Red Lip Wedding Makeup: 8 Gorgeous Look Idea on Your Wedding Day

Red Lip Wedding Makeup
Red lip wedding makeup is one of the most important parts of your wedding day look. Learn how to achieve the perfect red lip look!

If you love to rock red lipstick in general, you might think of adding red lipstick to your makeup routine for your wedding day. Red lipstick is both versatile and generous. It is the ultimate way to look like a brand new, confident young woman who is about to start a new life.

A completely white dress with a bold red lip and a toned-down lip is a look that people will remember. Red lips are bold but green and fresh at the same time. It often brings up the faces of the crowd. And every bride ever is looking forward to that. Some brides even like the idea of a red lip to match their wedding decor with red and white flowers.

With bridal looks, most people consider a bride with serenity around her and very lush lashes. But what makes a bride different from everyone else at the venue is her beaming happiness. And if a bride feels good and confident in a red lip, she can certainly nail the look. So if you’re looking for a red lip wedding makeup look, go ahead. But there are some tips and ideas you should know about before you proceed with red lip wedding makeup. We have assembled ideas, looks, do’s and don’ts, and other stuff in this article, which is all about red lip wedding makeup.

Why a red lip?

Why A Red Lip

This might be the first question about red lip wedding makeup that pops up in everyone else’s mind. But if you’re to clarify as a bride, we’ll be including some points below, and feel free to choose any answer you feel fits. And if you’re the bride, you chose a red-lip bridal look because you wanted to. The bride and groom are two of the most important people at a wedding, and there is no exception. So when a bride chooses what to wear on her wedding day, it depends entirely on her.

Red lips are perfect for a reception. You can wear your typical makeup for the morning of the wedding day and change it to a dark lip color at night for the gig. It’s like changing into a new wedding dress. As we mentioned, red lips will go with any makeup, specifically nude ones. So when you change to a red lip, you don’t have to redo your entire makeup and hair. Just take off the current lipstick and put on a long-wearing red lip.

A bride can wear a black slip dress on her big day, or just a fluffy white gown if she likes. Whatever she wears does not matter, besides the fact that she feels good wearing it. People and family will always have something to say, but it shouldn’t be a cause for not wearing a red lip.

Independent accessory

Red lipsticks do not need an introduction. It will stand out, and some people only like to put all their emphasis on the red lip. So you can keep the rest of the makeup very neutral and wear bright red or crimson lipstick on your wedding day. For weddings, follow the rule of choosing one. If it was anything else, we’d say ignore every damn rule on makeup. But just for the wedding day, choose one: the eyes or the lips. As you’ve chosen your lips, do a subtle and neutral tone on your eyes. Have summer bronzed cheeks, a pinch of blush, mascara, and a thin smokey liner. A bit of shimmer is acceptable, though. Oh, and please match your venue to the wedding look.

Wedding party looks

You can change up your makeup looks with the same wedding gown and still get a completely new look. You can easily choose a very nude lip and eye with a bit of blush and a skin-perfect look for the wedding day. After lunch, just change your makeup to something brighter.

The best possible way to do so is with red lip wedding makeup. Take off your updo hair and do a bold lip. Add a bit more shimmer, and it’ll change your look completely. This way, you don’t have to worry about smearing your groom with red lipstick, but he shouldn’t be bothered. With an evening look that includes red lip wedding makeup, you can simply take your evening look to the next level.


Some people feel that a red lip can completely change their look and give them the boost of confidence they need. That’s why women of all ages carry red lips almost everywhere. “Office” is the best way to describe it. If you’re used to wearing red lipstick very often, then you must already know which color of red suits you the most. And if you know, why not use the shade or add a bit of glitter and gloss with the red lip wedding makeup to make it pop?

Picture perfect smile

And the next thing will be to have a gorgeous smile on the bride. A picture-perfect smile might have different meanings to different people, but you can easily stand out once you have a look with a red lip. Most people choose nude lips for weddings. But if you want to feel a bit more elevated than the rest and describe yourself as the bride, then you, my friend, are on the right path.

