won’t irritate the eye. Another thing when choosing the best lip liner to use an eyeliner is looking for a waterproof formula in your lip liner. Lip liners containing waterproof formula are thicker and more long-lasting than traditional lip liners. As a result, it works best as an eyeliner.

Pros and Cons of Using Lip Liner as Eyeliner

Using a lip liner as an eyeliner can have both pros and cons to it that might sway your influence. So I have made this table to make it more apparent to you on what these are and could be:

High pigmentationHarsh for sensitive skin
Dramatic lookMight irritate your eyes
Matches well with your lipsDoes not stay on the skin well
Convenient solutionMay smudge or flake on the skin

As you can see, there are both positives and negatives to using a lip liner as an eyeliner. It might work in a pinch but do remember that it was not made to be used around the eyes. That is why it is important to know both the good.

Tips for Using Lip Liner as Eye Liner

Lip liner is becoming increasingly popular as eyeliner.  It is a great way to save money and create versatile eye looks. If you want to use a lip liner as an eyeliner, you need to follow some necessary precautions.

  • Choose a safe lip liner that contains safe ingredients. Use a waterproof lip liner so that it won’t smudge or transfer easily.
  • Make sure that the ingredients used in lip liners are safe for the sensitive skin around your eyes.
  • Look for the eye-safe ingredients in your lip liner before using it as an eyeliner. This is the most effective way to ensure safety.
  • Before using a lip liner as eyeliner, look for ingredients like glycerin or vitamin E in your lip liner. These will help to maintain the moisture and hydration of your skin.
  • Jojoba oil can be another ingredient to look for in a lip liner. This is a natural emollient that contains antioxidant benefits and moisturizes your skin.
  • Choose a lip liner that contains natural plant pigments rather than synthetic colors as the synthetic colors may contain allergens.
  • Choose products that contain SPF. This will help you protect against sun damage or other external elements.
  • Sharpen the lip liner before using it as an eyeliner. This will help prevent the bacteria from your skin. Just remember each lip liner is sharpen in different ways. Such as: Kaylie and Charlotte requires different guidelines to sharp them.
  • Be gentle while applying the lip liner around your eyes to avoid any irritation or damage to your skin.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Lip Liner as Eyeliner

Lip liners are never recommended to use as eyeliner. They are formulated and designed in a way that is not perfect for use around the eyes. There may be certain ingredients that are harmful to the eye area.

Reasons you shouldn’t use lip liner as eyeliner
  1. Cross-contamination: When using lip liners as eyeliner, you may experience cross-contamination. We use our mouths for eating or drinking. So, the lip liner can contain germs that can be transferred from our lip liner to our eyes. As a result, the bacteria can come into contact with your eyes and can cause discomfort, eye irritation, infection, and so on.
  2. Contain Additives: Lip liners and eyeliners contain almost the same ingredients. But, lip liners contain higher concentrations of these ingredients and additives. These additives can irritate your eyes or can be dangerous to your eyes.
  3. Different Colors: Lip liners are found in the most prevalent colors like red, purple, or pink. Eyeliners, on the other hand, are found mostly in black and brown colors. This higher concentration of pigments and additives makes the lip liners unsuitable to use around our eyes.
  4. Lip Liners are designed to work on Your Lips : Lip liners are formulated and designed to work on your lips and not around your eyes. The skin around our eyes is thinner than the skin of our lips. So, using lip liners as eyeliners can irritate or lead to an infection.
  5. Can Poke the Eyes : Using a lip liner as an eyeliner can be dangerous. The pointy tip of the lip liner can poke your eyes as it is harder than the eyeliners.

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Alternatives to Lip Liner as Eye Liner

You’ll face some challenges while using lip liner as an eyeliner. One of the most significant challenges you will experience is; your lip liner won’t adhere to the skin around your eyes. Another challenge you may face is finding a lip liner that is fragrance-free and safe to use around your eyes. There are some alternatives to using lip liner as an eyeliner.

  • You can use pencil liners as they are easy to use and comes in different colors.
  • There are also liquid liners that you can use to create a more dramatic look.
  • Gel liners can be another option that may provide you with long-lasting wear and higher pigmentation.


1. Why do people use lip liners?

Lip liner helps to define or designate the area in which you are applying lipstick. Lip liners also help your lipstick to be long-lasting with a smooth finish.

2. Is an eye pencil the same as a lip liner?

No, eye pencils are formulated differently. Lip liners are generally made with softer pigments and waxes than the eye pencil. As a result, lip liners can smudge or irritate the eyes.

3. Can you use a lip liner as lipstick?

If you love the color of lip liner, you can also use this as a lipstick. It may be a little hard and drying for your lips. Otherwise, it is okay to use a lip liner as lipstick.

4. What else can you use a lip liner for?

Lip liner can be used to create a 90s fashion look, create a matte look, create your desired beauty spots, make lips look fuller, or use this as a lipstick.

5. How do I choose eyeliner for beginners?

When choosing an eyeliner, gel eyeliners or pencil eyeliner is the best to choose for beginners. Pencils are very easy to use and convenient for a waterline or smokey-eye look.

Final Thoughts

Use of lipliners on different purpose to see the outcome is an old take. Some enthusiasts use lipliners on waterlines where other one follow up with the trend to use on nose. No matter the case, lip liners are not recommended to use as eyeliners. This is because lip liners are designed to use on the skin of the lips and not around the eyes. Moreover, this is unsafe to use on the skin around our eyes as this contains some ingredients that are not suitable for the skin around our eyes. However, lip liners are used as eyeliner. Some natural shades of eyeliner create a more defined look and work effectively as eyeliner. You must be cautious while choosing a lip liner to use as an eyeliner. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for your skin and can irritate it. People who are aware of the side effects of lip liners can go for alternatives like pencil liners, liquid liners, or gel liners.

Key Points

  • Lip liners are used as eyeliners though it is not recommended to use them on the skin around our eyes.
  • Lip liners are designed to use close to our lips because they can irritate the eyes and cause allergic reactions.
  • When choosing a lip liner to use as an eyeliner, choose the shades like mauve, lilac, or rosewood.
  • Follow tips like looking for safe ingredients in your lip liner to avoid skin irritation or any damage to your skin.
  • As there are some challenges of using lip liners as eyeliner, you can opt for alternatives like pencil liners, gel liners, or liquid liners.

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