How to Repress Eyeshadow: Step By Step Guideline

How to Repress Eyeshadow
To repress the eyeshadow palette, first, wipe it and then mix rubbing alcohol with the eyeshadow to produce a paste.

Broken eyeshadow palettes are like broken hearts; in this case, you lie on alcohol as you’d do with a broken heart. Well, keeping everything aside, there are more facts about keeping an eyeshadow alive. For example, you spend at least a few hundred bucks buying a brand-new palette. And you can create thousands of new eye looks with it. But when that palette breaks, it just breaks your heart, and you might drop two to three tears. But it is entirely okay.

There are some easy tricks and tips to fix the eyeshadow, and you really don’t need vast and heavy products to do so. Just use any of the products present in the kitchen to do a little DIY project. So how do you fix or repress the eyeshadow? If you’re going to do it yourself, you can do a DIY project or take your pallets to a professional to do the job. But this is mostly an easy process, so you don’t have to go to a professional. To repress the eyeshadow palette, you first need to start by cleaning it and then use rubbing alcohol with the eyeshadow to make it something like a paste.

Then use a towel or a tissue on top of the shadow. Use a spoon or any flat surface to repress the eyeshadows. This way, there will not be any staining, and broken eyeshadow will adhere to its original form. The intensity of the eyeshadow palette will not go away either. So this is how you can fix an eyeshadow palette quickly. Fixing a broken eyeshadow palette might feel like a waste for you. But what we see is plenty of opportunity.

If you’re a professional and thinking about thinning your makeup space, then broken shadow palettes might be the thing you really need. The packaging of most of the eyeshadow palettes is extensive, and they take up a lot of space. But as a professional, you’ll need as little space as possible because you might have to move around a lot when the time comes. So what’s a better way to solve this issue?

When you already have a broken eyeshadow palette, you can transfer the small pan to a magnetic palette and only carry the ones you need the most. And that will be the best way to do so. Well, with eyeshadow palettes, you mostly need pigments. So when you really have the intact pigments, nothing else will matter, and with the polishing method, the broken eyeshadows will be fixed in no time.

What to do with broken eyeshadow palettes?

What To Do With Broken Eyeshadow Palettes
What To Do With Broken Eyeshadow Palettes

Well, the most common answer to this question would be to discard the palette completely. There can be three different scenarios when we say that the eyeshadow palette is broken. The colors might be destroyed; in that case, the product must be fixed. Again, the mirror of the eyeshadow palette might be shattered, and that’s a whole new case.

And lastly, when the colors are okay, but the palette is destroyed, you might have to go another way. Well, for each of these cases, the answers are different. But should you really destroy the eyeshadow palette that has been broken?

Absolutely not; even when the eyeshadows are completely shattered, you can still use them. Well, with eyeshadow, the main facts are the pigments in the product, not how they look. You might throw a cloth or an accessory when the fabric is torn or when the strap is broken. But the makeup products are not clothes or any other object. Their main purpose is in their use rather than their appearance. Your broken pipes might break your heart, but they can still be useful when you put some effort into them. This way, you’ll get the best use of an altar.

You can repurpose the eyeshadow palette and place it in a new container. And when the colors themselves are destroyed, you can just pick them up and do a little DIY to get them to work. And this way, you can fix both the glitter and matte eyeshadows.

How do you fix eyeshadows?

Let’s talk about fixing the eyeshadows first. These are the most common problems with broken shadow palettes. Well, you can still use a palette that’s been broken, but how about the shades you have? They can also be fixed. And the best way to fix the eyeshadows is by using the pressing method. This way, the pigments will be intact, and the product will feel new in no time.

How to repress eyeshadow?

Well, to repress an eyeshadow, you will fix the broken colors in the palettes. The repressing part of the broken shadows comes last when you’re thinking about repressing them. And there are several ways to do so. But we include the easiest way to repress an eyeshadow.

For the repression, you might need a few other products as well. And don’t worry; you’ll find them lying around your house. You’ll need the following:

  1. A sharp object like a needle or a knife
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. empty spray bottle
  4. a small flat surface
  5. A kitchen towel or a fabric

And now, here are some steps to repress the eyeshadows:

Step 1: Clean up the eyeshadow palette

Clean Up The Eyeshadow Palette

When the eyeshadows have been broken, there’s a high chance that they have made a big mess. Most of this mess will ruin the whole palette and might also mix with another color. So before fixing the nails, you need to clean them first. This way, the colors will not mix, and it’ll be easy to take care of them. You can use a makeup cleanser or some soap and water to do the job, but from personal experience, micellar water is the best product to get the job done. Use a small Q-tip or some cotton with a thin brush to clean up the edges and the entirety of the palate.

Step 2: Take off the eyeshadows

Take Off The Eyeshadows

When the eyeshadow palette is broken, and most of the shadows are on the palette, it is better to take the palette off the eyeshadow palette. If the plates are fine, then this step is not necessary. But to take off the palette, use a sharp scraper or knife and push it upwards to take off the shadows.

Step 3: smash the shadows

Smash The Shadows

For this next step, you need to smudge the eyeshadows further. You can just use a sharp knife to make sure that the pigments are completely shattered. This way, it’ll be easy to take the next steps. Is smashing necessary with the already shattered eyeshadow? Well, it is. This way, the shadows will have more surface, and it will be easier to mix.

