How to Style Woman’s Hair?

women's hairstyles 2023 hair styling trends
Are you wondering how to style woman’s hair ? Discover new hairstyles Process for Long, Short, Medium-length hair.

Hairstyles for women as trends are always changing more like reviving and refining. That’s how I like to address recent hairstyles. Women’s hairstyles evolve in tandem with cultural and economic shifts. In our case, the hairstyle changes came with fashion and social media. Instead of magazines, we depend on Instagram reels. And this is where most people make blunders with hairstyles. They choose a haircut or product that might be good for other people’s hair and texture, but it’ll only be a stiff neck for them.

The fashion industry and couples will inspire hairstyles for women in 2023. If you watch TikTok videos, then you’d know how much auburn hair is on trend for the fall just because supermodel Kendal Jenner put the red locks with a black mini dress. And many influencers and models on Instagram are going red as their hair color for the fall. And this is how trends and hairstyles for women are set in society now. If you’re going for a huge dome and a back brush, no one will appreciate the hairstyle, just when you are on the red carpet.

We suggest going for hairstyles you can carry to an office and a date. You’ll need fewer products to style it, which will go with the day’s outfits. And in this article, we’ll be including all the little details on hairstyles for women, 2023 edition!

Why is a good hair style important?

Why Is A Good Hair Style Important

I think 80 percent of you already know why hairstyles for women are important. But just for a reminder, we’ll include some points that might encourage you to do a little bit more digging on the current hairstyles, and then you can choose the one that suits you the most. Hairstyles cannot be changed often, and you must put them up for at least six months to get something new. So, we recommend going for something that suits your criteria.

Here we are including some key reasons explaining why good hairstyles for women are important.

Confidence and beauty

We shouldn’t put beauty in a literal box, and beauty standards are not something we stand by. But confidence with something that represents beauty to us. A hairstyle is one of the first things you see in the morning in your reflection. And then, you move to your facial features. Oily hair and hair frizz are not appreciated. So, if you have a good hairstyle for the day, it’ll help boost your confidence and thus effectively work on how pretty or handsome you look that day.

Face shape

People often go with the current flow of hairstyles rather than thinking about how it will look on them. People have different face shapes, and a hairstyle gives more definitive actions with those face shapes, more likely enhancing the features. The money hair pieces on the front are cut so that they’ll give structure to the face. If hairstyles for women don’t suit your face, then you might look beyond your age or weird.


We all live different lifestyles. People have to take you seriously if you’re in the corporate world. And a practical haircut and style will be more suitable for that. But if you put on a very funky hairstyle with red and yellow stripes, nobody will take you as you are, and people are very quick to judge unconventional themes. So, while choosing a hairstyle, ensure it fits your lifestyle. And if you want something funky, then sure, have it and do a bun or wig to cover the tracks for the office.

Hair types

Another thing with hairstyles for women is to choose a hairstyle that suits the texture of their hair. If you have straight and sleek hair and want some volume in your hair, we recommend going for a volume style. Again, going blonde completely might be a big challenge if you have black curly hair.

Try out new things

Lastly, you can choose a hairstyle for a change. We all love to go for the hair with the first inconveniences in our lives. And that is why you can just choose a new hairstyle and experiment with it. And even try our new salons for the sake of it. Who wants to be Sheldon Cooper for the rest of our lives? So, you can just sit and experiment with a professional.

How do you choose the perfect hair style for women?

There are several points to take note of that you can do before you choose your perfect hairstyle for yourself. Here we’ve included a few points on how you can choose the perfect hairstyle for you.

1. The shape of your face

The Shape Of Your Face

First, you need to think about the shape of your face. Certain hairstyles will be perfect for framing your face, and you can choose among them.

Round face: use layers to frame your face; a pixie cut is ideal.

Oval face: a blunt or strong bob is perfect for the oval shape. And if you have medium-length hair, then go for vintage curls.

Heart face: fringes and tousled haircuts are perfect for shaping this face shape. And you can just keep up a medium or long hair length.

Square face: choose a haircut that will go well with sharp cheekbones.

If you go for a hairstyle and want something new, follow the current trends. If you all know about the Rachel haircut and how famous it was in the Friends era or the 90s, that is how a trend is set. If you look at today’s trends, it is the K-drama era, and most people go for layers with blended fringes on the front. As a result, you can select a current hairstyle.

Find a celebrity with your hair length and review what hairstyles they are pulling off today.

Or just look at Instagram and Tiktok to find out what patterns are in.

3. Accentuate the features

You also need to consider your features, and you can easily choose what kind of hairstyle you want. For example, choose according to your eye color, neck length, and complete build. If you’re going to a salon, they will suggest the hairstyle, or you can choose with the hair apps where you can use the app’s filters and see how the hairstyle will look on you. Some of the apps are:

  • Hairstyle magic mirror
  • Hairstyle makeover
  • Modiface
  • Beautylish
  • Hair cast
  • Beauty-free

Now that you’re good to go with the hairstyles, let’s look at the trends for 2023.

