How to Prevent “Epilators Ruined My Skin”?

The epilator is a handy product that will get rid of the body hair from the roots and help with the skin’s overall texture.

When we think about epilators, there are so many aspects, and the most common aspect related to the epilator is that they will get the hair from the roots of the hair. Well, waxing has the same effect. So why use epilators? These products will remove the skin’s hair from its roots like the waxing process, and unlike regular waxing, they do not hurt, so the chances of them making the skin sensitive are not included.

Shaving is another method for removing body hair. But this will only get rid of the visible part, or shaft, of the hair. The roots will be intact. As a result of shaving, hair regrowth is rapid. So to get off all the hair from the roots, the best way would be to use an epilator. But there have been several claims against an epilator on the internet, and the most common is that the “epilator ruined my skin.” So can epilation really ruin the skin?

The chances of the epilator ruining the skin completely are really low. Because they take off the hair from the roots, they most likely work as the halfway point between shaving and waxing. These will not hurt the skin like the wax and will get off all the hair, unlike shaving the hair. The epilator will ruin the skin if the skin is too sensitive. The most common side effects of waxing are redness and bumps on the skin.

The epilator will surely get the hair off with moderate pain, so redness is common. And for the bumps on the skin may be due to bad application of the epilator. And lastly, there can be swelling. This is not common, but it can occur if you have extremely sensitive skin or use the epilator incorrectly.

This article will include details on how to use the epilator properly. Epilators are a very easy device to use because they get rid of hair properly. The most common mistake people make with shaving and all hair removal techniques is that they use two or three methods to get rid of the hair.

What is an epilator?

What is an epilator

An epilator is an electric device that will get rid of body hair from the roots, and this is an alternative to waxing. But the overall process of the epilator is better than waxing as there is less pain involved. The first to introduce epilators was the company Mepro in Israel. It was called the Epilady, available since the 1990s. There have been several brands that have come up with their own epilators, but the main function of the product remains the same.

The epilators are handy because they tend to take less time than shaving and will get rid of the hair at once. Is it true that using epilators takes less time than shaving? Well, technically, they take more time, but with shaving, you might have to go on with multiple strokes simultaneously. But the epilators will surely remove the hair from that point at once. Waxing the hair would take less time than both the epilator and shaving. Like shaving, you can use the epilator once every few weeks as the hair growth is slow. You can use an epilator again within the next four weeks. A regular epilator can cost around 25$ to 100$, depending on the brand.

There are different kinds of epilators on the market, and here we are, including them.

Tweezer epilator:

Well, the working process of this kind of epilator is pretty simple. There are tiny tweezers on the epilator that will pull the hair from the roots, which will get close to the skin and eventually pull it.

Needle epilators:

well, these are more defining as they tend to destroy the roots of the hair. Needle epilators will tuck into the roots of the hair and eventually destroy the hair follicles. The hair shaft will come off with exfoliation, and a fine wire will reach the hair follicles on the skin.

Electrolysis epilator:

This kind of epilator is used for several medical purposes and is rarely used. There is a short radio frequency on these epilators, which are used to permanently eliminate unwanted hair. So this is perfect when you want to completely get rid of body hair.

Why use epilators?

why use epilators
Why use epilators

The reason to remove hair in the first place is to get smooth skin all over. And when you use an epilator at the beginning and then use a razor on top, you are mostly just butchering the skin. This might be because the skin is already sensitive due to the use of epilators. And using a razor will aggravate the sensitive skin even more, potentially obscuring the fact that the epilator is to blame. The epilators are not for everyone. Although this is a less painful method of hair removal than waxing, it is not completely painless, and most people dislike the way it feels.

The main reason to use an epilator would be to get rid of any kind of unwanted hair from the body. The epilators do work as an alternative. And there are some benefits. These are:

Smooth skin for a long time:

The primary goal of using an epilator is to have smooth skin for a long time. When you remove the hair from the roots, the chances of regrowth are slow. You can get smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. So you need to use the epilator once a month. This is due to the length of time it takes for the hair to grow from the roots.

Very short hair:

One of the main problems of waxing is that it only works well with longer hair. To get rid of them with waxing, you may need to grow your hair at least two centimeters long. And with shaving, when you push the blade close to the skin, the chances of ingrown hair are high. And with the epilator, as the machine has tweezers or needles, they will remove the short hair perfectly.

Less hair over time:

There have been claims on the internet that the epilators will eventually lessen the overall growth of body hair. The video featured a woman who used an epilator for an entire year and saw a visibly reduced growth of hair. The hair growth will be slow, and the hair will grow fine. Eventually, the hair feels soft.

Epilator ruined my skin- what are the risks of an epilator?

