How to Avoid Tan Lines on Wedding Day? – Preventive Tips

How to Avoid Tan Lines on Wedding Day

When we think about weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is the perfect skin. And today, perfect skin is somewhat synonymous with bronzy skin. And the wedding gown will look its best with a bronze complexion and flawless skin. Even though there are other facts to consider with the tan lines, those are the fruits of summer.

For brides who are planning weddings in Sumner, maybe the tan lines are something to consider. And even in the fall, the tan should be a very relevant subject. As a result, we recommend exploring the various options to avoid getting a sun tan. Tan lines aren’t just for sun tans; they can also appear when you do a spray tan at home. So for a wedding gown, you might want to avoid the tan lines altogether. So how to avoid tan lines on wedding day?

To avoid tan lines on your wedding day, you might want to start a bit early. And we say four weeks for that. Start wearing sunscreen on the face, neck, and all visible areas. Next, try to get as little sun exposure as possible. Avoid wearing bras to ensure the body id wearing bras to ensure that the body is perfectly tanned. And while using the tanning lotion at home, make sure to do a proper tan on the arms and the legs. You can also get a tan removal facial before the wedding to avoid tan lines. And lastly, to get rid of the tan line, just use a corrector or foundation.

A tan line is a visually clean separation between the skis that did not receive direct sunlight and the tan line. Tans can be obtained from the direct sun or by other methods. But in both cases, sun tans are something of an important fact to consider. For women, there are mostly bikini tans on the shoulders that are visible when they wear bikinis in the summer. The whole body gets tanned with the direct sun, but the tan rays cannot go through the fabric, and thus there are visible tan lines.

Bikini tan lines should be avoided when wearing a gown with straps or even a full-sleeve wedding gown. When you are doing a summer wedding or even a fall wedding, the dresses tend to be more comfortable, flowy, and a bit revealing. If you want to show off your beautiful neck and want a strapless dress, the tan lines may be something you need to consider before running down the aisle. Weddings should be absolutely flawless. At least the bride should think that way. And this is why the tanned lines on the breasts and shoulders should be avoided at any cost.

How to avoid tan lines before wedding day?

As we mentioned before, when you are thinking of tan lines, you must start from the very beginning, and the best part of tan lines is that they can be avoided. Wedding photos and looks are treasured keepsakes. Tan lines might seem glamorous and sensual for women, but no one would like the tans to stay put for the wedding to come. And that is why tan lines are to be avoided at all costs. The best way to avoid a tan line is by taking proper precautions. And here are some of the ways to avoid tan lines:

Stay away from the sun

Stay Away From The Sun

The first reason you might have any sort of tan would be because of the sun. The sun tends to make the skin darker by activating the melanins of the skin. And thus, the skin gets darker. And for those with light skin, the tans are the result of the sun. And when you have a wedding coming up, you might want to stay out of the sun. They not only change the skin’s color but might also make it dry and red. Those who are prone to sunburn should avoid the sun.

On the beach, when you are sunbathing, the most important thing is to avoid getting tan lines. And you can get a sun tan line even if you’re wearing a bikini. The tan line of the bikini straps will be visible, and even the bottoms will have a tan line. So even though you are not wearing a strapless dress, the tan line on your chest will still be an important fact.

So avoid the sun for at least two to four weeks before the upcoming wedding.

Wear sunscreen

Wear Sunscreen

There’s also another way to avoid sun damage while still walking in the sun. And that will be your sunscreen. Sunscreens are your best friend when you want to avoid sun damage at all costs. Use a thick layer of sunscreen all over the body, and make sure to reapply the sunscreen whenever possible. Sunscreens are the next best thing to your moisturizer, and most people, like me, are in love with their sunscreens. Here we are including some important functions of sunscreen. Here we are including some of the key steps regarding sunscreen.

  • Even complexion
  • prevents premature aging
  • reduces the chances of cancer
  • Overall, healthy skin

1. Even complexion

Hyperpigmentation, specifically in darker skin tones, is very common. Direct sun exposure is one of the leading causes of uneven pigmentation, and sunscreen protects the skin from natural UV radiation, so uneven skin tones will not be a problem.

2. prevents premature aging

The majority of sunscreens protect young and healthy skin. And people who indulge themselves in sunscreen are those who have the most youthful skin of all. UVA and UVB increase the chances of wrinkles and fine lines, whereas sunscreens work against them.

3. reduces the chances of cancer

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer often caused by the sun’s free radicals and primarily affects young women in their 20s. And a little cream will shield you from a potentially fatal situation.

4. Overall, healthy skin

Sunscreens are mostly a barrier on the skin, and they work to protect the skin from everything in the environment, and they also have healing qualities. So they are the perfect sort of shield for the face from the sun.