1950s Chick look

This might not be a core reason for choosing a red lip. But I was one of those people who was very much a fan of the 50s. Women used to have tight curls, a dark and glossy red lip, mascara, and a small liner. Eyebrows were also permed and dark. All of it made that a time to remember.

If you remember the old Hollywood stars of that time, like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Dandridge, Doris Day, and Marilyn Monroe, then you must remember how they put on their makeup and how pretty it looked.

All the trends we’ve been following are somewhat of a revival from the 1900s, so as a bride if you want to go for the ultimate classic red lip wedding makeup, you must take inspiration from the chic era. Jackie Kennedy is the ultimate wedding inspiration from that time.

8 Different red lip wedding makeup looks

Red lipstick is beautiful, even when you’re a bride. But if you choose the wrong shade of red lipstick, it will not look good even when you’re a wedding guest. For this reason, choose a red lipstick that suits you the most. If you’re cool-toned, then choose a red lipstick that has a blue-red tone in it.

 If you’re of warm olive undertones, go for brick red or orangish red. And if you’re neutral, anything will look good on you. To nail a good red lip on your wedding day, you don’t need luscious lips or very fair makeup; you just need to find a match that looks good on you and with which you’re comfortable.

  1. Bold Lips with Bold Brows
  2. Shiny Lips with Winged Liner
  3. Neutral Eyes with Red Lip
  4. Siren Eyes with Red Lip
  5. Red Lips with Gold Accents
  6. Smoky Eyes And Red Lips
  7. Pink Cheeks and Red Lips
  8. Indian Bridal Looks

1. Bold lips with bold brows

Bold Lips With Bold Brows

The bold lip-brow look is one of the most versatile looks that you can pull off. This look is perfect if you’re thinking of doing a vintage-style wedding venue with a chic or classic outlook. You can also do an updo with curly hair. A well-defined brow goes perfectly with a red and bold lip.

Do a brow close to your natural hair color and define it with concealer. You can also highlight your brow bones. Keep your eyes on the black smokey eyes. And finish the look with a bold red lip. If you have hooded eyes, this is the perfect look. Keep the face sculpted with contour and bronzer, and add a hint of blush on the cheeks. The whole makeup is on the matte side.

2. Shiny lips with winged liner

The cranberry red or velvet lips are perfect for you if you’re hosting a fall wedding. The shiny lip look is a very modern take on wedding looks. You can easily nail a red lip look with a pantsuit or a non-traditional wedding dress. If you want a slick wedding day with a bit of shimmer, this is the look for you.

The lipstick you choose should be a darker red and needs to have a sequin finish to it. A subtle eyeshadow all over the lid with some sparkle on top will be enough for the eyes. Add a black matte eyeliner to finish it off. For cheeks, use a slight hint of bronzer with a shimmery blush. Remember, this look is on the matte side.

3. Neutral eyes with red lip

If you’re going for the red lip for wedding makeup, the main reason must be that you want all the attention in your eyes. And a neutral eye will give you the same effect. For the eyes, you can simply curl your lashes and add two to three coats of mascara. Extend your upper lash line in a winged shape with a brown or grey liner pencil. And for the entire eyelid, use the bronzer shade. Contour your face and add a warm-toned blush. Add bright lipstick. A demi-matte or semi-matte red lipstick will be the perfect choice for you. Also, do a sleek hair look.

4. Siren eyes with red Lip

Siren eyes are the new trend on social media. If that looks good on your eyes, this look will be perfect. Do a brony or smokey eye at first. Apply a neutral or dark brown on the crease and keep the inner corners shimmery. Darken the outer corners of the eyes with deep brown or black. Use a black lining pencil to draw a sharp line on the eyes.