How to style woman’s hair ?

If you’re going to choose a hairstyle for yourself, then choose something that is based on your current hair length and something that goes well. You can also choose according to your interests and facial features. If you want to hide some scars, choose likewise. And this is how hairstyles tend to follow and grow. In this article, we’ll be going over some hairstyles for women that are currently in style because of celebrities and the runway.

How to style women’s short hair?

Here we’ll be the first to include different hairstyles for short hair. It seems fitting that we start with short hair and then move on to the next length of hair, and hair length is something that should be important as it changes your complete look. Here we’ll be including some ideas on how you can get a new haircut or hairstyle for women with short hair.

1. Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie

Pixie cuts are one of the chic ways to present yourself, and you can easily show that you possess every quality to deserve the world. But the thing with the Pixie cut is that you’ll need a gel and a blow dryer to style it.

Steps :

  1. You can just use a blow dryer and a brush and lay the hair as you want.
  2. Use a texturizing spray and create a layer of sections so the hair will be set.
  3. And lay the hair in different directions, so it looks messy, but a good mess.
  4. Lastly, apply hair wax or gel to settle it down.

2. Breezy Bob

Breezy Bob Hair

Bobs are one of the classiest hairstyles for women that looks best on short hair. But the breezy bob hairstyles are more likely to have a bob that has no round texture in the middle and is not sleek but rather flowy.

Steps :

  1. Use a serum on the hair lengths to make them smoother, and use a volume brush.
  2. Make the hair smooth but don’t make it straight. Use a flat iron on the ends of the hair and do small sections. And blend it naturally.
  3. Roll the hair opposite to the other curls for the face-framing sections.
  4. Lastly, break up the curls with your finger.

3. Texturized Bob

Texturized Bob

If you follow Rihanna on social media, you can easily see an example of a texturized bob. The hair looks flowy, but instead of a mess, it looks more like a classy look to pull off with casual. You don’t need to sleek the hair down with a texturized bob.

Steps :

  1. Use hair mousse and crunch the product in your hair.
  2. Go for small sections and saturate each one with the product.
  3. Cut some fringes on the front so there are some layers on the bob
  4. Part your hair in the middle and use a curler with very small sections and use your finger to break it up once it cools.

4. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob

If you remember Jennifer Hudson’s blunt bob, then you know how sleek the look is. It is a perfect corporate hairstyle for women, and you can just change up your dress and slay the same look at a party. Blunt bobs with different hair colors or highlights are perfect for everything.

Steps :

  1. Dry your hair with a towel and use some heat protectant on it.
  2. Use a blow dryer and a small round brush to smooth the hair. Go with small sections, glide them down to the bottom, and do a curve at the bottom.
  3. Now use a flat iron on each of the sections to make them sleeker.
  4. Use a serum to lock in the hairstyle.

5. Shag with Curls

Shag With Curls

Shag hairstyles for women are never out of trend, and they might not be as common among the masses, but they are definitely not boring. You just need to embrace your natural curls. This haircut is perfect for you if you want a light-headed hairstyle.


  1. This is all about volume and texture. First, give it a messy blow dry, and you should use a diffuser in this case.
  2. Move your hair in different directions so you have more volume and texture 
  3. Use a round brush on the ends of the hair.
  4. Use a flat iron to make waves and curl the hair in different directions.

How To Style Women’s Long Hair?

If you have long hair, then you can just put your hair in a ponytail or a bun to make it work. But this is nothing creative and might even turn out to be a boring thing to look at. You can wear different hairstyles with long hair; some are here to make your hair look healthy.

Here we are including some of the best ways to style your long locks.

1. Hald-updo

Hald Updo

This is the most common and easiest long hairstyle for women, and celebrities even rock the hairstyle on red carpets. The hairstyle is breezy and fluent; if you style them correctly, they’ll look approachable and appropriate.


  1. You can either go for a minimalist or elegant half-updo. The difference lies in the use of tools and products.
  2. You can air-dry your hair and make a ponytail with all the hair in the front and half of the hair in the back for a simple look.
  3. If you want it to be elegant, use a blow dryer and a hair curler first. Make the hair bouncy and light. Then take the half-hair up, but leave pieces on the front and beside the ears.
  4. Use a texturizing spray and serum to set it.

2. Bandana Wrap

Bandana Wrap

You can use ribbons or a regular scarf with this hairstyle. These are perfect hairstyles for women on a beach or country vacation. Use a bandana that matches your dress and your hair color. Or go for opposites.