Epilator ruined my skin what are the risks of an epilator

When we think about the overall problems related to the epilator, the main theme is the risks of using an epilator. As there have been claims that epilators ruined the skin, this may be surrounded by the fact that epilators are not completely safe for everyone. Especially for those with extremely sensitive skin. And that can seriously damage the skin and even cause bleeding. So here we are, including some of the possible risks of using an epilator:


Well, the pain would be the first thing to consider when you are running around for hair removal. All the other ways of removing the hair are painful except for shaving. This might be because shaving is just cutting the hair. With epilators, you get rid of the roots of the hair. So at the beginning of using an epilator, you might be facing some pain, and as you keep using it, the pain subdues bit by bit. People who use an epilator regularly claim that the pain is nonexistent, and even as a first-time user, the pain is moderate.


Another thing with the epilators is that they cause redness on the skin eventually. When you are pulling the hair from the roots, the defensive act of the skin will make the skin red. The redness of the skin will go away in a few hours. And you can definitely use ice or gel to calm the skin. Anti-inflammatory creams will also work just fine.

Red dots:

This happens when you use the epilator for the first time on sensitive areas. Because coarse hair around the body has larger pores, it is difficult to remove. So when you are pulling the hair from those parts, the chances of bleeding increase, and as you keep using the epilator, this will go away. Keep the area clean after using an epilator.


As common as the red dots are, bleeding is very uncommon. The main reason why there might be some bleeding on the skin is when your hair is too thick or when your blood is thin. When you are taking Tylenol or NSAIDS, the blood is thinner, and the chances of bleeding are high.


Well, this might be another very common problem when you are using the epilators for the first time. The pores may swell as the skin hyperventilates in response to an unknown pain. This commonly occurs on sensitive areas such as the upper lip, chin, and bikini area. The swelling won’t last long, and it will stay on for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Epilator and ingrown hair

Epilator and ingrown hair

One of the most significant problems with shaving is when there are strawberry legs or ingrown hairs on the legs and arms. The epilators do play a role in the ingrown hair process, and most importantly, the chances are pretty high with this. With ingrown hair, the skin looks a bit too weird. The reason for ingrown hair is that epilators would remove the roots of the hair without exfoliating the outermost layer of the skin. And the chances of an ingrown hair are high as long as the dead cells remain on top. The dead cells are completely removed with dermaplaning and shaving, leaving a clean base.

The ingrown hair is simply the curling and improper breakage of the hair. And to avoid that, exfoliating the skin after the hair removal process is very important. Again, adequate attention should be paid to proper epilator use.

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How do I use an epilator?

How do I use an epilator

There are some facts to consider when avoiding mistakes and problems with epilators, and the most common way of avoiding mistakes is to learn how to use the epilator in the first place. Here are some suggestions on how to use the epilator:

  • Start by reading the instructions on your epilators first. Each device has its own set of instructions.
  • Use an antimicrobial cleanser before and after using the epilator, and make sure to wipe the skin with a clean towel.
  • Start with the skin’s less sensitive area at first, then gently move to the more sensitive areas. This will give you proper practice with the epilator.
  • Make sure to use the epilators correctly. Faults in the machine might cause severe issues like breeding and red spots, and this is also a key clue for ingrown hair.
  • Clean the device regularly and follow the cleaning instructions.
  • Use exfoliating products on the skin and make sure that they are gentle. You can physically scrub the legs and arms during the shower.


1. Does epilating damage the skin?

Epilating does not harm the skin; however, if there is a flaw in the machine or during use, it may cause skin problems.

2. What can I do to get rid of the epilator rash?

The best way to get rid of the epilator rash is by using an anti-inflammatory cream or by using ice on the affected area.

3. What are the disadvantages of using an epilator?

The disadvantages of using an epilator are:
Ingrown hair
Bumps or swelling
Red dots
Scars, etc.

Final thoughts

 Epilators are one of the best products on the market for hair removal. They will hurt as they will pull up the hair from the roots. But these will hurt less than waxing the hair, as you’re pulling out a large amount of hair. And an epilator, unlike waxing, only works on a specific area of the skin. You can also approach hair growth. With shaving, the hair growth is high, and you might be seeing the hair growth within a few hours. So epilators are an easy way out, as you can use them directly at home. The chances of the “epilator ruining my skin” are very low, which could be due to the fact that they are a very handy and small instrument that you have complete control over. Before going for the body hair, learn how to use the product first, and before going all in, just test the product on the skin beforehand.

Key Points

  1. The possibilities of the epilator entirely destroying the skin are quite minimal. Because they remove hair from the roots, they are most commonly used as a bridge between shaving and waxing. These will not irritate the skin like wax and will remove all hair, unlike shaving.
  2. There have been reports on the internet that epilators will eventually reduce total hair growth. The video showed a lady who used an epilator for a year and experienced a visible reduction in hair growth.
  3. The epilators do have a role in the ingrown hair process, and the possibilities of this happening are rather significant. The skin seems strange when there are ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs occur when epilators remove the hair roots without exfoliating the skin’s outermost layer.
  4. There are various things to consider while avoiding epilator blunders and difficulties, and the most common strategy to avoid mistakes is to first understand how to operate the epilator.

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