Proper Makeup Guideline for Burgundy Hair


If you’re rocking some new burgundy locks and you’re absolutely in love with your new hair, look well-done, madam, but the question of what is the perfect makeup for burgundy hair remains. Now the most critical part of new hair color is how to rock the color, and hair color indeed makes a change in the whole fit and outlook.

But to get the best out of your newly changed hair color, we suggest changing your regular makeup. A perfect complexion and makeup will tie the whole look together. And that is what our article is all about: to ensure that you get the best results with your burgundy hair in terms of makeup.

Makeup for burgundy hair is not something out of the world or daring, but it will undoubtedly bring up changes. If you previously had blonde hair, you might get away with a simple mascara and a nude lip. And if you have black hair, then you can just do a winged liner and step on the sun. But with burgundy hair, you might want to appreciate the changes and put in some effort. You’ll still be able to maintain your regular style, but why not elevate it just to show off the trend?

The idea of burgundy goes back to the ancient German tribes and can later be associated with French red wines. Burgundy is a combination of red, brown, and purple, and the color is more on the cooler side. The elevation of complexion and features is something that everyone loves with burgundy hair color.

Purple and burgundy are the signs of nobility and royals, and they hold the best hair colors, deep brown, deep purple, and crimson red. And this is what made burgundy the most popular color at the time.

Makeup for burgundy hair

Now that we’ve recently mentioned how popular burgundy has been let us circle back to what makeup will look good with burgundy hair. Makeup for burgundy hair is something indulging and romantic, and at the same time, it is the perfect combination for daring and chic makeup. Classic and chic don’t always align together, but with burgundy hair, all of it is somewhat tied together. Here we’ll be including detailed instructions on how to do the makeup for burgundy hair.

The Eyes

The Eyes

The best eye makeup for burgundy hair has everything to do with the skin’s complexion. What liner and eyeshadow you might want to pull off with burgundy hair might not look good with blonde or black hair. And you can even do a no-makeup makeup look for the hair to shine through. For eye makeup with burgundy hair, you can:

  • Use darker shades of eyeshadow. Make sure that the shades are darker than your skin tone. Dark brown or black is perfect for the look, and you can even use purple and plum tones.
  • For mascara, stick to the black one, even with blonde hair. Apply a thin layer of mascara, and emphasize the inner part of the lashes.
  • For eyeliner, stick with more black and dark brown shades. For the tight lining of the bottom part of the eyes, use a nude pencil. A sharp wing will always elevate the makeup for burgundy hair.

The Brows

The Brows

The brows are one of the most important parts of the face as they will give more structure to the face. So the whole thing might look blunt if you’re doing burgundy hair and you have blonde or red-eyed brows. So for brows:

  • You can dye your brows brown or black.
  • Keep the brows thin and sharp, and use brow pomade and a brow pencil for that.
  • You can also do a cut brow for a more casual brow makeup look with burgundy hair.

The Complexion


For burgundy hair, you shouldn’t change a ton of things but rather stick to your usual ones. But as the hair color is more on the cooler and edgier side, then you might want to bring some flush to the face.

  • For blush, go for purple or deep pink-toned blush.
  • For contour, use it to sharpen the jaw and the cheekbones. You can skip the forehead as the hair color will do the same for you.
  • For bronzer, use cool-toned bronzer rather than warm ones.

The lips

The lips

We suggest keeping the lips at bay if you’re going with deep and dark eyeshadow and eye makeup for burgundy hair. But the whole idea can be done in reverse too. Here are the tips:

  • Use a very deep brown, purple, or maroon on the lips. First, line your lips with a lip liner, and then put on a matte lipstick on top. Now finish the lips by using a concealer to clean up the edges. And for the eyes, just the mascara will do the job.
  • If you’re doing dark and deep eye makeup for burgundy hair, go for a nude lip to match the eyes.
  • Red lip makeup for burgundy hair has the best effect of them all. The red lips will look more ravishing and thrilling. We suggest an intense and glossy red lip for this kind of look. And for bullet lipstick, at least use three to four coats to get the opacity. Keep your eyes neutral with a small wing.

Burgundy hair with navy-blue tones

Burgundy hair with navy-blue tones

Burgundy is on the cooler side of the color wheel. You can use blue tones to create a revolutionary makeup look with burgundy. This makeup is perfect with olive undertones and brown eyes.

Step 1: Eyes

Start with the navy or plum eyeshadow and use shades of blue and black to darken it. You can use the classic smudging method to do the eyes. Or you can use a cut crease and apply the plum or violet glitter on top. Do a winged eyeliner on top and smudge the lower lash line with the same eyeshadow.

Step 2: Complexion

For foundation, stick to your natural base and highlight the under eyes. You want to go for a matte look with this kind of makeup. So set the face with powder. Use deep pink blush and put it on the high points. Use a regular contour stick and highlight.

Step 3: Lips

Nude lips When you’re going heavy with the eyes, we suggest going with an effortless and regular nude lip. A nude gloss and a light brown pencil should do the trick for lips.

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Burgundy hair with a red lip

Burgundy hair with a red lip

One of the classic red lip looks that anyone can pull off. People always assume that a red lip looks good only with blonde or dark hair. But red lips are evergreen and will look classic and modern with every hair and skin type. The main theme of doing a red lip is choosing what kind of red to wear at the end.

Step 1: Eyes

For eyes, we suggest using your bronzer as the natural eyeshadow. This will add some contrast, but the effect will still be minimal. And for liner, use a sharp brushed liquid eyeliner and draw a wing. For mascara, use a ton of it, and you can also add individual or full lashes. For brows, keep it neutral but sharp.

Step 2: Complexion

Keep the whole foundation on the matte side; it should be flawless and packed. The classic red lip makeup for burgundy hair is all about going extra with foundation. For blush, do a slight pink one.

Step 3: Lips

Burgundy lips are the most crucial part of the makeup for burgundy hair. You need to choose a red lip according to your complexion. If you have a warm undertone, go for a warm color. And if you have cool, go for cooler tones. Start with a red lip liner and do three to four coats of lipstick. Apply the lipstick with a thin brush.


1. What makeup goes with burgundy makeup?

Most regular and basic makeup looks good with burgundy makeup. But here we have the list of ways to do makeup with burgundy hair:
-The classic red lip with winged liner
-Smokey eyes and nude lips
-Dark lips with neutral eyes
-Plum blush with minimal makeup  
-Blue tones in the eyes
-Winged liner with a brown lip

2. What skin tones go with burgundy hair?

People who have olive, warm, or neutral undertones can quickly get away with burgundy hair color. The hair color will also depend on what kind of skin tone you have.
If you have warm or olive undertones, you need to go for the warmer tones of burgundy. Include redder in this case.
If you have cool undertones, you must go with a cool-toned burgundy. The presence of purple and blue should be perfect for this skin tone.


Makeup for burgundy hair enhances and changes the hair’s natural aura. You can change the look of the hair and fit according to the event. Most people might think that burgundy is not a very formal hair color, but if you wear the right makeup and the right makeup, then the whole thing will change. Styling burgundy hair is also a part of it all.

Key Points

  1. How to do makeup for burgundy hair?
  2. Different types of makeup styles with burgundy hair
  3. Why is burgundy popular hair color?
  4. How to do makeup for burgundy hair?
  5. Different types of makeup styles with burgundy hair
  6. Why is burgundy popular hair color?

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