This will extend your eyes. Add the first brown color to the bottom of your lips. Apply mascara to both the lower and upper lips. You can also add individual lashes. Bronze the face and keep the look matte with a hint of highlighter blush. Opt for a red blush. Add a matte crimson red lipstick to finish the look.

5. Red lips with gold accents

The eyes will be made of gold in this case. Keep your brows very subtle, and add tones of brown on the lid. The crease can be of a neutral tone. Cut the crease of the eyeshadow and add a glittery gold shimmer on top of the first half of the eye.

You can also put some lighter gold shade on the inner corners of the eyes. Do a winged liner and smoke it out. Use mascara precisely on the top and bottom lashes. Use a contour on the cheeks and a rosy blush. And lastly, add a cherry semi-matte lipstick to kickstart the wedding day. This look is perfect with pearls.

6. Smoky eyes and red lips

Smoky Eyes And Red Lips

To complement your whole red lip makeup look, you can certainly go for a black, brown, or grey smokey look. But for a wedding look, we suggest going for brown to coopery shades and neutral glitter on top. And do not go for a heavy full-eye smokey look. The makeup will look more party-esque than that of a wedding look. Keep the look clean and blend it well.

The smokey part should be on the outer part of the eyes and use a black liner for a subtle wing. Use some lashes and mascara. For cheeks, go for a red blush and a cool-toned bronzer. Strawberry red or warm-toned reds are perfect, and you can add a touch of gloss on top of it.

7. Pink cheeks and red Lips

This is the look that a blushing and beaming bride will pull off. If you’re doing a country ushing and beaming bride will pull off. This will be your lifesaver if you’re having a country wedding. Do a very neutral eye look with a pink tone to it.

And for cheeks, a bit of bronzer and bright pink cheeks are more than enough. For those who have prominent cheekbones, the look is more than enough. Apply bright pink or red lipstick to it. And for the wings, keep them short and blend them. This is the perfect red lip wedding makeup for fair-to-medium-skinned brides.

8. Indian bridal looks

indian-red lip wedding makeup
Indian Bridal Looks

A classic red lip is everything if you’re doing a classic wedding with a red dress and gold jewelry. Most Indian brides do not choose a shimmery red and choose something that complements their entire makeup. You can mostly put on very heavy makeup as a base and add a subtle smokey eye with glitter. A winged liner and a bright matte red lip will come together beautifully, as the whole thing is about keeping it classy. Or, you can combine two or more colors to achieve the desired lip color.

Do’s and don’ts for the red lip wedding makeup

Do’s And Don’ts For The Red Lip Wedding Makeup

As the wedding season is almost here and you’re ready with your favorite shade of lipstick on hand with a white dress, there are some preparations that you must do before you opt for the final bridal makeup look. You can start by experimenting with yourself and trying out different makeup artists. And most importantly, clarify your vision. What you want and what you don’t.

Must Do’s with a red lip

Here we are first including the points you must follow throughout the whole thing. No one seems to share their knowledge on a red lip bridal look.  But now, we go your back.

  1. Choose A Wearable Red
  2. Try at Home
  3. Layer Your Lips
  4. Use a Comfortable Formula
  5. Keep Everything Else Simple
  6. Prep Your Lips
  7. Waterproof Lip Products
  8. Blot your Lips

1. Choose a wearable red

When opting for a red lip, try a lipstick that might look very good on your eyes. For example, every person in the world has some specific taste and ideas on what looks good. Especially women, they understand what will eventually look good on them. For this reason, start with a vibrant red and then tone it down. For example, try a preppy and bright red. And then, if it doesn’t suit you, choose a vamp or burgundy lip. Darker red looks more sophisticated with the white lips. And also, they are more wearable than classic cherry red lipstick. A chilly red will give a more vibrant vibe.

2. Try at home

If you’re still confused about the red you like, then do a full makeup glam that you want and try on different lipsticks. For the red lip wedding makeup, you must choose lipsticks of different tones and finishes. And wear them with and without makeup. If you’re satisfied with your lips in both cases, that is the red lipstick. For without makeup look, you need to see if the red will pop on you without anything taking away its part.