  1. If you want Elizabeth Taylor to look from the 60s, you can just tightly wrap your scarf around your head, and that might be classy but not as modern.
  2. First, tie your hair up with a regular rubber band and make it lose. Beachy curls will be the best way to achieve the bandana look.
  3. Use a silk scarf or a bandana, tie the middle portion to the hair, and let the rest loose.

3. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids might take a bit more time than your usual hairstyle, but they are much better looking. The braids will look very impressive if you style them with accessories like a hair clip.


  1. You can begin by applying a texturizing product to your wet hair.
  2. Brush the rest of the hair on the side, and you can first start with a ponytail and keep it loose.
  3. Braid the hair in two sections instead of three; thus, there will be a fishtail appearance.
  4. Lose the braids by taking the sections apart and doing a bit of backcombing to make them messier.

4. Rope Braid

Rope Braid

Rope braids are one of the simplest yet most gorgeous hairstyles for women. They are easy to create and versatile with every kind of hair. You can tie the end part with a scarf, rope, or hair tie.


  1. Gather all the hair into a ponytail and keep it in a side part at the nape of your neck.
  2. Space the hair into three equal sections and use a smoothing cream in each section to make it even.
  3. Start braiding your hair with the part that is closest to your face. The braid will look like a chain of hearts at the end.
  4. Leave some pieces of hair out.

How to style women’s medium-length hair?

The middle ground with hair lengths is always the easiest to style. You can just put your hair up, and there won’t be any need for hair tools or products to make it look more elegant. Hair of medium length is also easy to keep up. And this is why we have included a few slightly complicated and unconventional hairstyles for medium-length hair.

Here we include some of the hairstyles for women in 2023 to slay medium lengths.

1. Low Chignon

Low Chignon

You can go all out with proper updos with medium-length hair. But choose a low chignon or bun that lets you have a bun that won’t need too much length.


  1. Part your hair down the middle or on the side using a tail comb and make sure it is a dead part and is symmetrical to make it even.
  2. Brush the hairs to the back and do it at a slight angle so there is a bit of lift.
  3. Smooth the hair using spray and texturizing spray on the crown to settle the lift.
  4. Create a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Twist the pony into a bun and tuck it with bobby pins.

2. Waves


Loose s-shaped waves are perfect if you want a flowing, moody hairstyle. You can easily use a flat iron for the hairstyles, and the waves don’t have to be perfect. Just add some textures to it.


  1. Use a flat iron and give small bends in the middle section of the hair and avoid doing curls with it.
  2. Use buttercream to secure the wave at the end and brush slightly to define the curls.
  3. Also, you can scrunch a bit with the hair cream to make it more youthful.

3. Braided Crown

Braided Crown

If you remember Khalisi from Game of Thrones and how much she braided and twisted her hair, you’ll clearly understand my obsession with braided hairstyles for women. Even Hillary Duff seems to love a gorgeous braided crown on top.


  1. Make a section in the front of your hair. Take the pieces from the front of the hair, and that’ll be the part for braids.
  2. French braid from the front to the ears, and it’ll go across the crown of the head.
  3. Finish the braiding, tie it at the end of the hair with an elastic band and secure it with a pin.
  4. Pull a few pieces out for a sultrier look, and you can just make a bun on the back of your head.

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Hair products for different hairstyles

Hair Products For Different Hair Styles

Different hairstyles are indeed for different hair types, but it is also evident that you’ll need different products to put on those hairstyles.

Here we’ll be including some hair products that are important for hairstyles for women.


  • Blow-dry Spray: Super plump Thickening Blow-dry Spray
  • Hair Lifting Spray: Instant Life Thickening Spray
  • Anti-frizz Spray: Discipline Anti-frizz Smoothing Spray 
  • Leave In Conditioner: Advanced Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray


  • Hair Serum: Kerasilk Control-rich Protective Oil
  • Shine Treatment: Elvive 8-second Wonder Water


  • Smoothing Cream: Fructis Style Smooth Blow-dry Anti-frizz Cream
  • Hair Mask: Hydra Splash Hydrating Gelee Masque


  • Brushes: The Double-shot Blow Dryer Brush
  • Flat Iron: Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron
  • Dryer: Nano Titanium Hair Dryer


1. What is the best hairstyle for women over 50?

You can choose any medium-to-short hair length style because it is easier to manage. A textured bob or volume layer is the perfect hairstyle for women over 50.

2. Which hairstyles make you look younger?

Any hairstyle for women that includes layering will make you look at least five years younger than your age. Layers will frame your face, and make sure to slim down the features. So, if you want to look younger, go for


To avoid mistakes while choosing hair styles for women, you might want to go by your preference at first. You shouldn’t put it on if you’re not comfortable enough to ca you shouldn’t put it on. It’s not a piece of cloth that will just weep in your cupboard. But a hairstyle will sit on top of your head, and each hair strand will decide whether you’ll have a good or bad day. That’s how much importance women like to give to their hairstyles, and we suggest the same.

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