Step 4: Use rubbing alcohol

Use Rubbing Alcohol

How much alcohol you should use on the eyeshadows depends on the broken parts and the pan size. But for the amount of rubbing alcohol, you should use at least enough to make the shattered powders into a mix or a paste. Rubbing alcohol is available almost everywhere. You should use a spray nozzle to put the rubbing alcohol into the eyeshadow. And that’s when the empty spray bottle comes in handy. Such bottles are easy to use, and you can also control the process.

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Step 5: Semi-dry the eyeshadow

Semi Dry The Eyeshadow

And for the next part, you have to let the eyeshadow dry partially. This way, when you touch the product, it will not transfer much, but still, there will be some impact left in the shadows. And do not press it too hard, or there will be a mark on your fingertips. Make sure that the eyeshadows are dry enough to go to the next step and wet enough for repressing. An hour or two after adding the rubbing alcohol will work fine.

Step 6: Repress the eyeshadow

Repress The Eyeshadow
Repress The Eyeshadow

And for the next step, you need to repress the eyeshadows. This part is really fun and easy. You will need a kitchen towel, paper, or even a tissue or piece of fabric. Place the paper or fabric flat on the eyeshadow. Then, for repressing, use any flat surface like a coin, a spoon, or any sort of round-edged object that also fits the shape of the eyeshadows.

Make sure that the paper doesn’t absorb too much alcohol, and then place the round object on top of the eyeshadow. We bet on a coin, as they are mostly the size of an eyeshadow pan. Then you can hold the coin or round object and gently put some pressure on it. Or just place a book or any other slight object on top of it. This way, the pressure will transfer the flatness to the eyeshadow.

Step 7: Dry the eyeshadow

Dry The Eyeshadow

Lastly, when the work is done, and you see a semi-flat surface on the eyeshadow, almost 90% of the work is done at this stage. Take a Q-tip and clean the edges of the shadow. And let it dry overnight. And in the morning, you have perfectly smooth and usable eyeshadow. This pigmentation will stay the same and be as good as new.

What can be used instead of rubbing alcohol to repress the eyeshadow?

What Can Be Used Instead Of Rubbing Alcohol To Repress The Eyeshadow

You can use different products to remove the eyeshadow. Ribbing alcohol is mostly used because it is a disinfectant and does not interfere with the integrity of the shadows. But besides that, other mixing media can also be used to get the job done. The main theme of rubbing alcohol is to make a paste, but water should be avoided as the fats and oils in the shadows will not mix up with the water.

Other mixing media are:

Other methods of repressing eyeshadow

Well, this is the very conventional and do-it-yourself method of fixing the broken shadows. There are other products in the market that do the same job, and it’s just that you have to spend a little bit of cash. One such product is the Fixy. These tools are used to repress the eyeshadows. Here is a summary of how Fixy works:

  1. There are multiple sections in Fixy, so you can use it to fix the eyeshadows and also your compacts.
  2. There’s this grinding drawer in the tool where you just dump all of your broken shadows.
  3. Make sure to dump all of the products into the Fixy and scrape even the tiniest particles.
  4. There’s a grinding tool with Fixy, and this is pretty small. You can use the product in a circular motion and grind all of the products perfectly.
  5. Next, you can just lift off the grinding tool with a screen.
  6. There are some makeup pans with the kit; you can use them for the shadows. The smallest one will be perfect for the shadows.
  7. Pour all of the product of the ground part on top of the pans and place it on the upper screen.
  8. Next, spray rubbing alcohol or any other mixing liquid from Fixy at least five inches away from the pan, so it is damp.
  9. Now for the pressing part: take the bottom part of the fixy and align it on top of the pan. Press the products for at least ten seconds, also with decent force. Once the product is relatively cleaned, it is ready for use.


1. How to repress eyeshadow without alcohol

To repress eyeshadow without alcohol, you can use fixing spray or any facial mist instead.

2. How do I fix broken eyeshadow with setting spray?

To fix the broken eyeshadow with setting spray, you go for the repressing method. And all the process stays the same; you just switch the alcohol for a setting spray.

3. How to fix broken eyeshadows with powder

This process is not recommended, as water might not be a good mixer when repressing an eyeshadow.

4. How do you press eyeshadow?

You can buy different kits on the Internet to fix the eyeshadows or just use any flat surface on top of a slightly damp eyeshadow.

5. How do you fix broken glitter eyeshadow?

Alcohol and repressing the glitter eyeshadows are the best ways to fix them.

Final Thoughts

Broken eyeshadows manifest broken hearts in most cases among makeup lovers. But these kinds of accidents are not literal, and there have been many ways to fix them. Some professionals also offer to fix eyeshadow palettes, which will look very natural and brand new. But if you’re thinking about fixing a broken palate, we recommend doing the job independently. The process is straightforward; it might take a bit of time and patience, but still, we think it might be a good try at fixing a piano you paid hundreds of bucks for. And in most cases, these lips feel like they have never been in an accident.

Key Points

  1. To repress the eyeshadow palette, first, wipe it and then mix rubbing alcohol with the eyeshadow to produce a paste.
  2. The eyeshadow palette may be used and placed in a new container. When the colors themselves are ruined, you may just pick them up and perform some DIY to get them to function again.
  3. Fixy equipment is utilized to repress the eyeshadows.

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