Spray Tans 

Spray Tans

For the next part, we have the spray tans. Before doing a sun tan, think about spray tans first. Spray tans give you complete control over how dark your skin looks and feels. These sorts of tanners will last for weeks, and with every shower, they tend to fade. And even when you have a fake tan that’s too dark, with several washes, the tans will fade eventually. And the best thing about the spray tans is that they can be avoided completely with the self-tanners. When you apply the spray tan, you are probably in a chamber where the tans are done with spray, and they tend to last a lot longer. These sprays will not burn or irritate your skin in any way. You might have to spend a little bit of cash, but this way, you might be able to avoid a huge load of work and accidents.

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Avoid strapless dresses

Avoid Strapless Dresses

And for the next part, we ask the bride to refrain from wearing any of the strapless dresses. The tan lines by themselves might sound cool to show off, but they are not remotely classic when the lines are peaking through a wedding dress. So the best way to put off such awkwardness would be to refrain from wearing a strapless dress. Rather, go for a strapped dress or something that covers the neck. Examine your breasts and back as well. So think about choosing the perfect dress for the wedding that has a back and a neckline that’s not too deep. Another thing you can wear is a long and heavy veil that will cover your neck and chest. This way, the awkwardness can be avoided.

How to avoid tan lines on wedding day with makeup?

Well, now that we’ve come to the actual wedding day and your tan problem hasn’t been solved yet, how can you remove the tan lines almost immediately? We recommend getting some makeup. And we also include the self-tanners, as they are done at home and are often done to be used at home the night before.

Use foundation

The best way to cover up the tan lines on a wedding day would be to wear foundation of the same color. A makeup artist will be the perfect person to take care of the tan lines. Or you can even ask your bridesmaids to do the job. Use a foundation brush and beauty blender and go over the tan lines. Make sure to cover the chest and the back as well. Let the foundation dry, and then put some setting powder on top. To conceal the lines, apply a sweat- and water-resistant foundation. And lastly, use a setting spray on top of the foundation to set it in place.

Use a bronzer

When you find the foundation to feel a bit heavy, you can just opt for a powder bronzer. They are darker than the skin tone, and with the foundation under them, they will make the concealing process take longer. The powder bronzer will also add depth to the skin, and both might work just fine to make the foundation last all day and all night.

Use self-tanner

Most self-tanners are used before bed, and they take time to develop. A self-tanner will get rid of the tan line. For the self-tanners, we recommend the mousse tanners and applying them thoroughly on the tan lines and all other parts of the body. If you just focus on the tan line, the lines will come out darker, and it’ll be a bigger mess. Also, use tanning gloves to apply the self-tanner properly.

Use a concealer

Concealer is the best way to achieve full coverage while concealing tan lines, and they also have to be saved and served with setting powder and spray. For concealer, go with a shade darker and exactly the same tone as your tan.

How to avoid tan lines on wedding day with natural ingredients?

Now that we’ve stated the best ways to avoid tan lines with makeup and all the ways to avoid self-tanning, there’s another way to avoid the tan lines, and that too without using any chemicals, which are fortunately safe for the face as well.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Lathering aloe vera all over the body would be the perfect way to get rid of the tan lines. You can use the aloe vera plants or just use the store-bought ones. Make sure to store the products in a fridge, so as soon as you come home from the sun, just put some aloe vera on the skin. They will get rid of the burns and redness and calm the skin down. Aloe vera will also help in removing the tan lines.


1. How long does it take for tan lines to go away?

The tan lines will go away almost immediately when you use tanning sprays. The same can be said for makeup and for the tan lines to go away naturally, and it might take weeks.

2. How to hide tan lines for a wedding

There are several ways to hide the tan lines for a wedding, and they are:
1. Use foundation  
2. Use bronzer 
3. Use self-tanners.
4. Make use of spray tanning.

3. How to cover tan lines with makeup?

To cover the tan lines with makeup, use a darker foundation or concealer on top of the lines and use bronzer on top of that.

Final Thoughts

Aside from using a physical tan remover of some kind, wedding preparation should begin with prepping the face and body skin. And for that, you might want to start by getting rid of the tan lines with some prevention steps. The best way to avoid a tan line would be to wear sunscreen at all times. When planning a summer wedding, keep in mind that the beaches are closed in July and August. And whenever you go out, take an umbrella or use sunscreen. And drink tons of water. Avoid the sun at every cost. And, if you’re planning a fall wedding, try to avoid the sun and wear sunscreen. And lastly, for the wedding day touch-up, use makeup to conceal the product.

Key Points

  1. To avoid tan lines on your wedding day, you should start early. And we estimate four weeks. Start applying sunscreen to your face, neck, and any other visible regions.
  2. Spray tanning allows you to completely customize how dark your skin appears and feels. These self-tanners will last for weeks. However, they will fade with each shower.
  3. On a wedding day, the greatest technique to conceal tan lines is to use a foundation of the same hue. A makeup artist will be ideal for taking care of the tan lines.
  4. Lathering aloe vera all over the body would be an excellent way to remove tan lines. You can either grow your own aloe vera plants or buy them from a store.

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