3. Layer your lips

You need to use different products on your lips. This will make the lipstick last longer and not smudge throughout the day. First, you need to use a matching liner all over your lips. Then put the lipstick on. After the lipstick is dried down a bit, use another coat. And do it until you’re satisfied. Apply your lipstick with a brush. Then use a concealer to clean the edges.

4. Use a comfortable formula

For the red lip, use a comfortable lipstick formula. You need to remember that you will wear lipstick all day long. And you cannot be wearing something you can’t laugh or dance to. So choose lipstick as such.

5. Keep everything else simple

You need to tone down everything else for the red lip wedding makeup look. Wedding days are something that should be a day to remember. You will doll up, but if you want to match the wedding party a bit, keep the eyes more subtle. For the skin, try the dewy makeup look. And also, just put on enough makeup to accentuate your natural features.

6. Prep your lips

To put on a wedding makeup look, start prepping your lips. Every bride does a deep facial, and thus you need to take care of your lips too. Don’t apply your red lipstick on a dry and patchy lip; use a scrub or lip mask to prep the lips.

7. Waterproof lip products

If you’re all about the red lip wedding makeup, then the first thing you need to do is to make the whole look waterproof. Start with a waterproof red lip liner, so it won’t bleed when you’re sweating and dancing. Then choose a waterproof and transfer-proof lipstick to finish the lip.

8. Blot your lips

You need to blot your lips with tissue paper and a translucent powder. First, apply your lipstick normally and then blot it with a tissue. And then apply it again. Blot. Lipstick. Blot. Lipstick. Blot. And, when you’re satisfied with your lip pigment, you can stop.

Don’ts with a red lip

Don’ts With A Red Lip

Here we include some important points that you should avoid.

  1. Applying Lipstick on a dry lip.
  2. Went overboard with the rest of the makeup. You cannot be very flashy with the eyes and blush.
  3. Using a foundation on the lips will make them look pinker than red.
  4. Over lining your lips can look very awkward on your wedding day.
  5. Glossy lips at a wedding might look like a party look.

Best red lipsticks for a bride for 2023!

Here we are including some of the most hyped-up red lipstick perfect for a red lip wedding makeup. You do not need to buy every one of them, and you can start by swatching them in a shop, and it shouldn’t take long to find “the one” red lipstick.

  • Lancome L’ Absolu Rouge Drama Matte- 507
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution- Red Carpet Red
  • Maybelline Made For All-red
  • Mac Ruby Woo
  • Mac Russian Red
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish- Shade 1
  • The Balm Meet Matte Hughes- Devoted
  • The Balm Meet Matte Hughes- Loyal
  • Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Coture Mats- No. 219
  • Nars Semi-matte- Heatwave
  • Tom Ford Lip Color- Rush
  • Chanel Rouge Allure
  • Chantelle Lipstick- Poppy


1. Is red lipstick appropriate for a wedding?

A red lip is appropriate for both the bride and the wedding guests, and Indian brides have been nailing a red lip for years. And as for a white wedding, a crimson bright red lip will give up the white snow version of a wedding.

2. What makeup goes with a red lip?

There are several makeup ideas that you can proceed with once you’re doing a red lip. The best one will be to go with an overall natural look and a red lip or a winged liner look with a velvety red lip

3. How do you rock a red lip?

To rock a red lip at your wedding, you first need to be confident with your makeup choice and try to smile more than everyone at your wedding.

Wrapping Up…

Red lips are perfect even for a reception. You can wear typical makeup for the morning of the wedding day and change it to a dark lip color at night for the gig. It’s like changing into a new wedding dress. As we mentioned, red lips will go with any makeup, specifically nude ones. So when you change into a red lip, you don’t have to redo an entire makeup and hair. Just take off the current lipstick and put on a long red lip.

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